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Well ladies two weeks two days ago i had a breast...

well ladies two weeks two days ago i had a breast lift along with breast augmentation in miami fl. and so far i am pleased. right now i wish i would a cup size bigger. but when all is said and done i should have a 38 E=F. now my journey begins with getting a brazilian butt lift! super excited. i always had big boobs. but never had a nice butt. i decided to go with DR. hassan with Vanity cosmetics. and my surgery is scheduled for july 15th 2014 in miami fl. seems like years away. anyways i will post throughout my journey. if anyone has any feedback on DR. hassan please let me know. GOD bless to all!

got my new booty 3 months earlier..

Hello ladies.. Haven't post anything lately.. but here it goes.. I actually flew to Miami 2 weeks ago and on April 17th I had my surgery.. tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op.. and so far so good.. I can honestly say pain wise it really Wasn't bad.. A sore, yes indeed.. the thing that bothers me the most is the no setting n laying on back.. but I'm going to try my hardest for at least 2 more weeks not too.. Dr. Hasan was definitely straight forward. And makes no outrageous promises. Which I liked.. as far as vanity its self. ..... most of the staff was awesome.. my favorites were the lil blonde nurse and the blonde lady who gave me my massages.. as far as my coordinator, Ana. .. up until my surgery she was great.. once I got to Miami it wasn't so easy getting a hold of her. And for some reason I cant find out the amount of ccs that was taken out of me.. and how many was put in my butt cheeks.. they actually told me I needed to pay for that information. . Are u kidding me.. anyways.. and as far as the recovery house.. it was a hotel... I had someone stay with me for a total of four hours the first night. Keep in mind I came alone.. they tell u 24 hours round the clock care.. so before u spend money on it.. think hard.

my booty

Here are some pics!

pics I forgot

a picture I forgot to post

frontal view of stomach after bbl 2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op

changes to be made..

If I have to save up for a year I am going to do a round 2 Bbl... its only been 2 weeks.. but I can see some fat on my back, especially by my bra roll... and my arms definitely need lipoed along with inner thighs.. most importantly I want more projection and fullness in my butt.. undecided if I should stay with Hasan or go to Ortega.. frustrating when u spend countless money time and still not what u want..

almost 3 weeks post op..

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op.. and honestly since about day 4 I have felt good. Except for stiffness in my lower back. And some minor swelling in my stomach. I never measured my butt pre op.... but right now its staying a Lil over 43.. hopefully it stays that way.. I can tell the swelling has went down. And my butt has dropped a little.. I still havent set except for driving here n there.. but rest assured I always have something under my thighs so my butt stays up.. I still lay on my stomach.. and still haven't had sex.. I'm going to try and wait another week.. I really want a round 2.. I feel dr. Hasan did a good job. But my back still has fat left Over. Especially by my bra roll.. my arms should have Been lipoed.. but he wouldn't do it. .. and I know their is a lil on my inner thighs.. so now im going to wait 3 months and see the outcome. But I'm sure a round 2 is coming .. even though I said I wouldn't do it again. Lol.

3 weeks post op.

Here are some pics. My front looks great.. but looks like he left more fat then should have on my back. Bra roll.. and my arms definitely needed it. But he talked me in to not doing them.


Why is it so hard to get information from vanity cosmetics. I don't understand.. and getting irritated. .


So its been 3 weeks and 2 days post op.. I started out with very little of a butt. And do I see improvement? Yes.. but I feel it could have bn a lot better.. first there is fat left on my upper back.. my bra roll.. arms are bigger then the rest of my body but he point blank said not to do them.. my waist is smaller but still has swelling.. so Don't know final outcome of that yet.. and for the past 3 weeks I've been calling texting to see how many ccs the doctor got out of me and how much was transferred.. but yet to get an answer. Its still early to determine final results.. but I wish I would have researched this procedure more along with vanity cosmetics.. no I Don't want to spend more money.. but I feel until I get this fat that was left behind and my arms done like I wanted in the first place and of course my butt with more volume n projection.. I'm going for a round 2.. this time with Dr. Ortega.. he did my breast lift n implants and I couldnt be happier.

almost 4 weeks..

Well tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op. I never felt bad. Just sore.. this surgery was pretty easy for me.. still some swelling in my stomach.. back is going down.. swelling in my butt went down.. which is disappointing to me. I liked the extra fullness... but it still looks better then what I had before. I hope it doesnt go down much more though.. I still have not found out the amount of ccs I had taken out n put in.. vanity disgust me when it comes to getting information. . At this point I dont even care. I just wish I would have known more before I had the surgery.. I definitely would have went somewhere, where they had there stuff together.. I am starting to itch like crazy by my hip area. First garment is too big. Second is almost to that point.. so its time to get another one .. I will post some pictures tomorrow..


I'm still measuring at 43 inches.. and since I started measuring 3 weeks ago I only went down maybe 1/2 inch.. so far so good.. but I hope to go for my round 2 in the near future. Would like to get more projection and fullness at the bottom and possibly measure at 45 inches..


I honestly feel without my garment on.. my butt doesnt look bigger at all. Im so mad at myself for jumping into this procedure without researching doctors and there staff more. I really want a round 2.. but afraid that money will be wasted.. 4 weeks I still havent set on my butt.. I either stand kneel lay on stomach or set on something to wear mt butt doesnt hit seat.. and idk what else to do. Btw Vanity calls me to check on me. . But cant answer my questions about my surgery. Disgusted.

2 months post op..

Measurements are still staying strong.. but I still am planning on doing a round 2 in september.. already put a deposit down.. This time I'm going with Fisher and a different coordinator... I do like my results.. but I know they could have been better.. too much upper back fat was left behind.. that shouldn't happen just because that's the one area they focus on most.. I'm feeling greattt! Starting setting last week.. and laying on my back.. my butt is still a Lil tender to the touch... If I had the money and doctor allowed it, I'd have a round 2 tomorrow.. lol.. never thought I would.. but that's why I had a bbl to begin with is to get the body I want..

almost 3 months

Next Thursday will be 3 months since my bbl.. I do have to say my butt has gotten bigger since my last review.. I like it alot.. butt I want bigger with more projection. And there is still fat on my upper back and lower stomach. And this time I hope to get my arms done as well.

3.5 months just about!

well i am scheduled for a round 2 for september 23rd. still undecided as to hasan or fisher from vanity. i want bigger and better and it has to be almost perfect since i absolutely will not do a round 3. also any suggestions as to massages done in your hotel room. and transportation to n from appointments. and whats the closest hotel near vanity.

3 weeks and 6 days ill be getting my round 2.

hello ladies. its been awhile. i try to stay busy. lol. anyways in a few weeks ill be going to miami to have a round 2 bbl done with Dr. fisher. i like my results but id love, to love my results. so as soon as i do ill post pictures and let you all know how it went. God bless!

5.5 months post op

Hello everyone. I hope all is well. It's been 5.5 months post op. I feel great. My butt hasn't went down in size at all. October 27th 2014 I'm going to Dr fisher to have a round 2 done.. Once I get the remaining upper back fat and lower stomach fat removed I will be content. I'll be sure to update more and keep you posted after my surgery. God bless all.

Almost time.

Hello ladies it's been 6 months and a week since I got my bbl. In 2 days I'm going for a round 2 with Dr fisher. I saw him Friday during my pre op. And he said If I waited 6 more months I'd probably have more fat.. I said well I sent my coordinator pics and she said she showed u and there was plenty of fat. Anyways long story short.. He said I should have enough to give me some fullness at the bottom and a Lil more projection. . Plus tinier waist.. so that sounds good. Dr. Fisher is a very down to earth friendly man. So monday at 11 it's supposed to happen. I'll post pics soon. . Be well ladies.. God bless.

Round Two..

Well ladies. It's been a week since I had my round 2 bbl with Dr. Fisher.. what an ordeal it was.. my first surgery didn't have any problems. This time I was ready to kill someone.. I got to miami October 23rd. Went for my pre op on the 24th. I saw Fisher what a pleasant n friendly man.. anyways he said he didn't know why I was having a round 2.. and he hopes he has enough fat to get out of me.. I said I've been sending my coordinator pictures n she supposedly showed u n u said I had plenty. He said I'll do my best.. and I'll see you Monday. . Relaxed n shopped went to the beach over the weekend. . Monday morning came and I get a call from Yisel saying my last 2 payments with paypal didn't post to vanitys account. And in order for me to have surgery I needed to pay 520..I told my mom let's go I'm getting this straightened out now. I arrived at vanity went in the office to speak to one of the ladies at desk and she then told me I needed to pay 1000 dollars. I said what are you talking about.. I said get anna my coordinator on the phone.. so she did then it went back to 520.. I said listen I just don't have another 520 floating around. It's not my fault ur having problems with paypal.. then proceeded to say we will refund you 520 if u can pay us 520 dollars.. what? Moral of the story. My surgery was scheduled for 11. I think they put someone in front of me n wanted it to seem like I owed them money n I didnt.. I didn't go into surgery until after 8 p.m. my poor mom set in the front waiting room until 1 by herself with the doors open no one in the front working. And have you I went 24 hours without eating at all. Surgery went well though.. and Dr. Fisher did an awesome job. Ladies please keep an eye on the staff at Vanity.. it's a shame they have such great doctors and such a lacking staff.. mainly the front desk n coordinators..
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