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I am set to Have my BBL on August 6, 2014! 23 MORE...

I am set to Have my BBL on August 6, 2014! 23 MORE DAYS!!!! YAY!!! I am doing this in the middle of a college semester so I'm kind of nervous because of how close I'm cutting the recovery time. I am 23 with two children one is 4 and one is currently 8 months, but I am not alone I have the support of my husband and my mom as well. I am SUPER excited about getting it because I used to be small (128 lbs).. but now after my last child I gained a lot of weight and when I say a lot I mean a lot! I am 5 foot, 2 inches and 145 lbs and my BMI is 26.5 (overweight). I hope I get good results...I had a consult with Dr. Mel Ortega last wednesday and it was a long wait but it was worth it! When he came in he instantly made a joke and lightened the situation. He was very down to earth and practical, he tells you the truth straight forward just so you know what to expect... I think that as a patient if you had unrealistic expectations he just wouldn't do the surgery! He told me that because I have preexisting loose skin that I most likely will need a tummy tuck. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are separated so I would never have like washboard abs!! but he said that it might do me some good to maybe try and wear the compression garment and a girdle or waist cincher for 3 months post op 247! but it all depends on how I feel about having loose skin. I honestly don't know how I feel about it, I will just have to wait and see. I told him that I wanted a really big butt! he assured me that he would put in as much as he can but it depends on how much he can take out and then how much my butt will allow him to put in. any way! he is going to put some fat on my hip area because according to him i have the new spongebob square pants look! lol.He told me the reality and not just what i wanted to hear! I just really want to look good again and i feel like this is a good jump start for me to start living a more health life with my family. (And look great too)

17 MORE DAYS!!!!

Hello ladies the time is flying before I go into surgery! Im getting more nervous as the days go by... I'm trying not to think too much about it as my school semester is coming to an end as well... Finals are coming up and I need to concentrate! I have been stalking the real self website and Dr. Ortega's website for result pictures! I find myself getting on the computer to do some homework but then making my way to real self, not even halfway through my work. I know that I am really overweight for my hight and I'm hoping to get good results... I think now I might want to have him take some fat out of my arms as well... I mean there not that bad but they are still a little chunky! I have never been this weight in my entire lifetime and I am struggling to tone my body back to normal. Hopefully this will be exactly what I needed... My daughter is now 9 months and I should have lost the weight but she was my second child and people say it takes longer to loose weight more and more as you have more children. I think that its real messed up the way that women's bodies are built to retain fat due to child bearing! Ugh we have all the negatives... periods, and child bearing. I was completely against the tummy tuck procedure but now I've been looking into it and i might be interested if my skin doesn't go back to normal... I might... but not anytime soon... maybe in about two to three years... well I was just keeping you guys updated...
Have a Good Night

Link to Dr. Mel Ortega's Videos

Here at this link you will find videos from his website of real patients that have had the surgery and also the doctors themselves talking about the procedures maybe this can answer some of you guys questions...
Its always best to hear it from the source!

12 More Days Until The BBL With Dr.Mel Ortega!

I am really nervous as the days are counting down... I try not to think about it because every time I do I get like butterflies in my stomach. Like my stomach is doing back flips... I was saying to myself yesterday, I really want to look good but I mean this is huge! I never imagined myself going to a plastic surgeon to modify my body before... I mean yes almost every body thinks about at least one point in their life and I have thought about it a couple times... But I never really thought that I would be here at this point! I mean it was always time or money or just something... BUT HERE I AM... going in later to make my final payment! which makes it even more real... I think I felt this way about my last daughter... I was pregnant for 9 whole months and then when it was time for me to go into the hospital to be induced... I had this feeling again... and i was like okay this is real! I mean i know she came with responsibility remember she is not my first child i think that things just take time to settle in!! I have the jitters! I need some meditation!

Oh NO!!!!

Im Only 10 days away and I have a mild cold, just a stuffy nose now... and it showed on my CBC test before I even really started having symptoms of a cold! My white blood cell count was a little high... I hope that I can get though this in time for the surgery! I thought it my be my wisdom teeth at first because they bother me on and off sometimes... I have antibiotics for them but the nurses at the office told me to wait to talk to the doctor monday before I take them. But I know now that that wasn't the case because on Friday night the cold really set in! I didn't want to do anything but sleep! I had to fight it because I needed to study for my final! urgh... But its finally going away with lots of vitamin C, and water... I have been completely honest with my doctor and the staff at Spectrum, I just didn't know that I was getting this cold... I hope it doesn't stop me from getting the surgery on the 6th... I have been following all of the advice given to me and have read all precautions that they send you in your preop paperwork... : (


Im just keeping you ladies updated on what's going on because someone might be in the same situation like me! But I went there this morning to the office and I made the last payment in full and the doctor ended up giving me a prescription for an anti biotic and with that I should be good to go to take the blood work and for the surgery!!!... I will keep you posted with what happens after I take the blood work...


7 MORE DAYS!!!!!!
I dont really have an update as of right now... I am redoing my bloodwork on friday... I am just so excited that I had to come on to post how excited and nervous I was! It still feels so unreal! Well I will post on friday or monday when ever they get the blood results in to let you know whats going on... if all goes well me and Dr. Ortega have a date for a BBL... Shhhh dont tell my husband!!! lol just kidding!


when I called spectrum today they told me that they will tell me tomorrow what time to come into the surgury for wednesday... they havent really told me much but they did send a pre and post list of things to do and not to do... hopefully i can call tomorrow and see what is really up with every thing but as far as I know right now every thing is ago and I should be in surgury on wednesday!!!

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a go** not ago... lol

Its done (1 day post op)

The procedure is done and I'm very satisfied with my results but extremely swollen and I am in a lot of pain. The doctor put a lot and so thats probably why it hurts more than average. Very sore and its a challenge to get out of bed to go to the bathroom but I am drinking a lot of fluid and eating healthy foods so my body can recover properly. I was instructed to be on a low sodium diet because the NaCl can cause your body to swell and retain water weight.

As soon as I got there, I took a urine test to make sure that I wasn't pregnant, which I wasn't lol. Then they put me into a room and took my before pictures in a lot of different poses. I waited for a couple minutes and then the Anesthesiologist came in and he was really nice, down to earth and EXTREMELY informative of exactly what was going to be happening and what his role would be in the operating room and then he left. Next, Dr. Mel Ortega came in and talked to me a little bit and then he began to do the actual markings for the procedure. I know I said this before, but he is very honest and tells you not what you "want" to hear but rather, he tells you the "truth" as hard as that may sometimes be. I told him I wanted dramatic and he told me, "whether or not I can give you dramatic depends on what your current body looks like". He looked at me and said, "yea, I can give you dramatic". Boy... he wasn't playing.

They took me into the surgery room, set me up on the table and put the IV in. He said that he would give me the anesthetics and I would feel a little groggy. I dont even remember falling asleep lol, I just remember waking up with a huge butt and a lot of pain. When I woke up... the nurse told me that he put a lot of fat in there, just like I asked him. My pain level on a 1-10 scale was definitely a 9 but looking at my results, I already know it was worth it. I am still very swollen and even with all of the swelling, the results are obvious.


1 picture. When I feel better I will definitely post some more. My whole shape is completely different.... Dr. Ortega did an amazing job.

2 days post op

I am very swollen still, my face is so fat! but i knew that was going to happen because after both my children i was swollen for a long time afterwards so it might take a little longer for my swelling to go down.... I will keep updating slowly... as i am losing the water weight.

4 days post op

Today for the first time after surgery I went to the store because I was feeling a little better.... But I went to target to buy some stuff and as soon as we get there it's like all eyes on me... I had to remember that my ass was big because I was like what is everyone staring at...Lol it was kind of awkward and weird... I could tell this one girl was showing her mom my butt... Because the girl was staring and the she whispered to her mom and then her mom was staring lol idk it was weird.... But here are two more pics there is still a lot of swelling so you can't judge off of the results I have now... I know dr.o did a great job and I know that the final result will be awesome.

what no one wants to talk about... lol

How in the world are you really supposed to pass a bowel movement?
Im going to be honest with every one... I got a garment from them which they put on while i was still out... so yea... this garment turned out to be way too tight... for my butt lol... but yea... I had to use the bathroom since the second day, I wasn't constipated at all... lol but my butt sure was... How was I supposed to use the bathroom when this tight garment was squeezing my already engorged butt checks There was no way anything was coming out of there... so I waited until i went to the doctor for the follow up visit... and they gave me a bigger garment because the first one was way too tight... I cried when they were taking it off... then i came home and used the bathroom because i was able to take the garment off and use the bathroom...
The Garment hurts like hell to put on and take of!!!!
People don't say anything about it!!! But it hurts! its getting a little better as the days go by... and i have actually put the smaller garment on now because the other one was getting loose but lol it still hurts... sorry if every one disagrees with me but it hurts me!
Thats all for now... if you ladies have any other questions that you may want to ask... go ahead and ask away... lol I will answer just about any questions with no shame... we all want the same thing done so there is no need to be shy we will all be going through similar situations one day and i don't see the need to be unprepared... bye...

13 days post op

sorry it took so long I have been really busy!

just keeping you guys updated...

sorry i have not been on rs as much but the semester has started for me... and i am very busy... here is a pic that i have put together for you guys...


I guess more so for you ladies lol

32 days post op

I took this picture today. and this skirt is from when I was 16! lol I fond it in a box of old clothes... It fits me better now because i have a little booty...

Update on Dr.Ortega's BBL ABOUT 4 months post op

Here are some new pics ladies as I promised... I have been working out a lot and doing lots of squats... I have been bulking (eating over my recommended calories) so that I can build some muscle to tone my body up...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He was great in the consult! funny, honest and down to earth. He told me the reality and not just what i wanted to hear!

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