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So this BBL journey has been a long road. I've...

So this BBL journey has been a long road. I've lost deposits and some money but while I would have loved to go with Dr. Davoudi after doing some more research on Duran, Lorente, Fisher, and Ortega I decided that it is safer and wiser to go with Dr. Daryl Blinski at Blinski Plastic Surgery. He had lots of pictures of his BBL, plastic surgeon board certified, tons of experience, and great reviews on real self. The coordinator Jaclyn Interian answered all of my questions and put me at ease. Surgery includes one lymphatic massage, one faja, and I am also buying the bbl pillow for 129.00. Pre-op 4/20. And I'll be getting my labs here in Georgia and then stay two weeks in Miami. Super Excited!

Pre-Op Today with Blinski

So today I had my pre op with Dr. Blinksi and the staff was amazing. Very professional, and Dr. Blinski was very funny and professional. I bought my bbl inflatable pillow (125) a pop, paid the remaining 5,000, got my scripts, and did my labs with a lab place they work with for 57 dollars. I will have my surgery Thursday at 8:00 AM, go in at 6:00 AM. The nurse took pictures from different angles this is just one of the them of the back. I'm looking for projection so since my big areas are abdominal he will do upper ab, lower ab, flanks, and cocyx. Wish me luck!

Pre-op With Blinksi done

UGH, goodbye to this body hello to my new body on Thursday!

Game Day

So today is the day, surgery at 6AM. Nervous as hell, on top of that I have this cold that came out of nowhere. Ready to get this over with, and focus on recovery. Please say a prayer for me today and for the surgeon that will be operating on me.

Here We Go

Good morning dolls, so reschedule day is here. I have no cold, no fever, didn't drink or eat anything after 9pm last night so I think I'm covered. Nervous about the pain after, and not being able to sit for so long. With a little one it's definitely going to be a challenge but I got this. Please say a prayer for me as I go under the knife. I pray for a successful surgery. I will keep you all posted. Positive vibes. Love, peace, and light.

It's done

Went well, lots of pain.


Day 2 lots of pain. Feel like I've been hit by a Truck.

Post Op today

Had my post up today. Took the faja off and showered that was rough. Thought I was going to pass out. My body felt raw sensitive to the touch. No fever or chills. Still can't keep anything down puking up water, gatorade, clear liquids, crackers etc. Saw my butt it looks high, big, and crazy. Lots of swelling. I'll post pics soon. If you're going to do this be fully prepared because it's tough. Dr. Said my butt will fluff out and fill up naturally around 3 months. Said my results were phenomenal.

Lymphatic Massage due today.

Took a shower felt great, still sore and achy. Feeling better than before, keeping fluids down which is God sent. Booty is still swollen and round though.

Better Day today

Today felt somewhat normal. Moved around. Not as much pain, ate a little. Pineapples helped. Lots of water. Still swollen.

Recovery for BBL

Recovery is hard for a bbl. I still hurt like crazy, my butt hurts like hell still hard, my body hurts, my face gets swollen, my hands get numb, and I'm so sore. It's no joke can't wait to be totally healed.

More bad news

So, I've had severe swelling in my leg since the surgery and shortness of breath. Today it got so bad went to the ER and I have two blood clots in my right and left lungs. Now I'm in ICU on blood thinners. Blood clots are common after surgery apparently. So guys know that surgery is real business. Pray for me please.

Doing better

Hey dolls, I'm out of the hospital as of yesterday. Getting stronger. I'll be on blood thinners for a few months but the blood clots won't be traveling. I can see my body looking great even with the swelling. So Dr. B did a great job. Just take every precaution after surgery and wear your stockings if you're getting on a plane right after. Thank you all for the prayers and we'll wishes.

My body

Here's a pic of my body, my butt is getting softer.

Lipo of my stomach

Here's pics of lipo on my abdomen.

More pics

Make sure you wear your garments at all time dolls

Less swelling

Less swelling, but is softer, less sore.

Hey dolls

Hey dolls, just checking in. Been MIA busy but doing well. Booth is healing nicely. Health getting better. Hope you all are well.




Just some pics.


So even with everything I went through after the surgery I'm happy with my results. Ladies, please make sure you walk at least 15 minutes after the surgery to prevent clots. Don't just jump on the plane as this can cause blood clots. If you notice severe edema in your leg that won't go down go immediately to your local ER! Most importantly stay off your butt for at least a month as not to damage the fat tissue. Recovery is long and hard so be mentally prepared. Good luck!


Hey dolls, I forgot to mention that you will get swelling and bloating periodically out of nowhere. Your garment is your best friend. Moreover, try the Arnica tea it works wonders for swelling. The swelling is natural.

Things they don't tell you

Hey dolls, so it's been three months since surgery and these are things you should know. 1. You will still have lumpy fat patches in areas of your bum, you just have to massage it. 2. Sometimes your fat in your bum will be sore, again light massages and wear your garment. 3. When you first sit it will feel super weird like youre on a jelly ball. It gets better with time. It takes a full year to fully recover so be mentally prepared dolls.




Dr. B really snatched my waist and stomach. BBL! Pardon the nudity.

More waist pics

He did a great job on my waist and abs.

Still Happy

Hi dolls, hope you all are doing well. I'm doing well, body is still in tact, my booty is softer and naturally plump and I love my results. I posted some pics. Good luck on your journey.


More pics

Booty gram

Hi dolls, I've been getting pic requests so here you go.

More pics


Updated Pics

Hey dolls, hope all is well. Here are some updated pics.


More updated pics

Picture gram

More pics

6 Months

WOW, 6 months flew by fast. I remember when I first got this procedure done I thought I would never get to this point. But I'm so grateful that I am doing well, and I am so happy with my new body. This was the best gift I could have given to myself despite earlier set backs. So thankful to Dr. Blinski and his staff. Now I'm maintaining and keeping up these results by eating right and working out. Good luck on your journey ladies.

Picture gram

Reindeer games Blinski edition.

2017 Post Op

Some updated pics for those who asked.

possible fat necrosis

It's been long enough April 2016 since my bbl with Dr. Blinski and a part of my left upper but cheek is still discolored, and is hard and gets sore. I have to massage it, and I'm pretty sure it's fat necrosis. I called Blinski office and sent them pics. In the meantime what can I do?

Surgery Prep.

Hi dolls, I decided to come on here today because I have been seeing way too many deaths involving BBL's and unqualified doctors. I know that price is always an issue when deciding to get cosmetic surgery however, you cannot put a price on your life or your health. You have to do your due diligence and research these doctors. The information is out there so check for deaths, if they are plastic surgeon board certified (not just an MD), check for any malpractice, most importantly stay away from the chop shops in Miami. In addition, once you find a capable surgeon prepare yourself. Meaning prepare for any contingencies i.e. get compression stockings, lovonox prescription shots (in case of clots/to prevent clots), do your lung exercises, and educate yourself on signs of a DVT (clot). Hope this helps. Happy journey!
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