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Well I have decided to start a new Journey with a...

Well I have decided to start a new Journey with a new Doctor. My first cosmetic procedure was a MM with Dr. Hochstein but now it's time for my next one which is a BBL and that I want done with Dr. Fisher because his work looks amazing being my second choice. I originally was thinking of getting a BBL before my MM with Dr. Fisher but he wasn't available around the time I could get it done last year. I am now ready for my next big procedure!! Yay!
So here I go again with this whole new process, so I requested a consultation through here and got a response the next day though my email. I originally started off with a SC named Margaret but then never got a response back, then a couple of days later I had 2 more emails from 2 other SC and responded to one named Ana and she replied with a text to my phone. She has since gave me a quote and asked when can I give my 1,000 deposit to set my date and secure my price I was quoted, I told her I could pay it on Friday but then she asked if I could do it sooner because Dr. Fisher was filling up quick, which I said no and she said ok that was fine but I would have to pay it Friday morning don't know why but OK, I guess. So if there is a Fisher Doll that can tell me if I should stick to this SC or change to another please let me know, I really don't want to deal with headaches and run arounds with Vanity. Thanks and any kind of advice with this new journey would be a greatly appreciated!!!

Finally decided

Hi Ladies, it's been a while. Well I've been debating on going through with the BBL because I was looking into other PS and came across Dr. Blinski known on IG as DrFixit....well I love his work and love how its his own practice and not having to deal with a clinic/facility. He calls you directly and responds to any email questions in a timely manner and I was ready to put my deposit down today but because I have a issue from my TT which are "dog ears" I asked if there would be a price difference and to my surprise the price of $7,900 jumped to $8,900 and i actually didn't expect it to be that much because my thought was like "ok it just fat being transferred and thats what a BBL consist of right" well he got offended of my thought and answered to me like "Really! I am an expert experienced plastic surgeon NOT a clinic chop shop. Good luck to you
Dr B out" me expecting an explanation as to why and just thrown off guard but I responded classy with Thanks for your time. So with that being said this just made my mind up to say ok I'm all in and I'm ready to put my deposit down tomorrow and book my date for mid April.....DR. Fisher here I come ???? can't wait!!

Surgery Booked

Hi Dolls, just excited to share that I have finally picked a date and made my $1,000 deposit for my BBL surgery. I am booked for April 25, 2017 with Dr. Fisher yay!! He will be fixing my "dog ears" from my previous MM and hoping for the best. If anyone would like to share any advice and help me out with a supply list that would be great !!! :)

It's getting real

Omg my current thought.....shit just got real!!!! I am less than a mth away for my BBL with Dr. Fisher. and still haven't bought any supplies booked a RH or paid my balance. One thing I did accomplish today is get my blood work done But when I seen my primary Doc he said my blood pressure was high(that's the first) so now he has to see me for that in 2 weeks!! So now I have 2 goals before my surgery date or it won't happen, keep loosing weight and lower my blood pressure but I do believe my blood pressure was high because I drunk a cup of coffee before my appointment, what was I thinking ugh.
Oh and another concern I have is I was put on antibiotics today which is normally up to 7-10days and in the paperwork that is sent to you, it clearly says stop all meds 30 days before your surgery. I will be emailing Ana tomorrow and hope she says that it's not a problem.....fingers crossed!! Oh man all these thoughts are stressful!!

Blood work came back good

Yay!!! I'm getting super excited about this now. Well I was giving the "ok" by Ana to finish up my antibiotics with no problem and she also emailed me today with my blood work results coming out good only thing now would be my doctor giving me my clearance. I was so afraid my blood work was going to come back with low iron because it always come back with low iron when I get blood work done for my hypothyroid issue and I'm always put on iron pills but seems like they have been working for me. Now to start looking into hotels to stay, I was considering staying at a RH but honestly it would be more cheaper to stay with my husband at a hotel where he can care for me I'm just not sure how many days. I asked about getting massaged at Eres but their prices are 100 per massage and I was hoping someone here could tell me if they know where I can book my massages for a better deal. :)

Eres bought out by Imágenes PS

Just an FYI ladies....I received this email today along with " Failure Notices" emails not delivered to Ana...but I did speak to her yesterday when I was trying to get her to fax over my EKG results to my primary doctor so I could get my clearance letter but when I called they were already answering the phone as Imágenes Plastic Surgery so the name change must have just happened yesterday.....well figured I'd give y'all the heads up, I just find it crazy how it went from Vanity to Eres and now Imágenes.....

Officially Fisherfied

Hi Ladies, I finally made it to the other side!! But, it almost didn't happen!!! Dr Fisher does not play when it comes to certain wording on your clearance letter. My doctor had submitted my letter Friday and it was considered to be a high risk patient. I was told by Ana that Dr. Fisher would not perform my surgery with a clearance letter like that. Well me in shock I was like "what" that's not what my doctor said the only thing concerning to him was that my blood pressure was a bit high so he put me on a small dose to be able to have my surgery. Well I got a hold of his nurse to tell her what was going on and she said that the doctor had worded it that way because he still hadn't received my EKG results at the time he wrote the letter but he said everything was good after receiving the results. I was told by Ana to retake one and send it to him so lucky I was able to do it and everything was fine with it. I took it to my doctors and he said he would rewrite my clearance letter to low risk patient. Now with this Dr. Fisher would be able to proceed, well problem with this is that was around 4:30pm 30 minutes before my doctor's office closes but I was promised it would be faxed. Yisel told me it wasn't sent but I was already told to be at the facility at 6:30am and she was suppose to call me to see if she was able to switch my surgery time with someone else well never received a phone call from about going through every emotion. I started to convince myself that maybe it wasn't meant to be but I was OK with that because I was already having second thoughts about going through with it after hearing all the recent bad rep the facility has been going through. Any who I figured I'd at least try since I was already paid in full and trust Dr. Fisher so I called the call center and they said my surgery was at 11 so I figured I would have time in the AM to call my doctor to see if it was ever done and the nurse said yes it was faxed that same day so I tell Yisel what number it was faxed to and she says Oh, that number doesn't work any more, like really!!! At this time I'm on my way to the facility just in case everything is received before my surgery. I get there and and am pulled to the back to prepare for the surgery but I'm like wait did y'all receive the clearance letter because Fisher will not proceed without it and shes like Yisel is still working on it. Finally 30 mins later she comes in and says I got it!! Yay!! Yea talk about being stressed before the surgery so at this point my blood pressure is checked and what do you know, yup it was high. The nurse checked with the Anesthesiologist to see if at this point it was OK to pop my blood pressure pill and she said yes it was. So at this point I'm like OK it's going to happen. Dr Fisher is just like ppl describe him to be a cool guy, funny and realistic. He takes his time with you explaining everything you need to know and expect, no sugar coating it. He also said I made the right choice for choosing to get the cell saver, reason being why I chose it, is because I suffer from being anemic from time to time and well I have read that your recovery is much better. So far it seems to be true I don't have any pain just discomfort. I will tell you though when I first woke up in the recovery room I was on my back and that shit hurt like a bad burning sensation but once the nurse told me to lay on my stomach it went away. Well so far I'm not in pain as I expected i would be I have taken my pain meds just in case. I was out by 6pm. Dr Fisher. Told me I had to stay local because he said I had to walk every 15mins and my drive back home would be impossible which is 1hour and half, so my husband booked a room. Lucky I bought some of my supplies. I haven't bled as much as Doc said I would he said it would look like a murder scene which would be completely normal but so far not my case. I have already vomited 2 times so I took the med prescribed for nausea but that just started at 4am. Well guys I'll try my best to keep y'all posted.


Sorry, on my last post it wasn't wanting to post my pics so making a separate post with pics.

Woke up sore after massage

Hi ladies figured I'd update since I'm just laying around...Well checked out yesterday from the hotel to head out to my post-op appointment and was hoping to get my first massage since I had only paid for one so I figured I'd do it all at once but then was told that my appointment for my massage was set for 4pm but I wasn't planning on waiting around till 4pm so I was able to set something up with the spa from my town and lucky I was able to be seen. Drive home wasn't bad just uncomfortable laying on your stomach in a medium size car but I managed. Went to my massage appointment and when she was massaging the back it didn't hurt but when she started to massage the front that kinda of hurt it was a burning feeling but still got it done. Waking up today I feel sore as hell from the massage it's like I had done an intense workout. As for pain no i don't feel any pain last night around 10pm was the last dose of my pain meds I don't feel like I need them and I really think the cell saver has me feeling like this....I really expected server pain and thankfully I'm not. I did have to take me some Miralax cause I had the urge to use the bathroom but couldn't but after taking it, it worked an hour later:) feeling much better lol. I've been doing lots of walking and drink lots of water. I took some pics and I can say I love my hips I told Dr. Fisher to please try his best to fix my dog ears I previously had from my TT and he said he would try his very best so far I'm impressed. He did mention that once I did lipo on my back that it could end up looking loose cause he said I had loose skin and so far it does look like it but I'm still happy....not too sure on the butt though i expected more fuller at the bottom but we shall see I'm still recovering.
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