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New on here.... Heading to Mia frm NYC Ready to be...

New on here.... Heading to Mia frm NYC Ready to be a Fisher Doll... My sx is one month away... countdown time on my journey to eating healthier and prepping my body for well recovery.... Im NERVOUS! but anxious to get it over with.. Hopefully my mom will be traveling with me. Anyone gng around this time?? Thght I saw couple girls scheduled arnd my date Vanity told me Fisher does 2 bbl's a day so im curious I wil be stayin at Vanity RH was told they are in process of hiring new staff... Prayers up!!

updatin my wish pics

Wish pics

Nervous anxious and overwhelmed

Going thru a mixed of emotions Praying hard all goes well for me and other RS girls Every chance I get im on here to see if any new news on Fisher Dolls nerve wrecking awaiting my journey to Miami to become a Vanity Vixen.... Is anyone gng Aug 14 or around that time

Recovery Home Miami

Has anyone already stood at miriams recovery house??? Heard price is way lower than vanity's... Im kinda 2nd guessing the Vanity RH because of all the bad reviews it has been gettin.... Nd a place where I can heal stressfree

Cmon Vanity!!!

So I waa set to stay at Vanity RH despite on reviews and the shennanigans they pull... Got a call today the RH has been flooded and the will move all patients to an extended stay hotel.... CRAP!! They dnt even know for how long cause I told my pc Im not scheduled to Aug 15 wont it be fixed by then she said "idk" smfh hmmmmm so yall charging me the same amount of money when I can look for a hotel rm for half the price ... thia thing is really stressin me out now the search for a place nurse and massages continue

Gettin Closer

So after Vanity told me RH was flooded and wont be ready when I get there in Aug?!?! huh?!?! ok... Stressed me out searching for a place Everything happens for a reason because I am now stayin at a hotel I looked up for myself and will be getting a nurse and massages from
medicalmassageprofessionals just sad there is no room in their RH for my dates but at least my mind is more at ease knowin I will get aftr care lymphatic massages from an experienced LICENSED professional who genuinely cares Marian is the truth speaking to her You can tell she loves what she does and is very passionate about her profession so RS ladies if your lookin for the real check them out... Im one step closer still anxious nervous and excited to get my Fisher Body hook up!

1Wk Mia here I come

So in 1 week I will be goin under with Dr.Fisher Hope all goes well with Vanity... Feel my mind more at ease aftr spking with Dr.Fisher himself seems really nice... made me laugh whn he said "Yes Im real and working here" lol.. lab work is all fine & Confirmed sx on Aug 15... Fingers staying crossed!

In Mia... Vanity... surgery in less than 24hrs

So Im here at Vanity for my preop consultation surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am... waiting to see Dr.Fisher hes in the OR now... Its been the longest 30 minutes which I was told at 11 am now 1:30 ughhhh Im hungry and tired hopefully tomoro at this time I can say it was all well worth it!

I DID IT!! ***Fisher Doll***

Woooh this was no joke! Had my surgery Fri & I tell yall post op is a b!&%# My body was super sore the first two days I was feeling dizzy and weak. I am satisfied with my waist and hips wld like my butt to go dwn just a bit Dr.Fisher said it will so thats a good thing. Couldnt tolerate my first massage felt too weak but went on Mon and felt much better afterwards Marian' s hands are the best... & I am so glad I stood at her RH instead of a hotel they are the sweetest... Today I got my stitches and drain out, will be leaving back home tomoro... just cant wait till this post recovery period is over I wanna sleep on my back or just sit down sooo bad! I attached sum before and aftr pictures looking at them it was all well worth it! Aowwww! Happy healing to all my RS sistahs xoxoxo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Been callin Vanity everytime a question comes up in my head so far coordinator Lia has been responsive

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