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Hello, all my beautiful dolls! I've been a member...

Hello, all my beautiful dolls! I've been a member of RS for a few months or so, but I was shy about posting my story or pics of myself because I am very private and very modest when it comes to my body. It took a lot for me to come forth out of the background. I'm a single mom of two girls and I decided to do something special for me for once. I stumbled across BBL pics online two years ago when I was looking for excercises to plump my booty up. I was fascinated, but thought I could never afford it. Fast forward two years and I stumbled across RS somehow, and I think it's the best thing that could've happened. I found so much valuable info from different women and doctors as well. I decided I want the BBL after doing tons of research day in and day out. At first, I was stuck between choosing between Fisher and Hasan, but after seeing how consistent and beautiful Hasan's results are, I chose him as my doctor. I absolutely loooove looking at all the before and after pics on here and reading everyone's journey, because it just reminds me that I will be there soon. I am 5'9, 175 pounds (I gained about 8 pounds for surgery) and my measurements are 36-30-41. I like my shape but I need some booty in my life. Lol! I'm excited, nervous and in disbelief all at the same time. I'm putting my trust in God that He will bless the doctor's hands and take care of me from begining to end. This will be my new body and a gift of a lifetime. I have much to say, but will post more in the near future.

Moni's Recovery Home

Hello, all my dolls! I've been driving myself craaaazzzy trying to pick a recovery home for my post op care. I first considered staying with Marian, but I read some horror stories about her. Uhh, NO! Then, I considered Magdalena, but I read some not so good things about her care (or lack thereof). So, she was crossed off my list. I kept coming across excellent reviews for Moni's recovery home and I finally text her. She responded right away, explained the process thoroughly, answered any questions I had and made me feel secure in my choice. I was stressing inside thinking I wouldn't find a place to stay, because my SX is coming up real soon. Now that I got that out the way, I feel sooo much better! I wanted to make sure that I'm receiving the best care post op and I love the fact that massages are included in her packages! That's one less thing that I have to search high and low for. Thank you to all the dolls who have posted your experiences with Moni, because you helped me to make my decision.xo

Wishing and PRAYING!

Hey, all my dolls! When I first decided that I wanted the BBL, I thought that I wanted it to be very subtle, until I read about volume loss. That made me change my mind reeeaaal quick. Lol! I'm paying all my hard earned money to look like the bomb, not ordinary. I wanted a "shelf" with that bubble looking butt, but that's too much for my taste so I decided on more of the heart shaped butt. My expectations are realistic. I already have hips, so I'm not worried about that, but I do want my stomach flat and my waist more defined. I also want that infamous" S" curve in my back. I'm tall (5'9"), so whatever Hassan does with my body, I feel like I will be able to carry it well. I just can't imagine what I'll look like with a booty after all these years of looking like a lunchbox from behind. Well, take a look at my wish pics and tell me what you ladies think. I'm praying I can get similar results.

Almost Time!!!

Well, I'm getting closer and closer to my surgery date and now I'm starting to get a little anxious! I have a lot of my post surgery supplies already, but there are a few things I still need to purchase, like my garment, foams, female urinal and Teds stockings. My mom is giving me the money for all of that, so that's a huge help! I could've cried when she told me she would send me money to help out! Mom, you the real MVP!! Lol! It also helped that Moni from the recovery home I'll be staying at, sent me a list of the supplies that I'll be needing along with links for some of them. All I have to do is click and purchase! I will start packing in about a week so that I don't forget anything, and I'll purchase my airline tickets around the same time. I'm still trying to decide what airline I'm going to use. So confusing. I can barely deal, because now my brain is on overload. Everything is all good, it's just my anxiety is getting in the way of things, and I'm starting a new business at the same time as planning this SX. For all you dolls who are having your SX months on down the line, start preparing yourself and buying your supplies NOW! Honey, don't wait around thinking you'll get it all together at the last minute, because by then, you may be way too overwhelmed to focus and even remember what you need and what you have to do to get ready for that day. I've been praying about my surgery, the doctors and my recovery ever since I made the decision to do this for myself. Ladies, remember that prayer works and there is so much good in praying for the people who will be taking care of your body during and after your SX.
Anyhow, I'll be going to LabCorp soon to have my bloodwork done just to see where my hemo levels are. I've always been anemic so I have been taking 45mg of iron twice a day, Pur Absorb once in the morning along with my other vitamins that I've been taking for at least 5 months now (not because of the SX but it helps). I'm praying that my levels are good or close to it, then at least I'll know what I'm working with. In about a week or two, I'll update you ladies on my upcoming date and all that I'm doing to get prepared. Sheesh! My heart is racing!!!

Hemo Level

Hey ladies! My surgery is almost here. I just got my lab test results back and my hemo level is 11.9. Yes Lord! I'm happy because I know how anemic I am and I didn't even think my level would be as high as it is. Now I just have to get it up a little bit more. My sister suggested I eat liver or beets on a salad. I think I'll eat the beets. My surgical coordinator suggested I get iron infusion shots from my family doctor. I'm going to make an appointment for that today. I don't want any problems when I get to Miami. I'm praying.

Supplies (Valuable Info)

I just wrote a long behind review on all the supplies I bought and it got erased. I'm hot right now! Lol. Ok ladies, I want to give those of you who don't know yet or are unsure (like I was) of what to buy for your SX and post op. I've been buying my supplies here and there for the past 4 months, but I forgot about the most important things like ab boards and foams and had to order a bunch of stuff all at once. Smh. Don't do that, ladies. I should have kept my supply list where it could be seen every day, but it's all good because the only thing I need as of now, is two garments. I'm going to do my best to list all the goodies I have for pre and post op. Hopefully, this will help those of you who have no idea what to buy or not to buy for that matter. I hear that some things are just not necessary. Thanks to Moni, ( the woman who's recovery home I will be staying in) for sending me a list of important things to get. That helped a lot.
Boppy pillow
Half cylinder roll (foam)
Lipo foam sheets
Female urinal
2 garments/fajas
Compression socks (at least 2 pairs)
Arnica gel and pills
Calendula tea (helps tremendously with bruising and swelling post op.) Buddhateas.com
Bromelain (for bruising and swelling)
Firming lotion
Maxi dresses 3
Tank tops 4
Chuck pads- for the bed post op
Iron pills
Post op vitamins from makemeheal.com
Ab board
Scar treatment gel and cream from makemeheal.com
Almond oil- for massages post op
Protein bars- post op
Gauze pads
Medical tape
3 packs baby wipes
Allergy pills- for post op itching
Gold Bond lotion (green bottle) for post op itching
Dial Antibacterial soap
Lower back triangle
Memory Foam Body Pillow- for sleeping post op

I think that's about it! Now, keep in mind that there's a couple of things on my list that I still have to get, like my two garments, but for the most part, I have everything else. When I ordered my fajas from Marboston on Ebay, the seller was sold out of size large, but Moni told me to order XL because I'll need extra room for the lipo foams and ab board. Keep that in mind when ordering, ladies. Order a size up from what you normally wear. I hope this helps someone.

Surgery Paid Off and Now The Games Begin

I was so happy to finally pay off my surgery yesterday, because I'm a single mother of two and it took everything in me to save and do this for myself. But, now, I'm starting to get ticked off, because I need a receipt sent to my email (something that was always done before) stating my payment and my balance. As soon as I paid my SX off, my coordinator has become so unprofessional!! If I drop a big lump sum of money in their account for my SX, I expect a receipt in a timely manner and I shouldn't have to keep asking this woman for it over and over. Before I paid it off, I never had a problem getting an invoice of my transaction. Now all of a sudden, I can't get her to do what is expected of her as my coordinator. So, ridiculous. But, best believe that I'm the type of person who saves everything and screen shots everything. I still have all of my Bank Of America deposit slips. I'm about to call Vanity as soon as I'm finished writing this.
Anyhow, I also got an email of pre op instructions. I believe I'm going to have to give up drinking coffee before my SX and that's going to be so hard for me. I've done it before and it WAS NOT easy at all. Your body actually goes through withdrawal, and it took a good 3 full days of severe migraines and no energy to do anything but sleep. I'm not a smoker or a drinker so that's not a problem. But, I will post a pic of the instructions so that you ladies can get an idea of what's to come. Man, this SX date is approaching so fast that it's blowing my mind! As a matter of fact , last night, I packed my suitcase and part of my carry on. I like to be prepared for this and I don't want to forget anything. Everything is just about ready to go and now I'm just waiting for the two garments that I ordered today.

Vanity Nonsense

Oh Lord...I'm sure some of you have heard the nightmare stories of Vanity, but some of you may have no clue if you're new to this. I've read many of them, but didn't think it would happen to me. Well, let's just say I got a taste of it! Yesterday, I was enjoying a lovely day out with my family, when I get a call from Vanity. Hmmm. What could they be calling me for?? I answer, and it's Dr. Hasan's assistant. She proceeds to tell me that the day of my surgery, Hasan has to leave early and he wanted to know if I'd be willing to change me SX date from 8/5 to 8/7. What?? NO! I told his assistant that I'm flying in from Jersey, I've already booked my plane tickets and I have reservations at a recovery home. I told her absolutely not! So, she said "Ok that's fine. The Dr just wanted to see if any girls having their SX that day would switch because he's leaving early. But, it's ok if you don't want to." I said, "Now, am I still going to have the same date once I get there?? It won't get switched up on me??" And she said, No.
I can't tell you how ticked off I got. That phone call really ruined my day. I've heard stories about Fisher bailing out on girls right before their SX, but I've never heard any about Hasan. Maybe I missed something. But, I'll tell you one thing, I was ready to turn up on that assistant when she called me asking that crazy question. I really was. To make it so bad, I was in the middle of a store shopping and talking loud. I didn't care. Don't start the games, now Vanity! Don't start! I'm only about two weeks away from my SX and I don't need my blood pressure going up right now. This is just a warning to you future dolls if you're dealing with this place; Be prepared for some type of drama during from them during your process. I think they like putting people through the ringer. Maybe they get some kind of sick thrill out of it. Smh.

Medical Clearance & Wise Advice

I had to go to my doctor for a medical clearance last week. Hasan's assistant called me and told me I needed one, because I take something for mild anxiety. My doctor was curious as to why I needed a clearance just because I'm taking something for anxiety. I told her I had no clue, but I'm glad that Hasan is being careful. I got my clearance yesterday, so I'm good to go!!! In about 8 more days, I will be a new person! This is a late birthday gift to myself, and ladies, always remember to invest in yourself! We get our nails and hair done, we buy clothes, shoes and makeup, but a lot of times, we neglect ourselves spiritually and physically.
You only have one life to live and only one body to take you through all your journeys. Our bodies are our temples and should be treated as such. Invest in a gym membership or yoga. Go to counseling if you have unresolved life issues (we all do). Go to a spa once a month to let go of that built up tension. Take cooking lessons with a friend or your love. Hire a life coach ( I just did). There are so many ways to invest in ourselves, we just have to look around. Plastic surgery is another good investment. Why not love the face and the body that you wake up to every morning?? I used to be against it, but now I'm all for it. If it makes a person happy, and gives a boost to the self esteem, then I'm down! More power to you. It can be life changing, so take advantage of your resources so you will feel better about you, and to improve your outlook on life! Blessings.

My Body Before Surgery

I posted quite a few before pics when I first started my journey on RS. Since then, I've put on about 12 pounds for my SX, because I was kind of skinny. I'm 5'9" and my measurements are 36-31-41. I have some hips on me already, so I'm not too concerned with Hasan giving me hips. My main thing is coming out of this with a defined waist, a flat stomach and a heart shaped butt. I want to look like the bomb in my clothes and be able to wear form fitting clothes without looking like a pancake from behind. Haha! I'm seriously thinking about getting breast implants next year. Yesss! That's what I want. Right now I'm in a small B cup. Of course my boobs don't sit up anymore, because I have kids, and one is bigger than the other. I don't want big ol Dolly Parton titties. Just one size up. I love Dr. Mel Ortega's work. All of his work looks sooo natural and that's the look I'm going for. Anyhow, I dropped some pics so that you ladies can see me body one last time before it's transformed into something new. I celebrate my old body. I thank God for bringing me this far; Healthy and able. Blessings!

Telling Family, Friends & Coworkers

Hey dolls! I'll probably be posting just about every day leading up to my sx, because all of a sudden, these ideas and tips are coming to mind and I'd like to share. I know this BBL journey is very personal and super private for a lot of us women, and we struggle with the thought of telling our loved ones and not so loved ones. Lol. We don't want to get the backlash of revealing this to people. We don't want anyone discouraging us or making us feel as if we've made the worst choice in the world. We don't want people to think we need psychological help for putting our bodies through so much pain and suffering all for the sake of pure vanity (no pun intended) lol. So, we sit and rack our brains and ring our hands thinking of who to tell and who not to tell. Some of us ladies make ourselves sick wondering what to say and wondering how folk are going to react. I know because I am one of those ladies that went through some of these emotions. I don't have a big group of friends that I had to tell, but I do have one GOOD friend who does my nails so I HAD to tell her. It was surprisingly easy, because believe it or not, she asked me had I ever heard of a surgery where the doctor takes fat from one part of the body and puts it in your butt (Those were her exact words). Lmbo! That was the perfect opportunity to tell her that YES, I have heard of it! As a matter of fact, that's what I'm getting!!! She was so shocked, curios and happy for me all at the same time. That made it easier to share the details of my journey with her. She said she wants a BBL too.
Coworkers- I have great rapport with just about all of my coworkers, but it's strictly business. With that being said, I didn't tell ANYBODY on my job about my surgery (except for HR), but even they don't know full details. They just know that I'm having sx. My other coworkers think I'm taking an extended vacation. They don't ask too many questions, because I'm such a private person and they already know better (wink).
Family- ((Sigh)) Family has got to be the hardest group of people to tell about our journey, but eventually, it has to be done. My oldest daughter (20yr old) is the first one I told. We are like sisters, so it wasn't hard. She was and still is very supportive of my choice. She's excited for me. She will be flying out to Miami with me and will be staying with a friend while I'm at the recovery home. I told my mom next and she had so many questions to ask. Not out of fear for me, but out of pure excitement at the thougt that I'm doing something so drastic and different. Now, she's telling me she's getting a BBL. Smh. Lastly, I told my older sister. As a matter of fact, I just told her about two weeks ago. She was stunned and she kept teasing me and saying, "Where the doctor gonna get the fat from??!! You ain't got no fat!!" Lol! Then she kept saying that she wanted to go with me, but she wouldn't be able to take time off from work. I was a lil surprised at her reaction because part of me thought it would be the opposite. But, that just goes to show you that 99% of the things we fear, NEVER even happen. When you future dolls go to tell your loved ones about your choice, don't even overthink it. Just let it flow into the conversation. Lol. Don't always think the worst. At the end of the day, it's your choice and YOUR BODY! You're the only one who has to live and deal with the choices you make. I feel like I just wrote a book. I write more than I actually talk. I'm very reserved and quiet. I know. Hard to believe. Until next time, dolls, blessings!

Arnica TEA!!!

I was in my local CVS yesterday and I came across Arnica tea!!! That's right, ladies! There's a tea for that. So instead of taking the pills or using the cream/gel, you can drink the tea 2x per day, or you can use it along with the pills and creams for maximum benefits. I'm into natural remedies and I do have a lot of medicinal teas already that I drink, so I know that they work. You just have to be consistent with your efforts. The benefit of the tea as oppose to the Arnica pills is that it starts working right away, whereas the pills have to be dissolved into the blood stream. It can also act as a detox of sorts, especially if you're drinking a lot of water. So, if you have a CVS near you or any Spanish grocery stores, check for the Arnica tea. I found it in an isle where they sell old school Spanish medicines and body products.

Sitting, Dating and Work after Surgery

((Deep Breath)) Ok, I'm not at all a nervous person when it comes to a lot of situations in life. I'm very cool, calm and collected. I do have mild, very mild anxiety that I deal with at night when it's time to go to sleep. Besides that, I'm very laid back. BUT, lately I have been worried about how I'm going to sit on this new booty after SX!!! I'm having heart flutters as I type this. Smh. I'm a busy woman with kids, a growing business and lots of driving to do. I've been single for 3 years, but I haven't dated in all that time. I'm celibate, as well. Not to say that I haven't had men approach me, of course. I talk to men here and there, but nothing serious. For some reason, I have this nagging feeling that it will ALL change once I have this SX. Maybe because I will be a lot more confident?? My #1 worry is, how will I sit if I'm invited out to dinner?? What if he gives me a hug and feels my faja through my clothes?? I read a review where one girl said this happened to her. Lol. Am I worrying to much too far ahead?? I want to be prepared.
Work-My job doesn't require that I sit. It's a very laid back and casual environment and I mostly work the overnight shift. I can sit as much as I want if I'd like, but I keep wondering how I'm going to deal with that, because I sure can't stand up the entire time! Mind you, I will be taking off for at least 5 weeks for post op recovery. Maybe more. I keep wondering if I will still be sore by then. I pray that I'm not. I do A LOT of driving so I guess I'll have to utilize my half roll foam that I ordered from Amazon. I tried it on a firm surface and it really does keep the butt off the seat. :)
Business- I'm building a new and lucrative health and wellness business (Network Marketing) that I am absolutely in love with, but we have these huge business meetings where there's at least 900 people in attendance at a time- it's like a party- and these meetings are 9am-5pm!!! Isn't that dreadful?? Not the meetings, but all that time sitting on the new booty! It will be flat as a table by the time the day is over. Smh. As a matter of fact, there's one coming up mid September and, honey, I don't think I'm going. Lol.
Church- I'm a Christian and I go to church every Sunday and we go to bible study on Wednesdays. Now, y'all know what I'm thinking! Lol! How in the world am I going to work this one out?? I do not- I repeat, DO NOT want to walk into church on Sunday carrying a big ol Boppy pillow. Or worse, that Brazillian Butt lift pillow with the big white writing on it. I asked my oldest daughter what I should do and homegirl looked at me like, " I can't help you with that one mom." Smh. So, yeah, those are my main worries that have been going through this head of mine. Not the SX itself, because I've had SX in the past and my body deals well with anesthesia. I'm not worried about the healing process, because I'm healthy, I take care of myself, I've been taking all sorts of vitamins the past 5 months or so, I drink tons of water every day and I watch what and how I eat. I know the healing will be mountains and valleys, but it's in God's hands. I just hate the thought of investing all of my hard earned money, time and effort into this booty and then I end up with the same flatty that I started with. Lol! I shouldn't be laughing.

Here at VANITY!!!

Hey all my dolls! I'm here at Vanity as we speak. I tried to update you all earlier, but my phone died. Today was a mess, I'm telling you! When we got to the airport, I had to wait over an hour to get a rental car because there were so many people there. So, that really put me behind with getting to Vanity early. By the time I got here, Hasan had left for the day. Smh. Needless to say, I didn't even get a chance to meet him for my preop. Crazy! I signed a stack of papers and I had to do an EKG because I'm 41yrs old. Jiselle told me that Hasan will go over everything with me in the morning. I was like, whaaat??? I can't see him TODAY?? And I was so excited to meet him. The good news is that I will be his first patient tomorrow. I have to be here at 5:30AM!!! I was praying to God that I would be his first appointment, and look!! God is good. Well, I will probably post one more set of pics of myself when I get to the RH later. There are a few more things I would like to share with you dolls.

I'm here!

I cannot believe that I am here and my sx is really about to have this surgery!!! Aaahhh!! Lol! An unexplainable calm has come over me the past two days and I don't have a worry in the world. I owe it all to prayer and knowing that God is with me through this journey as well as the rest of my sx dolls.
Anyhow, Moni and I got here, walked to the back, and after waiting for about 5 minutes, someone came and gave me a cup to pee in. Afterwards, she took me to the back and told me to get undressed and put on the compression stockings ( which they give you), hair net, and paper gown. After that, she came back and took a few pics of my body and now I'm just waiting here.


I made it to the other side I just been resting all day long because I'm so tired and worn out from the anesthesia I had dinner I took my meds the surgery was a success I'm very happy about how I'm dealing with that right now my body is aching but it's bearable thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers I'll write more and give you girls details in another day or two I haven't looked at my body yet because I'm just too weak to try to take my garment off.

Some pics for you Ladies!

Hey all my dolls! I've been so groggy and out of it that I've just been sleeping. I went to Vanity this morning for my post op appointment and Keyla and Moni removed all those nasty gauze pads. Taking my garment off and putting it back on wasn't too bad. I had lunch and couldn't really eat it all and my face is super swollen. Ladies please prepare yourselves mentally for this sx. It is something serious!!!

I'm Doing Well & PICS

Sorry that I haven't updated you ladies in a few days, but I've been WEAK!!! This sx took all of my energy, all of my breath and my sleep. My entire body feels like I've been steam rolled and I'm extremely stiff around my torso. My skin on my back, sides and stomach is very hypersensitive to the touch. This is something that I have never been through in life and NEVER want to do again. Just to talk took every bit of energy. And walking- forget it!! I could barely walk without getting out of breath. Smh. Right now, I'm staying at a nice comfy hotel near the airport with my daughter, and I got up the energy to take a few pics. I'm padded up and swollen so keep that in mind. All of them are from today. My flight back to New Jersey leaves tomorrow evening, and I cannot wait to be back in my own home!!!
This has been a struggle for me. I'm not gonna lie to you ladies. Prepare as much as possible. Most of all, stay positive. Blessings.

I'm Home and Healing

I finally made it home at about 1:30AM Wednesday morning. I'm doing much better than I was yesterday, because now I find myself doing a little bit more around my home. I'm eating a bit more as well. Food doesn't taste the same anymore tho. My taste buds are fully awakened since my sx and I can taste ingredients like never before. I find myself not wanting certain foods and drinks because of this. My back, sides and stomach are still very stiff and sore. I can barely touch myself because of skin sensitivity. I know it will improve with time.

I took some pics before my shower earlier so you ladies can see my body and how it's developing and transforming. I like what I see, especially since I know it will only get better and better over the next few months. My butt is just right for my taste, and the size I have is what I asked Hasan for. I DID NOT want a big ol stripper booty. I will tell you dolls all about my meeting with Hasan in the very near future. I haven't forgotten about y'all. I just haven't had the strength or energy to type on my elbows. Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and love you sent my way.xoxo

My Personal Take on Hasan & PICS!!!

As promised, I wanted to let you all know how my personal experience was with Hasan. I'm sure you already know that each doll has a different opinion. Grab a drink and a snack, because this is gonna be a long one. So, here's how our meeting went...

After I got all undressed and put on my gown, the assistant came in and took a few pics of my body. Then a few minutes later, the anesthesiologist, Ricky, came in and introduced himself. He asked me a few questions about my SX history and then he put my IV in. Afterwards, I waited for about 10 minutes before I saw Dr. Hasan's feet approach the curtain. I was like, oh my gosh! Here he is! Lol! Then, he opens the curtain and says, "Hi. I'm Dr. Hasan. How are you??" Let me start of by saying that this man looks NOTHING like his RS pic!!! NOTHING! Lol. He has NO mustache, so that threw me off. He's tall, I'm thinking at least 6'1", and I could tell that homeboy works out. He's muscular on top and long and lean on the bottom. Anyhow, he starts going over my medical papers, and he yells to his assistant, "Only 10 areas??" And she yelled something back. I don't remember. Then, he proceeds to tell me that I need 12 areas instead of the 10 that I paid for. The two extra areas would be my upper back/bra line. Then he said, "But, it's too early in the morning to try to get anymore money out of you." Then, he asked me how big do I want my butt, and I told him somewhere in between. I also asked him for projection and a heart shaped butt. He told me that I had loose skin on my stomach, (which I already knew), and he told me that I already have hips and he would just fill in certain areas that were flat. He asked me where I was from, and I told him New Jersey and he said he gets a lot of women from the NJ/Ny area. He took pics of my body and then marked me up. Asked me was I ready, I said yes, and he told me someone would come and get me. Hasan was straight to the point and honest. He was also friendly at the same time. I never got the impression that he was mean, rude or disconnected from me as a patient with concerns. He asked me twice if I had any questions. So, he did take my concerns into consideration. I DID NOT at all feel rushed by him. He didn't make me feel like I was just another person on the assembly line. He actually looked over all my paperwork, asked a lot of questions about my medical history, made small talk and he was bopping his head and tapping his foot to the techno music that was blasting in the background. Lol! That was cute to me. I absolutely loved how he gave me what I asked for. No, he actually gave me more than what I asked for, because my body is totally new! My stomach is flatter than it has ever been and I have a booty that's just the right size for my taste and it looks so natural. I'm glad that I chose Hasan, and even though my recovery has been a tough one, I would do it all over again if I had to. Sooo much has changed with my body and it's transforming day by day. I even lost 5 pounds, which I don't know how that happened. Maybe because I've changed my eating habits. I have little to no swelling in my back, sides and abdomen. Still very sore and stiff. I have the skin numbness too. My sides and stomach are hard . I no longer feel that hot fluid feeling that I had right after SX. You know, the fluid that gets drained out during massages. I added more compression and I think that helped, because before, I could feel it every time I would get out of bed and it was the worst!!!

Oh!!! I forgot to add something!! Even though I didn't pay to have 12 areas lipoed, I believe Hasan did my upper back anyway. A few days after m SX, I looked at my back in the mirror, and I could see two incisions at the bra line/upper back area. I was like, oh snap!! He hooked me up!!! Lol! I know my posts are looong, but I want you ladies to get a picture in your mind of my experience so that you can have an idea of what things may be like for you. Today, I went out shopping with my kids. My oldest daughter drove and I used my Boppy pillow and the half cylinder roll to sit. It felt so good to get out the house, because I've been inside ever since I came home a week ago. I was way too sore and not myself to try to go anywhere. I'm still sleeping on my stomach, using that female urinal and wearing my garment all day and night along with the ab board, back triangle and lipo foams. Today is the first day I didn't wear my foams and boards because I went out for a few hours. I'm finally able to get my garment on without help. It takes awhile, but it get it up over my butt and fastened up. After I take my showers, I'm exhausted and I crash in bed for a few hours. I stopped taking pain meds, but I'm still taking the Make Me Heal post op vitamins. I drink lots of water and I believe that helped with swelling. I started scar treatment already. I'll tell you guys about that in another post. Blessings. Xo

More Pics

Here's a few more that I took this morning before my shower.

Scar Treatment & Skin Firming Products

Hey, dolls. I'm doing better each and every day and I'm learning to love the changes that my body is going through. It's like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. :) Anyway, I decided long before my surgery that I would start scar treatment as soon as possible post op, because I tend to scar very easily and I have had keloids in the past. My regimen is simple. I mixed grapeseed oil, coconut oil, argan oil and Almond Glow oil all in one bottle. Give it a lil shake before using, and rub all the scars with it. I also researched what the best firming lotions would be for loose skin, and I found Jergens firming lotion and a Shea Mositure firming lotion for my stomach. Another scar cream that I use everyday is called " Scar Esthetique", which I orderd from Make Me Heal. It really has helped with the itching and the scar pain. The firming lotions- I'm not sure how well they work, because I just started using them maybe a week and a half ago on and off. Once my skin is not so sensitive, I will use them more consistently. The oils that I mixed up are all great for scars and itching, so those should work well for healing. I know everything is still new and fresh so I have a long way to go. But, at the same time, I feel the earlier I start, the better. Take a look at the pics in case you ladies would like to buy some of these products I mentioned. I know there are more out there, ( like rose hip oil for scars) so if you ladies know of anything else that works, let me know. :) Blessings!

Skin Firming & Scar Treatment Products

Some pics didn't upload with the others.

In a Dress

I had to go out today so I took some pics of myself in my dress so you all can see me clothed. I usually post nudes or pics in my garment. I also included shots of myself in the same dress the night before my sx. Dolls, remember, when you're feeling down or unhappy with your post op body, always look back at your before pics to see how far you've come. It will totally change your mind.

Night Before SX in Same Dress

Sorry these didn't post. These are of me the night before in the same dress.

1 Month Post Op!

Today makes one month post op for me, and I can honestly say that I'm loving my body more and more each day. I'm still healing, of course, but I'm doing a lot better than I was a couple of weeks ago. I still haven't went back to work and probably won't until the end of the month. I'm able to do a lot more now. My body is still hard where the lipo was done and so is my butt. My scars itch a lot even tho I'm doing scar treatment, but it's nothing too bad. I guess I need to start some type of massages soon and I need a new garment. Besides that, everything is good. I get more attention now when I'm out. People just stare. The other day I was walking to my car and some dude yelled out, "DAAAAMMNN!!!" Lmbo! I didn't even turn around. I just kept walking like I didn't hear him. It's wild hearing somebody go crazy over your butt like that. Smh. Now, I LOOOVE wearing form fitting clothes that show off all of my curves and my booty. Whereas before, I wouldn't dare! I wore long shirts to cover my butt, and I would see form fitting skirts and dresses hanging on racks at the stores, but I knew I wouldn't look right in them. Now, that's all I want to buy! This surgery really gives you a boost in your confidence.


I just wrote a long detailed review about my recovery, sitting, attention from people, blah blah blah and it got erased!!! RS really needs to get it together. Now, I'm too mad to do it all over agin. I'm heattling nicely tho. My booty is firm, but not hard and I always feel it jiggling. I still have some numbness in my back, sides and stomach area, but its getting better with time. I get itch but I think its because of dry skin. I love my body more and more each day. I thank God that I had the opportunity to do this surgery, because its something I thought that I could never afford. But, God blessed me!
The attention I have been getting is wonderful! Lol! I get it from men and women. They STARE! My daughter's father is bugging over my new body, and mind you he has a finance. Its getting so bad that I'm starting to not like going around him. Smh. He has always flirted with me, but now its just way too much!
Anyhow, I will finally be going back to work tomorrow. I did enjoy my time off and I truly needed it to heal and recover. I look forward to work, because I'm getting bored! I miss some of my coworkers too. Thank the Lord I don't work with too many men because I would not want them gawking when I go back. I have no interest in none of them at all. I had to call Vanity yesterday to get a doctor's note emailed to me, because I lost the other one that Keyla gave me while i was there.
I'm still wearing my garment, foams, and back triangle because I do still have some swelling mostly in my lower back. Instead of having my garment taken in, I just wear my waist clincher/sqeem over it at night when I go to bed. It works perfectly. My clothes fit better than ever-ALL OF THEM! I love all of the stuff that I can wear now that I couldn't before. Even clothes that have been hanging in my closet that I would hardly wear because i didn't like my shape, now they look as if they were made just for me. I have not worn a single pair of jeans yet, because I could barely get my old jeans on the last time I tried. I've been wearing leggings and dresses. If I go out' I don't wear my garment, because you can see the print of it through my clothes. I notice that if I go all day without it, my body swells up. Besides that, everything is coming along beautifully. I love how my booty has dropped because before it was sitting up kind of high. Its starting to look more and more natural. My waist is getting smaller and the hips are getting bigger. They are still a little sore from where Hasan added fat. I heard a doctor say that it can take at least 3 months to see my final results. I cannot wait, especially for the booty to FLUFF!!!


Here's a few pics that I took last night. I'm loving my new body more than ever before. I do not regret my decision.

Loving MY Body

Just wanted to check in with you ladies to let you know that I am progressing well with my healing. I love how my body looks and it looks very natural. I stopped wearing my garment about a week ago because I wasn't getting much compression from it. Probably should have it taken in. I did start wearing my waist cincher in place of the garment tho. I still have skin numbness here and there and I have started to itch a lot. I can't tell y'all enough how much I love my body and how people react to me. I never thought I would want to show my body off, but that's what I've been doing lately. I have recently attracted someone new into my life, and he is in awe of my body. He's constantly telling me how beautiful I am. My life and the way I see myself has changed drastically. I never regret my decision and I encourage anyone out there to make changes in the places you are not satisfied with. You want bigger boobs?? Get em. You want a bigger booty?? Go get it! I'm all for self improvement. My butt is getting softer and softer. It seems like it's expanding and growing as each month passes. My stomach has shrunk a lot and the skin is contracting more than I thought it would and that makes me very happy. I still have a long way to go with my healing, because my body is not complete, but I welcome the process with open arms. It's actually changing more and more by the day, and I'm still excited to see what else my body will do. God bless you lovely ladies!

I'm baaaack! Big BOOTY AND ALL!!

Hey my bootylicious ladies!! Yes, I'm back! Y'all probably thought that I was gone for good, but I'm here along with this big juicy booty Dr. Hasan blessed me with. This thing softened up over the months, and as it softened, it grew and grew. This thang is a head turner! Lol! Men gawk. Women stare everywhere I go. My clothes fit like the bomb. My panties fit like thongs now. This body of mine is still transforming to this day! Believe it or not, I still do have slight numbness in certain areas, but nothing serious. I love this body and how it has changed me and my confidence. I met a girlfriend whom I haven't seen in some time, and when she saw my booty, she was like, OH MY GOSH, you got a Nicky Minaj!!!! Lmbo! My coworkers, let me tell you ladies, they're eyes are always glued to the booty. I can feel those eyeballs burning holes through me when I'm not looking! I've never been an attention seeker, but this feeling is PRICELESS!! You all will see what I mean if you're still in the infant stages of your journey. I'm still with the same gentleman that I told you guys about months earlier. It's been about 8 months for the two of us. He loves it! Never asked me a single question about my scars. They are fading slowly, by the way. I just want to WARN all of you waaaayyyy before you get this booty...YOUR CLOTHES WILL NEVER FIT THE SAME!!! I've just about given up on jeans, and settled with stretchy fitting pants/leggings, stretch skirts/dresses, maxi dresses. Most likely, you will have trouble because of the tiny waist and the bigger hips and booty. You will have to get very creative, my darlings, but I know that you can do it. I'll add more pics of my body in the coming days, but for now, here's a before pic (right before surgery) and after pic from yesterday. Enjoy and God bless you, beauties!
Miami Physician

I am blessed to have had this opportunity! I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Hasan. Him and his staff treated me well before, during, and after my surgery. I have no complaints and I cannot wait to see my final results in a few months from now.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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