Much Needed BBL NEW AT 42 - Miami, FL

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I have surgery with DR O on the 18th. I paid in...

I have surgery with DR O on the 18th. I paid in full today, booked my flight, and I'm nervous as hell. I've weighed as much as 210 pounds and got down to 140 simply working out and I looked good no extra skin. But I didn't have a BODY where I could walk around naked because my butt is deformed to me. It has a hump and I've worn butt pads for years I think it has made my butt droop even more. I'm tired of doing that. I've hid it well for a long time but I'm going to be 42 and I want to be free to wear bikini and dresses and a thing for me husband. We have been together 7 years and I've never stood in front of him and walked around naked. So I did this for me because I have the boobs the pretty face it's just when clothes come off its like eww. I took all mi had to do this. I'm praying you dolls will help me along the way. I'm praying I connect with someone and Dr O sculpts me so perfectly and I won't have much pain. And I'm stalking relself everyday. The countdown has begun. I found arnica gel but I'm thinking the rest I will get when I fly there.

Surgery calendar

I'm trying to make sure I'm in the surgery calendar. How do I do that I'm not sure I'm even using this site correctly.

I'm so nervous

Well I got a call yday confirming details of the surgery. I have to wait to do my bloodwork there which it shouldn't be a prob I don't think I'm pretty healthy. I got dehydrated a month ago and went to ER and they did all kinds of blood work and I was healthy white blood count etc. any help or suggestions would be great!

On my way to Miami

Well up and packing for my trip. I'm finally doing something for myself after 3 kids who are now grown. After I weighed 215 pounds and got down to 140 now 170 and have been the one who does everything for everyone and I'm the middle child. However I'm starting to feel guilty and my husband is coming with me but he has been an asshole honestly right up to today. All he talks about is me leaving him for a younger guy or I'm getting a fake ass or just being mean. I think he is jealous and insecure about this whole process and I'm to scared to go alone. But we're packing and I'm going through with it. I guess I'm just looking for support and making sure I have all the advice tips and places to go get what I need. My daughter is here but she is pregnant and won't be traveling with me. Maybe it's just nerves and all the what if. What if they say no why would they what if this and that has anyone else felt that way. I don't want a box shape ass I want definition small waist and I know if I work out like I did before I can lose weight and get tone. Will that make my butt go away? I'm rambling dolls... Praying that I am Dr O greatest outcome!

Landed in Miami

So I got here late last night in Miami. Checked into hotel and got a call already from the RH like 730am. That's awesome. I'm feeling better about that. But I have to do my bloodworm today and my surgery is tomorrow. We rented a car so we could site see the whole day he is a big sports fan and wanna see the Heat stadium. I wanna check out a nude beach. Not taking my clothes off yet ha but I've never seen anything like that before. He is in a better mood which is making me feel better. Did anyone else husband constantly talk about how you might change or is that par for the course a little insecure because your gonna have a bangin ass body cuz the face and boobs is already Gud! Song forgot my arnica gel and I wanted them bromine pills where can I get those. I was looking for a heated blanket cuz ppl said its freezing in there any idea where I can get one? I will update once I get to the office to do my labs

Surgery Scehduled

Got to Encore today about 930 this morning and my nurse Teresa from AR Recovery house was there already. She is awesome. I got right in and right out signed all my paperwork and did my bloodwork. Then I got a call saying my surgery was scheduled at 7am.

Low levels what the hell

So I got another call saying my plaque levels are too low! I'm not even sure if that is the right term because of the language barrier. I asked what that meant and she said she couldn't explain but I need to have another pee test and if they don't go up I can't have surgery! I'm beyond stressed. Does anyone know what the hell they are talking about? She said sometimes if you do too much walking tour levels can be low well hell I been walking all day at the beach! I'm just like wtf really!


I'm wide awake and can't sleep. I'm
Not suppose to drink or eat but I just drank cranberry juice oops I'm suppose to pee again this morning and I forgot. I'm anxious as heck wish they could give me something now! Praying and praying and praying....

Recovery house

Oh I got a hookup on an awesome recovery house dolls. It's brand new I'm the 3rd person to stay here. I'm telling you they are awesome singer had cucumber salad chicken potatoes desert last night! Everything is included 3 mels and snacks and massages and my hubbie got to come and we have a private room. I shopped around and you won't be disappointed! Hit my inbox if you want her info.

Some straight Bull No Dr O

Got there at 7 and the dr saw me about 10. He told me he wouldn't do a BBL on me and that I needed to get a tummy tuck and a breaat job to bring my bosom up and make my nipple pointy. After he left the room I just cried. They had me talk to the manager and she said tummy tuck would be 5k plus the boob job 3500! I got mad then and said why didn't he tell me this before I flew out there? I sent my pictures July 7th and begged for him to review them. He said he never saw my pictures! I asked if someone else could or would do it and she said Macadoo. I haven't researched his work at all so if you dolls could please tell me how his work is that would be great! I don't need a tummy tuck I know how to lose weight and get the extra skin off I've done it before and still didn't have any butt! So now I'm reschedule for Monday which means 2 extra days in recovery house not needed. I feel like I was being upsold or something. My platelet was low and miracously my results came in after they told me about paying another 4000 for shit I didn't ask for. I'm very disappointed I was treated that way. And my husband thinks I didn't do my due diligence but I did..

Well Macadoo

Well macadoo did me Monday. So many had to spend 2 extra days on recovery house change ticket fee which Rita has cost us another 600 bucks. This was the first pic why doesn't it look like I've had anything done

Got my massage

So got my massage on Wednesday even though my surgery was Monday. They haven't us d any foams or boards or anything yet I'm not sure what's up with that. My husband won't get paid for the extra days. I'm very frustrated yaw. But after the massage here is what I look liked. It hurt like hell but felt good after. Now every day will I have a jacked up shaped until I get a massage? The garment makes me look like I have a shelf and fits too tight that they have me. I need help or advice.

2nd massage

Well this is what the 2nd massage look like. Can someone please explain to me what's going on with my body? I spent a lot of money like you dolls and I see all this difference when they are walking around I can see bumps and booty but all I see is flab on me. Yesterday I was hyped the after pic in my massage was very encouraging. My ass felt much tighter and fuller yesterday too

Dolls prayers and support Dr Macadoo

So I'm here at the doctor office and my garment was Too tight. So they cut out the ass part. They keep telling me I'm swollen and the fat needs to move down and give it time. But here is a picture of what my rear end looks like today! Not even as good as it did yesterday during the massage. Anybody somebody

Update massage yesterday

So u u want been able to update the real deal. But this thing is definitely a rollercoaster. The pain and how do you find new ways to lay down. I have so much swelling on my knees how does this come out? I can feel it moving around in my back. It makes me sick to the stomachs. I haven't had a bowel movement in a week! I have taken exlax, cups of prune juice, water pineapple juice and feel the urge comes and goes I don't want to strain any advice or tips? I'm posting the picture I took yesterday after my massage. I can only stand 30 min massages at a time right now the pain is unbearable! So I broke mine out 3 were included but by breaking them out I can get one everyday for 30 min! Talk to me ladies what other girdle did you buy cuz I only have one. Should I get some make me heal pills or something to help? How can I get this liquid off my body if all my lipo wounds are stitched up? I pee at least a half gallon every hour at night not too much during the day so I'm not getting sleep. Praying all of you dolls are healing ok and stay in communication I know I need the support. My girdle is still very tight I take it off about 4 am shower and lay naked until my massage at 10. It literally was causing marks on my skin I needed the temp release but I stopped peeing every hour when I did it so guess I gotta deal with it.

Headed home....last day in Miami

At the airport gonna be headed home soon! Had my last massage for here today. I gotta find someone to do me in Louisana and Tawana thank for the garment info I'm going to order one cuz this one is too big or do I want it big or tight or what? I'm posting my ass evolution pictures below. This is a huge journey and I'm still recovery and very emotional about it all. Thank you women for being encouraging real and a sounding board. Once I get back home I'm going to go through the whole process so those who haven't done it yet know the real deal.


Made it home the travel was hell! People bumping me all that walking. I had t take the garment off because I got so swollen it was cutting my skin. I peed about 2 gallons once I got home about 2am. I Tried to self massage today so I wouldn't be in pain and get fluid off my body. Now I'm back on this emotional roller coaster my ass looks flat to me. I feel like I lost a lot of fat in my ass. Everyday it's like ok ok good and now it's like as time is going my ass is getting soft and flat and not that round look. I got my garment on today but it feels big now. Crazy considering it was cutting off my circulation just hours ago and I had a poodle of fluid in my back. What do I do? Posting pictures of what today looks like. 6 days post op...


What garment should I order the vedette 929 full shape one or what? I'm not sure which one to get they look like they suppress your ass though helllllpppp.


Quick question my pee is like a orange color. I haven't drank as many fluids today but has anyone else pee ever been that color? Is this fat that isn't staying in my body?

1 week post op and I'm Whining!

O have so much fluid on my body I don't know how it's going to come out honestly. I fell it moving up and down my back it stops at my waist and I feel it when I lay down in my stomache it's really gross. My daughter tries to massage downward not touching my butt I'm thinking it will come out. But it's been like this everyday. How will this fluid come off my body? My feel are swollen and my knees my god! I am trying to find new ways to lay down my neck is killing me. I still have a lot of pain is his normal. My belly and skin just hurts! I think it's the griddle hell I don't know. I'm starting my pineapple juice arnica tea regimen faithfully today. I'm just so sore and swollen. I took some pic of my butt below. It just doesn't have the cuff to me that I really needed on the bottom and the side view look flat not round like a butt should. But compared to what I had it's a hell of a improvement I just won't have another 4k to go through this again. So any tips you dolls have to help me help myself shape my ass to get it round and get that shelf look the f outta here and some volume on the bottom let me know. I'm also wanting to know diet what are you dolls eating since we can't workout out. I'm not a fast food person nor do I eat a lot of meat. Just don't want to jepordize the loop areas. And I tried on a few clothes can't fit any I'm bigger? I look boxy booty. How do I find anything to wear to know what to wear? How did you all know what size to get into your clothes? What did you wear when going places after surgery? I look weird in a long summer dress cuz this hump is still there I'm so upset about it I broke down I asked about it last week and they said its fluid etc it will drop! But I don't know. Is walking good and if so for how long? My body has always been the type any exercise I will lose weight. Well ok I'm rambling now just lonely hurting and full of fluid. Praying and thanking everyone who responds and those who read and haven't yet. Good luck to all and make sure to ask questions and more questions and stay connected so we can support one another!


So I'm sure everyone can notice that my post op pics have mainly been me with some panties on nothing completely showing my butt. Other then the one I took when they cut the butt out of my garment. So today I decided to take some
real pictures of myself without any panties on covering up what I wanted to hide. I also took one of me with panties on and you can't really tell how awful it looks with panties on. The
whole point of me doing this was to have a great ass naked period. I was tired of butt pads and all the other gimmicks I was using t fill out my butt. When you pay 4k or more your wish is that you won't have to resort to tactics to get the desired result. So before I could walk around naked at all never did with my ass showing panties or otherwise. Now I can and will long as I have panties on. This is all imma say let you dolls judge for yourself! I'm really scared Cuz my lower back had fluid like I could fill it move and now it's hard swollen and painful also warm to the touch. Please tell me what to do. I tried contacting macadoo nurse but no call back. Will this be permanent how do I get this loose again and why is my back so warm right there

9 days post op

Well it's been 10 days since I got my surgery. My skin feels like it's on fire. I'm having a hard time telling of i may have Seromas or if my body is just healing. I'm swollen and it feels swollen I feel some liquid my skin feels tight but when I touch it it's kind. Of gushy like fluid is in there. So I'm not sure. I haven't found a place to give me massages. So we been following the video online and I've been peeing every Damn 30 minutes about 200 cc. I can't even get any sleep. So I'm going to say things seem to be going as they should I guess. The doctor won't call me back and I've called and called. I would feel better if someone could touch and look and say yep your right on course. I've been reading everything about bbl and recovery though. Is anyone else skin feel like it's tight and burning and when you touch it feels real tight but like fluid maybe in there? I am not sure if this is how it should be once the fat is gone this is what a normal back would look and feel like when healing I haven't had a curve ever in my back and always had so much fat on it. I'm still in a lot of pain but it the skin I'm massaging myself every few hours and I feel heavy. This recovery is no joke for sure. I don't have much help either so I'm so swollen my legs look like a 250 pound women lol. How much longer will I have to know a better idea of how much of a ass I will have? When I got massages in Miami the lady was shaping me not touching the actual butt and it was a lot bigger then. But here are a few pic I took yesterday. I'm going to have to find a support group. How do you dolls that work handle the pain and sitting and those who don't how do you manage laying on your tummy all damn day? I'm going bonkers!!!

9 days post op cont

My pictures didn't post..


Just got out the shower. Can we work out our upper body arms and or legs or we have to wait?

Well Macadoo

So I'm about 3 weeks post op. I've been calling and texting the Dr. No reponse. I haven't posted much cuz I been depressed. Here is my latest photos I will let them speak for themselves.
Dr. Osak Omulepu –

I am scheduled on the 18th. dr o hasn't evualuated me yet which I'm getting nervous about. Which I had good reason to be. I flew out went to have the surgery and was told by Dr O he wasn't gonna do a BBL on me. He wanted me to do a tummy tuck and breast reduction. His exact words lets get you a beach body and work on the front then come back in 6 months for a BBL. it was not because of weight or anything like that. So after I broke down crying and in disbelief I spoke to the coordinator and Dr. macadoo did it on the Monday the 20th instead. He is board certified and after meeting him I think it was God will! So I am Macadoo doll

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