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So, I guess this is the beginning of my journey. I...

So, I guess this is the beginning of my journey. I have been researching Brazilian Butt Lift for months (seems like everyday, all day)..I am pretty sure I would like to use dr. Perry, but I am not 100% yet. Last week I called his office and they sent me some instructions on what to do next (take pics, send them), so yesterday I sent the email to Dr. Perry. I swear I feel like I am stalking my inbox to see if he has responded yet...lol...I will give him time, I am sure he is busy. In fact, I read a couple posts today that are actually having surgery performed today by him. Hopefully I will hear from him soon..the more posts I read and pictures I see, the more excited I am getting.

Still have not heard back from Dr.Perry...I resent...

Still have not heard back from Dr.Perry...I resent the email last night. I'm kinda sad because I am so excited and ready to start planning. It seems like everyone has gotten pretty quick responses from him, so I am not sure what to think....guess I will try to be more patient. Funny thing is, I think my mind was pretty much made up on Dr. Perry, but this waiting has only been giving me time to research other doctors, lol. Now I think I'm considering contacting a few prospects....(sigh)....

So, I did hear back from Dr. Perry & he quoted me...

So, I did hear back from Dr. Perry & he quoted me $7400 (which I am seeing is kinda the going rate)...he emailed me a few nights ago. When I got home in the morning (I work overnight shift) I saw I had a missed call (and message) from Dr. Perry...so I did not get to talk to him. Anyways, I emailed back to let Norma know I am ready to get this thing moving. I thought I wanted June 2013, but these finance companies are charging crazy fees on top of the cost. With that said, I have decided to think about October 2013, while I make payments to Dr. Perry's office directly (I am layaway-ing an ass, wow!)

Hello...well Dr. Perry has taken his time calling...

hello...well Dr. Perry has taken his time calling me back :-(

So in the meantime I had an "in-person" consultation locally with Dr. Hartog (he is who did my breast augmentation in 2005)...believe it or not, he said that in order for me to lose my problem area, it would involve a tummy tuck (not just lipo). He explained that I do not have alot of fat, just alot of extra skin..

So, with that said, guess I am moving over to the other forum for Tummy Tucks......see you guys soon...

Well I am back...BBL is what I really wanted to...

Well I am back...BBL is what I really wanted to do, so I am sticking with it..figured I can always get a tummy tuck later. I think it make sense to do this first so it it can help to sculpt my shape...

Now let me get a hold of Norma so I can schedule a date :-)

SURGERY DATE SCHEDULED!!! October 16, 2013

SURGERY DATE SCHEDULED!!! October 16, 2013

So, I still have not spoken to Dr. Perry, but have...

So, I still have not spoken to Dr. Perry, but have already made some payments to go toward the surgery. I think I may call Norma & ask her to have him call me tonight. In all honesty, I did miss his calls twice (because I work at night), but I am off tonight so I should be able to take the call....wish me luck!

Patiently waiting....thinking about a new workout regimen in the mean time...

Not much has changed...counting down until October. I have been calling Norma every time I get money in hand (just want to get this thing paid already). Besides that, just been enjoying reading & following the latest posts with such great results!

Guess I need to start working out..after spending this amount of $$$, I really should do my part too...lol

100 days to go....

100 days to go...I know it seems like a lot, but its really not. Time is flying! I am so excited still. Have to be honest..have not started working out like I want to, but I will!

86 more days.....

86 more days to go...

66 more days...

It's coming..very quickly...getting excited & nervous all at once

37 days....till October 16th

So excited...but anxious! Guess I should start double-checking all my supplies.

Pre-op pics COMING SOON

I will try to upload some pics tomorrow, so everyone can see my transformation (before/after)...cannot believe this is really going to happen :-)

17 more days...

OMG...coming soon...17 days!!! Getting my stuff together...about to get physical this coming week.

11more days...

11 more days....so excited..and nervous. I feel so unprepared, although I probably am over-prepared, lol. Just did blood work yesterday & Tuesday I have my physical w/ EKG. Pray that everything is fine...

It's crazy...this is really happening :-)

Just confirmed my massage appointments..

Just booked massages for after. Using place called CS Post-Lipo Massage..they specialize in these massages & had a package deal.. They also use ultrasound machine during massage to reduce inflammation & ensure fluids are draining.. Hopefully they will be good :-)

EKG tomorrow

Physical tomorrow---wish me luck ladies :-)

EKG abnormal!!!

Are you serious? This is crazy! Surgery is supposed to be next Wed...now I am trying to get a cardiologist to see & clear me before then (this is crazy)!

A few more days...2 days, 18 hours till surgery

Here we go ladies...almost time! About to start packing!

Pre-op pic..more to come

Here is a before pic..trying to take some more, but it's kinda hard to take your own back shots, lol.

Cleared by the cardiologist!

I have just been cleared....Dr. Perry-here we come! Lol! Shit just got real! (Pardon the language)...

Freakin out!!!

Laying in bed, trying to close my eyes..I have some things to do this morning here before we leave to Miami. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something (or am going to)...getting SUPER nervous over here! So excited at the same time! Let the roller coaster begin...lol

Driving down to Miami right now

On my way down...going to see Dr. Perry as soon as we get there. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning @ 7:00am.

Still up...

Still Up unpacking my stuff...just went to walmart & stocked up on some stuff. Getting everything set up..surgery in the AM.

I'm here

About to go in.....pray for me ladies!!!

Day 3

Hello ladies..I tried to update yesterday, but it wouldn't allow me to for some weird reason. Anyways, I am well...it has been a rough few days..but I am coming around. I am on my iPad, so once I get on my laptop I will update in detail.

Few pics from past few days..

Some more

Day 4...My arms are so sore...

Feeling better, as long as I keep moving...laying down for more than 3 hours is a big no-no for me..I get so stiff. As far as my arms, wow...they are hard to get up. Miriam wants me to work on keeping them straight up for various reasons (for drainage & also to get my mobility back). It's funny because Dr. Perry was like, "you don't really need anything taken out of your arms" & I was like "yes I do, take it from everywhere"-so he did! Lol. He lipoed my arms, back, flanks, stomach, inner thighs, & inner knees. Yea, I figured for this amount of $$$, I wanted it all done, lol. I do not plan on going through this again! No revisions or anything. I think I am going to be extremely happy with the results in the long run because I am extremely happy now with the results!

Btw, took a shower last night, that was refreshing :-). Like I said earlier, as long as I stay moving, I am good. I'm glad where I am staying has plenty of room because I am up just walking around the living room area.

Today there is a shift change, my boyfriend has to leave for a few days to take care of some stuff back home. So, my mom got here yesterday. Only thing is my mom can't drive..so wish me we'll cooped up in here. Before he leaves today, I have another appt w Miriam. Then I will see her again when he gets back in a few days.

Wish me luck ladies!

In pain...

I was doing so well...but I am up & in pain. Today has been the only day I was not able to go to Miriam for my massage. I think that is what is going on with me. I am so swollen right now. Very stiff..can't wait until my appt tomorrow. In the meantime, I am here suffering. I can't even lay down because my muscles are twitching in my stomach when I lay on them. This sucks! So glad I am at least happy with my results..guess it will be worth it in the end... Ugh!

Day 6

Beginning day 6...sleeping is still rough for me, but as far as the stiffness & pain...the only way to combat it is to move around & stretch. Moving around now...feeling much better. Maybe I can take a power nap without waking up to the shooting pains (the pains seem to come while stiff) before my appt w Miriam later. Ttyl..I will try to take some more pics to post.


Just a few pics from past few days



Now I see why people always say pics do not do it justice...they really don't! So much better in person.


Surgery day details....long overdue!

Hello ladies…here I am a week later. I want to first apologize for seeming like I got lost all of a sudden after the surgery. As many of you know and some will soon find out, this surgery is no joke. The recovery has been quite intense on me...So that’s why I have just been popping in & out some days. I finally got out my laptop, so that I can type more (you guys know that on an iPad it sucks trying to write anything longer than a few sentences.Lol.

Anyways, I will start with the day of surgery..well, I was the only one scheduled that day (guess there was a last minute cancellation), so Dr. Perry said instead of 700am, I did not have to arrive until 830am (yea, more time to stress out, lol). So we get to the facility and by the time we got called back, medical questions asked again, Dr. Perry drawing on me, nurse talking to me, and anesthesiologist talking to me, it was almost 10:30 or 11:00 before the surgery began. So I walk in to the operating room (which is a pretty normal practice since I did the same when I had my breast augmentation years ago with another PS). I lay on the little narrow table thinking to myself, “Damn, I hope I don’t roll off this thing in the middle of surgery” while the anesthesiologist began looking for my vein to hook up the IV. Well you can only imagine-nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before (including water), so it took a minute to get a good vein. Anyways, he was really good because he got one and hooked me up very quickly. I remember him saying to me “ok, so now for your first Pina Colada...” I remember chuckling to myself as I felt my body get warm (like a warm liquid was filling it)-actually felt pretty cool. I was going to ask if that was me feeling the anesthesia, but by the time I was going to ask, I must have already been out. Next thing I remember is laying on my stomach, with the nurse saying telling me that we are going to lift me up to the standing position so that they can put the garment on me. I was really drowsy but excited at the same time to see what I looked like. So I stood up (with some help, of course) and SWooSH went a whole lot of liquid down my legs. As that is going on I remember they kept telling me to open my eyes (so I wouldn’t be dizzy). I looked up and to the left and who do I see? My man...yep he was already there to get me and saw that whole disgusting mess. Don’t get me wrong, we have been together for almost 6 years and are very close, but we have definitely taken our relationship to another level with this surgery/recovery. Thank God, where we were staying is right around the corner (I mean right around the corner) from Dr. Perry so we were back here in no time. I do not remember a lot about my arrival back here (guess the anesthesia was not completely worn off), but I know I was extremely sore everywhere. At that point, it even hurt to breathe, lol. Dr. Perry had told me before I left that my ribs may be a little bruised (which is why I feel like that) because he took a lot out, considering I did not have that much to begin with there. Don’t remember much after I got home (hotel). I was just super tired and super uncomfortable. My throat was very raw, but that was to be expected anyways. Good thing I picked up some sore throat spray the night before. Oh, as far as the sore throat spray goes, get the good one-I decided to go cheap & get the CVS Brand version & it definitely did not numb like it was supposed to. Oh well, I still sprayed the hell out of it on my throat. Lol! So besides that, I lay down and literally got up every hour to pee (not that that has changed much). I bought that female urinal thing & have not used it...not to give you guys TMI but my area down there is much bigger than that little thing, lmao! Anyways, I had bought a funnel from Walmart (for like $4.99) that I have been using faithfully. I bought it in the Auto section. It is red and it is long so that you can pee standing up, but it does not splash back all over you either. I just stand directly over the toilet and wa-laa! It has been awesome, no dripping down my leg-nothing! It covers your whole area & you can hold on to a little section on top. I seriously do not recommend the female urinal. So I brought a massage table with me and have been sleeping on it because it has been a lot easier for me to get on & off of. As far as the head rest, I do not recommend using it to put your face into...I tried once and my face ended up swollen-no bueno…Rememeber, the benefit of the massage table to me was its height to the ground; definitely not its’ comfort, so if you do not already have one, then going out to buy one just for the surgery recovery is unnecessary.

So, what’s gone on since then? Well I have been good, then bad…good, then bad. Not anything to bad...just the usual soreness & stiffness we all hear so much about. Definitely have to stay moving. After a few hours of lying down, I take a few hours of walking around the hotel room to avoid stiffness. I started my treatments with Miriam the day after surgery & have gone everyday (minus one day that I could not because my man left out of town & my mother was here who does not drive). I do not even want to call what she does “massages”...I would rather refer to them as “treatments” because that is what they are. They are not designed to relax you or make you feel good during them (like massages are). They serve a purpose, and a VERY IMPORTANT one! She was able to release so much of the fluids inside of me and massage out little balls that can easily form in the first days after. Miriam does exercises with you first to improve your flexibility and battle the “stiff monster”. It was cool because by her showing me how to stretch certain areas, I was able to do this back at the hotel during the horrible middle of the night hours that I could not sleep. I would walk around the hotel with my arms straight up in the air (helping the fluids come down) as much as I could. With that said, the treatments got easier & the fluid just continued to drain. She has really taught me a lot! Sometimes I would get to her house and have to wait for her to finish the treatment before me, but that was cool too because it gave me time to stretch (since I am just coming out of the car all cramped up, lol). She has given me lots of advice & in my opinion is just as instrumental in this transformation as Dr. Perry.

Ok, so I know I have overloaded some of you ladies, so I will shut this down for tonight. I will write more in detail tomorrow about the post-op visits with Dr. Perry & everything else that has happened throughout the week (not a lot of anything, but I am sure I can throw out a few more details, lol). I have already seen Dr. Perry twice after surgery & I go again tomorrow to see him before I leave the following day. Nothing has been wrong-as a matter of fact he is very happy with my healing. He keeps telling us he my body is looking “fantastic” with a capital “FAN!” LMAO! He is hilarious!

Anyways, let me rest my fingers for a few...Talk to you soon!


Random pics

My daughter has soccer game tomorrow...I have been living in dresses, but I can't wear a dress to soccer game (especially when I never have before). Tried on a few outfits..think this is winner-most casual & able to wear garment under without too much notice..what you ladies think?


Gosh....I so wish the pictures would come out as good as it looks in person..lol. Maybe I just suck as a photographer..oh well! Just another random pic..

Got my Boppy Pillow!

Actually I just bought two...lady on Craigslist was selling two Boppys with an extra pillow cover for $20!!!! In the stores they were like $40 for a pillow (without a case)...Hell nah!!! Lmao...piece of advice ladies-check Craigslist first-I mean we are only using it to sit on it & after we are done then what? Spend all that money for nothing! Think we have spent enough! Sorry I am a cheapy! Lol.

Walmart funnel

Ladies, I forgot to post this earlier..here is a pic of the funnel I told you about from Walmart. It has been a life saver! I am still using it...no splashes :-). I think I paid $4.99 for the funnel in the automotive section.

Random pic of the day...

21 days

Wow...I cannot believe 3 weeks have passed already! I'm feeling a lot better & actually started driving yesterday (not far). I'm going back to work on Monday so I need to start getting back into my normal pre-surgery life.

Anyways, still loving results! I'm shrinking so much everyday. Faja is already too big, had to order another. When it gets here, I will send this one back to Miami to get tailored so I don't have to keep buying more & more ($$$$$$$)!

Going back to work

Well...tonight is my first night back at work. I will be going in for 12 hours (hopefully I can make it the whole time, lol). I will update in the morning when I get off-1st day back at work, 1st day of anyone seeing me since my surgery. I wear a uniform that I think should hide it pretty well, we will see! Will let you guys know in the AM!

1 month post-op

I cannot believe a month has passed..time flies! I am definitely not back 100% to normal! but I am feeling way better. I had a lymphatic drainage massage yesterday & I am going again on Tuesday (bought a package of 6). I walked out of there feeling awesome! Figured I would post a few recent pics. Enjoy!

6 1/2 weeks...going to start "Barre Fitness" classes

Hello all! I'm still alive, just been busy enjoying my new body :-). I am still doing lymphatic massages 2x a week & it is helping a lot! It brings down the swelling & helps me feel more "normal" flexibility-wise. So, I have been researching different fitness workouts... I am the type that goes bored easily so I need something to keep me interested so I do not give up on it. So, I found these "Barre Fitness" classes-looks like it is exactly what I need to get me toned up! I will start them tomorrow & let you guys know how it goes! I added a few pics from the past week or so...


Barre Class

I finally worked out today. Went to my first Barre Class...it was awesome! It is a cross between Pilates & Yoga. Low intensity, but definitely can feel the burn of it. It helps to tone everything, not necessarily to lose weight (since what I want is to maintain, but tone all these areas that were lipoed).

I really suprised myself how much I was able to do (don't worry, I didn't do too much)-I was totally able to keep up. I think the slight numb feeling I still have probably helped, lol. There is also a lot of stretching involved, which left me feeling great! I bought a month unlimited, so I am going to try to go again tomorrow morning before my lymphatic massage-let's see how sore I wake up, lol.

7 1/2 weeks

Not sure why posting is already saying 2 months...but I am at 7 1/2 weeks. Time is going by so fast!

At the workout...

Oh I forgot to tell you guys, at the Barre Class, these girls kept telling me how nice my body shape is... I am so not used to that-it was kinda cool. I stayed after & was talking to instructors about my surgery (I had to tell them so they understand if I totally can not position myself a certain way) & they were asking all kinds of questions. Both of them were telling me that they know many people who have had liposuction & it did not come out like mine at all. As a matter of fact, one of them asked about the doctor...lol.....good job Dr. Perry! I have yet to doubt what he has done to my body! It's great! I just have to keep it toned! This was a major investment for me to just let it go...

Pics from the other day...

Had to go to my daughter's concert, so I was dressed totally covered (jeggings & long sleeve shirt)...but still my shape showed through! I soooo wish pictures would show it better. Ladies who have already had it done, I am sure you feel me on the pics not doing the body justice sometimes....

Before/after pic

Finally found the original before pic I had posted long time ago...I did a side by side to compare it to now! I love my results so far! I feel great!

Few more pics...

I cannot believe it.... :-D

Lost weight...

Have lost around 12 pounds so far...funny enough, I don't want to lose anymore. I am fine how I am, but I guess since I have changed the way I eat & live (working out), it's bound to happen. Oh well! I am just glad that I can sit here & say, "I don't need to lose weight-I love my body the way it is!" Merry Christmas everyone!

73 days...still happy with results!

74 days post op- how the heck am I supposed to find a pants that fit? LOL

Everything is good here..enjoying my body. Only issue is trying to find pants that fit properly. Don't get me wrong, I am legging & jegging to death over here, but eventually I will want to wear regular pants/jeans too. I bought some, but my waist is so tiny I am going to have to get them altered. So now I am trying to find a place for a decent price that will alter the waists in my pants.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!


Still happy with my results! I think I have learned to treat my body better (working out, eating better) because I would not want to mess up what my body has become. Still wearing garments...I take a break from waist cincher over my garment sometimes, I still sleep with board on.

4 months yesterday w/ pics

Hello ladies! I'm feeling good...almost normal. Still a few sensations that come every now & then, but I. Guess that is to be expected..they say sometimes it can take a lot longer to fully fully recover. I am ok though, they are just sensations-no pain! Like most vets will agree to..sometimes it feels like an emotional roller coaster (even this long after). Some days you wake up liking results more or less than the day before. I have come to the realization that my mind is playing tricks on me.

Dr. Perry definitely hooked me up. I cannot be any happier with the choice I made. To me, the results I got look very natural. He gave me the silhouette I wanted; not just booty wise, but waist to hips ratio.

I have been trying on swim suits I ever would have even bought before.. Good feeling! Now just gotta continue toning up before the summer. I am still doing my Barre Workouts, and they are awesome! I can already tell by the definition I see in my arms. What a journey this is (yes I am still on it), but I am loving every minute of it! Don't get me wrong, the beginning stages of recovery were a but difficult, but I do not regret a moment of this experience so far!

Sorry I gave been MIA for a minute, but sometimes I feel like I don't have too much to update-don't want to bore you guys! Zzzzzzzzz

5 months yesterday

Wow...time is flying..I feel great. Cannot complain. I'm still working out...i have lost a total of 24 pounds so far (but I'm ready to stop). I definitely am loving how toned am becoming. The attention I am receiving is a bit much, but if think slowly I am getting more used to it. It was extremely overwhelming at first.

I will post a more detailed review in a bit. On my way out to work now.

Some pics

10 months post op today

Wow...it has been awhile. I promise I have not deserted you guys...it's funny how before surgery I was on here 5 times a day & after surgery the urge to get on is not as bad...lol

Anyways, I will post some pics later today of me now. I am still very happy with my results...I am definitely staying focused on working out & eating right (so I guess that is helping a lot too).

Well I will post pics in a little while so you guys can see :-). Hope everyone has been doing well!

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