Tummy Tuck & Lipo Done!!! Dr. Jonathan Fisher is GREAT!!! - Miami, FL

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Hi Ladies, First off let me start by saying.......

Hi Ladies,

First off let me start by saying.....I LOVE THIS SITE!! I'm totally addicted to it! I find myself spending all my spare time on this site. I love the candid and honest responses and posts! So THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!!

Now on to me! Well as you can see from my pics....I have no hips at all and I severely need my back fat to go away and my waist to appear! I've decided to go with Dr. Perry...and here is why. I loved the result of Dr. Salama, well honestly I'm obsessed with Pinkmommy88's results (they are WONDERFUL)--so I was going to choose him, but once I received his quote and spoke with him, I wasn't really convinced he was the dr. for me! So I kept looking and came across Dr. Perry! He sent me a quote, not just for the bbl, but he said because I have extra skin on my stomach he'd do a c-section type of incision and get rid of the extra skin! I smiled all day...I had thought about having a tummy-tuck because I just had twins and boy did they do a number to my stomach, but I just didn't want 2 operations nor did I want the pain of having my muscles sown up!

Well anyway I've decided to go with Dr. Perry, so now I need to know how many cc's I should get! I'm not unhappy with my butt now, I'm a small girl and don't want anything crazy....and I've played with the applications that show you surgery results and just slimming out my stomach alone give me a good projection and generous size rump! BUT what I do desperately need is HIPS!!!! AND I figure while he is at it he might as well throw some cc's at my butt...lol

So here are my questions....what garments do I need, what should I take with me on my trip and what questions should I ask?

Thanks everyone and GOOD LUCK to ALLLLLL the BBL LADIES!!!!

OK ladies please help me put together a list of...

OK ladies please help me put together a list of needed items!! Or direct me to a profile that already has the items listed! I'd so appreciate it! I'd hate to get there and not have everything I need.

So far I already have

1. Fajate (size med for now)
2. Faja Derriere 3xs
2. Vedette 128 2xs (for later)
3. I have another post-surgical shaper from Leonisa size Xs
--Dr. Perry gives 2 garment to his patients so hopefully they will hold me over.
4. 2 boards & 5 sheets of foam
5. Arnica Gel
6. Arnica Montana pills

I've been taking Iron, Women's 1 a day, Vit C and additional folic acid but only for the past 3 days...just found out :-(

Anywhoooo any tips would be appreciated!!

New Doctor...new procedure! Tummy Tuck w/lipo

Okay...so I've been soooo long since I've updated my profile. I have been stuck in limbo about what surgery I'd like to have done. Initially I wanted the BBL...not so much for the butt, but more because I hate the fact that I barely have any hips! After looking as several reviews and some amazing results, I decided AGAINST getting the bbl! Honestly I so want my butt bigger...I love my butt and I feel like I may regret getting it and then I'm stuck with an ass I don't like. What I do HATE more than anything about my figure is my stomach...so I decided on a tummy tuck with lipo sculpture. This way hopefully I'll be able to get the "hourglass" figure I desire and then if I'm not completely satisfied, I'll contemplate getting a bbl later on.

Okay enough about feelings...let me get to the details. After researching doctors and considering my budget...I've decided to go with Dr. Fisher from Vanity Comestics. I've read some reviews that weren't favorable about their customer service and punctuality, but honestly I've had nothing but a great experience with them so far! They've been great, I mean they even found a hotel for me to stay in during my recovery! My surgery is schedule for Tuesday 2/25. I'm so ready mentally, but I feel like I'm not prepared! Can anyone who has had this procedure give me suggestions and/or advice.

Need answers from others who've had TT w/ Lipo....

I was contemplating bbl but now that I've decided to go with a tummy tuck and lipo, I just want to get some information from anyone who has already done the procedure.

My most important question is what suggestions do you have for me to take with me for my recovery and did anyone put a faja on directly after having a tummy tuck? I've heard it does wonders for recovery and shaping, but the doctor I'm using doesn't suggest putting it in because of the amount of pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


Hey Ladies...my surgery is complete! Tummy tuck & lipo performed by Dr. J. Fisher at Vanity. First off let me start by saying...I LOVE Dr. Fisher. He was great to me and I love my results. Although I just had the surgery perform yesterday..I've already took some sneak peeks and I'm liking what I see! The price in the header is wrong..it's from a previous doctor and surgery, I only paid $4500 for 4 areas of lipo and tummy tuck.

It's not as painful as I thought it would be, but I will say I have a very high tolerance for pain so that may be attributing to my lack of intense pain! I go for my follow-up tomorrow and I will post pics at that time. Thanks ladies for all of you support!!

Please Help Me!!

Okay...so my surgery went well and I'm please with my results, but I must say the follow-up with Vanity leaves a lot to be desired!!

Can anyone give me a little info...first off when does the swelling start to go down? When did you change from the binder garment given by the doctor and when showering did you still have drains in and if not did your opening get wet or did you avoid getting it wet. Last but not least...when can I begin to stand straight up?

Sorry to bombard with all the questions but I'm sooooo in need of helpful answers!!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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