New Year, New Me - Miami, FL

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So all my beautiful dolls, as of right now in just...

So all my beautiful dolls, as of right now in just making my payments but soon I will be a Llorente doll. If you have any comments or questions please fill free. Every day that I'm closer to paying off my operation I'm getting more and more nervous. If you had this done by Llorente please tell me about your experience.

I'm thinking about switching.

So in basically everyone of Llorente before and after photos I haven't seen dramatic change. Does anyone have any comments on Omulepu?


So I will have pictures up very soon. I also need to lose at least 10/15 pounds before the procedure. I'm starting to get excited and nervous at the same time.

Question Dolls!!

For some reason most of my weights seems solid. It's very hard for me to lose. I was wondering if anyone knew any fast ways for me to lose weight. My surgery is in a month and I don't lose it I can't get my BBL done. Also what items should I purchase for after the surgery.

I need answers please dolls.

So I am exactly 29 days away from getting my BBL. Kind Of Excited, & Nervous. So is there any vitamins or pills I should be taking orr? I wI'll be uploading some of my body pictures tonight. Also I will be doing a 30 day weight loss challenge.

I Dont Think I Can Do It

For some reason I could never in a million years imagine myself doing something like this. I don't know how I will feel after. I feel like myself esteem will be lowered. Idk, I'm just up at work thinking. I need to start ordering items if you could let me know what are a few things I should have that will be great.

17 more days

Soooo, time is flying. Everything is booked. I just ordered all of my need to have. I don't know how I feel yet. Maybe once I hit Miami idk. Does anyone know when will they give me my prescription?

Wish Pic.

I seen someone upload this, this is Llorentes work.


10 more days.

I just got my email clearing me for surgery. Don't know how to feel yet.

2 Days!

Time has flew, like literally. Of course I got the call today about switching to Alvarez because LLorente wouldn't be able to do it. I already knew this was going to happen. I fly out tomorrow I will have my before pictures.

Tomorrow is the big day.

It still hasn't hit me just yet, there's like no emotion running through my body. But 8:30 tomorrow it's going down. I'll keep you updated and posted.

Currently Spectrum

I met with Alverez and he seemed really nice, I'm waiting to go into surgery. My appointment was at 8:30 & it's currently 9:36. I'm starving and ready to eat. Still seems unreal to me. He marked my body all up. I can have some before pictures when I get back to the hotel. They are in my other phone.

Loving my results.

Alverez did his thing.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience with the receptionist has been okay.

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