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I've been following the majority of you lady’s...

I've been following the majority of you lady’s now for a few months. I've seen great results and have heard the encouraging words of others. I'm here like the majority for the moral support from individuals that will be or have experienced what I about to experience. As I’ve heard the most of you refer to it as the BBL Sista Hood. I like that! I like that a lot..

I've been in the shadows reading and making a determination of who I will choose for a doctor. Dr. Perry is my decision based on all my personal research. I have secured my date for January 4, 2013, about a month out. My flights have been booked, rental car reserved, hotel room, and I’ve even gotten most of my supplies that most of your reviews have assisted with.

I'm a married 38 year old woman, together my husband and I have a totally of 6 children (combined family). I came across this site by looking into a TT and this site and you lady’s have help me make a decision that I never thought I would ever make. I’ve always desired having that hour glass shape with a nice butt to go with it. As women it’s natural for us to want to look our best in all that we do. I am one of those people that will change 3 or 4 times if I feel the outfit doesn’t do me justice for that day. Somedays your clothes just don’t fit the same, if you know what I mean.

It took me sometime to make a decision on posting my journey because I did notice that Dr. Perry’s people don’t get a lot of support from this forum as Dr. J and Dr. Salama’s people do. However, it’s not about the doctors we choose it’s about motivation and encouragement we can give one another. After reading a lot of the reviews and updates this is definitely something a person going through needs. Not all of us have experienced having a baby but for those that have we all can agree that you need support. For the lady’s that are traveling we know that it’s impossible for us to bring our whole support team with us. We have already put out so much money to cover the basics and most look to this forum for the extra pick-me-upper. Laying face down in a room most of the time alone with the four walls with our body going through something it’s never experienced before is difficult. Most of the lady’s here look to this Sista Hood for reassurance.

I ‘m blessed to have my bestfriend come with me to have my back during the first 3 days of post op. She has a life that she has to maintain and I’m just thankful that she can come to support me during the worst time. My husband has to maintain home, care for the children and work so it’s not an option for him to come with me. The kids need him here.

I would like to say my blessings are with you all that have had your surgery and those waiting for there date to arrive. I would like to also send a warm thanks to SweetLady and Msthickems for their support in answering many questions I had while I was in the shadows.

So lady’s I have said that to say I need your help in making this a smooth transition for me. Thanks in advance.. I look forward to making new friends through his site.

The time is truly winding down so quickly. January...

The time is truly winding down so quickly. January 4th will be here in no time! Medical clearance has been granted and I've even made a call to Miriam. She's informed me that they suggest getting a massage or (treatment) the same day after sx. Now that kinda frightens me because I'm wondering will I truly have the strength needed after the endurance of sx. But on the other hand will I still be riding off the anesthesia and be able to deal with it better. Just an unanswered question in my mind. It'll be exactly two weeks tomorrow till me date.

Supply List Arnica Montana (3 packs) Arnica Gel...

Supply List
Arnica Montana (3 packs)
Arnica Gel (2 containers)
Smooth Move Tea ( BM if needed)
Baking soda (Natural deodorant)
Assurance Underpads ( 10 count)
10 Camisoles
10 Sports Bras
Compression Sleeves
Baby wipes
Curad Pads & Tape
Shower liner (2) Rental Car & Bed
Latex free gloves
Panty Liners
5 Piece Travel Kit (TSA Approved)
Shower Poufs
PStyle (Stand up & Pee) I tried this already & it works like a charm
5 Maxi Dresses
Squeem Miracle Vest
Flip flops

This week has past by so quickly! My flight departs @ 6:10am, office consultation with Dr. Perry @ 11:30am. Head back to the airport to pick up my homegirl at 2:30pm. I'm super excited & between prepping & assuring I have what I need. I haven't had much time to download how quickly my date was approaching. For now I can't stop smiling. My kids aren't very happy. They still can't understand why I have to stay so long. I know it's best though. It'll give me time to heal without having to explain why I can't do certain things. I set up oovoo so I can video chat with them. This will be the first time I'm away from my husband & kids for so long. My husband will have to be the super mom & dad while Im gone. Lol, hot breakfast before school, drop kids off, go to work, get off & go pick kids up from school, fix after school snacks, attend to homework, cook dinner, clean kitchen, have kids take bath, find everyone's clothes for the next day & iron, take shower then lay down for quiet time before falling asleep. The only true quiet time is when everyone goes to sleep. I'm sure he'll see my work is never done after all this.

My homegirl & I will shop & check out Miami for the only night will be able to. I at least wanna check out the beach, take a couple of pics. Chill to a nice dinner & get rested for,"MY SX ON FRIDAY @ 7am!!!!! WOW, IM READY THOU. LETS DO IT!!!!

Well ladies, sorry I hadn't updated. I made to...

Well ladies, sorry I hadn't updated. I made to sunny Florida just fine, yesterday was a very busy & unusual day. I explain in detail later. I'm on my way to the surgery center now & I'm asking you all to pray for me. God is good & I have no worries that he will guide the hands of Dr. Perry.

A special thanks to Bbeautiful she has been a true inspiration & has assisted me even in her time of struggle. Much luv Bbeautiful! Much love

I will update when I can, until them keep me in your prayers.

Allow me to first apologize from not updating...

Allow me to first apologize from not updating since sx morning. I must say that my thoughts about the aspects of this ordeal was little different than what I encountered. I was not feeling up to real self or talking to my family after sx. I guess I'll take the punk title for this one!

I followed rs for month in hopes of preparing for this sx. I don't regret having it but HELL NO, NO ROUND 2 FOR ME! Absolutely not!

When I arrived on Thursday there was several people in office waiting to see Dr. Perry. Myself & another lady had the same appointment time after talking with her. She ended up rescheduling, however I knew he was late from seeing my new found friend Bbeautiful that morning. The paperwork did take awhile with Norma who was also late being her first day back after vacation. After the doc got there we went into his room and we talked about what I wanted & took pics. No one has been wrong about him being a really good guy. He really is!

After leaving his office it was time for me to go back to the airport and pick up my homie. Her flight arrived at 2:30, scooped her up and head back to drop off prescription & check into our room. We checked into the room & decided to go check out the beach, seeing this would be the only time we would be able to. Driving down 36th street and get a call from Norma. We forgot to do the payment. I says no problem I was just about to pass the office so I'll just swing through. At least thats what I thought! She take payment & realizes they still have not sent my medical clearance. You have got to be kidding me! I called several times ofcourse office is closed Texas 1 hour behind us. So now the Doc suggest that I do it there at the office. It was dark when we left, still headed for the beach. After making it we saw we weren't missing anything. Did get to see some huge ships that was exciting. Being we plan 2 take a cruise later this year.

Ok so we head back to the side of town where we will be staying. Trying to find a steak place was a little difficult. Ended up at Applebee's, totally not good but ate it anyway. We didn't make it back to our room till 11:30pm after grocery shopping and picking up other little things needed. I wanted to go by and visit Bbeautiful but I didn't get a chance to. I did speak with her on the phone several times & she was good which was what mattered most.

Day 1
Sx morning, arrived and Dr. Perry was waiting for me. Now this has come as real as its gone get Dr. Perry took my friend and I back. The nurse came in and spoke and then the anesthesiologist. Had conversations with them both as they will be in the room the entire time.

Dr. Perry comes in & it's time for artwork. My best friend say this is when she leaves, lol. She said she had seen enough of my flesh for one day Dr. Perry laughed, she told him to put down the markers and took both his hands & prayed that God guides this hands and so forth. I asked that she didnt wait & they call her when I'm headed to recovery. After the artwork I walked to the room with the army sheet & warm blanket. IV was inserted then I felt the good stuff & it was lights out. I woke up on my butt and it was on fire. I remember telling them to get me off my ass it burns.

Afterwards I was wheeled out in a wheelchair. Now my hips almost didn't fit in that wheelchair I didn't think much of it though., my best friend & Dr. Perry helped me into the car. Made it back to the room in less than 10 mins. Laid it down. I had initially plan to have my 1st session with Miriam. I just didn't feel up to it. Overnight I repeatedly went to the bathroom every hour which made getting up better and better. I had pain but it wasn't bad, I was able to deal with it. More like aches than pains. The pain came attempting to get up using my arms. But this got better.

First thing was to see Dr. Perry @ 2pm. He said everything was looking good. No fever & no signs of infection. Yay! I did have to ask is this going to go down much cause its huge! Hips & ass are huge! Was totally concerned as well as my homegirl. She asked Dr. Perry if the size was going to change. Lol, for real though. I did ask for my money's worth because there will be no 2 round! Guess I got it. This was the first time I had paid attention to myself. And thought yes a bit much. On my way out I past Bbeautiful I wanted to hug her but we both knew we couldn't and did it whole color purple my key dada routine. She looked great! The nursing company that she had used approached my homegirl with information on me using them when she leaves me on day 3. (Next morning)
Now the MOST DRASTIC PART of this sx was Miriam. She has man hands that feel like they will be the death of you. She saw on my face from the moment I walked in that I was scared as hell. My thing is to have some compassion, she literally has NONE! My body has been through enough so stop your madness. I know this has to be done & once I get it together we'll roll. No! At one point she held my right behind me using her right hand while my left was over her left shoulder. I must admit there was a LOT of fluid that followed but DAMN!! Come on, I see why it has been called the torture chamber. Its not a house that I even wanted to return to. But at this point I have to. I was really ready to whip her ass! Left hook, right hook, followed by an upper cut! A true beat down. I'm not a screamer but I did keep grabbing her hands when it got unbearable. She stopped working on me 2 times & we came to th conclusion she was cooking! My homegirl asked her was she going to clean my up & she gave my homegirl some paper towel & told her to do it. What the hell! My homegirl became overwhelmed by this. It wasnt professional & she wondered If Dr. Perry was aware things like this were happening. She promised to make a call to him to inform him what had happened. We left stopped by Boston Market & got chicken noodle soup & took this body to the room. The only difference for this day was I had taken 2 Oxycodone that made me feel like throwing up for about 2 hours after making it back to the room. No more Oxy for me, I stuck with the Acetaminophen w/Codeine. The night was the usual up every hour or so changing bed pads. Well at least my best friend was every time I got up. She was awesome! I love her. She called Dr. Perry and had decision with him about Miriam. Then she called nursing company they came out to meet with us at 10:40pm. She said she didn't feel comfortable leaving until she knew what the plan was for me.

Day 3
My homegirls flight was we thought to be at 10:30am but it was really 8:09am & she missed it. She had to do stand by but made it home safely in time to kick back relax & get prepare for her real world the next day.
Nurse showed up & help dress me about 12pm We didn't leave until 1pm to go to Miriam's. My new found friend Bbeautiful made her appointment at 2 so we could be together maybe it'll make it easier. Here we go again, I think she sensed my homegirl & I were not happy with the service she provided because she asked about her first. Lol, LET HELL BEGIN! Bbeautiful was 1st since she arrived 1st. Seems to be going smooth until she informed us she had a party to attend at 3pm. Bbeautiful was like festival, she said yes and was done with the both of us by 2:55. In one sense I didn't care but the other I want my time because I want great results. She scheduled us both back the next day for same time 2pm. She also told use no pineapples or pineapple juice. Just lentil soup & water. Once I made it back to the room I felt overwhelmed, ate soup, drank more water, sponge bath, and laid it down.

Day 4
I got up ate a little breakfast about 7:30am two boiled eggs and a half cup of pineapples as well as about 5 bottles of water. I laid back down till about 12pm not much else to. I got up & started getting ready for Miriam's. I wasn't sure if I should take my 2nd clean garment are not. It was pointless the last 2 days so I got my other things together for my transport. Shower liner, bedpad and a towel for my head. When being transported I preferred to laid on my stomach in the passenger seat. Getting up out the back seat was a bit much. So the nurse & I head to Miriam's. Before arriving I got a text from Bbeautiful not to rush Miriam was not home. I'm like WHAT! Now it's hot in Miami, we can't stay facedown in these cars because it hurts after so long. Why couldn't she have called us. Ok let me stop clowning, I'm not there yet. Maybe she'll be there when I arrive. Well I was wrong, she still wasn't there. We stood outside & waited for about 25 minutes before I remember I had programmed her phone number & called Miriam. Ok she informed me she was there. We went to the door & ranged the bell, dogs got to barking. No Miriam, we had decided after about 5 or 10 more minutes lets roll. Just as we turned around she drove up 3:35. Then her excuse was she went to have lunch with her son that had just came in. Really Miriam, after talking to my homegirl he son with all the tats was there the first day we came. I couldn't understand how you could have 2 clients waiting on you while you sit & eat and we have to stand in the heat. Man, what love she has for her business or is it just the money? My opinion "Money"! But anywho waited outside a little longer for her to put up the dogs and were allowed in. Bbeautiful 1st cause she was there 1st. Miriam did spend a little more one on one time with us today but we desired it. In my mind I was thinking this is it. There has got to be someone else that can do this. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I have an appointment with Dr. Perry and I will go over all this with him. After leaving ofcourse I was exhausted so I had nurse stop and get more soup from Boston Market and back to my room. My nurse helped cleaned me up, still no shower yet. She helped get me in the bed and I was out. But still up around every hour to urinate.

Day 5
Today I have my 2nd post op visit with Dr. Perry @ 2pm. My nurse arrived about 1:30 I had a couple errands before my appointment. Bbeautiful had an appointment at 1:00pm so she gave me a heads up that the office was busy & not to rush ofcourse. So I went to do some more grocery shopping for pineapples, Gatorade, & pineapple juice. Then we ran by the bank for massage money & so forth. We made it to the office & it was busy. The past few days it has come to my attention that Dr. Perry does a lot of business that is not affiliated with real self. Since my arrival on Thursday I have encountered a total of 6 girls scheduled for surgery within the next few weeks that I spoke with that knows nothing about real self website. Dr. Perry is really doing big things. There were several ladies ahead of me and we just started a conversation between all of us. I stood up majority of the time because otherwise it would be laying down. Bbeautiful comes out joins convo, at that point I hadn't told anyone that I had had sx on Friday. One lady couldn't believe it. Her reaction made me feel soo good. She asked for a before pic so I showed the few my homegirl & I took the night before sx on the strip at the beach. She was like no way.. Asked me to turn & was like he did you up. Dr. Perry came back out to grab something & she told him if you do what you did for her on me I'll be good. That made me feel sooooo good. I'm pleased with my results ofcourse I still have swelling but I love what I see. I asked Dr. Perry for the smallest waist line possible & I believe I got it because it will continue to shrink as healing process continues. In my post op appointment he told me its going to be even smaller than that. Wow, he said everything looks great & how wants me back on Thursday @ 11:45am.

I spoke with him about Miriam and he told me when he closes office today he would call be with more options. He had already spoken with a couple of people and he would confirm with them and text or email me the information he concludes. Removing the garment did make me light headed but I muscled through it. Dr. Perry did take additional pics. He told me I needed to have a bm and what to take but I have always taken smooth move tea when I had any issues with constipation. He also said I could shower, YAY!! I went back to my room and took sponge bath and laid down. I figured I have no plans for tomorrow so I would drink my smooth move and wait for BM before showering. I received text message and call from Dr. Perry confirming I received that info he had texted about another masseuse , which I had received. I plan to follow up with them tomorrow & see when they can get me in. So the rest of night went as usual.

Day 6
Arose early this morning about 3am. Boiled my water for my tea and chatted with my husband for almost 3 hours while I walked around the room. I walked over to office about 9:20 and grabbed some yogurt and had breakfast back at my room. Two boiled eggs, yogurt, applesauce, & water. Then laid back down. Today I'm feeling really home sick. At this point I just wanna go home and climb in my own bed. Gees, but I'll continue to be patient. I made a call to the masseuse Dr. Perry referred and had to leave message for him to call me back. a lady from the office called back and wanted to schedule me for 2:00 tomorrow so I was like great! My BM didn't come until about 6pm. I took a shower immediately after. It was a little difficult taking the garment off and on by myself but I did it! Proud of me (wooohooo). However it took all my energy & I had to lay it down after that. I felt so good after the shower that I didn't take the pain meds. I just decided to go to sleep without them. Usual night of getting up using bathroom & walking to keep from getting to stiff.

Day 7
I woke up this morning feeling stiff & sore. More so than usual. I got up and got to moving around. I rubbed myself down with the Arnica cream & took a couple of codeines and Arnica Montana. i have been using the Arnica Montana since 3 days prior to my sx. I had an appointment with Dr. Perry @ 11:45 he had told me on Tuesday that he wanted me to be the first person he saw that day. When I arrived the back office was full no place to sit so Norma told me and my nurse to go sit in front office. For whatever reason after I signed in it seemed extremely hot. I remembered there was a breeze outside so I told my nurse to listen for my name while I stood outside to get fresh air. While standing there I see Dr. perry pull up, he gets out waves and heads through the back office entrance. It wasn't two minutes later that he came through the main entrance door and took me back. He said I didn't look as peachy as Tuesday and he was going to decrease my meds. He removed stitches and gave me a look over and said everything looked fine. They gave me my departure letter for the airline and he told me he wanted to see me back Saturday @ noon. He asked if I contacted the masseuse & I let him know I was heading over there after my appointment with him. I told him I would fill him in on Saturday how it goes.

Arrived at the office building and was on my way through the doors to look for suite 106. There was a guy standing about half way down the hall and he started motioning his hand to come on. So I'm like is that suite 106, he replied by calling my first name and introducing himself. I'm thinking cool, profession, clean, no dogs. This might be aight! He took me straight on to the back. He gave me a spill that this is not something that normally do in office but Dr. Perry is a friend of his and he would accommodate to help him. This was a very clean office and there was 4 other ladies that were present. Two working the front desk and the other two were his assistants. The doc took me in his office, told my nurse she could have a seat while I stand. We laughed and he explained what they would be doing for me that day. After talking he called one of the assistants and she showed me to a room with a massage table. She asked me to strip down and handed me a short cut vest that opens in the back which was also sleeveless. She then explained that she would be applying heating pads to my stomach, waist, and back. She allowed me to lay on my stomach with these applied for about 20mins. The doctor then came in and stated that they apply the heating pads to stimulate the skin. He removed and started massage. Yes, yes, and more yes! It was painful. Once he finished with my back he started to explained what he would be doing to the front area. He then informed me that he had been to Dr. Perry just 4 months prior for lipo. Then he stated that his wife had went 6months prior for lipo w/fat transfer. I'm thinking WOW! Then he opens the door and says baby come her. His wife works in the office with him and came in the room for casual conversation while he and the assistant worked on me. She looked great! All bull aside she looked great! Like it was a naturally big, lol. That's when the husband told me he had to massage her. She also said Dr. Perry massages and he was said to be worst than Miriam. She asked had I experience his touch yet. I'm like none other than helping to put my garment back on and we lol. I forgot to say while I was on the table the doc was working my back and the assistant was working my legs. They held me hand, gave me water breaks. He used some cold compression cream that kept me from overheating as I would have at Miriam's. Which is when she tells you to smell your hands and not look down or close your eyes. They literally massaged my for over 2 hours. They even taught me during that time how to massage myself. He asked that I did it when I got back to the room before or during my shower. I was sooo thankful to them and everyone was super nice. The wife was also a great distraction from what they were doing to me during the massage. Before leaving he told me to eat plenty of pineapples & drink plenty of pineapple juice. He even told us where to go get fresh squeezed pineapple juice from. So ofcourse we stopped by there and I grabbed 2 bowls of pineapples and two containers of pineapple juice. Then we dropped off the new prescriptions and I went to my room. I was eager to try it myself so I went straight for a shower. Yea, it wasn't as good as they did it but I can do this. Nice and relax and off to sleep I went but not before oovoo my kiddos.

Day 8
My appointment with masseuse is scheduled for 2:00pm. I figured let me start the day off right with a nice little breakfast, drink plenty of water, and take meds. My nurse arrived promptly at 1:30 and we were off. Made it a couple of mins past two. The doc wasn't in yet but he had explained that he and the wife had class and would be running a few minutes late. So being its a professional office they took me back and prepped me in the room with the lights dimmed, soft music and heating pads was applied and I was left to relax. The doctor came in about 20 mins later and the assistant started with the legs and he started with the back. Complete royal treatment. My back upper or lower didnt hurt this time. When he started on the sides there was some discomfort but not bad. The stomach was painful but I left feeling like champion. The office is not open on Saturdays and Sundays but the doctor said he and the wife would come in for me. You know I knew that Gods people have favor and this just goes to show. So I'm scheduled with them at 9am in the morning which means I need to rest early so I can get up & eat early to take meds and get prepared.

I just want to apologize again for not updating on a daily basis but the does take a lot out of you physically and mentally. This process should be as simple as we can make it.

Oh yea! Oh yea! I stated previously that I'm not a diaper type girl. Well I stand corrected, diaper have become my best friend. Not,that I'm urinating in them but they help to absorb the fluid leakage when your dressed are laying down. But if your traveling buy them once you arrive because they take up lots of room. Them if your going with Dr. Perry it help your butt to stay warm in his garment.

I have 2 more days Saturday and Sunday and I'm going home Monday. I'm so ready. I will try to keep this update from this point on. I honestly just didnt feel up to it. I either have to stand to type this on my iPad which is better for me or lay down with is aqua ward for me.

If you have an questions just holla.

Video chatting has not been enough. I'm so glad to...

Video chatting has not been enough. I'm so glad to be leaving Miami this morning. I feel like a kid in th candy store. No more being couped up in th hotel room I can return to general population . Lol, I prayed so strong this morning, prays of thanks for nothing going wrong in Miami or at home. I prayed also for traveling mercy for a safe return.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Perry because #1 he is board certified and he is not overly booked which should allow him to give me the attention I need. I gather from his voice and quick responding emails that he is the doctor for me. I found out about Dr. Perry through this site and I'm grateful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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