Mother of 2 Finally Getting a Mommy Makeover: BBL First then TT & BL with Dr. Ortega - Miami, FL

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Like everyone else, Ive stalked RS for months....

Like everyone else, Ive stalked RS for months. I've mentally went back and forth with about 4 doctors. First it was Yily and Duran in DR but I kept second guessing traveling outside of the states. Then I considered Fisher but the review of the facility as a whole and them being unorganized deterred me. I finally went with Dr. Mel Ortega with Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, FL. I have yet to hear any bad reviews about the facility. His work is great. My coordinator Jessica has helped me every step of the way. I felt like I was bothering her with too many questions but she reassured me that she's here to help me. To be honest, I stuck with Spectrum because of her communication and great delivery of information needed. Im scheduled to have a Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. Ortega prefers to do the procedures separately so I'll be doing my BBL first and then going back in 6-9 weeks for my TT & BL. Ill be flying in on the 19th for my pre-op appointment. My surgery date is the 20th. I haven't booked it yet but I'll be staying at Assistance for Life Recovery House. They are affiliated and recommended by Spectrum. Karla who runs the facility also works at Spectrum so thats a plus. She gives Spectrum patients a discount of $700 for 4 nights/5 days. I'm excited to get this whole process done. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you guys.

Changed from Recovery House to Hotel wit Amy

I ended up finding a Surgery Buddy so I'll no longer be staying at the Assistance for Life Recovery House. It's nothing they did, I definitely still recommend them. It jus worked out to be a lot more cost efficient going the other route. So far, I'm in love with Amy. She is constantly checking in on me. Making sure I have everything I need. She'll hold even a regular convo with me as well. I can tell already the great care that I'm going to get. She gave me and my surgery buddy a discount because we booked together which is great. Definitely cut my recovering cost in half by going this route. I'm excited & nervous at the same time, it's so close.

Information on Amy

I'm probably gonna get messages asking about Amy's information so I'll be proactive.

Amy phone number: 239-850-5987
Rate: 125/day & 100/day with a buddy
I booked Amy for 2 days, the day of surgery & the day after. I think I can manage after that.
She works with her Husband & Assistant. Not sure what other usefully information I can give but feel free to ask.

Ive Arrived!

So yesterday was the big day. Landed on Monday & had a horrible experience with my Uber but all was fixed and my money was refunded. I arrived at Spectrum, paid my balance & was waiting for what I thought was my consultation. Come to find out, I was never scheduled for one & would consult with the doctor earlier the day before surgery. I was definitely annoyed at first about that. But being that the doctor already had my photos, I let it go. I'm actually glad that we did it right before my surgery because I didn't feel rushed. He answered all my questions & gave me all his opinions. Anyway back to Day 1, I paid & got my prescriptions. I called another Uber who was amazing. Arrived to my room. It's not the Ritz but it definitely will do for the 5 days. The location is the best part. Literally next to the airport & the facility. Uber was $6 from airport to clinic and & $7 from clinic to hotel. Amy is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG! So glad I went with her instead of a Recovery house. I reached Spectrum the following day for surgery for my appt at 1130am, they called me to the back around 1230pm. I'll add some pictures of the clinic. I'll share my surgery details in the next post.

I'm So Sorry!

I know how much I relied on Realself and you ladies to help me make my decisions & keep me updated. I could imagine relating to someone's story and wanting to know how it ended. So for that I apologize. Too much time has gonna by to give a detailed summary. What I will do is post pictures with dates & if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. I had no complications/problems with the procedure or Doctor. I go back to him January 12th for my TT & BL. Hope I helped someone & sorry again for disappearing on you ladies!

More Pictures

Here goes some more pictures.. Feel to ask if you have any questions.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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