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Hi ! I am a happy mother of 2 teens , 38 and hard...

Hi ! I am a happy mother of 2 teens , 38 and hard working mom. I nearly have time to work full time and need the time to be a mom and a wife, but not only that I try to eat as healthy as possible so I stay a lot in the kitchen. I could say that I gained some weight that it's been such a struggle to loose , and when I loose the fat I literally have no buns, no thighs and all I end up is fat in my back, arms and all the top part of my flanks. So I decided to do my lipo with the BBL. An my journey starts.

5 days left for this fat to go to my buns ????

Basically I am getting a list of things I will need at the surgery, I am glad I have insurance just in case of a complication. I can't wait to have the body I used to when I was 20 .

Having to quit drinking suxxx

It's Friday I am finishing work and I need a drink !!! So I guess I have to sacrifice it until Tuesday my surgery date

I am sorry for the girl who passed away

This email is coming from Vanity , as much as I want to stay positive my head spins around this incident. She passed away at such young age ;(

One day before surgery

I am so excited I feel the adrenaline since Sunday. I am now packing my stuff making sure I have everything that I need. I changed the plan from being in arecovery home to a hotel my husband is coming with me and I better off being with him . I have been eating whole foods for my body to be able to absorb nutrients and recover promptly.

I am mentally preparing the pain I know it won't be easy but I can do it .

I'll be updating after I go to the clinic today for my charts and last minute directions .

My surgery is cancelled !!!

I was so ready in my car 1 hour away from Miami and I received a call from my coordinator that is cancelled. So now .....ugh ;(

:( :( :( ......u can't believe this but I accept it

Mm so it was to be my surgery day but I got cancelled my coordinator called me one hour before 5 pm just when I was arriving Miami that dr Llorente cancelled for to a family emergency, then she tells me that he doesn't want to do it at encore ( where the young lady died) and he can do it wendsday. Here is the problem ...I have to star my new job on Monday if I do it wendsday it will be only 4 days to recuperate. So I will have to re-scheduled it in 3 months after I am qualified for PTO ;( Ughhhh I wanted to be ready for this summer and I had all prepared . Anyways maybe God is telling me not today ....maybe is for a reason and even though I really wanted it I have to accept it because things happen for a reason . I'll keep you guys posted in 3 months by September. Good luck to all the girls having surgery and please be prepared for changes

Finally!! Ready for tomorrow 8 am with DR Hassan

Today is my pre op day

Ready for Ray to pick me up and drop me off to the surgical center place ????????

I pray to Jehova the only God to bless me on this day and give a blessing to Dr Hazan's hands and his staff ????????????????

Surgery day

I don't feel as bad as I thought the pain is not that bad I only have a little nauseous but they gave me some pills that I took them I'm a little bit swollen on my face and the only issue is that Dr Hazan doesn't use any drainage tube so by laying down the blood is all over the place it was all night long the good thing is that I got my pads to put it on the bed .

2nd day

I feel Way much better , i've been walking 15 minutes every hour or two as directions from the doctor the swelling is still there

Post op instructions list

3rd day what a difference!!

I am happy to see my new body I'm able to see My new shape

5th day

So far my body feels weak I guess it's because of the pressure of the garment , the foams and the board . After arriving to Orlando I decided to look for someone to do massages specialized in lipo . I finally found it and she came over my house . Guess what !? It was way better than the clinic I felt alive again!! It's so important to move that liquid although I already had 4 at the Eres Clinic the only thing I really don't like is having no drain now my little wholes are closed and the liquid is staying in my stomach. I scheduled a follow up in 4 days so they can drain it .
My skin feels tight and and the liquid feels really warm that actually feels like burning sensation.
I'm just taking some time now to relax and heal . Lots of pineapple juice , water , fish and vegetables

Day 6

If feels better without the garment ???????? so much pressure but its necessary to get the liquids out . Second massage today

Day 7

Well I don't feel any better yet this liquid is making me very uncomfortable ???? although I have gotten some massages 3 I'm still swollen and because having no drainage is no going nowhere...

Drain day....1week post op

So today was my 5th last massage , day 8. Yesterday I finished my antibiotics and just doing some times the pain pills . Pain is still THE SAME nothing worse or better . After the massage I got to be drained they inserted a Syringe and pulled out lots of liquids it feels a relief as I feel that liquid all over my stomach and obviously it's lumpy . However I have chills yesterday and today all day but no fever so I called the nurse and they said if I continue until tomorrow they will prescribe me antibiotics again.

Day 11

I couldn't write for the past two days I've been resting ...for my period ...I had chills ..had to call the office again and Dr Hazan prescribed more antibiotics:( just up to now I am able to feel better than any other days I'm not sure the reason is because all piled up. I am now to
My original weight 130 , after surgery day I was 136 , the. 134 then yesterday 130
I'm taking longer walks it's needed for your body to release all that liquid retained .

16 DAY

Wow I feel such a big difference on how I feel . I don't have that much pain , sporadically I have some itchiness and I control it with coconut oil. So I found out yesterday I had a minor infection the reason why I had chills , I'll show you in a pic below . I called post op department and emailed the picture of a spot that turned out a little weird purple she called me immediately and told me to continue my antibiotics and use warm towels in that area and take Advil to Lower the inflammation . Also yesterday I went to work and went to take a Limphatic massage the lady saw the spot and massage that area too . Omg ???? Thea massage ever .

This morning I went Eres and met Kayla and Jennifer from post op they saw that area took more pics they told me sometimes the body resists to that new fat but looked better , got more drain and and felt fabulous. I am thinking of getting a new faja because it's starting to get big .

Some pics with my old big clothes

I'll be playing dress up today , this is one of the pants I hated to wear because by butt looked so flat and now the shape is visible. I love my new body

Love my shape , Dr Hazan I'll give you kudos ???????

Every day is getting better , still dealing with stiffness, not much liquid retention. I started to drive comfortable now just some numbness on my legs afterwards. I've been working 8 hours standing and sometimes I rest my legs on the chair . I'm able to keep better also not waking up too much to pee . My garment is now getting bigger I'm planing to buy another one ...my third one ????

3 weeks port op

Still dealing with stiffness around my abdomen , did some massages today because the liquid was starting to harden on my back after that I felt so relaxed and tired that went back to sleep for 2 hours . When I have to drive my legs numb, and I am still sensitive to my skin and muscles. But so far I am wayyyyy too happy with the results . It's worthy

Last day no more antibiotics

Finally I can't believe all this time taking the antibiotics since surgery. I'm still with the 3 lipo foams and the board and so tired of them but for less that an hour I take a break from them I start to swallow

4 weeks post op - getting serious

Definitely the way I feel the past week is better. I have more energy to do my errands and chores after working for 8 hours and dealing with traffic for another hour inbound and outbound. I had to alter my faja because it's getting bigger and it's. It compressing . Yesterday i did my lymphatic massage it was great !! I had put face towels on my waist to compress and release some of the liquid stuck there and guess what the liquid moved to another area ???????????? right under my boobs . My weight is now 126 , waist 27 inches and 39.5 in my hips , I think I dropped a little hopefully not any more because it now looks perfect for my height 5.1 . I'm still still in some areas , my gluteus are starting to soften and not that itchy as I see in some reviews. I'm hoping to finalize these two weeks so I don't wear the lipo foams at work because i look like a cylinder hahahah

5 weeks post op

I feel a little discouraged I've been loosing up on my but and now looks down not the same as perky as it was ...my daughters say it looks more normal but I don't see the projection as before :( I feel myself on my skin now . Today I switched to another faja small size and fits good without the foams just in the front I use one . My scars are still there I ordered scar away hopefully that works . I besides I lost some weight I am 125 now

6 weeks DONE

Although I think I lost some fat on my butt im still not the same as before .

I love ?? my Dr Hasan


New faja


9 weeks post op

So many things had happened, I don't wear any more the foams and the board all day I just use my faja and the board , but I sleep with the foams at night .

I'm not seating yet just using my booty buddy pillow to drive and go places where I have to ( including work)

The swollen part of my butt has dropped tremendously, I still get swollen on my stomach she. I don't get my garment.

I don't like the fact that I lost my some of butt volume I feel like crying ???? and I wished I would do the tummy instead my stretch marks are more noticeable .

I am greatly impressed of the changes and thankful for the body I have now recovery is the key to success.

I still have some numbness around and still doing myself daily massages with coconut oil and once a week with my massage therapist. What do you think ?


Well I don't know if it's me or what but I'm
Thinking a second round . I think I lost the projection and my butt is not the same . I know is better that then one I had before surgery but not as much ....this is so addicting. My stomach is good I can't complaint however I wished I could of hot the 25 inches im at 27 . My hips are 39.5 I wish it could be 42 . I have no lumps but I think dr Hasan left me a fat pocket right under my left abdomen by by breast . I'm still using my garment all day 24/7 and my foams to sleep . I don't sit much just like 5 minutes and on my thighs.

Your best tools for recovery

I take my pillow everywhere

2 months

I will say I'm feeling 80% better. Today was my last massage session I'm still dealing with liquid and on the side of my waist it fills a burning sensation it's all about being patient and consistent with messages , faja and your foam and your board ( I'm using it at night time ) big difference in my tummy. I just wished I would of done the TM because now the stretch marks are more noticeable

Update - two more weeks for 3 months port op


I'm very close to be 3 months post op and here's my issue : I'm still don't feel my skin in my waist it's been taking so long to heal . Currently I'm. It sitting on my butt yet just on my thighs but after a while I get some numbness on my legs and I have to use use my pillow to be able to sit ...this is frustrating I can't sit normal yet . At night I sometimes turn over now , but I still try my. Eat to sleep on my stomach .

I M still thinking to do a second round why ?
I told Dr Hasan I didn't want it too big and now it's too small I'm almost 38.5 with 121 pounds and 26.5 on waist after all the swollen has gone I third it's very small because I still able to use my old pants just looks better .

Promised last one

It's been so hard to find a comfortable faja because I'm small on waist and big in hips according to the measurements . This time I got a waist trainer and feels better however I don't feel support on my buttocks.

Feel better

I'm healing better with less fluid retention;)
I'm 90% recovered

3 months post op

I am thinking for round 2 I don't have enough projection and I'm only 38 on my hips 27.5 waist

Update - healing process

Healing after a lipo TAKES TIME and need to be patient. I don't have a burning sensation any more on my sides and now that I passed the 3 months ports op I'm not using the faja 24/7 only during the day after 3 months post op I slowly started to sit down it's a scary feeling and sometimes your butt might hurt but just gradually you start feeling normal when you sit . My I have still some lumps on my stomach even I did like 15 massages I really hate it ;(


Just wearing faja when I go to work and am fully sitting and sleeping in my back. Just little stings here and there. I'm planning to do TM I don't like the fluffiness of my skin in my abdomen
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