new booty soon!! (dr. omulepu) - Miami, FL

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ok so where do i begin?????...

ok so where do i begin?????

i was orginally going with dr. fisher at vanity cosmetics, until i found sprectrum.

i reached out to spectrum and have been in touch with victor (hes an angel), not only did i get a great vibe from himand the other staff i looked into dr. omulepus background and his creditials amazed me so i chose them. i put my deposit for vanity and called claudia p. to get a refund i then spoke to miranda s and tld her i was going with spectrum she asked with what surgeon and i told her dr. omulepu. she said that omulepu was working with vanity now (that’s funny because when i told them i was going with him orinally they tried to discredit him hmmmmm?) anywho, she (miranda) told me she could get me a date with omulepu for the same price as fisher.......

according to them dr omulepu is a $1000 cheaper, so why would i pay the same price??

i told them no thanks and i was sticking with spectrum i had already paid a depost to spectrum and wanted my deposit back from vanity!!!

after that, the lies started!!!

miranda asked me my sx date i told her it was fri, may 1st she put me on hold for literally two seconds and told me that her manager (claudia) told her after may dr.omulepu would be working with vanity full time and she doesnt know why they (spectrum) took my money if dr. omulepu isnt going to be working there.. i told her i would call her back so i could call spectrum to verify this.... i spoke to liz and victor (they go above and beyond) victor said he’d call me back and when he did i was suprised that dr. omulepu wason the line. i told him what vanity told me and he said this is compleeeetttllllyy false he is still working at vanity lied to me to keep my money??? i called vanity back and spoke to the manager clauda i told her that spectrum said dr. o is still working there, she said well he wont be after may that shes the one that hired him and she knows for a fact that he will be at vanity fulltime i interrupted her and told her dr. omulepu himself told me he will continue to work at spectrum…she was speechless lol caught up or nah.... lol

i will be having my sx with spectrum and dr. o will be my surgeon

vanity is giving patients false informatiom to try to keep them no ma’am not me, you cant tell me just anthing, i like to investigate sorry

so for all you dolls out there dont take their word look into things for your self!!!!

goodluck all!! :)

sx approaching

****first I want to start off by saying it erks when you are following someones journey and all they do is blog we would like to see the results that's the purpose of us following your journey***

saw a few updates my surgery isn't on the first anymore I had to change it to Monday the 11 I have my flight booked and my surgery is about paid off I'm just waiting for the day to arrive I haven't gotten labs done as of yet I'm going to call them today and see when they want to do that but what are some things that I should be cautious about as far as my lab results I stop smoking thanks God and I've been eating semi healthy and I haven't gotten any items to take with I'm not really sure of what to bring with me so if you ladies could give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated thanks dolls till next time

wish pics

I really want my results to look Like this

wishing and hoping

Sx wish...

Supply list

im gathering supplies for the trip..
so far I have
compression socks $0.99 (2)
vedette 929 $64.75
flight $ round trip $288
Foamboard 11" x 14" 4/Pkg $6.47
waist trainer (previously owned)
sweats/basketball shorts
flip flops (previously owned)
Neosporin (previously owned)
safeguard md (I hate scars) $19.99
silicone gel strips (scars) 8 pk
unscented dove soap
maxi pads
I haven't finished yet but these are the items I have now
also I go Monday (today) to get blood work done

wishing at midnight

Sx in a few days I'm hoping for these results

wishing before Sx on 3 days

Sx is in three days I'm nervously excited

made it.... I'm alive lol

I made it to the other side and lemme tell you I feel like SHIT OK....ill up date you ladies on every single detail n am muah!!

before surgery yuck

Before Sx yuck

post op

I been trying to get these pics on for the past hour I dunno whats going on

post op pics day 1

I love my results

post day 1

Pics in dress


I can't wait to see my final results

few days post

I must say Dr o did his thang

stomach n curves

My stomach is flattening out

stomach trying to flatten out

Pic didn't upload before

the scoop

I will give the scoop from a-b as soon as I get the strength I been n bed since returning home so bare with me I'm spilling all the beans hontey :)

from the beginning

Wooooo...where do I begin I arrived in ft Lauderdale on Sunday may 10th at 11:20pm. I was under the impression that I was going to be picked up from the airport however that was not the case I was informed that I would have to take a shuttle to Miami International and get picked up from Miami International because that's the only place they pick you up from I didn't know that so I ended up being stuck at the airport until about 4 o'clock the next morning trying to find a ride because the shuttles to the airport didnt run that late and I missed the last go shuttle and the next one didn't come until about 430 and a taxi want it $90 to take me from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami International Airport and I wasn't about to pay that I ended up catching a cab called uber (look them up they will save $$$) he drove me from ft Lauderdale airport to Karla's kindle house for $25 I was so thankful!!!. While I was on the plane I texted karla to see if she could pick me up from mia international around 12am-1am I didn't get an answer so I figured she was sleep.. Ok so upon my arrival to the kindle house I received a call from karla around 430 saying she didn't expect me and that the other girls were sleep (which I can understand) however my Sx was @830am that morning and I wanted to shower and I wasn't about to be stuck at the ft Lauderdale airport until my Sx time especially due to the fact I was on my cycle (NOT HAPPENING)....the lady at the kindle house at the time spoke NO ENGLISH so it was hard to understand......any who I layed down til 6 got up took a shower and we headed to spectrum because one of the girls Sx was at 630 we all had to leave to save gas and trips back n forth I guess....when we arrived at the clinic we got naked filled out paper Wrk and got marked up by Dr. Omulepu... I kinda told him what I wanted but I knew he was going to do what he wanted anyway lol he IS SO DOWN TO EARTH WE LAUGHED AND JOKED FOR A BIT WE INSTANTLY CONNECTED (ITS A NEW YORK THING LOL) I SAT IN THE BACK ROOM NAKED and freezing for about 6 hrs...I ended up getting blankets n going to sleep.... When the bartender came to do my iv I knew I was getting close to my Sx.....when I got to the operating room they strapped me to a board kinda like a cross and the last thing I remember saying was I felt like I was getting an exorcism lol after that it was lights OUT!!!!!! To be continued......


I'm am in the hospital now and have been since 8 pm....I came in to have my drains removed because i was having trouble getting them out.. (Rewind) i been limping since sx .........I get here only to find out I have to have both my legs cut open because I have infections in both of my fucking legs n they say if the infection gets on my blood I can die now I have a hole in my right the size of a golf ball n am about to have a hole over the back of my lefy knee with a drain inserted to drain that infection.....smmfh I regret this shit I swear!!!!!!!!!

infection UPDATE

OK finally got the dam culture back and I have a BAD ASS STAPH infection....... This shit is so painful I have about 3 feet worth of gauze stuffed n a hole in my leg the size of a dam golf ball I'm n so much pain guys....I hate this happened!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the hospital still (since Thurs) my white blood cell count won't decrease, I'm on 2 different types of antibiotics, morphine, percocets, benadry,l iron & stool softeners smmfh I'm hurting n hate this



infection pics

.more pics

I would like to clear some things up

I do not in any way shape or form blame Dr. O for this. We all are cognizant of the risk and complications that come with any type of surgery. it could have happened with any surgeon. Although I have all this craziness going on and as much as I say I regret getting my Sx done I don't regret the surgeon I chose..
My only regret is this pain n big ass hole in my leg.
Dr. O gave me exactly what I asked for without me even having to tell him and i don't want to discredit him at all. He is a wonderful genuine person and calls and texts EVERYDAY to check on me; I love that fact that when I complain about my booty or shape he always says forget that the most important thing is your health which is true. I'm thankful that he reaches out and actually cares about his patients unlike some other docs.....
That's all I wanted to get off my chest!! I don't want anybody to second guess him because of me he's great at what he does :)

thank you

Thank you guys for the uplifting comments and prayers I really appreciate it you don't know how much it means to me :)...I know I didn't finish my original review of everything but I will tomorrow this just happened so unexpectedly....

my booty

I took this the other day I haven't been wearing my garment because all the iv fluids made me swollen so I couldn't fit in either 1 make sure to wear ur garment because it will affect your results


Infection pix

I'm tired of this hole

Infection pix w/o packing

OK now to continue my original review before infection

ok so after waking up the nurse was trying to get my garment on and it was hell she kept telling me to roll over and I was in so much pain and shivering I was freezing cold I'm like I can't move I can't move and I'm crying and screaming for pain pills and I might give me some IV drugs I need drugs I need drugs doctor on my level rushes in and man handle me which I was glad he did because he got the job done with the damn garmet she was taking forever to get it on and it hurts so bad okay so while I laid there for about 10 minutes they put this machine under my blanket which warm me up immediately 5 minutes after that they were old a wheelchair in and took me out to karla's car I laid across the back seat which was hell because I had to lay on my stomach and bend my knees up so that my toes were touching the window it was the most uncomfortable position ever and the pain was hell okay so we pull up to the recovery house and I didn't expect to pull up to a different house from the Kindle house (which I wasn't really upset because the lady at the Kendall house spoke no English and I didn't like the fact that they didn't clean the tub in between showers with the girls I thought that was disgusting)......
I was supposed to be staying at the Kindle house but somehow someway I ended up at this other recovery house karla packed my stuff and brought it over to the other house which I was kind of upset because no one told me that I will be moved and I didn't like that they were packing my stuff I would much rather have packed my own stuff; so I get to this apartment building, I walked up two sets of stairs which was held because like I said I was in pain and I was limping then I walk in the door of the apartment and there's another two sets of stairs to walk up she has like a two floor condo in an apartment building and her name is Maria she is an angel and her house is so nice and did I mention she can cook ;) she does speak English but it helps if you know a little Spanish and that's what helped me alot!! Any who I walked into my room where I was introduced to my roommate @double.stuffed...(MY BOO!!!!! HEY GURL LOL) I layed in bed and took my prescriptions, Maria made me some chicken noodle soup which was bomb and then I went to sleep. the next day Maria made us breakfast and I told her I didn't eat pork so she made sure not to give me any


It was hell trying to sleep the pain and stiffness ugh laying on my stomach with my head on a pillow kept making my back hurt n my arms kept falling asleep and not to mention my tongue was numb and still is?? I was given a bowl to put my drainage in and a couple of dry towels n face towels but I had my own..maria was clean she would come and change the sheets and chuxs sometimes she would even empty my drains for me i didnt like the fact the shower had a matt in it and since we were all bleeding i felt like it was collecting bacteria...Since my period came I was ready to take a shower maria came in and washed everything except my cootie cat n culo lol she would yell at me for closing the bathroom door because she didn't want me to fall and she wanted to be able to hear.. When I was finished she would come in dry me off n help me get back in my garment (ugh).
She fed us three meals a day cleaned the house daily I LOVED maria..
Ok so my first post op appt arrived n my massage was on the same day so me and another rh girl went in at the same time Dr o came in looked at both of us and took pictures and then the MA came in she removed the other girls drain in the back then she showed us how to kink our tubing (I was pissed because after she removed the other girls drain she put hand sanitizer on her fucking gloves n came over to kink my tubing wtf who does that?) She coulda just changed her gloves the f*** but I was glad she wasn't touching any of my open orifices cause I would have went tf fuck of can you say VIOLATION!!!....her being a medical assistant should have known better....after that I went to see the short Lady from Venezuela she did my massage and it was HELL it hurt so bad I couldn't take it I don't see how ppl say it feels good um NO!
After that I went back to the rh took meds ate luch and watched tv .....OK so I'm not gonna give detail day by day I'd be writing forever but I will say though I liked the rh I would recommend bringing a loved one to take care of girl asked karla to make a run for her that was 18 minutes away they charged her $50 smh karla sells boppy pillows for $40 when they are only $25 its like they only want to take you to the rh house, your appointments, n the airport that's it! girl told me she overheard me and another girl being talked about in Spanish smh. I originally paid for my package through karla the 4 night 5 days, I was due to stay from may 11th to may 15 when it was time for me to leave karla told me I owed her for an extra night wtf how? I stayed the exact length of time I was supposed to...its all about money I still don't kno why the cost is so high any way the day I left karla wouldn't take me to ft Lauderdale airport she dropped me n @double.stuffed off at the mia international on the curb with our luggage n took off smh thank god for my rs/rh sisters dad he dropped me off at ft Lauderdale airport from mia international ...oh and before I forget another one of my rh sisters needed pads they wouldn't go to the store for her and gave her tissue to use smh she came n the office crying I felt so bad..oh and another thing they tell you your meds are only $30 bs they are any where from $80-130 money money money..... Upon arrival at ft Lauderdale I ended up missing my 10:30am flight which I was pissed because I had a 2 hr and 40 min nonstop flight straight home since I missed it I had to sit n the dam airport from 10:45am-3:00pm waiting for the next plane to Atlanta then had to wait til 6:30pm to get home I was so irritated, n pain limping i couldn't sit couldn't stand ugh a mess especially carrying my carry on around no ONE offered to help or a wheel chair smh oh and did I mention both flights were PACKED but they did let me stand....finally at home...after about a week I tried to get my drains out and I couldn't I found myself in the ER and that's when I got the news about this dam infection..... Good luck to all you ladies on your journey I wish you all the best!!! XoXo -Dannie

Oh yea

And they say the first night you get a nurse for 24hrs I was like nurse?? BITCH WHERE LMAO!!


So as I read rs I see I'm not alone as far as staph infections or infections period. I just left a review and their are 3/4 other girls I think three with staph and one with an abscess two others needed blood transfusions and two I kno personally had skin infections and we all have one thing in common......our Dr.? What's going on...I wanted to go to the DR to get Sx but was afraid of something like this happening and look I'll be damned it happened right here in the states smh I'm full of pain n scars its been almost a month I still have stiches that haven't dissolved I dunno how long that will be oh and before I forget I also have fluid built up in my flanks now bcuz of the iv fluids it won't GO AWAY ...I decided to finally get back in my garment (the one provided by spectrum) n I ripped it off around 5am it was cutting off circulation in my leg over this hole so it starting hurting...I'm going to try to get in my vedette 929 today hopefully because I don't want to ruin my results


My original post titled :from the beginning dated may 17 is the original review of everything, the Post I made TODAY are the Continuation's of that post I didn't get to finish because when I got home I went to the hospital n found out I had an infection so I decided to give an update on that I hope that clears things up for ppl because one grl is trying "not to discredit me but" lol saying I told ppl i never made It to the rh all you have to do is read my review I'm not gaining anything from lying to you all I don't have to I'm just simply telling you all my experience the good the bad and the ugly......

Dress up

Decided to see what's been going on with these curves

updated pics

Took this yesterday

updated infection

I just wanted to show how far down my thigh the infection was because I got a lot of questions about the specific location so as you ladies can see it smack dab n the middle of my thigh how'd it get all the way down there ta hell if I kno


Side view

booty pics from yesterday

Side view

booty in white

waist training

Current situation**

i love my results


I know I haven't been on here in a while so let me just update you guys on the tea....... Ok so after the situation with my leg I developed four knots on my lower back I went to the er because one was spreading and the middle felt like it caved in an was filled with pus so I went to the er they did a ct scan n ultrasound they thought it was another staph infection so THEY CUT MY BACK HUUUHHHH ONCE AGAIN!!!!! turns out it wasn't a staph infection its a RARE bacteria called myobacteruim fortuitum smmfh upon doin research it says this bacteria is caused by unsterilized surgical equipment during lipo that I got the left side of my back cut open which is still healing they put me on bactrim and they are saying I wouldn't have to take a combo of antibiotics for 8 MONTHS TO A YEAR wtf!!!! And to put the icing on the MF cake I have four more of the same knots on my right lower back now...I went to the er a few days ago they stuck a needle in my back to aspirate it for a sample we're waiting on the culture to come back but I kno exactly what it is because its painful ass hell n is a knot with the middle caved in just like the first one except this time there's a cluster of four smmfh I REGRET THIS SHIT SO MUCH....ALL THIS AINT WORTH I'm left with ugly scars everywhere I might go to er tomorrow and I kno I'll have to be prepared to get cut on some more :(


I know its been a while...... Well I wish I had good news but I don't I was jus released from the hospital on the 9th yet AGAIN I had to get cut two more times they said the infection was by my spine and if I didn't get cut I potentially be paralyzed so now I'm walking around with a drain in my back from my right plank to my spine I'm about 40,000 ln debt due to medical bills ( yes with insurance) I'm taking 7 pills a day smh I can't believe how scarred up my body is I totttaaalllyyy regret this shit I shoulda took my ass to the Dominican like I planned on......Dr o hasn't spoken to me since Aug until the other day when I told him I was n the hospital yet again he called (after months of texting with no response) I didn't even bother to answer I'm jus fed up....this surgery was supposed to make me feel good about myself n now I feel it was the biggest mistake of my life.....


I know everyone has been asking if I'm ok yes I am fine thank you for the prayers and well wishes.....
Ok so yes I still have the infection I'm still taking meds and probably will be for a while..... the cuts have FINALLY healed but I do feel another knot coming in :( and the scars from the original sx are also healed (i hate i have theses H scars compared to others that have little holes/dots i dunno y he cut a H to inject or do Lipo smh)......oan: I have learned that nobody is perfect (regardless of whats on the inner web etc etc, we all have flaws be patient in what you do to and who you choose to as a doc....yes some are cheaper than others however, how much is your health worth mines cuz def ain worth all this #deadass
I'm human I'll make mistakes along they way which have inturn become lessons learned
I wish EVERYBODY the best and hope y'all never experience nun like this)
Ps. Dr. O if you are reading it would have been decent for you to call to see how i was/am doing I could be dead and you wouldn't even know.....

Dr. O restricted

So he's I've heard the newsabout this fool and I must say a restriction is not enough for Wat he is doing to ppl..... here it is I'm n college with babies all under 10 and am in debt about 60,000 from operations meds n hospital stays not to mention that the collection agency's ruined my credit score SMH n they are telling me since he has no malpractice insurance I'm SOL no FUCKING WAY if anybody has info let me know and if you're one of his victims let me now we can all come together n get his ass...... This is why I dont conduct business with my black counter parts it's always some fufu shit goin on dead ass.....

One more thing

I have huge knots in my hips feels like fat necrosis but it hurts like hell some days and other days it doesn't I'm worried I have yet another infection because my hips hurt like hell after even after 9 mnths I'm terrified to go to the DOC i dont wanna get cut NO MORE UGGGHHHHHHH
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