Mommy of 3 Much Needed Bbl - Miami, FL

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So I've decided to get a bbl I've been thinking...

So I've decided to get a bbl I've been thinking about it for years just never got the nerve up to do it... Well July 25th is the date labs done deposit paid and I've been cleared for surgery... I'm just getting very nervous now

So I decided to do this because first off I'm a no there if three wonderful kids however they caused me to have three c sections... Let's just say my body is shot... I have no shake really at all just fat. I feel like a prisoner in my own body.

I'm very nervous about this but I'm staying positive and really hope for the best because there's no Going back now

Three days left

So Monday is the date only a few days left and I have to admit I'm scared I'm praying everything goes great I have little ones here depending on me...

What I'm taking

I have a lot I still have to do my darn bbl pillow will not get in until I come back home so im taking a Boppy pillow I think

I still have to get
More undies I'm just going to buy black
A female urinal
Another pair of socks
And foam but I herd spectrum sells the foam there 3 pieces for $30
So I'm just going to get that
Some people use a lipo board but all the research I was doing it won't make much difference you can also use a compression garment with the faja I have one I use for my c section so I'm taking that

Honestly I'm not over doing it I probably won't use much of anything I pack so I'm only pack the necessary items

Maxi dresses
Female Urinal
Baby wipes
Anti bacterial soap
Tank tops
Alcohol wipes
Epiboard or some type of foam(getting it there)
Arnica tablets and gel
Stole softener
Maxi pads to go under faja

I'm also going to my doctor to get some Tylenol 3's or something just incase

Buying Pedialyte and Gatorade when I get there so that I do not become dehydrated
Another spectrum doll posted about that
So make sure you drink plenty of fluids days before and after you don't want anything shutting down and im trying to do the same

Surgery time

Forgot to add I'm #1 for surgery I'm scheduled for 6am

I'm here

So I'm in Miami now first there was an issue with my hotel terrible I had to switch last minute and pay almost double tomorrow is my surgery 6:30am I'm going to call uber and get me then Karla will pick me up when finished ... Honestly I'm not scared at this moment just wanting it to come in and get over so I can get back to my kids.... I'm about to go check the beach out for a sec then come back can't eat or drink anything soon I guess I'm all ready

Night before surgery

It's the night before surgery and I'm all ready to go ...

I can't eat or drink anything else tonight I've taken a shower with antibacterial soap only no lotion or deodorants. No nail polish and all piercings are out. I'm about to say a prayer and go to bed right after I call my children and give them phone kisses. I will update soon

Will do an update later

I've just been in sonics pain I Wilde a complete update later the first two days are the worse but the soreness is terrible... Btw if you stay at a recovery house don't bring anything but 2 dresses and house shoes I really over packed and I only had a carry on and a book bag. I Haifa few issues before surgery the dr said I was going to be a challenge for him because I have scoliosis and all muscle on my right side buttocks it actually brought me to tears because I pictured a big butt but I couldn't get it do he said he would focus on contouring my shape and rounding my butt he's really a good dr .. I will go more in detail later I'm very exhausted o will also put picks

Before and after picks

These are my before and after picks keep in mind I went in wanting this big butt but had no idea my scoliosis had gotten worse also I was a challenge case my butt was all muscle a flat muscle butt who would've thought that I'm still swollen in my pictures so I have to wait a while to see how small my waist will become
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good they have responded very fast when I've sent my emails out to them

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