Mommy Gets Her Groove Back - Miami, FL

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Hello Everyone, After long consideration and...

Hello Everyone,

After long consideration and research, I have finally booked my surgery with Dr. Fisher. My surgery is scheduled for 11/23. I am all paid in full and am just clock watching at this point. I decided to stay with Rosemarie @ ARaway care. She is such a sweetheart. I am beyond excited. Wish me luck. I will post before and after pics. Shortly.

The Countdown is real.

Is anyone having surgery on 11/23 at vanity? I am having the worse time finding the right compression garments. Should i just purchase them from Vanity?

Before pics

I'm still on this fence whether not I want a tummy tuck, but I'll pick ass over stretch marks any day

Wish pics

countdown 30daysssssssssssssss

my mind is all over the place. i dont want to forget anything. Im coming to the realization that im going alone. i take my labs on tuesday. hopefully everything will come back A OK

Feeling nervous

I feeling very anxious now. I have a cold and can't get my labs yet and I don't want to wait till the last minute. I chose a recovery house that provides all the stuff on vanitys checklist so I feel like instill need to be packing something. Please some one off this nervous ledge I'm on

lab work

18 days to go and i have been putting off my labs because ive had bronchitis for the past two weeks. i pray to 8lb baby jesus everything goes well. I plan to get them done tomorrow. Everyone cross their fingers

Dr. Fisher just rescheduled my surgery

WTF. This is such a blower. Now I have to change my time off at work. change my flight, this is such a blower. Has this happened to anyone before?

In need of a good recovery house

Dr. Fisher no longer accepts patients staying at ARAwayhomecare ( Rosemarie). Can someone please send recommendations my way. Vanitys preferred recovery house gives me the creeps has anyone stayed there before? I am all ears. Please help.

Found another Recovery House. Thank GOD

After a frustrating week of having my surgery rescheduled, getting flights changed and vanity telling me they no longer accepts their patient at the RH that i had already paid in FULL. I can now say, by surgery is rescheduled, flights book and I am going with Mayda from my recovery house. I heard she was quite lovely. Has anyone used Mayda before. My surgery is now 11/30.


11 days to go. I am beyond excited. I keep running my to do list down in my mind over and over again. i cannot wait. I have a couple of people to discourage me, but my mind is made up.

ARHome awaycare

Is anyone staying with Rosemarie this week. She took $1250 from me and will not return my money. Has anyone else had an issue with her????

Question for the vets

I am looking some pics and I was wondering does the top of your vagina stay fat?


I cannot believe i wait to the last minute to comtemplate should i get a tummy tuck or just stick with the bbl. Fisher Dolls. Help me please!!!!!

Two days to go

My surgery is scheduled for 1pm on Monday. I am beyond excited

Mayda is the sweetest

I finally made it to Miami. My surgery is at 1pm. Mayda is by far the sweetest human being. Her home is very clean and peaceful. I would definitely recommend her if anyone is looking for a recovery home.

I made it to the other side

Dr. Fisher is such. Sweetheart. And surprisingly my experience att vanity Ed ether pleasant

This is a rough process

PleAse don't come alone if you don't have to this process is a lot

This loose skin has got to go

any suggestions

Booty fluff

How long does it take the booty fluff to come

This recovery process

WTF. This shit is no joke. Between the inflammation, the stiff pain and itchy skin. I can just scream. I thought my ass was gonna go straight back to work like shit sweet. Boy was I wrong. Overall my results. I'm pleased. My butt is still high and tight I have lots of loss skin on my tummy. But I wanted what would work for me and overall I'm happy. If anyone has any advice on the hell im
Experiencing right now. I all ears


Please give me advice on how to remedy this inflammation. In my back. I will be two weeks po tomorrow. The pineapple juice and bromelain isn't working that good I go back to work tomorrow and I cringed thinking about pain I may endure tomorrow

draining NO BUENO

So I have quite a bit of fluid on my back. I have to get it drained this afternoon. This sucks. I will keep you dolls posted.

dent in my butt

i am almost 4 week PO and I am noticing a small flat area on my left butt cheek. Did anyone experience this.

Slow but steady progress

Approaching my two month mark and everything is coming together. It still getting burning sensations in my back whenever I keep my garment off for too long. My results look very natural and not overdone. I opted for this procedure instead of a tummy tuck and so far my loose skin a retreating pretty well. I do sit in my but now and I wear a waist cincher with my ab board while I'm at work and wear my foam and faja during the night. This process was definitely challenging but over all I am pleased with my results

TT with Fisher

Hey dolls how are things. It's been a little over a year since my BBL with Fisher. Now I am headed back for round 2. I am scheduled for a TT on 2/15. Is anyone going to Fisher that week? I am trying to decide if I am going to use Claudia or Magda for a RH. Does any have any reviews on Fisher and tummy tucks?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My coordinator Helen is so sweet and extremely help. She has made my experience worth while

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