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Hi guys. Well this is my first time ever doing...

Hi guys. Well this is my first time ever doing cosmetic/plastic surgery. I've been really unhappy with my body for quite some time. I was/am an emotional eater. I eat when happy, sad, depressed. So finally after working out wasn't giving me the results I want, I considered BBL. I searched for many drs who could perform the surgery the best, with the most experience and who could do it as soon as possible. I originally was going to choose a Dr in Seattle, but not knowing his work, background or anything I decided not to. Plus, he kept raising the price , making it 150,000. So I decided to look a little closer to home. I saw so much on Dr. Curves and was fascinated with him. He was completely booked so he was out. I also looked at two other Drs in Atlanta but wasn't as nearly impressed as I was with Dr curves. So I looked in fla and the first two surgeons, the BEST ones were Dr. Miami (who I absolutely love) and Dr. Mendieta. Dr Miami was also booked completely til 2017 . can't even get a consult until 2016. Next was Mendieta. I read reviews on him (which were mixed), looked at some pics, some I was impressed some not so much. After looking at my options I went with him. I had a virtual consult with him and he was very professional. He answered all of my questions without me having to ask any. And his patient coordinator is amazing. Vivian helps me thru everything, along with Jade, the nurse. It sucks that I have to pay for the garments separately but...hey. I'm to have NY surgery on 6/30/15. I am very nervous but anxious, looking forward to a new me. I'll keep u guys updated with posts and pics!

A lot has happened!

It's been a while since I've posted! Since my first post, a lot has changed. I was supposed to get a BBL. by dr Mendieta but things didn't work out in my favor due to my fiance's illness/ my surgery had to be put off. I ended up losing half of my deposit as well unfortunately .

While I didn't let that discourage me, I stayed looking for other surgeons to do the bbl. I wanted Dr Miami but he's booked til like 2020 (jk) . So doing my research for about a year, I came across some of the best ones in Florida and GA : Ghurani, Alvarez, fisher, dr Curves, And a few others. Curves was way out of my price range. After looking at patient reviews and photos...I decided to go with either Ghurani or Alvarez. I believe they can give me exactly what I'm looking for and get rid of this spongebob body forever lol I scheduled my surgery for 10/14/16 so I'm super excited. I'm currently 5'1, 160 so idk if I need to lose weight or maintain my current. I want the max protrusion and hips!


More wish pics!

I've been cleared!

I'm so excited! After having my consultation with Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami and Dr. Alvarez, I knew it was perfect. I paid my deposit which was 300 to confirm your price and $500 to confirm price AND surgery date. I confirmed both . Surgery is 10/18/16 ! After confirming , the necessary lab work I needed to have was sent via email by Luis. He's an angel! I went and got my blood work done and I was cleared. I've been instructed to stop all meds and start taking Iron supplements. I will also take Arnica as well. As of now I am 160-165 and 5'1. I was told I was perfect and did not have to lose any weight but to make sure I stayed at least 165! I'm not sure where I should get the boppy from and other necessary things. But the countdown is on!!!!
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