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Well I have decided to start a new Journey with a...

Well I have decided to start a new Journey with a new Doctor. My first cosmetic procedure was a MM with Dr. Hochstein but now it's time for my next one which is a BBL and that I want done with Dr. Fisher because his work looks amazing being my second choice. I originally was thinking of getting a BBL before my MM with Dr. Fisher but he wasn't available around the time I could get it done last year. I am now ready for my next big procedure!! Yay!
So here I go again with this whole new process, so I requested a consultation through here and got a response the next day though my email. I originally started off with a SC named Margaret but then never got a response back, then a couple of days later I had 2 more emails from 2 other SC and responded to one named Ana and she replied with a text to my phone. She has since gave me a quote and asked when can I give my 1,000 deposit to set my date and secure my price I was quoted, I told her I could pay it on Friday but then she asked if I could do it sooner because Dr. Fisher was filling up quick, which I said no and she said ok that was fine but I would have to pay it Friday morning don't know why but OK, I guess. So if there is a Fisher Doll that can tell me if I should stick to this SC or change to another please let me know, I really don't want to deal with headaches and run arounds with Vanity. Thanks and any kind of advice with this new journey would be a greatly appreciated!!!

Finally decided

Hi Ladies, it's been a while. Well I've been debating on going through with the BBL because I was looking into other PS and came across Dr. Blinski known on IG as DrFixit....well I love his work and love how its his own practice and not having to deal with a clinic/facility. He calls you directly and responds to any email questions in a timely manner and I was ready to put my deposit down today but because I have a issue from my TT which are "dog ears" I asked if there would be a price difference and to my surprise the price of $7,900 jumped to $8,900 and i actually didn't expect it to be that much because my thought was like "ok it just fat being transferred and thats what a BBL consist of right" well he got offended of my thought and answered to me like "Really! I am an expert experienced plastic surgeon NOT a clinic chop shop. Good luck to you
Dr B out" me expecting an explanation as to why and just thrown off guard but I responded classy with Thanks for your time. So with that being said this just made my mind up to say ok I'm all in and I'm ready to put my deposit down tomorrow and book my date for mid April.....DR. Fisher here I come ???? can't wait!!

Surgery Booked

Hi Dolls, just excited to share that I have finally picked a date and made my $1,000 deposit for my BBL surgery. I am booked for April 25, 2017 with Dr. Fisher yay!! He will be fixing my "dog ears" from my previous MM and hoping for the best. If anyone would like to share any advice and help me out with a supply list that would be great !!! :)
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