Mom of a One Year Old Baby Boy.. Body Needs Some Work Done So I Can Look Like I Did Before I Had my Baby :) - Miami, FL

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Hello to all my beautiful ladies out there Let ...

Hello to all my beautiful ladies out there
Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.. I am 28 years old and I have a son that just turn 1.. I don't plan on having anymore children only because my pregnancy was very high risk so I know my next will be the same and I can't go threw that again.. I'm flying out to Cartagena Colombia on January 2016 to premium care plastic surgery with Dr Campbell I'm getting Lipo on my stomach back and arms also getting a Brazilian butt lift and my breast done.. I chose Premium Care because I feel save there and I also love the PS work I still have 4 more months to go but I'm preparing myself mentally for this journey..,which I will be taking alone my hubby wants to come but I rather him stay with our son since I don't trust anyone taking care of him for that long.. I'm only going to be there for 10 days then I have to return back home to work I am a MA at a cancer center and my patients need me :) I will be posting some pictures later on so you guys can see my body I'm so trying to lose 10 more pounds before I go I've already lost 16 I was 186 now I'm 170 I'm 5'9 so you really can't see the weight on me but I feel it lol talk to you guys when the time gets closer

Having a hard time losing the weight ugh

hello ladies,
I just wanted to give you guys an update on my weight-loss.. I'm having such a hard time losing these last 10 pounds I haven't been eating well I try to eat healthy but it's so hard I also do a lot of exercising but it's just not helping I don't seem to lose I don't gain either I'm just stuck at one set weight i'm feeling discouraged :/ I still have 4 months left to lose it but the holidays are around the corner and you know what that means ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Before pics

Hello ladies,
So as I said before I was going to put pictures up these are my before pictures and I look really bad i'm still trying to lose some more weight but it's been hard also wanted to put a picture up of my flight that's been booked already for almost two months lol


Blood Work Time

Hello Ladies,
It's been a while since my last update. Now I only have two more months left before I leave.. Feeling very excited and a little scared at the same time. This month I have to do some blood work to send to Dr. Campbell... I pray everything comes back normal I'm pretty healthy I'm always on top of my health and that's because I'm a HYPOCHONDRIAC lol REALLY tho I'm not even joking !!!
As far as my weight goes I'm still the same.. I haven't gain or lost! This month I'm really going in on exercising and eating healthy the holidays are around the corner so its going to be very hard for me!! Premium Care just opened there new Recovery Center Gloria send me the pictures and its beautiful.. so I will be staying there.. Well that's it for now I will post another update as soon as I get my blood work back please pray for me that everything comes out fine !!!

What to pack ?

ok.. I need some help I'm starting to pack my bags.. and I was wondering what should I bring aside from the usual things that I would need to help with the healing process or anything in that nature ??

Lab Results Are In

Hello Ladies,
So my blood work just came back everything is normal.. I just send my results to Dr. Campbell I'm waiting to hear back from him. Getting a little anxious the time is almost here I feel like the months are flying by.. I keep thinking about the pain I'm going to be in.. anyway I probably wont be updating you guys until Jan right before I leave! I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.. Also Happy New Year :)

Can't sleep

Happy New Year !

Well I have two more weeks to go before I leave. I'm feeling excited and a little scared. After reading a lot of scary stories on here, I was kind of having second thoughts. I read a young Lady went to get Lipo done, at the same exact Doctor I'm going to and she stated she woke up wet soaked in blood. I'm like what!!! But everything is paid for so I have no choice. The thing I'm most worried about is not seeing my son for 10 days, also being home sick, being in a strange place alone. I'm thinking about so much that I can't sleep at night. I'm going to man up and stop reading all these stories on here. I was worried about the airport coming back into the US, I saw a couple of ppl having problems with coming back in due to there fajas and boobs. I pray I don't have no problems. I also wanted to know is there some type of fee that you have to pay when you get to Colombia ??? Well ladies I'll post another update and maybe a video the day of or before I leave. Good night ! PS I gain 8 pounds this holiday which I'm trying to lose by going to gym and eating right.

My so far experience with premium Care

Good evening ladies,

So I wanted to wait to get to Colombia to write a review on Premium Care Plastic Surgery, but since I'm up and can't sleep I'll just tell you what I've experienced so far. I contact them through via email and with in a few hours I got a response to send my pictures.. The next day I got a call from the doctor herself. She answered all my question and was very patient with me. There whole staff is very professional and really really nice. I've been talking with Gloria for months now. I know she can't wait to get rid of me lol I can't wait to meet everyone. And put faces to the voices on the phone. I asked Gloira to have the doctor call me because I have a couple more questions regarding my BBL. Hopefully I get a call before I leave, counting the days.

Changed Doctors

Hello ladies,

So I haven't updated my profile in a while.. So I flew to Colombia
and meet with the doctors.. I was not happy with what she propose to
me.. she wanted to only put 400cc in cheek.. I told her I would like
more cause I wanted a nice big round butt.. and a lot of that fat you
lose.. she stated to me that those types of surgeries they don't do
there.. So I decide not to get it done.. I Always caught I panic attack
over there... I flew back the next day all that money on the flight gone
for nothing.. So now I'm headed to Miami FL to see Dr. Blinski I know
he would give me the body I'm looking for.. I'm scheduling for FEB 7,
2017 .. also FL is a lot closer to me.. I will be staying in a
recovering home (Miami Escape ) I read there awesome there.. I'll keep
you guys posted..

Change my date Again

Hello everyone so I had to change my date of surgery.. Now I'm scheduled for March 2017.. I've been calling the recovery home I decided to stay in (Miami Escape) but no answer ugh

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