It's a G thangggg GhuraniDoll2Be

Hello so I decided to go with spectrum for BBL I...

Hello so I decided to go with spectrum for BBL I have a daughter 5 years old which I had a section with which completely changed my body. I am doing this for me, to make myself feel good I want to look good naked. So I've paid my deposit and my spot is held booked for October???? As long as all goes well. I have my wish pics together and being as though my gf got her bbl done back in April she inspired me to now to get mines. I don't want nothing too crazy nothing like a Nicki Minaj or Jessica Dyme but I do want it to be dramatic I'm thinking more a K. Michelle but I want to be more hippy. I will upload pics


I know it's kinda early but I booked my flight and paid the deposit for the RH shooting for October

Prep! Prep! Prep!

So I made another payment on my BBL and bought a few supplies (boppy pillow, antibacterial wash, luggage, compression socks) all the other things needed i will get from my job. Thank god for being a nurse ... Networking comes in hand...

Wish Pics

I liveeeeeee for these pics I pray Dr Ortega can successfully complete my BBL like so with my current body size. 5'8 210lbs

Just waiting for my moment :)



I need a new color to go with my new booty 2be I want to go dark over this hot pink I'm thinking blue black yahsssss lol


Just waiting on my moment 8 weeks 5days until I be snatchedddddd


Thinking about gaining a few pounds before the bbl

Wish pics yahsssss

Dr Ortega pleaseeeeeeee snatch me like so thanks in advance XOXO

Current Measurements

Before BbL
Bust -35 inch
Waist -33inch
Hip- 40 inch
Butt -47 inch

Can October come any faster :(

Ventingg :(

Sooooooo ppl are telling me not get it that I can work out to get my stomach flatter and that I don't need a bigger butt or whateva. This has me second guessing... But I am doing this for me because this is what I want to do I know I can loose weight I've done it before and gained it back but me loosing weight I'm not going get the exact results I am seeking and I don't have time for the gym like I did before. Don't get me wrong I plan on working out once I'm healed but the gym isn't the road I want to take to get the results I want ... Some ppl choose the gym some ppl choose the knife!! I wish ppl stop tryna down play what they would do if they had the money to do it!!!

Current weight

Weighing in at 208lbs

I need your opinions ladies????

I'm considering changing Dr the more I see results from Dr Omeplu I'm thinking about going with him I stead if Dr Ortega these are the wish pics that I will be printing and bribing with me to show Dr Ortega I want my hip lateral combo but want the laterals and booty to be dramatic

Cocky bottle shape instead of hour glass


I must admit I'm addicted to real self and looking at everyone's journey gets me very excited!!! So I changed recovery house to Miami Escape which is one of the best!!!! They have a unlimited supply closet for just $40 and they also do massages on site for $60 I'm just ready... October 12 I will be on the other sideeeeeee :) hopefully

RH buddy

Anyone staying at Miami Escape on or around October 12??

Switching surgeons

From Ortega to Ghurani :) same day!!! Waiting on my moment ladiesssss


Waiting on my moment to get this waist snatched


What a headache ok so I switched surgeons successfully I was called today to say he has no opening on the day I had booked with Ortega but he has the day before!!! Yay!!!! One day closer!!! I had to change my flight which costed and I also changed my date at the recovery house!!! But anyway I will be a gharani doll yessssss

It's feeling real at last

When your luggage finally comes in the mail

Philly takes Miami

Just waiting on my moment!! I've been buying clothes for my new body already cute dresses and one pieces i don't wear pants except for when I'm working but i will wait to buy new scrubs afterwards

Ultimate wish

Here the collages I will take with me to give to Ghurani sooooo excited ladies :)

Mood AF!!!!!!

45 days or whatevaaaaa


I'm horrible at taking vitamins I always forget and when I do remember the vitamins aren't no where in my reach ughhhhh

.......... Time awaits

Surgery paid In full as of today I could have been paid it but priorities you know life if being an adult and a parent anyway thinking about setting my labs up for the last week of September. It's getting real I'm nervous :( August went by so fast LETS GO OCTOBER!!!


Multi Vit, 2 iron, vitamin c, and vitamind with calcium chew

Plus liquid iron

Okkkkkkkkkkk soooooooo

I've decided that I'm wearing all spandex after this procedure :9 lmboooo!!!! Countdown baby!!!!

I need opinions from post dolls

What do y'all think about handheld massagers? Are the necessary and or great for recovery? Or should I just set up lymphatic massages for when I come home?

Today's buy

Ok ladies I'm at addicted to real self I fell I should document even if nobody comments this is for me! Anyway today I bought liquid iron, more vitamin c, folic acid, and b12 about to go online and look for a massage place that does these massages and call them

I'm already thinking around round 2 I want round 2 and an breast lift with ghurani next year same time

I've been very selfish lately

I haven't had time for anybody this decision to get this surgery was a spur of the moment thing that I actually went threw with and I can't believe I'm really doing this ... I haven't had time for nobody just tryn prepare myself for it and after it planning and prepping my life at least September I won't be as busy as I was August I really went hard.

Broken promises

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more clothes for the new body but I keep seeing stuff that would look amazing on :( where's the self control darn it!!??? SPANDEX ONLY PLEASE :9


Is anyone staying at miami escape in October???

Alone makes you strong if not :(


Something light but it's heavy doe

This is the type of things I've ordered you guys!!

Sneak peak!!! Just waiting ......Ima chill until after surgery I'm getting a lil out of hand



What are ladies usually wearing day of surgery like what should I wear there??? I'm confused :(


So wait how long does this bleeding last post bbl when did you bleed the most besides the day of ofcourse and day after?? I'm not bringing none of those bloody clothes back home on the train besides my garment that's the only thing


Ima get my hair braided so I don't have to worry about my hair. Obviously I'm very high on appearance. Than I'll take them out when I get back home I don't do the whole braid thing anyway ugh

Packing light

My recovery house has everything I will need so I am thinking about just packing a backpack with clothes slippers and robe

What do you guys think

As of todayyyyyy

Posted todayyyyyy ayooooo come on October :))

Ghurani doll or whatevaaaa

Remove the hair mam!!!

Wassup with some of y'all not shaving??? This is my personal opinion I mean this is all open but if you not gin shave or wax at least put a emoji over the hair cuz it looks gross and the thought of all that hair and blood yuck!!!

Just my thoughts

Who made thisssss

This is funny lmboooooo

Last post


Ladiesssssss!!!!! It's getting real ok so being tho I'm only 24 with no history of cardiac issues I do not need an EKG. They will be sending over my medical clearance form and lab form Monday I have until the week before surgery to get my labs done I'm deciding on a date now. My cycle is on now so I'm thinking about getting it done on the 19

Time is gonna fly my bags are packed ready to go

30 days bihhhhhh

Chowwwwww they ain't gon be able to tell me a thangggg!!! Ghurani I'll see you soon:)

Do what makes you happy

The hate is so real ... And the love be so fake ...Ppl are afraid of who you may be... What you may become... They may wish you good but they never want you to be better than them!!!

Don't down play what you would do if you had the money to do it!!!! Better go chase a bag and get it like it's did????????????


How much cash should I bring for my Med's??? How much are Med's running ppl with and without insurance??? Ughhhh soooo much to do soooo little time :(

Surgery confirmed

Scripts received!!! Surgery confirmed!!!! I'm nervous af!!! But I'm ready!!!! ..... Body Ya!!!! Ayeeeeeeee

Yea it's gon get real chowwww

I can't wait to see how this nigga gon act!!! I wish we could post emojis on this joint!!! I really hope it doesn't go left I can't deal with the insecurities especially if you know that your woman is all about you ... Just venting ... He keeps asking why I'm getting it i don't need it umm yes tf i do I'm doing this for me cuz I want to do it don't worry about all day just sit back and enjoy the ride...

Time awaits

BBL SISTERSSSS need your advice

So I'm settings up my massages before I leave philly should I set one up for everyday or every other day??

I need helppppppp

Everything coming together

Massages booked for when I return!! My sister is a nurse also I will have her drain me the days in between manually and with a syringe.....

Where are the emojis when you need them :(

There needs to be a feature where u can accept and deny who can comment on your review like a friend request type thing cuz folks be weird

*rolls eyes* that is all

Might as well....

So I bought some of this today ... prepping!! 22days left


The Countdown is real!!!!! Ghurani Babe :)


Heyyyy ladiessssss

Overpacked :(

I really think I'm over packed what all should I bring ladies I'm erkedddddd
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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