Mom of 3 Finally Booked It. Trying Not to Get Back to the Old Me, but a Better Me - Miami, FL

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So I finally got the nerve to book a date with Dr....

So I finally got the nerve to book a date with Dr. LLORENTE MD liposuction with fat transfer. Gave my down payment and in a positive state of mind. I am 5.10 right now 175 but still losing weight my gaol weight is 170/165 I have 3 kids all natural birth. I'm giving myself time so I can continue to inform myself on all the things I need to know before my surgery. Up to now I have been reading over his reviews like I'm studying for a test. I like the fact that one of the bad reviews was because she wanted to go bigger and he didn't. I'm very scared of these one size fits all body types that are trending these days this is not the look I'm going for and I think Dr. LLORENTE will understand this. Now I'm asking everyone who has done this before or who has had surgery with Dr. LLORENTE before to give me any info I may need and advice on anything I need to know or ask before my date as I maybe changing it to an earlier date. I appreciate and welcome all advice and thank you in advance.
P.S. can anyone advice me on recovery houses or affordable hotels near NEW LIFE PLASTIC SURGERY.

looking for a affordable RH or Alternatives.

The clock is ticking down and I'm trying to get as much in order as I can. First on my list is a recovery house. Can any one give me any details on the best affordable RH or an alternative. please be detailed with contact info and any thing I may need to know. Another thing I saw was that I need to get supplements, which ones do I need.

A change of date and doctor.

Ok now first let me say that I know that Dr. Llorente is a great doctor and does very good work. It took me 4+ years to find the right doctor and Llorente was it but after looking at Dr. Hanabergh’s work I saw the h was a better fit for what I was looking for. So, I have changed my date from August to April and changed from Llorente to Hanaberg.
Now this has not been easy there was some hiccups with the change to the point of me having second thoughts about the whole thing but that has been overcome and now it’s just a matter of my surgery date. I’ll keep on updating
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Enrique Hanabergh

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