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22 yrs old gained weight tryed everything to get...

22 yrs old gained weight tryed everything to get back to my flat stomach lasorlipo , body wraps , trainers ect..... I've been LOOKN on RS for almost a year now been wanting a bbl for about 2 yes but I wasn't sure an I didn't have enough fat but after I gained over 20lbs this winter I started researching it again around 7 months ago I told my bf I wanted it he thought I was PLAYIN an said I was fine an I didnt need it !!!! So I tryed lasorlipo back in April an it worked but I still wasn't as small as I would like an I still didn't have a ASS ???? an after about a month my stomach came back ???? so I said f it I'm getting this fixed the right way so I started up again I started getting quotes so high !!!then a friend told me about Miami !!! SAying they do great work an it's half the price !!!!! I still dnt understand way it's so cheap in Miami do you guys no ? I then found dr fisher an dr Ortega !!! I'm going with dr ORTEGA I LIKE HOW HE MAKES YOUR BUTT LOOKS SO NATURAL AN THE FAT IS EVENLY PLACED IN YOUR BOTTOM !!?! I like dr fisher to but some times he put to much fat at the top of the Ass an it looks funny some time
But he's a excellent dr. If your looking for a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGG ASSSSS AN HIPS !!! For me I have a nice shape I just need it a little better !!!! Currently 5'5 an 164

Recovery house or condo: Hotel!!'n need help

Hey rs I'm new to this I need help should I stay in hotel or recovery house ! My sisters coming with me !!! What's the best recovery house !! HELPPPP

What a good weight for a bbl,

I'm 165 5'5 so I loss weight or keep it


IM THINKING ABOUT ADDING CHIN LIPO ? Does it hurt ???? what's the pain level an do anyone recommend chin LIpo

Thinking I should loss weight ?

165 I want to be 155 should I work out before or after ? Thinking about working out 1month before what do y'all think HELPPPP ????


???? 2 1/2 months to get my dream body DR ORTEGA HERE I COME PLANE TICKET ONLY WAS 200$ to get there JetBlue ????

Need a nurse an a massage therapist ABOUT 45 days away ????

Hi rs sisters my sx is coming up quick I'm getting a lil nerves can Anyone help me with a supply list an if I should take any thing leading up to SX an if anybody has a traveling nurse in Miami ! An a massage person also Thanks ??

45 days to go news supply's list

NEED SUPPLY LIST ????any help


IM getting nerves did anybody get LIpo on there chin ! ? What are some last minute thing I need !


YESSS I'm cleared for sx 21 days to go ????

A week away !



So ready to get this over an done with !


Time fly


Jessica is my coordinator an she's the BEST I TEXT HER AN SHE REPLYS IN SECONDS ?? They have the best service I know that I'm making the Right decision an I'm not as nerves ! Praying for a speedy recovery ????


Today is the day I'm waiting on dr Ortega everybody is very nice an the office is super clean ????


Can't complain he did a great job

Chin lipo worth every penny

So happy with my results bbl + chin lipo


Loving it thanks ORTEGA ????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I called they had me send pictures because I'm a out of Towner an she called me back when in a few hrs with a quote an she told he my shape wasn't bad an my BMI WAS PERECT U BELIVE ITS LIKE A 27 something like that an I needed to add my bra line area for the perfect figure which I agreed but over all Jessica was a sweet heart !!!

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