July BBL with Dr. Ortega

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Hello all!! I am in need of some help !!! I am...

Hello all!! I am in need of some help !!! I am contemplating reserving a BBL with Dr. Ortega 8/2015... However I am not sure if I should go see Dr. Fisher. I am scared of anesthesia and obviously Fat Embolism so I want someone who does a great job but also has much experience and doesn't inject fat into the butt muscles where there are more vessels. HELP. I will be traveling to Miami from Mass, staying at a rest home.

Suregy Booked, Dr Osak Omulepu !! 7/10/2015

So I booked with Dr Osak for 7/10/15 !! I need a buddy ASAP !!! I am super anxious leaving my kiddos to go for an entire week !!!!!! ( Thankfully its over the weekend so that's good ) Anyone going around that time also ??? Im going on a cruise in October, so I want to look my best for that :) I guess I will struggle in the heat of July with a compression garment :/!!

I need advice on MUST haves to bring... I am an extremely simple person so i dont need all this extra stuff .. Boppy or BBL pillow for flight ?
HELP !!!

Deposit paid for RH!!

So I have decided after many reviews to stay at the RH near the FLL airport ... You get 3 meals per day and all included care and transportation for $800 for 4 nights 5 days. I have to say thought my husband is VERY supportive of my choices, my mother is not. She is very upset and thinks its an uneeded risk for a mom to take. This makes me more anxious !!!! I am on am emotional rollercoaster about the "what ifs"!! UGH.. Why cant i just be excited that this is finally happening ?? !!! Anyone else go through this ? Anyways I am going to fly into FLL a day before my surgery to get comfortable and enjoy one night in Florida before recovery process... Cant stop looking at "wish pics.. A Spectrum Doll mentioned a worker for Specturm and her IG page, her booty looks amazing.. MY goal would be to wear the cute crop tops of the season and to feel confident in my clothes again !!!!!

Getting supplies

So had a great MDW, and took some pics that made me cry, when did i let my body get to this look :( I cant wait to have my new shape! I am hoping Dr O can snatch this waist !! I wanna be curvy not fluffy :( I found an app that helps you enhance areas.. so far this is what ive come up with.. If I can look like this from the side I will be ecstatic !!!!!

Lookig for RH buddy. Spectrum July 10th !!!

Hello RH ladies !!! Anyone going to spectrum 7/10/15?? I am hoping to find a suregery buddy .. i am staying at Cosmo comfort care ( not sure the details of that yet ) I fly in day before SX. The date is a Friday and then fly home Tuesday... Any advice?? Time is coming FAST !

Post Op ladies, look at my pics, do you think he can give me a waist ?? I cant tell behind all this padding whether I can even get a smaller waist :(

Help ! Which RH ?!

I was planning on staying at Cosmocare and I haven't heard back in a couple days to book !! I reached out to Magda and Kayla and have gotten great responses but I am not sure which one to go to !!!

Switched to Ortega !

So ... After a lot of research and finding a surgery buddy - we changed dates and changed surgeons !! So I am seeing Dr Ortega and she is seeing Dr Omulepu ! I am going for my labs and clearance next week :) started dieting a little and increasing protein and iron to prep for my surgery !!! I am going to post some PRE OP pics from today .. I would like your input --- how do you think I will be shaped post op ???? I want a NICE full round bubble butt witha mall waist and nice hip to waist ratio :)

Hunting for Fajas!!!

Help!! Which Faja and Ab foam is best ???
Osak Omulepu

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