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Scheduled with Dr. Osak Omulepu but dont know if...

Scheduled with Dr. Osak Omulepu but dont know if thats happening. His patients are getting Staph infections left to right soooo hopefully I can switch to Ortega because I dont know who the untrained staff are that are working for Omulepu but the equiptment isnt being sterlized properly so beware. Will be calling my coordinator tomorrow. Cuz I aint with the bullsh*t!!!

Spoke to Spectrum

I spoke with Jessica, she told me they have the florida health and hygiene dept come in a few times a year, they are a top plastic surgery office they make sure all equiptment is clean and sterile. She said its 50% the doc and 50% how you take care of yourself during recovery. She said alot of patients go back to smoking too early, sleep next to ppl the first week after surgery, bump their butt on stuff, dirty bedsheet (hotel)and also dont take their antibiotics properly... So ladies becareful!! I hate to see ppl suffer and I know I will do the best I can to avoid a Staph. I want to apologize for blaming dr osak as well. My surgery is still on for Oct and im praying everyday for a safe experience.....

Switched Doctor for my peace of mind

I will now be having surgery with Ortega... I had to do it. I woke up this morning to read yet another hospitalization due to a surgery with Omulepu. I saw pics of my coordinator and Ortega snatched dat *ss right up plus I read alot of reviews so Ortega has me sold. If you are iffy about Omulepu and made your 300$-500$ deposit already, call and ask your coordinator to switch your doctors if possible. I booked my flight & recovery already so im so thankful! I will post pre op pics by August. Trying to lose some weight.

Wish Picssss

Man oh man I've compiled a lot of pics of beautiful bodies from real self & instagram but nobody is a better wish pic to me than Rashida Ali. I effin love her!!! Shes my size (I just got a huge gut) & I wish I knew which surgeon snatched her waist up like that but its okay I feel im in good hands. I am going to show Ortega ALL her instagram pics and tell him please make me look like dis woman heaaa! Shes the perfect amount of curvy.

Upcoming Ortega Dolls

If you're having your surgery by dr ortega in the coming months and will be posting before/after pics please comment or message me! I really want to follow all of you ladies. Finding current Ortega bbl patients on here is hard and I know i've seen a few ppl going for there surgery in July so please let me know!

The Journey

Sooo. I think its time for me to update since I'm a little over two away from my surgery :-D I'm nervous about posting my info on here but you know what, I've had soooo many women on here encourage me to do this surgery because they allowed me to journery with them through this website, looking at their body type, their weightloss journey, surgery day etc, I feel like its only right I do the same for the next person. So here goes. I am 21. My doctor told me to lose weight it wasnt a good look to be 247. So I got serious. I work on my feet all day at work going up and down stairs and decided to use it to my advantage. April I started eating lots of fruits, I cut rice, bread and pasta out my diet completely (you'll be surprised how much weight you lose when you stop eating that stuff) and I drank more water. I dropped 12lbs by June. When I first put down my deposit I told Jessica (Spectrum) I was 230lb she said lose between 5-10lbs... I then decided to weigh myself the next day, I was wrong! I was 235. So I got more serious... And now as of August 17th I am at 222lbs. The issue with me is all my life, I have carried a lot more weight on my stomach. Its so completely annoying because sometimes I even look pregnant. No butt, no hips, just gut. Its like my body rejected any fat past my waist lmfao. So I am soooo ready to remove this stubborn fat and make it stubborn in all the right places. Right now Im taking Iron and Fish Oil supplements as well as vitamin a,b and c immune support gummies. Will be starting bromelain, coQ10 and arnica a week prior to surgery. Here are some before pics of how I look right now. Dreadful, but this will all soon be behind me.... Literally.

So Excited

Im literally counting down. Super excited. Im doing labs around the 25th of this month. Also checked and I lost another pound (wow, really just a pound) Anywho I've got more than half the stuff I wanted to bring with me. Taking realself sisters advice and not over packing. I have 4 maxi dresses, 3 leggings, 5 loose tops... I have a P-EZ... Just ordered 2 8x11 foam boards from amazon instead of buying one fancy one for $25. I have 4 arnica gel boxes and 4 tubes of the arnica pellets, got them all 20-40% due to my job so I stocked up lol. Im hoping they work like a charm. Im on BC so Im on my last pack until after surgery. Hope it doesnt completely f up my menstual cycle. I made my own bbl cushion(s) but I want to test it out myself after surgery and if it works like a charm I will post a how to! It was super easy. I wasnt going to spend 100$ on a bbl pillow I cant see or feel myself first. I can use that money on the massage, my next faja or towards my pres. meds! Fyi I spent 25$ to make it... :) Yes, im very frugle and thrifty! I know how to make a dollar stretch lol.

Right now im just praying all goes well for my labs, surgery and recovery. And thanking jesus I randomly chose to do this during fall when the weather cools down.


Finally cleared yaasssssss. 3 weeks count down cuz its goin dowwwnnn. And I weigh in at 218 3 more pounds to go.

No One Updating

Where are the post op Ortega girls?? They updated once or twice then GONE. Everyone is just out enjoying their new bodies and forgot all about ppl like me who wanna know wassup wass neww wass goin on like.... Smh. Lmao. I promise to keep yall updated post op. I thru in a wish pic for the post cuz she has the body im requesting Oct 13th.

2 weeks

Im gunna be outta his body in exactly two weeks and I couldnt be more excited. It should be a crime for anyone to be this flat-assed! Take the upper back fat and gut and put it to good use!

Real Self App

For those who dont know there is a Real Self App coming... And its pretty cool and easy to use. They sent me the test app so I've been on it. I really like it only thing is it moves just a little slow but nothing too serious. And I know they're still testing it out so... Be on the look out for it.

The Time Is Near

The time is near..... Booked hotel for 70$ a night (whew) car rented, doing final packing still... Trying to figure out if I should order garment when I come back or before I leave.... But anywho. Im ready to get this done and start recovering! Ladies its time... Journery with me...

I am here!

Ladies I have arrriiived in Miami. At the hotel right now getting settled. Wow this is really about to happen! I go to Spectrum tomorrow to do paperwork and get prescriptions. So excited and anxious lol.

Went to Spectrum Today

Tomorrows the big day so I went to do final payment and get prescriptions. I went upstairs to see Jessica. Man oh man is she stacked! And such a sweetheart! We sat in the office for literally an hour talking. She told me about her experience, what to expect. Being realistic, what Ortega is like. And so much more. She even let me squeeze her ass:) you know.... To know what its gunna feel like. Hahaha. She took all my nervousness away or at least 75% of it. Will be at Spectrum tomorrow morning at 8am. Pray for me ladies....

Surgery Time

Keep me in your prayers.

Post Op

Im soooo sorry I didnt update you guys. I simply didnt have the energy! And im going to try to get thru this update withou falling asleep lol. The first day I went in they had me di urune. Shortly after they brought me to the pre op room, took pictures. Did paper work. Laughed a lil with Ortega's assistant Christie. Really sweet girl. Then the anesthesiologist came in. Started my IV and explained what will happen next. He left then Ortega came in, marked me up. He new exactly what to take out and reshape without me even saying anything. I did show him a few wish pics and he said he thinks he can deliver those results. Went into the operating room. Omg its nice in there but creepy at the same time! I laid down they tied up my arms and legs. He said ur gunna start to drift now okay... I remember blinking 3 times then I was out. Woke up in recovery hearing nothing but spanish. A lady named Maritza rubbed my head and said you look beautiful mami your all done. And I was so groggy and irritated lol. Not really in pain but just groggy. She said 'you have to flip over so we can close the garment' I said WHAT? Why didnt yall close it when I was knocked out? And why do you want me to flip over on my new ass?? She said 'no worry its not going to be for long' so after kissing my teeth. And slowly flipped over. And boy oh boy did it take a team to close that damn thing. There was no fat left in my stomach so they just kept smushing skin into my garment and it hurt. It took 3 ppl to close it! I was pissed. Then I yelled for Christie like how a 5 yr old would yell for their mommy in a department store. She came in and rubbed my head. I didnt even know I yelled for her until they wheeled me out and she told me lolol. We blew each other kisses and I was on my way down to the car. The ride was uncomfortable but bearable. Got to the hotel and took medz and just slept. Didnt have an appetite so just medz, sleep and walked every 3 hrs.. My first day wasnt bad at all. I was getting off the bed by myself. Getting stuff for myself. I tried using the P-EZ but my body wasnt ready to release all the pee I was holding. I was trying to pee about 6 times. The last time I got up to go I puked up lots of pineapple juice so I gave up and thank god my mother bought adult diapers lol. I just peed in there. Day 2 was ROUGH.COM because the pain meds they gave me before I left spectrum had worn off and I was feeling it! The percocet felt like it wasnt working much. I was just a big ball of fluid. I went to my post op check up and by the time she took off the garment I really started swelling. Couldnt put that one back on. Almost passed out. So the woman got another size up and I was fine. Ortega told me he put in 2000cc's in each cheek/hip! I was like waaaaaaaattt. Lol okay. Right after that I left and went to my drainage massage. I didnt do them at spectrum because they charged me a lot. My girl NMC2535 told me they charged her 135$ for 3 massages but they charged me 240$ smh. And shout out to her I met up with her the night before surgery. She is the sweetest! She brought me a ton of her extra supplies that she didnt need. And Ortega made her booty look real good! So yea I went to a place called Medical Massage Professionals. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. The owner is Marian and she is so kind and gentle. The massage didnt hurt a bit. She moved all the fluid from my back to my stomach then we went in another room and she had me stand up on a walker while her and he assistant drained me. They moved the stitches to the side to allow the fluid to come out and boy was there a lot!!!! It ran down my leg, squirted everywhere lol. TMI right I know. But it was amazing. She charges 165$ for 3 massages. And shes been in the biz for 20+ years. They did it for 20mins until I started feeling fainted so I rested until my mom came back to pick me up. Im Omw to my second massage then I get my 3rd one tomorrow. So far everything is going well. I showered last night and rubbed down with arnica gel. Im taking coq10 and bromelain tablets. Taking Vitamin C. Im sleeping my comfortably on my stomach. No neck pain or arm pain. I feel like this surgery is all a mental thing. If you tell yourself you can handle it you will. If u whine and cry then you will be in pain. My pain tolerance is probably a 7 or 8 but as I said, its all mental. But other than that All is well. Sorry for the late update but I literally kept falling asleep everytime I started typing!


I am in no rush to see results. This all takes time and im enjoying the process. Here are some pics i've taken so far.

Massage (GRAPHIC)

Im getting my massage as I type this. They are really getting all this fluid outta me yall! Vall said its coming out like a fountain. Wish I could have stayed in Miami longer just to come here and get drained! The blonde one is Marian very funny and kind and the other one is her assistant Val. They dont mess around when it comes to drainage! Very fun ppl as well.

4 days post op

Okay so this update is not and will not sugar coat! So if you want the real deal. Keep reading.....

If you want a BBL. You NEED to mentally prepare! And YES you can mentally for it. Rockyroad how do I do that? You need to realize that you WILL be in pain. You WILL be stiff. You WILL waddle like a penguin but it is all apart of the process. When you go to get waxed you experience pain... But when its over its over and you realize it was worth it. Thats some what how u prepare mentally for this lol. Just think about it, can you really have a BBL (major surgery) and think recovery will be a walk in the park?
I didnt say to myself during the first 4 days why did I do this to myself only because I trained my brain to be ready for it. Anyways.... Just wanted to get that out there lol.

I leaked a lot the day after surgery but after that not really. Ortega told my mom dont be alarmed. Its not blood. Its cherry koolaid lol. My mom looked at him like yea okay. Make sure u guys ask how to put on your ab board, triangle and foams because u can do it wrong and thats when they will tell u and fix it. So to avoid that. At the follow up ask them to show u.
I left Miami yesterday so i got the stitches taken out in the morning and the massuese was nice enough to give me a massage before that. I think she knew the girls upfront were trying to rip me off with that 240$ and felt bad. She got so much liquid out my back! Moved it all the way to my stomach and said your gunna pee a lot today. I sure did. I was at the airport around 12:30. They wheeled me thru priority so I was at the gate within 10-15mins. I was so uncomfortable from all the pee building up! It just kept coming down none stop. Thru the flight as well. It was awful. I had my booty cushions tht I made . I had them under my thighs the whole time sitting and I think they worked pretty well. I was so out of it and ready to be home and didnt pay enough attention. They dont sink at all so they served their purpose. Got home. Took the best shower of my life with dial antibac. Put neosporin over the wounds. Mom rubbed down my whole body with arnica gel. Popped two motrins then went to sleep!

Sidenote, I've gotten like 3 massages so im giving my body a break and letting it heal itself for a few weeks before I do another one. Probably wont update for a little while and not much ppl are even commenting so.... Im not gunna knock myself out. Just wanted to let yall know I made it home. Took this pic this morning. Booty is starting to drop slowly:)

5 days post op

Soooo. I woke up at 6:40am. Had a bowel movement so I took everything off so I can shower right after. I have always been a girl that loves long hot showers especially during the colder months. So I was in the shower for about 25mins (stupid, just plain stupid) and I started getting dizzy. My mom was there getting ready to wash my back thank God, cuz I straight fell over from being light headed and she caught me and laid me on the floor on my stomach. I didnt pass out, I was just super dizzy. I laid there for 15mins until I felt the strength to get back up. I let her wash my back and booty off then I got out. Now, the reason for this happening to me is because I was NOT drinking enough fluid!!! I didnt wanna wake anyone up in the middle of the night so I just drank the half cup of juice I had left. BIG NO NO! You have to guzzle that pineapple juice! I was dehydrated and overexerting myself and my body gave out!! So please ladies dont make the same mistake I did. Make sure you are drinking loads of fluids and have extra bottles in your room with u for when everyones asleep.

Since that whole ordeal, I feel a whole lot better. Rubbed down with arnica gel as usual for pain and swelling. Neosporin on the incisions, took arnica pills and all my vitamins. And my Motrin. And I feel so damn good I cant even lie. No pain. Just feel heavy from the new booty and body swelling. This swelling sh*t is ridiculous! I tried on a pair of jeans I had prior to surgery and they were so big and puffy cuz I had no shape. I tried them on just now and I cant even button the top! So much hip and tummy swelling. Just to show yall how swelling is real.... I was 219 day of surgery, 232 day after surgery, and I just weighed myself and now 5 days post op and im 225. So im slowly going back down. But the fluid and swelling puts a lot of weight on u. Im just so excited to try on clothes and see my results but i know it takes time. So im chillin... Lol. Im not waddling as much as I was yesterday and im able to lift my legs up on the bed to dry myself off. So there is deff more and more progress everyday.

15 days post op

Had a sweet real self doll inbox yesterday and said hello where r u? Give us an update so here it is lol. I wanted to update 3 days ago but just havent had the time! I started working a new job Monday. Im in the food service industry so I was sooooo nervous for Monday because my body was still swollen and ass still hard so it would be a task getting around. Was scared about getting tired and fainting but none of that happened. I kept drinking cranberry juice to stay hydrated. I must say only God only could have gave me the strength for this! Okay so I have to drive 30mins to work ... =/ so I attached a pic of what I've been using while driving. I use a FIRM neck pillow those ones they use for flights and long car rides. It had been working like a CHARM. I highly recommend them! But it has to be the FIRM kind!! Not the soft one or the one with the little squishy pebbly stuff inside that leave a finger print when u touch it. Those will sink on u! So I put the thicker part under my thighs and the arms things I arrange it so its straight under each leg. I put my hand underneath and my butt doesnt really touch the seat. I also have a very soft pillow that sits a little under my butt but mostly behind my back. Now on to the cushions I told you guys I made... It is a yoga block that I cut in half and covered with two layers of a yoga mat for comfort. I find that they work best on hard chairs. Not anything with cushion. So I dont use those in the car. I slide them right under my thighs and a little pillow for support. I like them because I can arrange it under my thighs how ever I want. U cant do that with just one bbl pillow. I dont see any flattening happening with my booty from driving so I cant complain about that. However I hate the fact I have 2 swollen lumps where my arch is suppose to be! So I cant really see sh*t for right now where my roundness is concerned. But .... Patience. I will give it 2 more weeks, then I'll complain lol. Swelling in my waist and stomach has went down A LOT. Not as stiff which im loving that. I can bend and sleep a lil better now. The not sleeping on my back and sides thing is a f*ckin trip!! I miss sleeping normal=[ but idc im gunna do it in another two weeks with some pillows under me. I love that ortega gave me a lot of hips. My stomach is going down so amazingly its hard to believe I had a pot belly before the surgery lol. Have any questions just drop them below!

My car seat set up

Waist and hips

Yall I finally fit into my other garment. It takes some work to get into but damn what a difference!! Ortega really gave me a small waist and big hips! I couldnt believe how I looked when I got to the mirror. I used to be so wide in the stomach. My mom saw me and called me slim jim cuz my waist is so small lol. Im not even impressed at the ass anymore im so stuck on the waist and hips. And it just to think my swelling isnt completely down yet. Still have a long way to go. Im like 16 days post op and very impressed. Went from spongebob to straight curvyness! Pics dont do justice. Just wanted to give a quick update:)

3 weeks tomorrow

Still lots of swelling right above my butt and along my hips. Waist 35 inches butt is 46 inches.
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