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I have been researching getting this procedure...

I have been researching getting this procedure done for some time now and have finally become serious.
I am very unhappy with the way my body looks and it has always been a little taxing on my self esteem, so I figured what better time than now?
I have been avidly researching doctors and am still considering two.
Dr Ron Hazani & Dr Rami Ghurani
Today I made a down payment of $500 to Dr Ghurani of Spectrum and plan to make a down payment of the same amount to Dr Hazani in about 2 weeks since I am really torn between the two but don't want to loose my price or date.
For Dr Ghurani my date is set for February 14, 2017!
I plan to keep you all updated from here on out since I am obsessed w/ RealSelf & know how much it has/does help me.

Spectrum ????

They just sent me the paperwork & as I'm reading through it I realize the deposit is nonrefundable. She didn't tell me that when I made it ???? That's not cool!

My only wish pics

My ideal
It doesn't have to be this big (even though I want it to be lol)
I'll settle for a little smaller
But this shape overall is what I want

Recovery Houses

I have been looking into staying at Miami Escape (they have a lot of good reviews and it looks beautiful). I had been really interpreted in New Body Recovery house for awhile too, but their website doesn't work anymore and I'm not sure if they are still in business. Does anybody have any info about that?

Accidentally Chose Surgeon

So as I told you guys before, I paid a deposit to Spectrum & didn't know it was nonrefundable.
Since then I have talked to my coordinator Jessica & there is nothing I can do.
Based on that it looks like I'll be going w/ him.
I was equally interested in both surgeons so I don't feel like I was forced to pick my 2nd choice or anything but I do wish I had had a little more time to decide since I'm not having my surgery until February.
But it's all good because all in all I'm happy w/ my choice.
I feel like everything happens for a reason.
So my surgery date is set for February 14, 2016 (hence my name lol) and I am trying to get all my stuff together now.
I have pretty much figured out what I'm bringing (chiseled lux helped a lot w/ that [ill post pictures of the box I'm getting from them]) & the recovery house I'm looking at (Miami Escape) offers a package ($60) that has pretty much everything else I will need.
I've found some some pretty good priced flights from DC to Miami but am still looking for flights back.
I was thinking about flying first class back because I heard they have more leg room and reclining chairs which my might make it easier to lay on my stomach but I'm not sure.
For real for real I don't even know if it's worth it for a 2 1/2 hr - 2 3/4 hr flight.
As for clothes, instead of getting dresses to wear post op I was thinking of wearing some loose jumpsuits.
Those are really the main things I've been looking into and researching since I set my date.
I would really appreciate some suggestions.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages BEFORE Surgery

So I've been researching places to go to get massages after I get back home from Miami and have seen a lot about getting massages BEFORE surgery. They say that it can make the surgery go smoother and helps w/ the healing process after surgery. Has anyone else heard this?

Dolls Recovery Getaway

I've been pretty set on Miami Escape Recovery House for some time now but I came across Dolls Recovery Getaway a couple of days ago and it seems good.
From the pictures I've seen the house looks beautiful & the meals look good but I can't find any reviews on them.
Has anyone stayed there or know of anyone who has stayed there?
& if so, how was it?


No longer Ghurani Valentine
My date has been changed to February 7th.
Christine from spectrum called me today to let me now that Dr Ghurani will not be in the office the day I was previously scheduled (February 14th) so I had to reschedule.
I'm really happy I hadn't bought my plane ticket yet!
I'm excited to be having sx a week earlier but for some reason I'm more nervous now.
Is anyone else having their sx around that time?

Recoveri booked

So I just booked w/ @cosmiaftercare yesterdai!
I'm going 2 book mi Airbnb in about a week or so
Mrs T from @loveshowsrecoveryhome has been guiding me & supporting me every step of the way even when I decided not 2 stai w/ her
I was realli torn on wut I wanted 2 do as far as mi recoveri goes & she realli helped me
She even told me even tho I'm not staying there when I get sick of mi BF I can come 2 love shows & chill 4 a bit
She has been a GOD SEND
I can't wait 2 meet her wen I get 2 Miami!!!

Long time no write

In kno it's been such a long time since I've updated smh. My apologies. I've been going through so much & have had to reschedule my surgery twice smh by I will definiteli b getting mi surgeri on Juli 11th ????. I had realli gotn discouraged & kind of down about having surgeri & no longer looked forward to it but as of recently I have finalli gotn happi about it again!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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