Miami, Fl

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I'm not actually reviewing the procedure yet, I'm...

I'm not actually reviewing the procedure yet, I'm trying to find out areas to avoid in Miami lol I've never been there and I'm thinking of staying at a vacation rental while recovering from surgery. Is Little Havana near SW 13th Ave a bad area? I wish some of the girls in Miami would open a recovery house or rent out rooms lol it would be so helpful.

May not be going to Miami after all

Things have changed at the office of the doctor I had chosen so I may not be having my surgery in Florida after all. If not, I will be having my surgery on the west coast. I hope I can find someone on this side of the states as good as the doctors on the east coast.

I had to cancel with Dr. Pelayo

I'm actually not sure if he is still practicing in Miami. Now I am back to researching doctors. I'd love to stay local, but I'm thinking I will have to travel for the best results.

I've sent my photos to two more Miami surgeons

I have a phone consult this evening and am waiting to hear back from the patient coordinator of another. I will update once I hear more :)

Adding some wish pictures

I haven't seen many plus size women who are looking to accentuate their natural curves while staying..fluffy lol I thought I would put up some wish pics that showed my idea of that. It's pretty much what I'm going for. I really love my overall shape, I just want to be more proportionate while accentuating my existing curves.

More photos

I'm primarily interested in having my upper back, abdomen, and chin liposuctioned. If the doctor thinks that will provide me the results without the bbl, I am all for that. I have one more consultation left and then I will be making my decision. These photos are of the back results I really like. Basically smooth and proportioned lol

Deciding on a doctor

I did not think it would be this difficult to make a decision on a doctor.
Name not provided

Have not had surgery yet. Office staff has been kind.

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