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So I have been stalking this site for a while and...

So I have been stalking this site for a while and yall are great at sharing your experiences so i finally decided to write instead of goes..let me start by saying i am 34 years young (lol) with 2 girls and a hubby. I weight 164lbs and a most women, i carry all my weight in my stomach and I have no projection in my butt. Of course hubby loves my body but I would like to LOVE my body as well. He is the only one I have told about my obsession (lol) and he is very supportive. I have already started receiving quotes from the Orlando area ranging from $8k-10k and then i came across this site..what a blessing! Because of my BBL sisters I have decided to take my body to SOUTH BEACH (so many good reviews)! I have read alot of reviews on Salama and he seems GREAT but he is far too busy so I have decided to go with Dr. William Perry! He is so attentive and answered all of my questions over the phone (30 min convo at 11p on a Sun night) and I didn't seemrushed. He has a few good reviews (no negatives) as well and he puts alot of emphasis on sculpting. I will be putting my 10% deposit down in 2 weeks and hope to secure a date in Nov 2012 so that i can look FAB for my 35th birthday in Dec..Norma, his assistant, is GREAT! She has already emailed me a list of hotels close by..I will post my pre-op pics soon! Happy surgery and big boo-tays BBL sistas!

Unfortunately, i still live paycheck to paycheck...

Unfortunately, i still live paycheck to paycheck so waiting til payday (next fri) to put down my deposit with Dr. Perry and hope for a Nov 12th surgery date...I already have an idea of where I would like to stay but don't want to book anything yet until the date is confirmed. I have started purchasing lil items here and there..question: does a neck pillow work the same as a boppy pillow? I was just curious. Also I will be driving to Miami from Jacksonville (5hrs) so that hubby and kids won't be bored in the room with me the entire time. I am looking at staying at The Element by Westin for 5 days total $655 and its 5 min away from surgery center..if anyone knows of anywhere cheaper please let me know. I am looking for at least a one bedroom suite. I already purchased my waist cincher (SQUEEM) which I love because it feels rubbery and does not have wires in so excited for all my bbl sistas! Can't wait to join you on the other side. I will post pre-op pics soon..gotta upload when i get home

Sorry I haven't updated in a while..I was too busy...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while..I was too busy looking at everyone else's I still haven't put down my deposit yet..just holding on to it because I have been going back and forth between Dr. Azurin and Dr. Perry. I love love Dr. Azurin's bootays and his fat transfers seem to hold a lower reabsorption rate but he does not do aggressive lipo nor does he like to do the abs...uggghh! I was quoted $5650 just for upper and lower back and flanks. I have already started purchasing my vitamins and iron pills. Mentally, I am scared and anxious "at the same dayum time"!! I am still trying to upload my pics but my computer is down so I will have to upload this weekend at my mom's house.

Thanks to Jova809, I am sticking with Dr. Perry! Her results amazing!!! I will be calling today to put my deposit down..wish me luck. Still hoping for a Nov 12th date!

I am still purchasing little items here and there. Luckily, for me it should be a little chilly in November so dressing down will not be a problem. I am so scared and anxious (AT THA SAME DAYUM TIME)! I read where another BBL sista purchase a folding lawn chair and cut the bottom out of it..i think i will give that a try this weekend. Other than that.. I am scheduled to get my annual exam next month and I can get all my blood work done then since it would be covered under my insurance. Til next time my BBL sistas..happy healing for those that already had the surgery and for the looking to cross over, I am praying for you! I appreciate reading everyone's reviews and looking at your before and after pics!

Well BBL sistas, it has been confirmed and deposit...

Well BBL sistas, it has been confirmed and deposit has been paid! I am onboard with TEAM PERRY! My surgery is scheduled for Nov now the anticipation begins!

I just contacted Norma at Dr. Perry's office to...

I just contacted Norma at Dr. Perry's office to confirm if they used the NPLB program (No Patient Left Behind program) and was advised that they do not use them because the program charges the office a fee. She also advised that the company is well aware that their office does not use them and should not be collecting fees ($200 non-refundable fee). I was considering the program but I only paid $100 to hold my spot in the program and i was suppose to pay the remaining $100 today but thanks to my BBL sista BBLBound, I will be calling to cancel. Luckily, I only paid $100 plus the $14.95 processing fee so I am not going to press the issue. I am glad I am able to keep for my date and pay for the surgery in cash. I would rather take a loan against my 401K and pay 3% interest than to pay 19% with NPLB. No worries- the show must go on..Mission Donky Booty almost complete. Ttyl!

I am so excited! I have exactly 2 more weeks to go...

I am so excited! I have exactly 2 more weeks to go and I will be in pain and loving it..(weird what we will do to our bodies) but if we can bare children why not get back the body you deserve after bringing another human being into this world.

Financial update: I was $1500.00 short of my payoff so I decided to take a loan with First America Credit instead of stressing on working all this extra overtime. It worked as a personal line of credit and it depends on how much your gross income is for the amount approved for. I think you can get approved for up to $5000.00 but again your gross income plays apart. I was approved for $2350.00 but I am just going to take $1500.00 so if anyone is interested and cannot get a traditional loan (my credit is bad) you can check them out

On another note..I just spoke with Norma (Dr. Perry's assistant) and found out that she just had the bbl procedure last week and she was able to tell me her experience. She is back at work and sounds and feel much better but she did say that the first 5 days were pure h--ll! She will be writing her own experience so look out for that. I can't wait to read what her experience was like..until next time my bbl sistas! I may not be able a review everyday but all of you are in my thoughts and prayers!

So my surgery was pushed back to Wed Nov 14th. I...

So my surgery was pushed back to Wed Nov 14th. I arrived in Miami on Nov 13 and checked into the Element at the Westin Hotel which is a 1 bedroom, full kitchen and walk in shower (this came in handy). It is also 10-15 min away from Dr. Perry's surgery center which is a real plus. I arrived at his office to fill out all my pre-op paperwork which took about 2 hours to complete. The office staff is great and everyone was very helpful. Dr. Perry is awesome! He made sure my husband understood everything about the process and what to expect so i felt assured that I picked one of the most top of this day- enjoyed the scenery, ate and filled my prescriptions since I couldn't eat after 12 time 7am

Day of surgery: Arrived at the surgery center at 7:30 (i was having second met with Sophia and Dr. Perry..gave me plastic panties and pee cup (no babies here! ) Spoke to the aesthiogloist..he went over my lab work with me and made me aware that i was diabetic..i immediately declined doing the surgery but he assured me that they perform surgery all the time on diabetic patients and should be no problem but I should find a new doctor because they should have made me aware..UUUGGHH!

Husband said a prayer with me and I was off..once in the operating room IV was given and lights out!

I woke up around right eye was swollen and my lip was big (I think i bit my lip)..butt was on fire and I was draining everywhere which was real good but they kept standing me up so I was getting real dizzy ( drink alot of water with honey). I ate alot this day and i was feeling pretty good since I was still under aesthesia but I had missed my first massage appt at 4 since i didn't get out of recovery til 5p..rescheduled for 11/15 at 1 and post op scheduled 11/15 at 11:30a.

Post op- woke up stiff, ass swoll and on fire..everytime you lay down getting up all over again is a task. I told me husband i feel like a tin man needing to be oiled with Dr. Perry told me he took out 5000cc and inject 3000cc..1500 each side..he said he gave me the Nicki Minaj..WOW! I must admit i defin have curves and ass problems with urinating and so glad the garment has holes big enough to stand over the toilet and pee. This day was the hardest for me because I had to take off my garment when i did my postop and then pull it back up and i felt drained and massage too tired

Day 3- Feeling okay..still stiff and walking more like a penguin..i walked the Dolphin Mall with my family but i play it off as if I had hip surgery so i didn't get too many

Day 4- My husband got called back into work so we had to leave a day earlier..I never got my massaged but I have been self massaging and my husband has been using the rolling well

Day 5-Neck hurts like hell, vajayjay is swollen..spoke with Norma said that this was normal and to apply ice..will continue my review later...inbox me if you have any questions

Okay I am 12 days post op and so far i am loving...

Okay I am 12 days post op and so far i am loving my new body. I am still experiencing some tingling sensation in my lipo areas which i know is normal and my butt is starting to soften up a bit. I am still very swollen in the lower abs but I have not been dedicated to getting my massages so i know it will take a little longer for that to heal. Vajayjay still swollen a little but not as much and I have no problems with bowel movements.. I have gone everyday for the last 4 days. I wear my full garment faithfully with my waist cincher so i know this helps alot. I have been sitting since Day 6 using the yoga mat rolled up under my thighs and I am still taking my Vitamin C and iron pills. I returned back to work on Day 6 so I really had no choice but I do walk alot at work. Sleeping has gotten easier, still experiencing stiffness when i first get up but its not as bad.

I am 6 wks post op today..feeling good. My stomach...

I am 6 wks post op today..feeling good. My stomach is still a little lumpy in the lower abs and my butt is still a little hard in the mid area but it still jiggles. I still itch in my lipo areas and I notice that only happens when i have been wearing the garment all day at work but I take benadryl and it helps a little. I am still at 44" in the hips and 30" in my waist. I am real happy with my new body. I will not focus too much on the lumps in my lower abs because I know it will take longer for me to heal since I have not been getting my massages like I should. I really have been on the go since my surgery. I went back to work on Day 6 and that same week cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner and then prepared for my big 35th birthday bash on Dec 14th and Christmas shopping for the kids. I have been neglecting you guys and i apologize but i have been keeping a collage of my progress and I will update my pics when i get home this afternoon. I am suppose to be in Miami again after New Years for my post op visit so hopefully I will get to meet BBeautiful2. To all my bbl sistas going through this surgery, please be realistic. You are spending a lot of money to be a better "YOU" but you cannot expect an Amber Rose shape and you coming into this looking like Spongebob Squarepants! I have reviewed just about everyone's before and after pics and I think everyone looks 100% better than they did going into this. I went into this just wanting to get rid of my love handles and I wanted the illusion of a small waist. Everytime I start to critique myself I look at my before pics and I rethink everything! Be aware of the downfalls and do alot of research! I was on this website everyday for 6 mths before having my surgery so now that i am experiencing everything there are no surprises. My husband got real scared when i told him my vajayjay was swollen at 1wk post op but i handled it like a G and told him that its normal because I already knew what to expect. I never used a boppy pillow, it didn't help me. I took my yoga mat and a placed a towel on it and rolled it up. I placed it under my thigh and it lifts my butt off the seat. I also didn't use the pee cup or urinal, stand over the toilet and just pee. I don't drink gatorade but I do drinks lots of water and pineapple juice. I would usually buy cans of Dole Pineapple slices and eat the pineapples and/or make me a pineapple smoothie. I still sleep on my stomach with a bunch of couch pillows beneath me to elevate me and sometimes I would even make a bed on the floor or on my ottoman. Well ladies thats it for now. I will try to update more this afternoon but I promise i will upload the pics. Happy healing!

11 months later and still loving it

Hi dolls, its been a long time and my body is 100% healed and I have been back to my normal self. My current weight is still 165. I am loving my new bod and I still get compliments. It looks and feels so natural. There are no regrets. I dont workout in the gym everyday but I do walk on my lunch. Life has been busy and I just opened an online boutique while maintaining a full time job so everything is pretty hectic for me. Here are some updated pics for all my bbl sistas! Love you all!

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