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I have been wanting to do this procedure for a...

I have been wanting to do this procedure for a very long time. I am married to a wonderful husband, who supports me with everything in my life.
So, I've been doing my research on here, looking for the best BBL Surgeon. I came across a review with Dr Jonathan Fisher out of Miami. From that post and other posts with him doing the procedure, I saw great results! I asked for a email consultation and of course they responded right away.
I'm ready to do this! I sent what I needed to send, they got back with me, and I scheduled a date! I'm so excited!

Had to switch Doctors

On Eres website they say they take Care Credit. So, I contacted the coordinator to pay off with my Care Credit card. She tells me that Dr Fisher does not except Care Credit. What a bummer!! So, I had to cancel and take a loss of $400 dollars from my $1000 deposit I made. To make matters worse.. I had already booked my flight and reserved a vacation home! At this point I'm thinking of all the money I will lose. I was so bummed! But, I continued to do my research on here, and came across Dr Moises Salama. Their price is currently $8,299. It is more than Eres, but, they include not only everything Eres offers, but also 2 postoperative massages, two compression garments, Lipo foam and board. So I went to their website (Elite) and checked out their finance options, and saw that the take Care Credit. So, I submitted my request for a email consultation. They got back with me really fast and asked for 3 photos. I had sent Eres 3 photos (front, side, & back) already, so I just forwarded the email. They get back with me and say I'm a good candidate. That's great, but I had already bought my plane tickets and booked my hotel for Feb 5th - 13th. So, doubtingly I emailed the coordinator and told her that I'm willing to book now if I could get a surgery date for Feb 6th 2017. I really didn't think that it would go in my favor, but I said freak it! It won't hurt to ask, and if they said no it wasn't available, then this surgery just wouldn't be for me.
So, I get an email back stating that she worked something out and was able to get me in on Feb 6th!! I couldn't believe it!!! She said I would have to be there on the 5th, and can leave at the earliest on Feb 13th! Mind you, I hadn't told her about me booking a flight and stay already! I just told her that I would be in town on the 6th of Feb! Man.. God is Good! I know God doesn't want us to be vain, but I am a women of God. I prayed to God (when the original booking didn't go my way), and just said "Lord, if you don't want me to get this surgery, then your will be done." Of course I was sad praying that (I'm only human), but it would be something that I would have to except. At the end, it worked in my favor. It's so amazing! So, I was able to book the surgery date with my Care Credit card at zero percent!! I am so filled with joy and looking forward to becoming a Salama doll!!
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