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Good afternoon Real Self Dollz Ndd Dollz 2 be. For...

Good afternoon Real Self Dollz Ndd Dollz 2 be. For starters My Name is Norielle I'm 25 with 1 child , my height is 5'2 my starting weight was 123lbs, my current weight is 133lbs i was asked to gain 10lbs at consultation which was 10.08.2015. My original surgery date was 03.21.2016. I wasn't going to do a reviw at first but decided otherwise due to the fact there aren't many reviews for us small gurlies. Completed Labs 30 days prior to surgery I was informed that Spectrum is now requesting EKG's for med clearance 2 weeks prior to surgery smh. Got all the necessary supplies for the surgery, which I determined using a couple other Rs Dollie's list since Spectrum's seems so short.My surgery is in 6(03.22.2016) days aprox. with Dr. Sergio Alverez, like many of you were scheduled with Dr.Osak at Spectrum due to recent events was switched to Dr.Ortega, whom to me does nice work on bigger gals in my opinion. I been on the ends and outs about Ortega's work some days I was confident most days I found myself really asking myself if he was the doctor for me. Anyway I just wasn't impressed. I looked at Dr.Fisher's work which is amazing on smaller girls but the fact that Spectrum wasn't going to refund me my deposit played a huge role in that. I felt forced into a corner which for that amount of money you should be able to pick the Doctor your most comfortable with. Reaching the coordinators at Spectrum is seemingly impossible I find myself having to send a text to my Coordinator Lizabeth two and three times just for a response, "No Bueno". With that being said last minute in all I switched to Dr.Alverez I'm far more confident with his work. I'm going to be staying at The Best Western Premier right across the Way from Spectrum. Will Post Pre - Op photos shortly, My mommy will be joining me along this Journey.

Pre Op Pics

I was asked to gain 10lbs. Which I thought would be impossible but was relatively easy thanks to Starbucks Lbvs, I was already an addict. I was buying Boost at first but soon realized Starbucks worked just as good an actually taste way better. I think my biggest issue right now is maintaining the weight even though I drop 1lbs then gain it back its still a struggle. At first I was going to try and gain 15 - 20 lbs but realized after gaining this lil 10lbs how unhappy I am. Also after seeing so many women's reviews who gained 15-20lbs loose all that weight after the surgery unhappy with there results I decided I wasn't going to be her. So Needless to say I'm strongly pushing towards thigh lipo as well. I have pretty nice size thighs for my size and the fat there has been there for forever. So I'm extremely confident!

Wish Pics

I'm being realistic with my wishes because a lot of us on here aren't and then are often downing great surgeons when reality is you can't be 250lbs expecting to look like Nicki Minaj or Beyonce, you have to take into the initiative that Florida is only allowed to take out 4 liters of fat which for every 6lbs is 1 liter of fat, Which is why the doctor often asks you to gain 10-15lbs . Also consider a lot of surgeons play it safe and don't take out the hole 4 liters for safety pre cautions.

Juss want you guys to get an idea of my body shape

Giving you guys an idea of hips as well i don't really think I'm gonna ask for Dr.Alverez to place much more fat in my hips as if I'm not already feeling wide enough lbs. With minor improvements I believe I think my body is going to be beyond amazing.

Pre Op Measurements


Flight @ 7:00 am dis morning

Arrived in my Miami boy was that flight hectic... Way too much going on but I'm here... Surgery paid in full just waiting on a time ... Gonna get out nd enjoy this Windy City while I'm able

Surgery @ 5:30 am

Will keep you ladies updated sorry for the wait ...

Sorry for the wait ...

My experience with spectrum... Smooth sailing until surgery I was rescheduled three times with late notices as well as had to change my flight 2x... My mother and I got there st 5:30 as discussed didn't see the nurse until 6:15... Finally met Dr.Alvarez who is handsome as well as funny... He asked if I wanted too go big or if I wanted more hips my mother and I agreed that I didn't need no more hips then I was blessed with... We all shared a laugh and Dr.Alvarez said "Bubbly it is" ... Didn't need thigh lipo had enough fat for a bubble he said... The pain is real wouldn't do again lbvs... I haven't been takin the percs becuz of an allergic reaction. So Tylenol xtra strength and k flex an nausea medicine it is... Dunno my measurements as of right will update ya later... Here's some pics I dnt really like them but here they are on an I was surprised they put me in an xl faja

Two weeks post op

Me at two weeks... Em it's been a struggle tryin too secure this investment especially when u have a 8 yr old boy with so much life too him... Thus far pain has been seized it's more so the numbness in my lipoed areas that bothers me... I think the more careful we try too be is when the light touches or bumps occur so at this point im just prayin nd crossing my fingers on the best out come... Especially bein I have so many little hands around me (kids) luckily it hasn't been nothin major like slaps or punches or falls so... At this point it's still pretty stiff back there some areas are softer then other... I was in disbelief I'm in a size xl faja... I'll be three weeks 04.21.2016 so I'll update again then...

two weeks post op pics

I'm not the greatest at capturing good pics on my own but here u have it me at two weeks and two days with no faja on...

3 Weeks Post

Good morning Ladies I'm officially three weeks post today. I don't blog on here often but am willing and responsive to all comments as well as messages. I plan to post pics weekly and then monthly gradually for the simple fact that much hasn't changed since Post op besides the swelling which I'm highly grateful for. I have rarely any pain more soreness or stiffness my butt is still hard but not uncomfortable when walking around like it was originally.The swelling in my stomach has really gone down as well as in my back thankfully. The massages i received were given by my sister.I was worried about my skin not retracting because it was so loose but Dr.Alvarez was right and really did his thing my stomach is now smoother then ever. I never walked into the procedure expecting Nicki Minaj results but something more natural that fits me and I can honestly tell u to be as tiny as I am standing at 5'2 34-27-41 im a nice thick due to having really nice thighs i love my results thus far. The only regret i have is not asking him to fill in my hips. I didn't end up needing thigh lipo thank god because i love my thick thighs. Here are some pics I'll let you be the judges... I can officially sit but think i will refrain for the next 3 weeks at least. I still have yet to figure out the correct way to do so anyway. Because that boppy pillow was a complete utter waste of money. If it weren't for my girl mommi_of_4 i probably wouldn't of did this update. In all honesty which is bad because the smaller framed women are counting on the results from us post bbl smaller girls.

Been a Minute Ladies

I'm about 7 weeks post bbl current stats are 5'2 131 34-25-41 i don't really be on here like tht becuz nothing has really changed since week 4. I just started wearing jeans they still make me a little nervous i make sure there no tighter then my garment so there really light like the garment. At this point nothing much has really changed my butt is completely soft an jiggles most of my swelling is gone i'd have to say i'm about 90% feeling myself again. I'm barely sitting i didn't officially start sitting until week 5 just to be on the safe side and that's just to drive to work.

Just an update

Nothing much has really changed besides i swell in my lower back here and there, I'm still using my foam at all times. My current measurements are 34.25.41 I'm still 130lbs
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