New Me in 2016...Its my Time Now!!! 36 Y.o., 3 Kids, Starting on Phase 1 of Complete Mommy Makeover... - Miami, FL

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I have always known that after I was done having...

I have always known that after I was done having children that I would be getting plastic surgery. Well my kids are 8, 7 and almost 2 and we are DONE...this year has been about getting the me back and finding my joy marriage is going great, my career is developing well and i am planning to return to school to take it even further. Now it is time to get my body right...I am having a Brazilian Butt Lift with Lipo in phase 1 and then a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Augmentation in Phase 2 to complete my complete Mommy Makeover. I had planned to lose weight this year and I have lost about 35 lbs since January. I had a few consults with different doctors but I found that I really liked the work of Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics. I set up a consult for 8/1/16...spoke to the coordinator on 8/3/16 and when she asked me when I would like to have the surgery I told her tomorrow...she replied that they happened to have a cancellation for 8/15 and so there it goes...I am booked for surgery on that day and I am so excited. Wish me luck!!! I will post before pics very soon...but be prepared...I need a lot of work done...

Surgery is in 6.5 hours...see you on the other side!

My surgery is in 6.5 hours and I am soooo excited. I want to make sure that I am prepared but I feel like things have gone by so fast. I had my first consultation on 8/1 and I am having my surgery tomorrow 8/15. It is probably good that I did not have more time because I would have only driven myself crazy. Anyways...wish me luck!

Im on the other happy with results so far

So i had my surgey yesterday and i went today for follow up. I am doing well. The pain yesterday was rough but i made it through...i still have SOOOOO MUCH SWELLING butni am already seeing results and i am happy with what I see...

2 days post op ...starting to make progress

So im 2 days out of surgery...bbl with dr. Ortega. I am really liking what I am seeing. My back is starting to smooth out and my stomach is getting smaller. I will start using lipo foam under my garment today once i get my massage and the therapist helps me put it all on. I think ortega did a great job and I cant wait until phase 2 when i get my tummy tuck and breast lift to finish the job.

2 days post op

4 days post op...yay

So I am 4 days postop today and i am feeling a whole lot better...not 100% and definitely having the most trouble when i sleep but feeling better during the day and not taking too many pain meds anymore...I will have a challenging day today with orientation at my childrens school butnit will be good to test myself. I am in love with my projection and lower back curve...Dr. ortega did an amazing job on my butt...the swelling in my back and abs is still very real but they look so much better already. I already knew thatbi would need a tummy tuck afterwards but the results of the lipo only make it more far im very happy with my results....I hope once the swelling goes down the remaining rolls on my back will go away...did anyone else have that happen (the rolls went away once the swelling was totally gone? Ladies tell me what you think abiut my results and any suggestions to help get my waist and back to smooth out more or faster?
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