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Hey dolls I have been site stalking for a while...

Hey dolls I have been site stalking for a while but I finally made up my mind and I'm going with dr Ortega in miami on 4/19 I have sent my deposit booked my flight and my Recovery House I will be magg for 6 days and 5 nights. I am so excited and ready. I have prayed about it and I know everything is okay. If any ladies are going around that time I would love to chat with you. I have started getting a few things I'm not gonna get that long ass list I see be post I'm gonna get the things I know I will need . I originally was scheduled with Cabral in DR but I'm afraid to travel out of country alone but Cabral is very good but I love Ortega also will keep everybody updated


OMG SO WHEN I FIRST STARTED my experience with SPECTRUM I should have known they were bullshit because when I call in it takes forever for them to respond back and my coordinator only responded back some of the times and once I paid my deposit she didn't respond back at all SO I started feeling like they all about the money don't get me wrong I still won't Dr Ortega just not through SPECTRUM so I called them for a refund which is "non refundable" but I'm gonna try to get it back and go somewhere else because SPECTRUM was TOTALLY disrespectful and rude and out of line I hope I get my deposit back $500 is a lot of money but I will not be going to SPECTRUM I am so mad I'm typing all crazy ladies

Thinking about Dr Llorente***

So I have been doing investigation on Dr and different facilities and I came up with Dr Llorente he works at SPECTRUM also and I seen his bubble butts on instagram and they look nice very perky. I was unable to find a lot of reviews but my coordinator is so Great. She responds immediately okay so price lets talk LADIES. $4000- bbl with garment$4500 -bbl with garment blood work and 5 massages.NOW THE DELUXE PACKAGE IS $6000 and it is everything except the flight and I mean everything bbl, liposculpture, garment,socks,board, foam, blood work ,post meds, recovery house, massages and some other things all I have to pay for is my flight $98 sooo I think I'm going with that I don't have to worry about anything else just get there and the recovery house is 7 days and 6 nights that is more than enough time to heal and come home looking fine LADIES give me your opinions please oh and I can go on March 28 which is right there OMG

Just some pics i love and want to share

A few wish pics and Llorente

Booked Llorente for 3/28!!!!

So I have been back and forth with my coordinator about prices just trying to save as much as possible and I got her down from $6000 to $5530 with everything still included. I'm still waiting to hear from SPECTRUM about my refund but I'm just gone pray on it. Because I'm mostly really EXCITED and nervous and scared. I MEAN THE 28 is 3 weeks away and they also include the recovery house but I'm kinda skeptical on the recovery house. Oh and I just got a scale today and I'm 174 and i want to be around 165 so I'm going to take colon cleanser and clean myself out that usually takes off about 5 to 7 pounds.


My surgery date is here and I feel very confident in my doctor and my surgery just don't wanna be alone down there. For a whole week maybe I'll find a chat buddy to chit chat with.


I'm ready I paid my balance in full so there is no turning back now about to book my flight tonight because my cousin flights were cheaper when you book them at night lol. I am going alone I am staying 4 nights so I'm staying Monday through Friday I'm going to do my blood work first thing in the morning. The doctor sent me the blood work prescription via email. I have to print and take to the office.I am trying to write as much as possible for the LADIES who come along . I still have not gotten my $500 deposit back from SPECTRUM but I will continue to pray on it. My coordinator has been the best to me she answers all my questions helped me with discounts to make sure I'm getting the best price. and she truly has helped me a lot I went from $600 to $5380 and that's bbl with liposculpture and the recovery house for 5days 4 nights. With garment boards labs anethesia and 5 massages included I feel the massages going to help me go down the most. Hate I don't have any dolls to chat with but I'm sure there will be dolls at the recovery house.

18 days to go!!!

OMG I have 18 days to go I'm going to get my blood Work tomorrow I tried to go today but I forgot my insurance card. I'm trying to get my labs done fast just in case something is off but after that I'm done I'm just gonna be waiting. I wonder can I pack my ensure and pineapple juice so I can buy it here I love pineapples anyway so I'm gonna get 2 cases of ensure and probably about 8 cans of pinapple juice and 6 cans of pinapples. Oh Dami is my coordinator she is great. Oh I forgot to tell future dolls be careful with your flights cause those bag charges can add up I ended up paying $230 for flight and bags but hey its too late now. So I my total was supposed to come to $6380 but I'm paying $5700 which helped me out a lot I know it don't seem like a lot but I'm trying to save every dollar. Still haven't found any dolls on here going then. But I'm gonna be praying a lot the whole way there and probably read a good old urban novel. My flight is 2 hours and some change oh did I mention this my first time flying. Nervous like a dog at a Chinese buffet.but I'm ready 18 days and counting

Wish pics again

Blood work good Im ready to get fine

My blood work came back today and thank God it was all good. Now I can move forward and everything will be fine with no problems. I'm catching a plane to Ft Lauderdale and my RH will be picking me up from there. I am nervous about my surgery but more so nervous about my recovery and the ride home. I am waiting on my boppy pillow and p e z to come but it should be here on the 20th. And that will be the last of my items. I was thinking about getting some more aspercream for muscle pain. The only thing that eases my pain is weed to be honest I don't like pills but I will take them until I get home. I am so excited my surgery is basically one week away I mean this week half way gone and get through next week which I leave on Monday after easter I'm taking my kids to my mom probably friday. They will be with her while I'm gone and probably for a week afterwards until I FEEL better but I pray to God that 2 weeks is enough for me. I am gonna hate that garment for 6 WEEKS and not being able to sit but I will have to pay then. I'm gonna buy Amber Rose book to read on the flight and probably take a book with me I Love to read and my RH has a pool so I will take a bathing suit and I think I'm gonna buy me a selfie stick so I can look at that ass I really hope I get the body I want cause that's a lot of money. I want a fat ass and small waist. I think maybe after that I may get my breast did not implants just a little fat transfer make me them plump you know maybe

Playing with the app

Just playing around with the app I really don't know how to work it yet


Just some picks of Dr Llorente work

Just some picks of Llorente

Llorente work be has done


I have been thinking after surgery I'm going to start a Llorente instagram page for future Llorente dolls like myself. My date is coming fast I have one more week until surgery this time next week my nerves will be shit and I wont be able to sleep. I probably have to smoke a can ounce to go to sleep. Oh yea I forgot to tell yall I got a call from New Life yesterday talking about I need a chest x Ray. Then I said I aint heard nothing about no x Ray until now. So she hung up and called me Back an said wrong person. I was like yea bitch get off the phone making me nervous and shit. I don't need nobody else to have my nerves bad I already got them bad. I can't wait to get this week over with OMG !!!! I am 1 week and 1 day away from being the best me. Can all the dolls sing with me all at once " ass ass ass ass ass assesses"

Almost time

One week from today I will be a whole new person. I got to get a new instagram and delete facebook. I cent wait to get me a modeling gig in a video or something lol listen at me already Video Vixen I FEEL like this new body gonna make me a new life

Lord lord lord

LADIES I'm getting nervous I have not seen no big eases from him lately yes I want a Kim k ass I paying for it and so what it's my ass. So please dont inbox me talking about that's too much I'm only taking to the real self lurkers who probably wont ever get anything done. Anyway I'm looking into a ass like lira galore and jhonni from love hip hip the reason I point them out because they are the same height I am. I mean at 5'0" you don't have a lot of ppl to choose from. Man I am seriously nervous. I just want what I want. They say you get what you pay for and I paid $5300 for this surgery so I feel like my results should be like ???? ???? everywhere I go. I mean that's what I want. Lord let me to smoke a blunt before my nerves jump out my body.

Finally made it!!!

Hey LADIES I just made it here I'm headed to New Life Cosmetic nice and my recovery house was there waiting. My flight went great Oh I flee into ft Lauderdale airport instead of Miami just in case anyone wanted to know its only a 45 minute drive. I am staying at private recovery house with new life with Anna and her daughter came to pick me up in a very nice clean car and she was very nice. Everybody pray I have a safe and successful surgery look out Jhonni blaze I'm coming for you I will post pictures after surgery. Excited excited EXCITED. All dolls lets sing together now Ass Ass Ass Assssss


Just wasted my money the surgeon cancelled on me I'm ready to die


Ok so I can't have surgery with doctor Llorente because of nicotine in my system from cigars. I do not smoke cigarettes only weed but I will roll them with cigars so boom i have nicotine in my system and it takes 3 to 4 days to flush it out so I'm changing to another doctor at the same facility and having surgery with him tomorrow. So I was pretty mad but I do believe everything happens for a reason so I hope everything goes well. Plus the doctor I am changing to had a lot of patients in the lobby so I got to see his work in the flesh and I like it. He says I have a lot to work with.. lol my fat ass and to all my short LADIES I'm 5 feet and half inch almost 5feet 1 inch. And I weigh 172 lbs. I was very upset but now I'm like whatever I smoke weed and I'm gonna smoke when I get home but not with cigars probably out my pipe...dam I sound like a crack head . will keep you LADIES updates about to go to the recovery house and eat up some shit. Man I hope I have surgery early in the morning but since he squeezing me in he has to call me and let me know. Still a little mad I wanted ass today but like Annie tomorrow tomorrow I'll have ass tomorrow it's only a day away.

Alright ladies today the day i hope

So the office called told me to come in today at 1pm for surgery I'm nervous but whatever ready to get the shit over with. I can't eat or drink so I'm really irritated. Just ready will post pics after

Headed to new life

To the women who have a problem with how many times I post just know its not for you then I post for future dolls because I know when I first started looking I stalked this site daily. So get your grumpy ass on but anyway ladies I'm in the car headed to New Life now hopefully there are no problems today and I have a great and successful surgery all my ladies please pray for me. I am nervous and my recovery house made me drink so much cranberry juice last night and I couldn't have anything after 12 Lord I am starving you ever been so hungry you feel sick that's me right now.

So MUCH pain will never do it again

All I can say is i feel like death

Surgery over feeling better

Hello dolls so I made it to new life at 1pm. I had on a long dress cotton socks and slides. So I went in room but on little paper robe compression socks hair thing. And paper panties. The doctor came in drew on me said he will out in fat until it starts coming out. I said cool. Anesthesiologist came in told me the run down.we walked to operating room there was reggae music playing I laid down he have my iv put something in my iv. Then I woke up freezing. Ladies make sure you have a robe maybe 2 or 3. I got out of surgery at 5pm and already changed robes 3 times. It's a bloody mess but its not actually blood it's fluid thats red but my period is also on. After surgery I was freezing I'm talking about mt Everest freezing but they put a little tube under the covers that glows heat. I was in so much pain when I woke up I cried for like 3 minutes because I was laying on my butt. And they didn't give me any meds there. But I had 3 morphine pills in my purse so when the nurse left I chewed them but they didn't even help. Then they put me in the wheel chair that shit hurt so I cried for 5 mins this time. Got in the car OMG laid on the back and cried for 7 mins. Got to the recovery house felt 10 times better when I got out. Laid on the bed until Anna fixed me soup and brought gatorade.Anna Fed me like a baby it was great then she brought me my pain meds I went to sleep. Woke up had to pee. I did not use my p e z my garment has a zipper so I just stood with my legs on both side of the toilet and let it go it felt good no pain. Laid back down went back to sleep just got my meds again now I'm writing you LADIES. My butt feels big and I feel hold but I haven't looked in a mirror yet. Going to get a massage tomorrow oh I was laying on my stomach but now I'm on my side it feels so much better. I don't wanna get back in that car but it may not be as painful as it was. Really it hurts but not much anymore I can move from side to side sit up on my knees and I have been walking by myself. Oh I tried to wash off my vagina with wet wipes but I couldn't stand that long before getting light headed. This is all day 1. Sorry it's so long don't wanna leave out anything for future dolls. Thank God I made it alive.

1st day post op

Man last night after surgery I started to feel better but today that dam massage almost killed me taking that garment off. I tried to stand and get the massage but I dam near fainted that massage was evil . so I laid down on the table she put a bandage around me with some kind of icy hot and Lord it felt good I didn't even feel all the stuff draining. But when I got up she put them boards and foam on now that was pain when she put my garment back on and I been hurting ever since.

This the only pics for now kinda hard to see

Pics not very clear but I promise tomorrow at my massage I will take plenty no more back rolls on me

Ran into a problem

Late last night I started getting sick throwing up everywhere it was Really bad. I felt like death everything they gave me came right back up. But after about 5 hours of that I shook it off and am feeling better . I was able to eat and keep it down. Took a shower today it felt good. But when I put that garment back on that was Hell. It feels like it shrunk. I still get light headed easily. About to sleep now I missed my massage due to being sick.

Hate the results

Well I finally got a chance to see myself today and I didn't like it I don't see a difference except in my stomach which went down a little. But I will be doing a round 2 in Dominican Republic because I feel stupid and it was not worth my money at all. But just my experience

Round 2 with cabral

So in July I will be headed to Dominican to have my round 2 with Cabral it's gonna be scary going alone but oh well I don't like my results I had an date set with him in may and didn't wait and rushed and went to Miami and now I'm fuxked up with the same body so on to the Dominican I go and I have no worries with him at all I know he will deliver i hate myself for not waiting and paying 5300 for the same booty but that just my experience maybe the doctor didn't like me or maybe I wasn't attractive to him idk but that surgery has me so depressed I have even thought about suicide but just a thought I will let you guys know when I get closer to my date Dominican here I come

Results looking better

Hello LADIES I aint been on here in a while well my results started to look better but let me tell you about the recovery hunni my back been so stiff like I used up a tube of muscle run one day so i got a heating pad and hand held massager and that has been helping the whole time my stomach is bigger because I didn't get all my massages when I was there because I got very sick one day I was down there. So please future dolls get drained as much as possible it's gonna hurt but You really need it. Ladies I am telling you the back swelling is the only problem I really have and please future dolls keep your garment on as much as possible. I aint gone say everyday because I aint been wearing mine everyday I just sleep in it. My garment has 4 hooks so I can go down in size I only went down one size but I did cut the butt out it used to hurt and I have been sitting my butt is very loose and I been shaking that new booty. But I will tell you LADIES your back will continue to swell and then go down and then swell. Any questions just ask.

Getting better my back is still stiff

Hey ladies my back still healing my swelling still going up and down but over all satisfied. My butt is not stiff I can twerk a little bit

6 weeks post

Still thinking about round 2 at the end of the year.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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