My First and Last BBL Consultation - Miami, FL

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Hello fellow BBL queens! After 2 weeks of...

Hello fellow BBL queens! After 2 weeks of research, I finally found a credible BBL surgeon with impressive work to show for! I live close to Miami, FL, and I wanted to fins the best doc for the money. I came across Balharbour Plastic Surgery Associates and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the bbl before and after pics!

Since I was in middle school I always felt self-conscious about the size of my small butt. I'm top heavy, but my hips and rear end never matched. I finally made the decision to change that and get the body of my dreams! As soon as I was certain this is what I wanted, I booked an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Salzhauer.

My consultation was such a delight. Doc says he is going to remove fat from my tummy, flanks, and back. Then re-inject 700cc into my booty :)

I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Salzhauer and knew his work was worth it. I booked for a surgery date as soon as the consultation was over!

I now have about 6 weeks until I go in for my medical clearance and pay the outstanding balance. I can honestly say, I've never been as excited for something since I was a kid on Christmas Eve. I'm constantly thinking about how AMAZING my new body is going to look, and my nerves are going to be all racked up until I go in for the procedure!

I have three more days until my surgery date,...

I have three more days until my surgery date, ladies! I've already filled my prescriptions and started taking my multivitamins. I'm still in complete shock that I'm going through with this. I'm excited but I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous! I just hope that I have no serious complications during and after, and that the results are all I've been dreaming of. I will be sure to post before and after pics for you all very soon!

Post Op Pics!

Hey Ladies! I'm sorry I haven't updated, but it's been 5 weeks after my brazilian butt lift and I'm am so happy with how my body is looking! At first, my butt looked like an over-inflated beach ball due to the swelling, but now I can definitely see it starting to settle. I finally have the coke bottle shape I've always dreamed of. Of course, my body is still healing, but I am so satisfied with Dr. Salzhauer's work. I look a million times better in my clothes, and I feel so confident. This experience was definitely worth the money, and I would refer anyone to Dr. Salzhauer. I will post more post op pics in a few weeks :)

Pics after 6 months and I am stunned.

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