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I did the consultation with a friend of mine at...

I did the consultation with a friend of mine at the same time and Dr. Ortega was nice and honest. I came out feeling a little sad about my body because Ortega said the fat could take a little longer to take to my body that my results could take six months and I guess cause my body is that messed up or I'm that assless and square...........or Idk. He also told me to lose 15 pounds in order to get the best result.


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Please anyone need tips for weight loss

Before I got pregnant I had loss 60 pounds of weight gained after leaving high school, during pregnancy I gained 60 pounds again and 10 months later I've only lost 15-20 pounds of it. I feel like I'm going through a crisis because I feel so sad all the time and that turns into tiredness and can't get to gym as much as I want. Is there any tips you guys have? Like juicing recipes or pills or apple cider idk anything

Thinking of switching Doctors

I'm really having second thoughts about Dr Ortega, lately every review of him I see now is just always people either unhappy that he didn't insert enough fat or that they look the same. The ones that are happy don't look great in my opinion. Idk I thought I saw great reviews about him before I booked him now all I see is bad, I emailed Liz the coordinator on Saturday that I really need a consultation with Rami Ghurani I'm willing to lose the 500 down payment I already made. I just can't risk paying all this money and it not be worth it. Idk why it's hard to find honest people, when I asked Liz to see Ghurani she said he requires a lower BMI but I see him take bigger people all the time on here.

Weight loss update

So I've lost 6 pounds. Here is the list of things I am doing.

Spinning 3-4 times a week
Running or walking fast on heavy incline on treadmill, try it and you will see just how fast you burn calories
Lemon cucumber water a liter or two of this a day, drinking this has really help me debloat and drink tons more water tons more
Fiber gummies
Lots of asparagus
Egg white omelette in the morning with asparagus maybe one slice of turkey bacon
Ground turkey with asparagus for lunch
Lentil soup
Green smoothies in the morning
Cucumber lemon celery green apple spinach you can add pineapple
Green detox smoothie from tropical smoothie cafe with whey protein for gym

Also this week I'll be trying this new soup because a friend of mine is getting the the gastric sleeve surgery done and they sent her this soup in the pre op diet

Medical clearance finally!

So I was medically cleared finally today, my surgery date is dec 9. There is only one problem my bmi is right at the 34 line where it's the minimum to get surgery. My weight has fluctuated lately idk why I definitkynhave not taken loosing weight serious because this surgery has been surreal for me. I was weighing 216 than I went up to 221 now at 218 I need to lose at least 5 more pounds ideally more before dec 9 :o I have a lot of faith I can do it I'm just leaving it all in gods hands and I'm reallllllly going hard in gym. I have another diet i can post for you ladies that was given to my friend before she got her gastric sleeve. I'll be posting it soon. I am so excited.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He told me the fat inserted could take six months to take or look how I wanted he was honest and upfront overall nice Doctor

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