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Hey yall! I've been researching liposuction and...

Hey yall! I've been researching liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts for over a year now. I am scheduled at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami Florida with Dr Llorente. So......

Background About Me: I am 22 years old and a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed with diabetes around 8 years old. I have been on an insulin pump for about 8 months and it has slowly but surely decreased my a1c. I am 5'5, 180 pounds. I've always had a gut, but I have put on about 12 pounds since i graduated college so now i have a super gut lol.

Why I Chose My Surgeon: At first I only wanted lipo in my stomach and i'm still kinda just considering that. I went on a few consultations in the Atlanta area. Thought about smart lipo with American Lipo Centers, but there was not a lot of reviews. Went to he cares clinic, but he didn't operate on diabetics. We to image cosmetic center, but he didn't sound too promising. Sooo 2 of my friends actually went to miami and had their bbl's done there and they have had great results. Both were pleased with the results, but not so much the aftercare. I went ahead and booked anyway.

Surgery details: I just took my labs Thursday December 31st, and i am praying for medical clearance.
I paid my deposit of $300 and am getting the rest financed through United Medical Credit. I booked my recovery house with Karla, I paid a $100 deposit, but the room is $700 for 5 days, 4 nights. The bbl would be $3800 and lipo alone would be $3000. I booked my flight with American Airlines $186 from Atlanta to Miami.

Preparing for surgery: I have begun preparing for my surgery. So far I've purchased:
Maxi Pads for bleeding
Iron Pills for the loss of blood
Vitamin C
6 Maxi Dresses
2 Big Towels
3 Small Towels
1 Medium Towel
Shower Sandals
Slide in Sandals
Cocoa Butter Lotion for dry Skin
Cocoa Butter
Vitamin E Oil for Scars
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel
Homedics Mini Massager
A pill Case
Cotton Swabs
Tooth brush
Tooth Paste
Large Guaze Pads and medical tape
Antibacterial soap
Foam from walmart
Body magic, side 32 3 ring waist trainer, small waist trainer with zipper

I'm still purchasing things. I will update you all and post photos later on.
Lemme know if there's anything else i should purchase or be prepared to purchase

Before photos!


Everything was booked and paid for, but I got my results back and learned that my a1c was too high. Had to fight to get my money back. Eventually learned that my surgeon didn't even operate on diabetics.

So I've decided to just find a doctor in Atlanta that has dealt with T1D....even if its twice the price.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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