Switched to Dr. Osak Omulepu, Feb 23rd 2015: Miami, FL

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Hi, .. I live in Miami, FL where the your body is...

Hi, .. I live in Miami, FL where the your body is your 1st impression. I have been researching the Brazilian Butt Lift for about 14months now and I am READY! lol.

My current measurements are 5'2 170lbs (yikes) 36C-27-40 and I am 24years old.

I want to be 34C-24-43 (maybe 44?) 160lbs :-D I have always had a nice shape and big ol' butt with NO hips. I need my a$$ to be so phat you can see it from the front.

I also have indentations where my hips are supposed to be, the dent is deeper on the right side than the left and is noticeable if I wear a tight dress. I also have a little belly that looks like I a a few months prego if I dont suck it in :-/ In 2012 I dropped down to 132lbs from 160lbs and I was way too skinny for my taste but, my little belly didn't budge.

I am doing this because I love being thick and curvy but, my tummy and back fat has to GO! As well as to fill in the indentations on my hips. I will post lots of pics! The look I want can not be achieved with diet/exercise.



*I typed a whole long paragraph then deleted it after searching for pictures on google. :-/

Basically I have a thing for that cut "V" above the butt, I am not a fan of BBL that have 3inches of flat fat sitting above the buttcrack. (Is there a medical term for Buttcrack, lol? I feel weird typing it haha.)

I already have a big butt now I need the hips to match. I work out alot and also did gymnastics in my younger years so, my body has kept the tone. My butt is very very firm and is debatable of being fake if you ask the right people. :-/ Softness & Hips are my goals.

Thigh Gap OBSESSION & My New Surgery Date (NOT HAPPY!)

Ok, I ran into a stripper chick at an adult store Jigga Love (lol funny name) about 3months ago and she was walking funny.

I asked her why and she said she had gotten lipo done on her inner thighs to create a "THIGH GAP". Cost about $1400 and this SX was fresh. She was very thick & curvy. She claimed the thigh gap drives men CRAZY!

I thought you had to be skinny skinny to have a thigh gap but, I researched my photos of Steph Kegels and she has a natural thigh gap as well. (This chick has the perfect body dammit)

Now I WANT ONE! I posted a few pictures.

Surgery date I wanted was November 26th but, I didn't put the deposit down fast enough. My fault I was moving too slow. They told me about Dr. Sergio Alvarez but, I have found "0" information on him on google or realself. :-( No thanks until I have before and afters.


Thigh Gap - Wish Pix

Photos didn't upload. Here is my wishes.

BOOBS 1st! BY: Mel Ortega in Coral Gables

SOO, I am in love with the shape of my natural hanging breasts but, I want them bigger. Since I will be getting a BBL my hips will be wider so, why not go all in right!?
I have chosen a DD cup with silicone implants, subglandular since I have soo much breast tissue right now.

My inspiration is Love4Dream a gorgeous french model with a killer natural rack. I have that hang already I believe Dr. Ortega will lower my crease since they sit so high as of right now. Scheduled for November 12th! :-)

Dr. Omulepu instead of Ortega. BBL February 12th!

Pre-op measurments: 5'1, 174lbs, 38DD (enhanced by Mel Ortega), 29in waist and 45in hips/butt.

((((I am WISHING for a 26in waist and a 48in bottom. ))))

Soo I switched to Omulepu due to the fact I think he will know my body better being that he is a black surgeon.

I will admit NO before and Afters scares the shit out of me.. BUT, he has a video on Youtube:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-NoFcNFPHk and his liposcution results alone have got me.

I already have a nice, full butt which is why I was considering liposuction only because I don't want to come out of surgery looking like a "stripper" (there is NOTHING wrong with strippers, I danced when I was 18-20).

Now, I am like.. F&^% THAT! Gimmie a big ol' PHAT A$$. Lol. I requested he inject all the fat he takes out because I am getting fat transfer to my hips also to fill in Hip Dips.

New Pre-op Photos & Wish Pics

I have lost a little weight (10lbs which is major for my body type) so, I have new pre-op photos.

-High Waist/Hips
-A Natural amount of tummy fat
-Max CC's put back in to my bottom.
-Large/Wide hips
-No arm or Back fat.

Dr Omulepu Youtube video screenshots, your thoughts?

This video is on Youtube. He had her back soooo smooth also, I asked to be the first patient of the day February 12th.

Here is the video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-NoFcNFPHk

Wishing at Midnight..

Up late trolling the internet. New wish pix! I have a Pre-op appointment tomorrow (technically this morning) Soo nervous being that I hate needles. Beauty is Pain, Pain in Pleasure.

NEW Youtube Video from Dr. Omulepu


This girl looks good ;)

I think I am ready!

Ready! February 23rd Official Surgery Date!

OK I know you guys are tired of me changing my date lol and are already asking for post op pics. I couldn't get out of work to do my pre-op appointment so, I missed the deadline to do my blood work so I had to push my surgery date back. My fault oNLY!

Did my blood work so far everything is good so, I am shopping for recovery houses, nurses and post-op surgery gear. Exciting. My guy took care of me during my breast aug so, he told me "HELL NO I am not taking care of you after this surgery". Possibly because I complained alot that sh*t hurt, ha.

Anyways, I have 5days left! Excited and hella nervous. Scaring myself reading about fat embolisms.
Bought my faja.. ordered another one online just incase now that I know what size I need.

Lipo Express:
1 faja with the butt out that covers me to my knees since I am doing inner thigh lipo
1Arm garment since I am doing arm lipo
1 tummy pad
1 triangle board for my lower back
2 side boards

My research concluded that buying ab boards would lessen the chance of me having that terrible "lumpy lipo belly" most girls get post op. I went all out and blew like $400 on post op fajas and ab/side/lower back boards.

Current measurements:
38DD or 40D
30in - waist
45in- bottom
(wishing for: 38DD-27in-50in)

**Look up Miss LeslieMosko My current sizes is her post op measurements but, she is much taller than me. Her body looks great! Loved watching her on youtube. Very very helpful.

As you all know when you tell family or friends your getting work done to your body they all say the same shit: (Why? Your fine the way your are.) Get outta here! Don't wanna hear that, ugh. I have my mind made up. Now I want a big fat juicy(er) booty. My guy hasn't told me not to do it. I know he will enjoy squeezing it he is an ass man :D

I have his best wishes and my mother too and thats all I need. Ladies remember to do what you want and what satisfies you.


I am sore if i dont stay on top of my. Pain pills it hurts bad. I have a nice shaped ass lots of volume on the top and that deeep V. My tummy is flat even though its swollen because my belly button is like 2 inches higher lol.

Drains taken out on Thursday and im very sleepy.

K bye

Getting better..

Still havent poopd... very weak.. draining regularly.. sore but still very little pain,keep farting.. lol.

Mayda's cooking is the bomb.com,

I have a very sore back due to sleeping on my tummy and my left eye is swollen not sure why. Soreness from lipo is fading fast.. will update pictures when
I get my massage at 6pm.

After the BBL you need a MINIMUM of 3days for someone to care for you 24hrs a day,, fell asleep the times writing this. Geeeeez. I suggest sleeping with 2 pillows in a T shape. back to sleep..


Massage was AWESOME!!!!!!

Now I feel like I got ran over by a bicycle and not an 18-wheeler lol. Xiomara (massage therapist) is the shiZ!!!!

I feel like I could run, jump, leap, do a back flip lol all of that and then some..

Pictures attached. I feel wonderful and like I can go home tomorrow which I am. Follow up at 10am. My guys saw my ass and he is being extremely cooperative now haha!

I will post my current measurements at my follow up tomorrow when they take my drains out. YAY!

If you can get over the 1st day you can handle it.

I feel the love!

Thanks for all the love ladies. Questions: he took took out 3liters (wtf) and put in 1250 ccs. I had a 45in bottom before sugery keep that in mind. #Justwaitonit

Garment was bought at strax but its uncomfortable and cuts off circulation on my butt right in between my thighs. Soo bad my hand goes numb.

I was told arms and thigh lipo was included but.. it was not. Dr. Omulepu says he was as shocked as I am.

Pain: The 1st 3days are HELL especially right after your woken up. (I googled if they could put me into a coma until i heal LMAO)

Took oxy for 3days then ot started giving me light sensative headaches and making me moody. Taking Tylenol now. Not much pain just really sore from lipo and stiff.

Day 4 butt is still hard, tummy is loaded with fluid and air. I have not been drinking enough water. Tried to twerk.. it didn't work lol. Sleeping with a special pillow so i can rock from side to side without killing fat. Pictures and updates coming soon

Sleeping and Pooping

I slepp with the pillow we all haf as kids underneath my tummy and the arms the pillow has keep you from smashing your butt and killing the fat. Ive been sleeping like a baby for 3 or 4hours at a time.


I bought puppy pads and squat in the shower. Wipe with tissue then walk around eith a baby wipe beyween my butt checks for about 10mins. Gross? Yes! Embarrassing? Yes! Does it work and keep me clean? Yes!

RealSelf chicks are demanding.. lol

What she got off the table at 12:15!?

(12:30) Where are your pictures!?

Obsessed i am sooo tired but, I am bored and getting more picture requests you chicks are demanding lol! all on my instagram lol. here.

Bad Days..

I have a swelling mass where my garment was soo tight and cutt off circulation and possibly killed the fat right where the pee hole opening is on the garment. Called Strac Dr. Omulepu called me with in minutes and is giving me a script for more antibiotics. Woke up this morning and my left labia majora is swollen as well.. geez.

The garment was also (i think) cutting off circulation to that side of my labia majora.

Had a massage yesterday from a new masseuse and it was horrible. She left me in pain. Specifically requested her to do lymphatic drainage and she told me she specializes is all massage. I had to stop her 10times for doing it too hard and she was an hour late. F****** b****. What a waste of $100.

Hello.. Feeling better. Had my official 1week post op

I had a date with Dr. O I was late so I had to wait 1hr til he got off the chopping table. Very sweet, friendly, personable guy (loves his personality btw) examined the spot I was concerned about but, nothing was outta the norm.

Prescribed some super anti-biotics just in-case. I had lots of fluid in my tummy and he pulled out this big a** syringe and drained it. (My tummy filled back up with a little fluid since then I might have to go back) I about to be on my way to a stage-two garment tomorrow thank goodness.

I can now walk normal. My dude is eyeballing my new junk (haha) every chance he gets lol. I had a big ol' booty before but, these hips that Dr. O gave me lawd! I know they will shrink but, I kind of like it.. its over exaggerated lol because of the swelling. If it goes down too much I might ask for another round of torture.

Hurts to sit down but, I took a looooong walk today and sat on pillow at dinner time. Slowly but, surely I am coming along. Watch out summer 2015.

Fajas and Compression Garments

My last day off.. bored to tears. Someone asked me about my garment.

The day of surgery I brought a faja I found at "Faja y Mas" by my house. Standard Columbian faja with the thong, butt cheeks cutt out and clasp vest with that strap over the breast. Dr. Omulepu said I shouldn't use that one because the bands around the butt cutt off circulation (which will kill the fat) and recommended I buy one there at Strax.

I agreed and woke up in this crazy monkey suit lol. It has a band around the waist that you can adjust, 3sets of clasps on either side and a zipper on either side that provides further compression. Very easy to put on even with the thick foam pads.

I had no trouble with this garment until my Post-op recovery helper put it in the dryer and it shrank a little. Then I had to cut extra room around the pee hole due to it leaving a mark on my lower butt cheek near my inner thigh. I am a week out from surgery and the garment is already loose. Strax garments DO work. (Contour MD)

Columbian Faja HELL: I am 8days post op so, I attempted to put on the original faja I bought. Bad idea...... Now when I put this thing on I was like (Daaaaaamn girl mmhhmm.. I looked good haha). But, it was cutting off circulation to my butt, rubbing on my butt crack incision from lipo and pinching my tummy.

I actually had to CUTT it off of myself. Nooo joke!!! I saved the tummy/vest part and will have it tailored because I like the tight fit. I will just have to put on lipo-foam to prevent indentations. Pictures follow..

My plan is to wear the Strax garment when I sleep and get the vest part of the columbian faja tailored since I butchered it trying to take it off. and buy a spanx garment to compress my butt during the day. This is MY experience. YES the Columbian Faja was my correct size.

I hope this helps!

15days POST OP! Feelin' Myself ;)

Hey RS,

I hope everyone is either WISHING BIG or Healing Well.

I am on day 15 now, I started riving again 3days ago and man is that sh** uncomfortable. I rolled a blanket up and put it underneath my THUT (thigh meets butt, lol) and still sit on a pillow and it is slightly tolerable.

My sides, tummy and back are still sore from lipo but, I Dr. Omulepu left NOT ONE ounce of fat on any of those places so, I am happy! Butt is still hard like a bag of rocks but, ohhh what a butt it is.

I have a pocket of ar and fluid on my tummy that I need to get drained on Monday and I am loving my results soo far. I still get tired really easy and I went to a party 2days ago and I got drunk off of ONE drink lol geeez! I use to be able to down 4 or 5.

Does anyone else Post-op get goosebumps all the time? Also my left hand keeps going numb like once or twice an hour AND my eyes are always swollen when I wake up. Weird.


I went to walmart and bought some shapewear called "FLEXEES" They have a high waisted leggings that are cute, comfortable and provide good support! You can wear the leggings with a t-shirt and it shows of those new curves :D I also bought the Uni-tard that is bra less. It provides good support as well. My butt is 45inches and weigh 175lbs still and I wear a size Medium.

I have ordered 4pairs of leggings and 1 more Uni-tard.



Hey dolls,

I haven't updated in awhile but, I can say I've been naughty haven't been wearing my garment except for when I sleep and even then sometimes I forget to put it on.

My butt hasn't shrank but, I did experience a burning/tingling sensation while "doing the naughty" and afterwards I noticed a small small portion of my shelf had sank in. I freaked out about this for days. Also my guy has been.... "extra "easy" since I had my surgery" haha. ;)

One of my butt cheeks is slightly smaller because naturally I only have a "cuff" under one of my butt cheeks.

I had a brief moment that I wanted to cry because I felt my my body hadnt changed and later realized thats because I was looking at my body every single minute. After looking at before and afters I felt much better.

I really wish he had given me more cc's but, I asked him to make me look natural and he did. :(

Booty greed I guess. Here are updated pix.

Quick Update! 2months post op ;)

Hey ladies short & simple.

-No belly fat
-Perfect heart shape over butt
-HIPS & a wide soft booty

-My skin is TIGHT (when sit up I can feel the skin on my back stretching, I've been using body oils religiously)
-Itching.. I itch constantly lol I have a doctor friend he says its my nerves reattaching.
-Slight pain and soreness up until about a week ago.
-Raised stretch marks. They are the same color as my flesh but, they are slightly raised.

Other than that I am very happy. Remember your results are 75% your surgeon and 25% the way you take care of yourself during recovery.

* I still sleep on my stomach 90% of the time and I don't wear jeans.

I have gained about 5lbs after my surgery HORRIBLE I KNOW! :( But my tummy is still soooo flat HOWEVER my backfat is sneaking back up..

Think about that.


Soooooooo... Less than 2months after my BBL I am PREGO!

Has anyone else had this happen to them!? I love my results and my guy does too (obviously).

We have been seeing each other over 2 years and I never had one pregnancy scare now I am 5weeks lol which means he got me within a month ha!

Has anyone got preggo after the BBL? did your results change? I have been told my hips will get wider.


I have Failed you sisters!

I got sooo many emails and questions and I havent logged on in forever.

I am currently 7 months along in my pregnancy and everything is going smooth my baby girl is crazy active and my body is maintaining its shape.

My waist went from 24inches to 36inches so far.. my butt is still big and round though it is flattening out a bit on the top from me not working out because i am a lazy pregnant lady :(. I am 7months in and don't see any stretch marks on my tummy. I got stretch marks on my hips when I got my BBL though.

I got my breasts done last November I will definitely need a lift they are saaaagging but, I had a little sag before I got prego. (Do.. your.. titties hang low do they wobble to the floor.. LMFAO! ) I went from a 36DD to a 38DDD/40D and I am starting to lactate so, I was told they would get even bigger. Oh lord.

I was asked for pics so I will post a few and I will be back in 2 months with my Postpartum.
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