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I've been on RS for a few months now reading...

I've been on RS for a few months now reading through A LOT of reviews. I am 26 3 kids about 5'7" height and currently about 240 in weight. I'm looking to get a BBL and full body lipo (I want a breast augmentation afterwards) I want to lose at least 40-50 lbs before surgery looking for a March 2017 date. My first choice in doctors was Duran or Cabral as I am really in love with the results and some on bigger patients.....but after further research I am not 100% sure I want to leave the states. So my second choice is Dr Hasan in Miami I've been seeing good results so far. I want to start contacting doctors very soon, but I'm still not sure yet. Any advice is greatly appreciated and I'm going to start uploading pics soon and as I lose weight over the next few months as well

Wish pics!!!

Here are some wish pics that I want to show the doc

Here are some body pictures

Need your help

What are some good tips to start as far as research I feel like I'm looking but still undecided. Im reading tons of reviews on different doctors. I'm leaning more with staying in the states and going Florida. Any advice?

Date booked

Hey dolls. I hope everyone is having a fabulous December so far. I just got some exciting news I just talked to my coordinator Alexis at Eres and she gave me feedback from the pictures I submitted. She said that Dr. Calva requires a BMI Of 30 or less. Right now I am at 37. So I have roughly about 40 pounds (or maybe more) to lose by March. I got my date booked for March 20, 2017. I'm really excited.....and ready to start on this weight loss journey. Do you guys have any tips that would help me over the next 3 months to achieve my goal? Thanks in advance!

Pre op suggestions???

I'm so addicted to this site. I research almost everyday!........So I've started my weight loss journeys so far so good. It's a little difficult with having kids and having to fix them something else and then I eat something different lol. I finally have my dashboard with the countdown on the eres aka vanity site. I'm about to start taking iron supplements to get my hemoglobin up and hopefully it will stay up until surgery. I'm also in the process of finding a family physician in my area as I have not had one in quite some time and I know I will need one to be cleared for surgery.

Does anyone have any pre op suggestions? Things you did or used to get ready for surgery? anything would help. Thanks dolls!

Got my labs

Hello!!! How is everyone. So today I got my lab results back. My hemo is 12.4..... which is not bad but I want it to at least a 14 (maybe higher????) before surgery. I'm going to start taking some iron pills and liquid iron and try some natural ways to get the hemo up.

Today I am officially 90 days away from my surgery date. So I'm trying to kick it into high gear. I've cut out meats momentarily so I can juice and and try to lose weight. I did read that at least 2 weeks before surgery to clean up your diet and it will help with the healing process. I really want to lose as much weight as I can before surgery so I won't have to do a round 2. So I have to finish up all my protein and weight loss supplements as you can't take any of that 30 days prior to surgery.

I also emailed my doctor for some tips and he advised to start rubbing arnica cream all over your abdomen and buttocks 2 weeks before surgery and start taking bromelain.

I'm getting really excited and nervous as time is nearing. If you guys have any suggestions or helpful things you would like to share in preparing please let me know! ????


I wanted to post an update I been slacking on here as I have an IG surgery profile as well. But I have 31 days until my surgery March 21 with Dr. Calva and I'm excited because he has been really showing out lately so I can't wait.

Yesterday I got dimple creation surgery with Dr. Kim facial plastics in Duluth, Ga so I'm currently sore from that I haven't taken any Tylenol to help with the moderate discomfort yet. And I'm thinking about not and just touching it out.

I have still been on my weight loss surgery. Currently I'm about 20 lbs down from my highest weight but I still have about 23 more pounds to go and I'm getting nervous but kicking into high gear this week. I'm 5'7 I weighed in at 227 this morning and I want to be 204 or under hopefully in 30 days. So I'm juicing basically from here on out cutting out sugar and carbs. I've cheated a little I had Starbucks on my back yesterday and ate some food at a party last night. I haven't been drinking at all no wine or alcohol which is a struggle!!! (I have 3 kids and sometimes you just need a glass lol) they hookah last night too and I didn't smoke. Mainly because my incisions in my checks but also because because it's nearly close to surgery, and I have antibiotics too.

I started to buy a few supplies trying not to pack to much, not many as my recovery house curvy Angels has plenty. Going to start on my tightening cream and rubbing arnica cream in 2 weeks. About to get ready to take my labs next week as they sent me my prescription last week this past Thursday but dated for February 21

What have you ladies been up to?
Feel free to drop down any suggestions you have for me. I'm so nervous and excited. My dream is about to come reality real soon!

Weight loss progress

I'm trying to lose as much weight as I can and get my stomach as flat as I can before surgery so that I have good enough results. I'll post a final right before surgery because I'm not finished yet. Officially 25 days to go!
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