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I'm kind of new here and have decided on Dr Salama...

I'm kind of new here and have decided on Dr Salama. I want to get a BBL but just saw mommy makeover . I want to know what a mommy makeover includes because I don't have much on my stomach just love handles and is like to get my breast done. So my question is does the mommy makeover include beast and butt or should I just do a BBL and a breast implants? Any advice???

Still no surgery

So just had my 4 months ago and had a c section . I can't make up my mind on who to go to. I love Durans work but I'm so scared to go to DR I hear horror stories about their sanitary conditions etc . Anyway I'm considering Colombia any doctors you guys can recommend ?


Made up my mind I will be going with Dr Mel Ortega. Surgery is paid for and I will be having my new boobies August 22nd. I'm so excited and nervous. I will keep updating the closer I get.

wish pic

Just saw this picture and I'm totally in love. This is def what I want my breast to look like just a tad bit bigger.


I'm obsessed with her work. I will be getting my BA with Dr Ortega and my lipo and BBL with Duran. I was scared to go out of the country but her work is simply perfect.

Just booked soon to be Fisher Doll

So I'm scheduled for a BA August 22nd and I am changing my dates because I just booked my BBL for august 26 with Dr fisher I'm excited can't wait

Dr Fisher

So I gave my deposit and that was suppose to lock my date now they just called me saying they want the whole thing because since he's in such high demand he want the whole thing like really ughhh I'm not happy and it's not even about the money I have it but I hate the greed lol


Just got my garment (vedette 929) and I'm torn between S or M I ordered the medium now I'm scared to open it because I can't return it if opened how did you guys decide the size because after surgery I know you are swollen ughhh so confused

pictures fisher doll

Here's some before pics. Just got my garment and I'm glad I got a medium omg I almost couldn't fit my thunder thighs lol I had to try it on

20 days and I'll be a Fisher doll

My sx is on the 26th I'm so nervous. I haven't even put everything together or anything.

Omg do I have enough fat

I'm 5'8 163 lbs I hope I have enough fat :(

16 days until I'm a Fisher doll

I'm so nervous. I'm praying everything goes well

Having second thoughts

So just read about a woman who died during a BBL at vanity I'm so scared now ughh all because she didn't go with her instincts. Here's the link if anyone wants to read it


So my mom thought I wasn't really going thru with surgery so today she says to me why won't you be able to spend labor day weekend with us and I tell her I'll be in miami for surgery..she went nuts telling me how dangerous lipo is and all this stuff :( I've had not one not 2 but 4 c sections with no complications thank god ..I just never had general anesthesia which I am so terrified of ...has anyone had their family not support their decision ? And the fact that I had 4 c sections with no complications that should ease my mind right? Ughhh I'm so nervous

One week left!!!until I'm fisherfied

I'm so nervous I can't even think straight! Lol I will be flying into miami tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly I've never had general anesthesia so I'm so scared. I've had 4 c sections but with local. Well just updating I will update as soon as I get in Miami.

My measurements now

Waist 34
Hips 43

beyond mad

Ok I arrived here on the 20th. Today the 22nd I went to get my blood work done at vanity because my sx is the 26th. I get there and wait to be called. The medical assistant comes to get me and takes me to get my blood drawn. She poked me 3 fuck!no times and couldn't get my veins I'm a medical assistant myself in nursing school and I was beyond pist. So she calls the doctor. The doctor come and pokes me above my wrist (my palms facing up) she didn't quite hit the vein si she keeps moving it around while pressing down on it. I was so mad. I then ask her about the patient who died at vanity and she acted like she didn't know. I would of payed more to go to Salama salzahuer or somewhere else this place is a mess!

ladies ..

Ok so I had two friends that went thru surgery and I helped them get everything they needed. Contacted doctors ,emailed got their garments plane tickets etc. If anyone needs help booking getting in contact with their doctors and the agents I can hook you up for a small fee. I got my plane tickets for 90 bucks!!!! Inbox me if interested .

Just updating

Ok so I had to come back to vanity because something in my urine. I come back and they're like you have to pay for it to be redone . I walked right out and said well I'm canceling. I was so mad. They act like it was my fault because she was like well it wasn't our fault and I said it wasn't mine either. All for listening to the secretary who said not to eat anything or eat. I was dehydrated which made the results abnormal. The urine not the blood. So FYI make sure you are well hydrated drink lots and lots of water. I ended up going back and wasn't charged. My sx Is tomorrow and I'm beyond nervous. I need to calm down lol.

I'm on my way to be fisherfied

I'm so nervous I feel like throwing up lol omg girls pray for me I hope everything goes well. I got my 4 kids and hubby waiting g for me.

Greetings from the other side

I made it thank god will post pics soon I got.1050ccs in one side and 1100 on the other

New booty

This is me in the ride to the hotel will take a better pic once I get there ...omg i feel so sorr


more booty pics

Girls I love my results this far it's crazy it hurts more laying down than standing up will update soon

more pics

Omg at the airport I felt so weird everyone staring lol I didn't have this dress on I had leggings I will post the pic later along with a review of the whole surgery

4 months post op

Feeling great . I have to say my body was feeling numb for a long time longer than I expected .


So I've been trying to post pictures and it will not let me I've tried everything . Ladies I do have updated pictures my email is mmquinta@bhcc.edu I will gladly email them . Thanks

11 months post op Dr Fisher

Bbl 18 months after Dr Fisher

Still loving my results I'm always getting compliments


Miami Plastic Surgeon

So I finally paid off my surgery and made up

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