Fisher Doll 1/25/2016 ! Review & Pics

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Hi guys! I decided I would make reviews throughout...

Hi guys! I decided I would make reviews throughout my process because so many other reviews from this site helped me make my decision to get the BBL. My surgery date is January 5th with Dr. Fisher, I'm nervous and excited at the same time! I will post before pictures about a month from my scheduled date and plenty of after photos later. If you have already gotten the BBL and have any advice please let me know thanks!

Before pictures

So here's a few current pictures. I hate the "dip" that I have in my hips, that is one of my main reasons for the surgery.

Pissed off

Thanks to another fisher doll I've found out that dr. fisher will not be in the office the day of my surgery. What really pisses me off is that I spoke with my coordinator a couple of days ago and she didn't say anything. I'm starting to understand what everyone means when they say the office is a mess. I hope to have a new date soon. I'll keep you guys posted.

New Date

Had to reschedule my date because Dr. Fisher will be out of the country until 1/6/2016. My surgery date is now the 25th of January !!! I'm happy I didn't book a room or flights. I hope there won't be anymore changes

Black Friday Sale on Faja

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Wish pics

Surgery went well

I'm too tired to type up a detailed review but I will as soon as I get some energy I will make a new post. Recovering isn't easy but I have no regrets! The only thing I'm waiting on now is for it to drop and fluff

Post op

Post op pics

Post op pics

Starting to feel better

Hey guys! First I want to thank you all for the well wishes. It's day 4 and I'm feeling a lot better now. Everything up to the day of surgery was stressful for me. I had my iron test a few weeks before and it was 11.6 then I got it taken over a week before surgery and it went down to 11.5. I was doing everything in my power during that last week to get my hemoglobin up before SX. I arrived at the clinic the day of surgery because all flights were cancelled in the east because of snow. When I got there I signed about 20 pages of paperwork then I got my blood work done. I was so nervous waiting to hear my results then the nurse came out asking me to get ready for surgery. Thank you Jesus. I met Doctor fisher and he was very nice, (sn: everyone at vanity was nice and made me feel comfortable.) I told him that I wanted a upside down heart shape and he said that would be no problem. I think surgery started around 4pm and when I woke up it was 8pm. I woke up shaking, my body was so cold despite the heating blanket they had on me. I was shaking for at least 5 minutes straight. And I was so thirsty. There were two nurses with me when I woke up and they gave me Gatorade and told me that I would be okay. After I started feeling better I kneeled onto a wheelchair and they strolled me out to meet my mom. The pain has been bearable but doing normal things like taking your clothes off or using the bathroom is a difficult task. I'm so thankful that my mom is here. I couldn't imagine doing this without her. I know I'm getting on her nerves asking for little things like pulling my socks up lol.

The two hardest things for me have been taking a shower and the massages. After I shower I feel like I'm going to faint and I'm in a lot more pain. I'm getting my massages done at Mirian massage professionals. The first one felt so good but the second and third was painful. I'm starting to dread going there but I know she's getting out all the fluid that she can. I'm mentally preparing myself for a massage in a couple of hours. I'll update soon!

I got posted :)

Sorry I've been MIA

Hey ladies! Sorry it has taken me so long to update my review. I think I'm at 2 months now and things are good. I'm almost feeling normal again. The only things that are bothering me is pain in my lower back and sides. After 2 months my lower back is still swolen. Life is a lot harder a couple weeks after surgery, mainly because I couldn't sit on my ass. I got to a point where I just missed being able to sit down. But after about a month and a half I was sitting on it comfortably. The shelf went down around a month and a half too *thank you Jesus*. If you are considering Dr. Fisher trust me when I say he is a good choice. I've never been so comfortable in my body. I'm so happy with the results.

Oh. Almost forgot to mention that after surgery my ass was huge for a out 3 weeks. I would look at it in the mirror and feel like crying. Then some days k would look at it and feel like crying because it's getting too small lol. It's perfect right now though. I'm hoping to not lose anymore volume!
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