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I just decided to post to help others out on their...

I just decided to post to help others out on their BBLs. I normally wouldn't post on a social media site because I'm pretty shy about putting my pictures in cyberspace. I decided to get this done after about a year of research and consults with different doctors. I sought out doctors in my home state, but ended up booking with Mel Ortega of Miami.

My current situation

Currently I'm at 172. Over two years I lost about 65 lbs. I went through some serious body image issues that actually affected others around me, so I finally did something about it. I worked out and ate healthy to lose 40lbs. Then I went on a medically supervised diet to lose 25 more. I still want to lose about 25 more but we will see after the SX. I am 5'3" with a BMI of 31. Although I weigh a lot, my hubby says it's due to muscle mass...I used to play softball in HS and lift a lot. It could also be attributed to my Islander genetics.
My current measurements are 38-29-42...very hippy, but no volume or projection in my butt. I am hoping to get that from BBL. I wish to be about 38-26-44.

SX is Five Days Away

I've paid half the balance and will pay the remainder this Fri. I am having surgery at Spectrum Aesthetics with Mel Ortega. I am getting lipo to back, abs, flanks, waist, and inner thighs (extra $). Like other ladies, I have had a hard time communicating with their office. I'm not upset though, because there isn't much I can do about that. They're probably busy and I get it. I just don't have the time to stress. No negative vibes here.

I am extremely nervous about the actual sx though. I am a worry wart with an overactive imagination. I am just reminding myself not to stress and it will come out better than it was before.


Flight to Miami-$351 for nonstop. Trick is shop about 6-8 wks out and fly on Sun or Tues. If you can. Or do the first leg through Hotwire or Priceline. Then book the return through a regular airline.

I researched RS for weeks to compile my supply list. I ended up with most items that were found in multiple posts.

Supply List:

Booty Buddy- Amazon
Lipo foam, ab board, back triangle, and compression socks - Amazon
Arnica tablets- Amazon
Two more compression socks from Mens section at Walmart
Gauze, bandaids, med tape- Walmart
Neosporin, multivitamin, Tylenol- Walmart
Pads- Walmart
Chux Pads- Amazon
I also got three packs of ten unopened from a local thrift store. They are in abundance there for like $3 a bag.

Funnel- trying a wide spout with a flexible tunnel from Auto section at Walmart

Shower curtain to protect Hotel bed the last 4 days of my Miami stay - Dollar Tree
( 4 nts at Revovery House and 4 nts at Hotel)

Blanket for plane


Maxi dresses cheap, old and loose for the numerous layers of garments
Sweats and tshirt for plane
Slide sandals for everyday (easy on and off)
Plain tshirts (Hanes) for under the faja
Underwear situation is up in the air..don't know if you wear any under faja or just use thongs
( I think thongs will be painful)
Minimal makeup
All toiletries

And I'm packing it in the smallest travel bag I have (wheels) so that I don't have anything heavy to carry on my way back. I'm all alone on this one including cab service to and from places so that last day of my trip (8 days post-op) will be a little easier.

After the All Clear Sign

After the all clear sign ( 2 months, I assume) I will go back to my beauty regimen.
This is just something that works for me. I am not a professional nor am I responsible for any outcomes due to the following suggestions and tips.

I waist train 2x -3x a week. I only wear it for about 2 hrs a time when I clean.
I do body wraps (they only help lose water weight, but it looks noticable). Once a week
I use a coffee scrub 3x a week in morning showers.
I use a cellulite cream.
I also use Palmers Body Butter for strech marks.
Some may say these creams and lotions don't work and that's ok, but I feel like my results are noticable. I've done this daily for months,even years. (I figure why not just give it a try.)

And for my face, I do a scrub, day and night cream, and never leave without Neutragenas Face Sunblock.

That's just what I do. If not just for results, but also the way it builds my self-esteem that I am trying things to improve myself. Hopefully, someone can find some useful tips!

Gotta have some Wish Pics

No profile is complete without the Wish Pics. Here are mine. I tried to find similar body types to me. I have a large frame and very thick thighs and calves ( which I hate). I try not to take pics because I feel like my thighs and arms are so large that they make me look very bulky ( think Hawaiian She-Hulk). I digress. So, here are my wish-please-oh-please-come-close-to-these-wish pics.

Miami Here I Come

Tomorrow I will be in Miami. It will be my Pre-Op day. Best wishes to all on this BBL journey, Dolls!

Playing the Waiting Game

Hey Ladies,
I arrived in Miami this morning. Now, I am playing the waiting game at Magdalena's Recovery House. So far, so good. She picked me up, showed me my room, I got to meet some other ladies to talk about their previous surgeries, then she fed me a delicious lunch, and I took a long nap. The set up in the room is very comfortable (TV, mini-fridge with water, yogurt, juices, crackers, etc., roomy bed space, and it was nice and clean). Right now, I am just relaxing and watching movies. I'll be going to bed early since I heard this is the last night of good sleep that I'll be getting. So, next post will be my post-op! So excited!

Hello from the Other Side

I did it!
However, I am going through some very mixed emotions. I am not sure if I like the results. The faja is not the correct size because it is not giving me the stomach compression that I need. I was told ny Magdalena that it looks good and that it is very big. We will see. I will try to post more information very soon.

Day by Day

Update! I wrote this 5 days post op.
So, I will try to start from waking up from recovery. Yes! The other reviews about the horrible experience waking in Sperctrum's
Recovery is true. I woke up shaking and freezing. Some woman tried putting on a sleeve compression on me over the IV, I was groggy but I knew she wasnt doing it right. She was also very forceful and couldn't close the sleeve jacket. I asked her to get another but she implied they didn't have one to fit me. So, she just bandaged me with gauze and tape.

I get to recovery house and feel like my butt is burning and so huuuuggge. Everyone there is confused on why they placed me in the butt out faja. They said it was too small on the butt and too large on the waist.
I just slept, ate some good soup, and learned to use the funnel.

Pain was at 6 for me. I have a high threshold for pain. I took my meds and drank lots of water.

Next day, we go back to the office and I had so many questions about what happened ( sleeves for arm and the akward faja) but they were adamant that I would only see an MA. They did not even check my body. All they did was tell me they didnt have one my size implying I was too large. Then, she said I would have to buy my own or talk to the doctor next appointment. Went to recovery house frustrated and with pain in the circles of my butt out faja. The Massage- so, I go get my first massage. It was painful. Lots of drainage. Ok. So, then when it was over the nurse who was nice and pretty cool asked to see my phone. She says I will give you this massage free if you do me a favor, and takes my phone, goes to google reviews and asks how I like Spectrum. I hesitated. She said, " ok, how do you like me and the doctor? " I smiled, then she puts five stars from my personal profile on Google on MY phone. That's how they have so many stars.

The next few days were spent resting, eating some delicious food, and walking around.

The Massage

As soon as I could I erased the google review for spectrum. I was so upset. That was a low move. Annnndd it was tied to my real name. I am a professional and didn't want my name affiliated with plastic surgery and ESPECIALLY with Spectrum!

Recovery House

Good news! Magdalena and her daughter were so attentive, sweet, caring , and funny. I came to Miami all by myself so they ( and some housemates) were my anchors. I had lots of moments of depression and regret. They kept me positive and helped me with everything I needed. The recovery house was awesome; if I'm crazy enough to do this again I would go back to Magdalena's.

The Massages at Recovery House

I recommend you get massages as soon as you can. A therapist came the recovery house and I got one everyday. I felt it helped with the pain and swelling. Yes. It was hard during the Massages but the after effects and the progresS made it worth it. The first two or three mat require some pain meds. It gets easier and better though.


I have been too nervous to post my after pictures, but I have been to upset with what I see. I know I need to remain positive. So, here are some from post op Day 1.

Unhappy with shape

I just hope it gets better.

Travel Woes

After spending three nights alone in a hotel, I was ready to go home. I mistakenly booked a flight six Hours from my checkout. So, I paid $40 for a 2 pm checkout and thought I would camp out at the airport. Big mistake. The chairs at Miami Intl. are divided by arm rests. I knew I couldn't stand for four hours so this is what I did. Stood a bit, tried sitting on my bootybuddy, found a stool to sit on so my butt hung off the side. Tip: plan your flight close to hotel checkout. It was not fun lugging around my bag when I already felt like a waddling Marshmallow Man ( faja, foam, ab board). It was not fun.

The plane was not that much better. I paid $34 extra for more leg room. On American it was then first row behind First Class. My booty buddy along with my huge hips didn't fit in the seat belt, so I improvised. I found some t-shirts I never wore under my faja, and used them rolled up under my thighs. Then i placed my blanket in the small of my back so that my booty never touched the chair. Did this for takeoff and landing. For the ride, I showed my med excuse and they allowed mt to kneel in all of the extra leg room seat which was on the aisle. It worked.

Update- Recovering at home by myself

My husband took the kids on a trip so I could heal without cooking and cleaning.

The bruises have cleared significantly. The swelling also went down a lot more.

11 Days Post Op

Some pics from the week.

Feeling great!

I've been feeling great! I feel like I have most of my normal energy now. I started doing errands and even went shopping for school supplies and clothes for the kids, clothes for myself, and groceries.

BTW: My husband took my kids on a little vacation so they wouldn't see me during the recovery process. I didn't tell anyone except two friends that I was having this SX, so for days 8-13 I was alone. I didn't feel like driving so during that time I got groceries and dog food through Amazon PRIME NOW. I highly recommend it if you are alone for some of your recovery time. Yes, the items are a little more than what you would pay if you shop yourself, but thats how they make money. There's also a tip for the driver. It was still very convenient.

Ok, so now (13 days postop) I have been driving about 10 min here and there just to go to the store, Walmart etc. Driving is a little difficult. I am 5'3" and my booty buddy pillow is very high. When I sit on it and use a rolled up towel on the small of my back, I feel like my butt is ok, however, it is hard to drive. I use my left foot to hold my body weight up, which seems to help. It is still a struggle. Also, the added height makes my head hit the ceiling. When i wear my hair in a bun - forget it. I had to drive with my head tilted sideways. Then, I realized I would have more room i open the Moonroof. Prob solved.

Going shopping was fun. I bought some work clothes that would conceal my butt, but still allowed me to look cute. I thought I would look boxy, but with size small and medium tops and L-XL bottoms it didn't look too bad. I bought a lot of cardigans, cover ups, and shirts with long tails in the back. I know what you're thinking? Why spend money on a new booty just to hide it? Well, my workplace is full if gossipers and I don't do drama, so I'm hiding it.BUT, best believe when I go out with hubby, it's ON! I have nothing but bodycon dresses, high waisted pants, some catsuits and bodysuits. At work, I'm in conservative clothes, flats, sperrys , chuck tayors and min makeup, hair in a bun. When I go out, it's falsies, curly big hair, and tight dresses. If a coworker saw me on a night out, they probably wouldn't recognize me. That's how I like it. Weird, huh? My hubby says, I'm like Clark Kent and Superman- super nerd during the day and Glamour Queen at night.

Recovery Tips

Remember: this is what I did, you don't have to and I advise you to follow your PS after care routine.

But, after lots of research, this is what I am doing.

1. Eat after the surgey. You might just tolerate soup, but eat. I heard some try to avoid it and ended up weaker.
2. Drink lots of water. It helps the swelling go down faster, flushes out the toxins and fluids after massages. Helps with recovery.
3. I took multivitins, and stool softner, Arnica (religiously) and the prescribed antibiotics. I also started probiotics after reading another BBL sister's post on contracting C-DIFF.
4. Napped often but walked around even more. I notice my swelling is bad when I lay down, but it easily gets better walking and staying active.
5. I switched from Garment 1 to some spanx on Day 10. That's just me.my original garment got too big. I actually bought my spanx at Ross Dress for Less for $10 a pop. I also wear a light compression waist cincher ( not the heavy duty latex trainer, but a softer compression one- Wal-Mart)
6. Eating lots of pineapple. A housemate told me to eat it until I coulnt stand it.
7. Get massages or self-massage every day (2x). Look up YouTube lymphatic drainage massage.
8. Try to stay positive. I have had a hard time with this one. I will not lie, I was one of those girls thinking I would actually look like my wish pics right off the bat, and when I didn't I took it hard. I got depressed, cried, and even regretted it. After realizing I look waaaay better than I did before and considering I don't have the same body frame, genes, skin elasticity that those models, I finally feel a little more positive about the whole process.

That's all for now.

Pictures from the Side

It seems like my side profile is the only view I like best. I feel like I may be too wide. My measurements are 38-28-45 right now, but I am still very swollen. Hopefully, my waist will go down more. I also think the 45inches on my waist are less likely from projection and more likely from the inches he added to my hips. But, I have to stay positive
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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