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I've been surfing for a minute, and I'm coming out...

I've been surfing for a minute, and I'm coming out of the closet lol.... closet meaning - I'm writing a review and stopped stalking tee hee hee!!!! . July 23 is my date, I'm excited, nervous , anxious -all of that!. Before I go into my life history lol - I have to start off by saying " shout out to all the women who feel confident enough to go out and work on themselves. You cant give, if you are not complete yourself...so forget all the naysayers and downers...because really, most of the time, people say things out of fear and the unknown- and it can kill your spirit... So Go ahead and make you "YOU" ..... An-ti-ways now that I got that out. Let see if I can keep up with writing these reviews ( I'll do my best)...... I'm 32, two kids (teen and preteen) , I'm active reasonably - minimum 2 workouts a week ( hardcore), busy job etc ..... and I decided working out alone wont give me the results I want. I was at my lowest weight ( 142, 5'4) running 5ks and ish..... I was lean but, not figured and at 142 I looked super skinny . Now I'm 170 fuller but need shape. I can stand to lose 10lbs pounds, but I prefer to tackle that after the surgery. Plus the belly fat will help the bootay. Also for my frame 155 looks good on me..... ok enough said on the weight. I am scheduled for Dr. Hasan- I did my research regarding board certification etc .., his track history and I feel confident with him . Money is paid ,schedule is done... time to prep for recovery and travel ..... There you have it first review yayyy! # Teamhansan!

Supplies List 1 -Loving Myself to be "Feeling Myself " lol

Ok so, here's what I'm working on - Supplies List and Travel.
I have a long list so bare with me. Some of these items I have others and others I need to purchase. Please feel free to ask why I have what I have, and we can do an exchange of information. Also, there's was one chic I was stalking (lol) and apparently has had lipo done before and had a method down ( which I'll share later).
Food plans:
Pineapple and Pineapple Juice ( organic Black cherry juice too but I'm not getting that)
Protein shakes ( I love Lean shake from GNC , and you can get from Sam's by the case)
Protein Bars
chicken breast
BBL pillow ( I'm not substituting some people use the foam rollers/towels etc)
2 Garments ( I may get a 3rd it depends on my money)
Arnica Pills or gel
Benadryl gel ( for itch)
Neosporin ( for drain sites)
EZ urinal ( helps to use the bathroom and its cheap)
Compression sock ( I buy 2 ,since they give you one)
Hibiclens ( skin cleanser)
Iron pills ( Ill start taking vitamins now and stop two weeks before)
Vitamin C pills
Stool softener ( Miralax Colace whatever works lol )
Lipo foam and board ( Topi-Foam)
Heating pad
Nivea Q10 firming lotion
Bed liners ( medical )
pill organizer
medical gloves
baby oil
T-Shirts short sleeves thin ( to put underneath the garment before the foam to prevent burning of my skin if I don't buy the Topi-foam)
straws ( to drink ... its hard every time )
Tube Dresses/ or easy summer dresses
One girl mentioned a jean vest to cover the garment
There you have it ! THE END lol

I AINT SHAME ... truth shall set you free lol Pre Pics......and statements on Finance

Pictures do lie , they only confirm what you think, which is usually the worst!!!! lol ..... for the sake of beauty ... here's my pre-pics, allowing myself to be vulnerable. Its like national geographic up in here!
On another note I choose to finance.... people shop around. These health cards will RAPE you on interest rates.... they have the upper hand ,whether you have good credit or not. If you are not in the position to pay for it in full ,fight for your terms, interest rates...Its a jungle. So I am having a little of the blues regarding finance.... almost to the point I want to cancel....but the booty keep calling me lol....

HEY DOLLS - Needing Garments/ab boards and lipo foam ...Found A Spot! They have a Store in the ATL Area

Apparently a lot of Jimerson's clients go there. I found that their garments are pretty reasonable and priced in the average range. Most garments are in the $120's.... They have an online store too, www.theperfectbodies.com . I like the fact that I can touch and see what I'm buying oppose to online. For example one of the girls explained to me ( the garment that I wanted ) the Black tends to be more tighter and last longer than the nude, and can cut in if you get it too small. I have to purchase a M because it was so tight. This is going to be my second garment from the one I get from Hasan. I'm thinking of getting a classic short ( butt is cut out) , what do you think? Half leg or Short and what garments have you guys gotten.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages and Recovery Homes Options -please add to the list

I am on a roll... this is like my third update this week...probably because I'm 48 days away- 9 hours and 41 minutes ha, ha, ha !
I'll start off with recovery homes located in Miami-Broward FL area :
Magnificentme has a post titled " Recovery Home Options"..... So I'm only re-posting what I saw. There were many. The numbers I'm providing below, I have not checked myself but have heard others talk about . Some of these recovery homes offer transportation, massage options which will come to the home and Nursing support. Hopefully they are still active :
Moni 786 650-8203
Magdalena 786 443-1856
Kayla 786 518-1352
Cosmo comfort care 877-254-6076...Hope this helps with the search! ( they will send a CNA I think)

On to Lymphatic Massages , I'm going with Tara Wellness located in Broward (954) 663-6079
Prices are great and they know the business .....they also sell custom girdles and ab boards too.
I've also heard about MedicalMassageProfessionals.com - I think that Marians people....

If you want to know how a lymphatic massage is done check out the youtube video by Marian Sotelo-Paz Lymphatic Drain Open ( if you have a weak stomach it may bother you).
Also there is a video on how to apply foam, board and garment ...even the marble lol if you're getting a tummy tuck... by the same women ( but that video is totally in Spanish)......

Well there it is.... I'm still buying my products ( not much left) and ready to buy my one way ticket for return to ATL ( we are driving down) .

LABS ( walk-inlabs), Doctors (PCP) and BULLMESS (venting) ...workouts

What'a yall want the good or the bad first ? ..... I am soooo aggravated with my PCP ,the Lab situation and my insurance ...why cant things happen smoothly ..My PCP cant see me before the sx (SMH) because they are Sooooo booked ( whatever) .... I thought I was doing good, calling them a month early ...but that wasn't the case. I know, I'm healthy that's not my main issue its the principle of peace of mind!!!!...anyhoo at least Ill get to see my Gyno. ... I got the lab prescription from Vanity and I'm going to Walkinlabs instead ( I think) . On another note, Walkin labs are charging me $100 total for the test I choose ( CBC - Complete Blood Test ,CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, PT - Prothrombin Time w/INR and Partial Thromboplastin Time Blood (PTT) Test)..... HIV and pregnancy I can do when I get to Vanity....... But do I want to pay this NO!!! So I'm still thinking about it SMH!

Yesterday I started my routine again. The trainer I go to is a beast ( I darn near threw-up!! ) I know, I know hot mess, but he knows how to get results. I use to run If I showed you guys pics from before I was a pencil ( Lean Pencil) but I don't want that. I want soft curves with a hint of muscle throughout my body and I can achieve that with this sx .....crazy thing is I lost 2lbs smh!! I want to stay in the 168-170 range no higher no lower. A combination of weights and cardio will get your life right that's what helped me when I fell off my routine over the year. I'm still solid in some parts of my body ( not the stomach tho lol ) .....Abs are made in the kitchen #I've been eat'in#I'm a foodie...and in our case abs are made with the help of Hasan LMBO ! .....
I shared this site to my fellow RS but here is a site that has free workouts and meal plans for whatever goal you are trying to reach ( weights and cardio) muscleandstrength.com Love it!!!!!
That's it for now ..praying for a better day /:-I... and attitude.....

Bought my plane ticket. .....but drama w/FMLA

I brought my plane ticket I even paid the extra $15 just in case vanity cancels or pushes my date back and I change flights.......time is rolling by quick.... I'm just about done with getting all my supplies even have it packed ...can you tell I'm excited lol....I'm a little early tee hee!!!!!....I need to get a few more things (ab boards, pick up 2nd garment ,foam and bbl pillow) ....
Now for the drama, Ive got plenty PTO but my job wants me to complete FMLA if I go over 14 days anyhoo ...they said to keep my job secure... I sent the paperwork to vanity ...but I'm getting the side shuffle, got one girl in their offive who's doing an awesome job getting things done and I appreciate her. ...keep me in prayers please. ...one way or the other I'm doing this.

Ordered My Labs from Walkin

Ordered them darn labs didn't want to take the chance of something being wrong. It'll give me a month to workout whatever it is if it's wrong.... didn't want to give up that money tho smh!

Ab board and back piece for $30

I think it's a deal

40 days to go and I'm getting cold feet

I've done all the research, read ...I'm still 40 days away..... I'm getting nervous and thinking about the what ifs, there's always a risk, I understand that....but you hear stories ...and dang I'm getting cold feet!

I Did My Labs !!!! Walkin Labs

Super easy, went in came right back out within 30min. Plus I made an appointment with Lab corp. I went to their site after paying Walkin Labs. Walkin Labs will give you accepting locations .... which seems to be most lab cor and quest diagnoatic.... I pray everything looks good.

Squeem and Garment Came in the Mail Oh BOY !!

Dolls let me start off by saying ..."I had to fight....I had to fight all my life.."!!!!! I was playing the movie color purple yall lol.....Took me two tries to get that dang garment on, when I finally got in it ......it was snug and comfortable. I think it will be perfect for my number two garment - The skill to putting on the garment is to make it past the thighs. IF you can get PAST THEM thighs, you've made it !.....Now for the Squeem...Chile I was so tired with fighting with the garment I couldn't fight to get that squeem on..... I only made it two notches....Imma need help with that one. Needless to say they are both what I needed and are in excellent condition. I can workout with that squeem and my waist will be smaller post op so it will be perfect. I will definitely order from them again when I need too.

Calling All Vets Question ......especially Hasan/vanity dolls

I have a few questions for you about drainage .... I have plenty of chux but what thoughts can you offer on swapping keeping my garments clean and on lol... I don't want to balloon into ball because I'm out of my garment for too long .......Also my massages I was looking to do it next day I hear some women going back to get fluid drained ,because of pockets ????? They gotta get a syringe to drain?????....is it because they lack enough compression......ijs .....either way I'm excited 32 days to go!!

SHOUTOUT : 1 Month AWAY and My Medical Assistant is the Bomb.com/Vanity

Vanity called me today to give me a quick overview on what to expect for my special day. My medical assistant Natalie Machado is the bomb.com... if you need to get your 'ish done that's who you need to go too. From the first time I spoke to her , she has taken the time to answer all of my questions, my emails and has been thorough. Even through my FMLA issue she got me what I needed. This process is sooo stressful and is such an important decision yall ....through all the BS and up/down of emotions I've dealt with Vanity I have to say ,she helps me relieve the stress.... check out your girl .......... TEAMHASAN...lets get this booty... Im ready lol !!! and ConGRATS to the girls that recently came out to the otherside of bootay

To Donk or Not to Donk ? That is the Question...wish pics

I'm going back n forth. ..how big do I want it....don't want it small.....but don't want it freakishly big smh!!! I want a heart shape, pear bottom with ample side, top projection with a hourglass figure...I want to be sexy lol...these doctors have work to do....all I know is I need it to work for my frame and I know hasan can deliver....so having said that I'm posting wish pics....but it's not limited to these pics .

wish pics 1

wish pic 2

It won't allow me to post more darn rs

Trying it again /wish pic 2

Lipo scars and Keloid - I think I found something

My medical assistant informed of me....EmbraceScartherapy.com ....I love that girl she knew I was worried about my lipo incisions .... anyway these people treat those with tummy tuck scars,breast augmentations, lacerations etc.... the kit comes with four applicator .....I guess it last for 4 weeks....they come in different sizes to the size of your scar.......it is about $150 a kit.......I know don't choke lol....since you have to wait till your wound is closed and dry ....Imma watch how my incisions heal ...let me know what yall think....I left pics.

Advice Plz Got my BBL this month

Ladies and Gents (wink wink) I go back to work two weeks after my bbl ......I got a bbl pillow ...how the heck can I sit without damaging my booty...I gotta sit at work guys ..I travel alot ...those with the pillows ,foam whatever.... how do you make it work ? I heard the pressure on the thighs can still damage the bbl, is that true?

9 days till BBL day Count down !

It's the waiting game, now. I have 9 more days till BBL. Ill be in Miami Thursday probably going to Vanity Friday to do all my paperwork and do the HCG test. Everything is set they received my other labs. My medical assistant has been keeping me up to date .....so I actually have no worries.....just meditating and praying wide eyes and a breath if you get me and a speedy recovery.... I'll do some grocery shopping over the weekend when I'm there. I've been eating my pineapples to, I need to go out and get more matter of fact....I'll be surfing RS ...my next update will be when I get to Vanity.... much love RS dolls !

I'm Here

I made to Vanity only a few days to go for my dream.....getting a few of my labs drawn that expired out of the 30 days....and to sign my paperwork. I'm looking around to see who has had work done and who hasn't lol. .... it's funny I almost want to put my shades on lmbo !!!!

Labs came back :( - high liver enzymes

I'm slightly bummed.... but it's not over yet ....I did labs and forgot I ate a egg white Mc muffin...I was in a hurry.... I don't usually eat Mcdonalds people so it's my stupidity. Good news is I sent labs in before and it was normal so they can see history, second if they see a decrease or its back to normal. ...I'll be ok.... I pray Monday they give me a call and everything comes out good. I know I'm healthy ....so let's see. Worst case senario they send me to another doctor, to get cleared and or delays my surgery....I'm hoping for the latter ..... good note they are doing their due diligence to ensure my health.....so I appreciate that..... I'll keep you posted. I came early just for stuff like this. Please my rs dolls that worry alot. This doesn't happen all the time....but it's better to be safe ....please go through this process understanding that it's not going to pan out exactly how you want, you just hope for the best and do what you need to do. I will be eating clean the next few days just in case I have to redo them again. No short cuts . Also, it's a 25 charge to redo labs fyi.

Got my BBL pillow

Sooo on another note I got my bbl pillow... I like it, it does its job. I have to lower my seat slightly in the car. You gotta get the position right underneath the thigh so your leg doesn't numb ....but it's comfortable to me. I attached pics so you can see how high the butt sits up.

Update on my Drama - Medical Clearance and what nots!

I want to start off by saying my experience with Staff at Vanity has been great. I know I picked the right place and I'm pleased. Especially Natalie she's made this process manageable. I met Dr. Hasan too he's about business and straight to the point, but I'll tell you about that a little later. I got all my stuff , was ready to rock..... Bottomline the Dr. wanted me to get further clearance from a gastroenterologist because my enzymes were elevated. My first labs (6/15/15) I sent out everything was normal ,but my labs expired out of the 30 days ( I would have been five days expired by the time I had my sx) . So my 2nd labs showed elevation (7/17/15). I assumed it was all the supplements on top of my allergy pill - which has acetaminophen. They ran a 3rd (7/18/15)and it decreased, however Dr. Hasan wanted a clearance. So I rush to a gastroenterologist and he agreed enzymes were not high ,but wants to do FURTHER test ( ultrasound of my liver) - of course those test results would never return in time for Thursday ,matter of fact two of those test Ive already done on my own -because Im anal and OCD lol. .... Dr. Hasan explained to me the risks such as the fluids used to break down the fat, the antibiotics , the pain meds ...Blah blah blah blah lol ....... I got it.....cross your T's Dot your I's .......So I have to push back the date. I'm disappointed - especially when I did my part and checked EVERYTHING....But my health is more important ( I think lol )...... So I'm sulking...rescheduling, cancelling vacay time etc . Nonetheless, what I found interesting was my visit with Hasan. We talked about fibrous fat. Its not proven by data but it appears the more ethnic you are the more fibrous the fat tends to be. Doctors have to work harder to remove the fat as well as takes longer to break down. Fibrous fat have more and or I don't know how to say thicker blood vessels ..... which can cause more bleeding, fainting, weakness etc after lipo. So either you wait 10 days allow your body to recoup ( deal with it) and or like some go to the ER and get a transfusion. He gave me worst case scenario and best case scenario ( not every "ethnic" person bleeds a lot) and I'm not saying those people didn't need a transfusion... what I am saying is you never know how your body will react. Hope that info helps. The healing process is no joke.... Yet I still want to go through with it lol !!!!. I appreciated his candidness. He's straight forward and a pleasure. On another note he stated I already have a nice butt, I just need to remove the junk ( fatty distractions lol ) out of the way, but its there. ...I'll keep you all posted on the new date and clearance, till later.

Date Changed ...excited and sad !

Ok ladies so the new date is October 16th. I'm determined to get this done. I may have to change my date again,but this is what I'm shooting for now. Working on getting this stuff cleared out so I could be at my 100%. I'm sad that I can't get it done tommorrow, but health is better. I thought the fatty sandwich set me off .....it appears acetaminophen is the culprit. Which if that's the case , I can't use it for pain.... everything happens for a reason!..... love ya dolls

I'm Cleared!!!!!!

Ladies ladies ladies ....finally what I wanted to hear....... Gastroenterologist, primary physician "erbody" on deck lol..... not a trace of fat on my liver, all blood work normal ...... culprit was the tylenol..... I'm also restricted from all supplements: no iron, multi vitamins, or protein shakes.....seemed to do more damage then good. My doctor said do it the natural way by eating the right foods.... she gave me a list ....either way I'm cleared and have the go head.......so I'm working on getting a sooner date...wish me the best !!!! Lol

Update Journey 4 a new booty lol

Bare with me much to tell. So I guess its official Vanity called me today stating they reviewed my file labs are in, clearance letters are done , If I would like to move my date up to the 16th, mind you, I already moved the date to Sept.18th once I got the go from my doctor.... Ive been waiting for this so Im like heck yeahh!!!#, needless to say, Im flying in that day , so the 17th it is. I will say one thing dolls advocate, advocate advocate for yourselves. At first the medical assistant couldnt find my clearance letter, even after sending it through the portal. Dropbox is my app... I can keep and scan important documents at my fingertips. So as I was on the phone with her - bam bam I sent her a copy of it via email.... she apologized for being new and not locating it on the system...and its cool because Im ready. On another note, Im excited and nervous only because of what happened last time. It was no ones fault just circumstances.... but I dont want circumstances to get in the way this time lol. Ive double ,tripled checked and got my pcp on standby for any hiccups. My pcp sent me that inital clearance without my request, and it saved the day. FYI ladies Hasan does not do FMLA any more- I understand why and then I dont understand . My pcp understood the legalities and completed it for me. If you have a job like mine. FMLA is required and considered a safe house to secure your job while you are away taking care of medical issues for yourself and or family period!!! You only give addition details if your job requires it. Plus some places need to update their policies to include elective surgery, especially if you have the vacation time to do it. Lastly, Ive been eating healthy so far ( occasionally eating cookies lol) , beets,lentils, apples, brown rice,quinoa ,chicken breast spinach etc.... Im still off the supplements last blood check showed a hemo of 12.8 I hope its higher since Ive been going in hard this past week, we will see. Ok Dolls thats it- Till later, Much Love .

I made it

Ladies I made it on the other side, I came in at 5:30 am out by 11:30 am. According to what my family said. Ill post later loves, Im sleepy and weak

Day of Surgery- Recovery

Theres so much to tell my rs family, but I can only type for short periods of time. As I get better Ill go into full details and post pics. My recovery has been an experience but Im getting better by the hour. Hasan warned me about the effects...he said my bmi was mainly in my stomach area no where else, which means more fluid,dizziness and fainting. I did great made it to the car. Got home ,exited the vehicle and fainted.....my family handled it like pros, they put rubbing alchol under my nose and I was up in 30 sec. My dad caught me. Got to the bed aunt check my blood pressure super low, she put salt in gatorade andy blood pressure was going up in an hour- that was my cocktail until 6pm..couldnt handle solid foods, or get up..... urinated in chux and bedpan ....couldnt make it to the bathroom. Vanity called to check on me. As night approached , I finally got a solid meal in -spinach bits of beef beets and small potatoes...... I dangled my feet at the side of the bed till it touch the ground and did walking motions- thank god for squats my legs are strong. While in the bed , i elevate my feet and try to plank my legs to keep blood flowing...... I bleed ,lots a fluid...through out the night I got it dangle my feet, if I started getting dizzy I bent all the way down. This morning I finally was able to stand without major dizzinesI. It feels like heat rushing to the head and I hear a ring in my ear....however this moring it was heat to the back of my neck..... ok later for now getting tired again.

Heres some pics/ post op appointment

This is short given how drowsy I feel at the moment. I get dizzy and light headed still Especially with the walking - gatorade, rubbing alchol is my friend. I drink, then rub on my forehead and sniff to keep my senses strong. Oohhh and eating solid foods I cant eat the light stuff doesnt give me enough strength. Had my massage painfull as heck. Made me even weaker .....I had more air than fluid coming out of my incision. Nonetheless my aunt thought it was a good idea to slow the fluid coming out of one of my incision - it was a success ...too much was coming out too fast making me weak , it was on day 3 and still had lots of fluid including white cells. So we slowed that down. Im able to walk more, get out of the bed easier. Another thing I pee like a race horse.....I pee so much......I past gas too -burp even lol no bm yet but Im ok with it my body is working. Hasan did his thing I post more pics.

Day 5 of Recovery / 2nd message

Hey lovelies,
Today was a good day. I had my second massage ,hurt lot less- couldnt wait to get the fluid out of me. On another note ,I have that hot burning sensation of fluid. Massager wanted me to get it checked out, I called Vanity, they told me to come. They so no its your typical inflamation but I actually needed to be drained in the tummy area .She pulled 3 full tubes out of me....so Ill be doing the rest of my massages at Vanity in the event they need to drain me. I have one open incision left. Trying to make it count. On the 3rd day I had the biggest BM of my life ,filled the toilet- Sorry for the graphics but I got up too quick and fainted -I was getting ready to shower, guess I wasnt ready. Gotta maintain electrolytes ,my body cant handle it. Another thing that DARN tylenol Codene is the devil to me....It gives me headaches, indigestion, lose bodily control, loss of appetite...makes me feel like I got a terrible hang over - I just cant do it... I rather deal with the discomfort ....I only took it for the message today....and Im paying for it tonight. Lastly ....ladies ,I guess Im a baby but the first 3-4 days were hell....I was scared to sleep. I fainted twice in this process...shout out to my rs sisters who went through it ...yirrsk especially lol. Ok thats it for now ,heres a before n after of the back, stretch mark stomach coming soon till later. Need this pill to wear off, got a cool rag on my head smh!!!

My Review on DR.Hasan experience surgery Day

I posted this already but wanted to make it formal. I came in at 5:30am by 5:40 they had me in the back changing for the surgery, nurse took pictures, then anesti. Put the Iv in my hand. The nurse looked over my paperwork, then asked me for my garment. Dr hasan came in looked at my paperwork, took pictures ,started drawing on me....then gave me all the worst case senario. He told me my weight, all of it was in my stomach .... that was bad because recovery was going to be rough. He told me to hang in for 7 days ....thats about the time for body to start getting back. ....he then asked how big did I want it then stopped and said "look people bring in wish pics but its not really about the wish pics....he said its about the contouring...
He drew on my folder file what my butt looked like then drew what he can make it look like.... I was like , great Ill go with that I trust you....hes very straight forward people. He walked me to the op room, the nurse drenched me in iodine back first ,then asked me to get on the bed arms stretched out and covered me ....anest. came in ....put meds in...next thing I know Im waking up shivering violently & cold ..nurse asked me what my name was....she checked my blood pressure helped me to the wheel chair and into the car. I was lathargic ...can barely remember. Nurse packed my personal things and pprescriptions, gave it to my aunt. Day of surgery All you need is lose fitting clothes, slippers and garment. They give you everything else. Ive had my follow-up, masssages ,all questions answered. They called and followed up almost daily. I have no compliants in regards to service.

Stomach pics /before n After w/ stretch Mark

I dont want to leave you ladies hanging in the wind. As I recover here is the progression of my stomach as it shrinks. Im not applying anything besides foam/garment compresson 24/7 & massages ( Ive had 3 so far) twice I use the arnica oil to massage myself in between the times I dont go. I started applying the foams on day 3...ladies it gives comfort. I used my ab board once for a few hours into the night. Ill keep you posted on the next step. Because I plan to use a meathod one of tbe dolls posted several years ago hope it helps. I still get drained I have a bottom bulge on the lower part of my stomach. I realized I wasnt putting enough compression due to a padding I have covering the opposite side of my incision . So of course I repositioned the foam . Im still leeking fluid out of that one....its great but annoying. That side of course is flatter....oh and also today for the incisions that are closed and developing scabs Im applying (lightly)scar gel and triple antibact. Ointment. Ill let you know how it works. I have a total of 11 incisions on the back and two near the bikini line in front.

Supplies I needed First Week of BBL/ Hasan Dolls

I wanted to put this list out here:
Chux,Chux,Chux lol
Bed liner ( $1 at dollar store and its plastic)
Surgical dressing ( heavy- to cover incisions,and catch fluids)
Ez pee ( life saver)
Personal wipes
Stool softener ( Miralax my fav I went on the 3rd day and consistent)
Funds for script and massage ( alot for 5 messages they really help)
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol ( for fainters lol)
Sss tonic iron supplement ( works fast )
Triple antibacterial ointment for incisions
Fluids to replace electrolytes
Oil or cream for self massages
Lose fit clothing
Easy slids or shoes to put on
Garment ( really only need one, if its the right fit, you'll be in it for a month)
Ab boards
I wish I had this but a yoga block....I have a bbl pillow and it works but realistically at some point you have to lean ,kneel yoga block can help support and protect your knees.
Body pillow ( splurge! sx is already uncomfortable, if the bed is not right you will feel it)
Pineapple juice
Kneck pillow ( omg a life saver ).
Antibacterial soap
Vanity gives you compression socks and triangle.
....thats all I got for now...ladies chime in if I missed anything .

People to go to at Vanity/ medical assistant ,Massager

As I get close to wrap this up. The Dr. Hasans medical assistant Keila/ long dark hair , has been with me from start to finish,from fainting, to antibiotics and draining my fluids. Hands down shes made my experience smoother. My massager is Lisett made sure to get my tummy super flat with all my labor wounds...... just want to drop some names. Everyone needs a go to.

Common and Minor complications of Lipo

OMG ladies this article spells out every complication you could possible experience, its enlightening ! From rapid heart beat to fainting ....dont fret, and worry if it happens to you. It all apart of the lipo process..... yes Im at home doing nothing but laying down, recovering and reading lol.
Last update for the day promise.

Resolving my liquid pockets ughh!

Hey ladies just came from my massage, and of course I still had a liquid pocket...I hate to get drained. FyI: This situation has nothing to do with having drains or not. This is a part of the healing process and can develop either way. Also having these pockets are not seromas lol. ...so anyhoo today Im going to start waist training...to compress my stomach further in hopes to keep the pocket from developing. I got the go ahead to move forward with the squeem. My stomach and back has virtually has no more fluid .... which is amazing , probably because Ive done so many massamor, anyway, All Im dealing with now is , swelling and fluid pockets... so for the next few days, I will be on my pineapple juice, bromelain, arnica oil, nivea q 10 skin tightening , heated blanket and squeem like nobodys business. I do not want to have to pay any surgeon to drain when I get back home and Im not!!! Plus my last massage is on Monday I dont want to drain either...theres a chance for it to reabsorbed and Im ok with that lol. Just let this part be over. Smh!!! I keep you posted.

Pic w/ squeem -controlling the swelling

Omg the squeem is tight as heck I dont feel Im ready.. I could only last 20-30 mins in it. I have on all my creams. I put the squeem on and laid on top of a heating pad. Then placed the heating pad on my back. ... when I took it off, my stomach was flatter, smoother and just felt good ...didnt even feel soreness. The heat is a healer... so now since I couldnt stay an hour like I wanted Im going to use the ab boards and the heating pad instead. My waist and back feels so much better.... I guess if I can put the squeem on its the right size /:~|.... I really want a large lol....the medium feels too small.

Update - Healing and Progress/ and Stomach

Hey ladies, I wanted a post a variety of pics ....Ive come to the conclusion I need to go shopping . Ive lost at least 7lbs my medium sized clothes are feeling big :(.... so to keep the curves, I need to keep the weight. Smh!!! The plane ride home was quick which I was so happy about. Besides its delay. Most of my swelling is in my lower back and stomach.... Im really thinking about just using my squeem from now on instead of my full garment its getting big and I dont see the use for it.Chime in ladies regarding that. My most recent measurement is 29 waist and 42 butt.....

Just Pictures Dolls - Progress

Update Month Post OP /3 days Away

Hey ladies couldnt wait any longer, I guess I didnt see the point any more to hold off. 3 days away from my full month. Ill do my best to keep short:
- I sit occasionally but use my bbl pillow the most. One of the Rs dolls posted a garment/waist trainer timeline, I thought was very helpful. So it says by week 6 I can sleep on my back woohoo lol. When sitting you may feel soreness, and I lightly massage my butt.
-I started waist training more often it felt good. Ann chery is back in the game lol. Still waist training over my garment, foams and sometimes board.
- Garment ciaos/ out of all the garments I purchased my old and faithful is still the best. ( diane poitere/got it from vanity- check previous post). It pushes my butt up, keeps my stomach smooth, and holds me in.
- I still religously apply nivea 10q and arnica oil daily on my stomach and back, and massage myself after showering.
- I havent gotten another massage but plan on doing it. My hubby is my massager at the moment especially my upper back braline.
- Im one week away from returning back to work....and yessss it was needed this time /Im forever grateful. But you dolls going back sooner it can be done.
- I still experience tightness of the skin, swelling every now and then and burning sensation under the skin . I usually rub the area once I feel the burning and it goes away. Im still taking bromelain daily as well as vitamins / my rs sister encouraged me to do lol.
- I started walking with my waist cincher, fresh air and gets the body moving.
- I have not taken any measurements so I'm not aware of any fat loss currently in my butt, nor do I know my waist dimensions at this time but will update at a later date on that.
I attached pic of stomach Im very pleased with its progress.

Reality on Recovery for Future Dolls

People always say recovery is no joke, and you wonder what makes it so difficult, well heres a list or things you may or may not experience.  Please add below Vets....not being negative just reality.

- Feel faint, dizzy or loss of natural strength the first 3-4 days.
- rapid heart rate the first 2 weeks.
- large amount of fluid loss. The first 3 days. - Thats why chux and pads dressings are needed. LOTS
- dry mouth and nausea.
- sleepless nights the first month
- Getting tired from walking short distances.
-To have swelling/ brusing  in unknown or reasonable parts, genitals, breast , knees,eyes etc
- To struggle which way is best to sit on the toilet. I prefer sitting backwards when urinating and use the towel method when moving bowels ( roll towel to elevate butt, but comfortable for thighs its better then my bbl pillow).
- Dont be surprise when wiping your butt..it seems farther to get to it ...or wipe it rather lol. Keeping in mind your stomach is sore.
-To urinate frequently. ( its a good thing)
-To lose your appetite.
-Your cycle flow and or length of cycle to change during recovery.
-To feel soreness in your abdomen, pain, burning sensation.
-Elbows to get scraped if not properly lotioned and protected.
-Knees to be bruised from using them from lifting your body. Thank God for planks.
- To have " bi-polar moments" love/ hate self image as your body changes. The first 4 week and on to the second month. Often
scrutinizing body parts .....please stop ladies. 
- part of your stomach is darker in shade.
- skin develop bruising and or peeling. Especially on the sides of your stomach and or near the pelvic area.
- Cant bend  or bend down without the soreness lol...even harder with the garment.
- Expect to want more massages after getting home. I have my kids and hubby rub my back. Bargaining with treats.
- Not able to do common household chores , petition with your family or neighbors.
- to continue taking bromelain and vitamins to sustain your body.
- after a month your stomach still hasn't attached so its still requires molding and compression after the 4 weeks ....takes months ladies.
-After 4 weeks or so  when you begin to sit, expect burning sensation or acid burning like feelings in your stomach, especially when getting up... I rub those areas to feel better.
- your butt shape changes  dents, lumps one side seems bigger than the other ...let it run its course its all healing lol soreness..... I rub my butt when its sore lol.
- nausea from sitting up straight for extended period of time.
-  To still have dissolveable stitches after 4 weeks.
- Its hard to apply the waist cincher, Especially if its brand new. Try to get some wear in it.
- Love hate your garment and or alternate between your waist cincher...some ladies go without and just wear the cincher.
I was advise to wear mine for 3 months and I added the cincher on top.... my garment is my safe house and it keeps my booty right ....even after I sit and have extra curricular activities with the hubby wink wink...I put my garment back on and it resets my body. Don't under estimate your garment. You need it and I truly believe it helps keep everything in line. Even if it feels to big.
- Expect to have to alter your garment to fit the way you need it to fit or to make it smaller.
- expect your foam to be your friend. I wear mine directly on my skin and put my tank over it to keep my foam in place then my garment. I don't like that feeling of my skin being detached from my body lol my foam helps me not to feel that way.
Oh last but not least .......Your sex drive may increase !!$$!!!!!! 

...... did I get everything lol ...add on to it if you like.

Update on the booty sitting garment and more lol

Hey ladies update time!!!!  Recovery is going well. Ive been sitting on my butt and it looks better and more plump everyday. Stomach is still tight. Still using nivea serum, that product is the truth. Still sore in lower back, sides and abdomen. Ive done a total of 8 lymphatic massages and 1 endermologie session. I plan on starting my workouts next week, light weights-NO cardio.  Ive been having garment trouble or maybe garments are having trouble with me.
I dont like the digging and the pinching on any level. My favorite garment (black) was getting too lose, even after applying the waist cincher, foams and boards, so I brought a medium soft compression garment (nude). Although soft, it started hurting my sides and cutting in the middle of my stomach and hard to fit the ab board; I got irritated. So I decided to have my favorite garment taken in. Great seamtress by the way, If youre in the Atl and need her info let me know.  Anyhoo, she took it in about 4inches (it was an xl), BABE-Bey that thing was tight...its been hard for me to adjust to it. I couldnt sleep at night, my back started to hurt, also started to feel like needles under my skin.  Once again I got irritated but mad lol.... I started wearing my waist cincher by itself....but that started to hurt -the bones and hooks...I woke up one of the mornings and found that I had stripped off the cincher and clothes in my sleep lol, so I went back to my garment. By now I was done, done done . One of my fav rs sister Tawana4372 suggest I purchase this garment. Seamless soft compress from Leonisa. So far so good, It feels like my skin, my butt feels awesome in it and its virtually undetectable under clothes. I added a picture of it.  I will keep you posted on that progress.  After all of my garment drama, my stomach has lost inches and is flatter,  plus Im on my last hook for the waist cincher -Go Figure! ...Im def. A small in the waist. Leonisa has a waist cincher that I tried on and it felt great for my short torso, I may go back for it. However, no more garment purchases for me, spent too much money on this lol. I attached a picture of the garment timeline from Teardropeyecandy and pics of my garment. TILL next time.

First Day Back At the GYM !

I did mostly upper body lat pulls ,triceps biceps , 5 mins on the elliptical, and free weights etc. I applied abolene to help my stomach sweat and wrapped it with an abs trainer. It felt good doing my reps had more energy then I thought I would. I was swollen prior but after my workout seemed to smooth out I attached a pic of me as I was getting dressed before the gym. Last thought ....I hate all things garment !!!!## ladies, the pinch tightness, skin irritation ,soreness and hurt. I 5 garments,only one is more comfortable but not enough compression. It takes me an hour to decide which one will be the least annoying and least painful for the moment. My waist cincher is the devil lol..... it hurts after a few hours of wear.... Im sooooo done with the garment!! Best wishes

3rd Month BBL Anniversary

Hello Beauties and Barbies,
You thought I was gone, not at all. I've been busy getting my life together. After surgery you spend alot of time adjusting as your body shifts and changes. I still have the ripping and swelling sensation under my skin when I wake up in the morning, change seating position etc. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! The only time I don't have that feeling is during and after workingout....and ummm sex lol thats a workout too.  Oh yeah sex is fabulous!$$ It was before but it has more flavor. Either way elevated tempers in the body makes swelling feeling non existent. Oh I love the sauna too...people its heaven to me after a workout.  Antyhoo!!!..my waist is getting smaller...my butt seems much bigger it jiggles when walking and soft to the touch. Its been smacked a couple of times by the hubby.. it stings lol so I have feeling lol. Ladies let me say this my waist would be smaller if I was consistent with the garments... I still have a love hate relationship with the garments. Im not with the pinching smh!!!.I dont know where my Ann Chery is, I know hot mess. The main ones I wear is the soft leonisas (barely) and wear my ab waist trainer (almost 24hrs).  Ladies the ab waist trainer is $5 at walmart lol its soft .. I have my hubby wrap me, the velcro sticks and I sweat all day around my tummy. I have several so I would wrap two to cover the upper back. I saw better ones on amazon but I haven't ordered yet. I am not the best example I know .....  Right now My measurements are 36-28-45....  my waist is still shrinking.  Also, I was losing weight rapidly so I tried to slow it down by increasing my food intake. Its stable now and I like my size now.  I dont run my butt is not ready, but I can do a light cha-cha across the grocery parking lot when doing errands. I use the stair master, do squats all is well.  Also, after the surgery my hormones went out of control I started lactating...yes slight leak from the boobs ... PCP ran blood test.... so far so good . My PCP said its not the surgery its hormone related. Ill keep you all posted. Lastly, the topic on attention ... when I went back to work I wore loose fitted clothes , I didn't want that attention especially at work. However, you cant always cover....simple clothes is looking  like BA-BAM... In MY mind I didn't see my butt as BIG...but I guess looking at my waist to my butt... it a slopped mountain lol.... the hate is real and you will find people fishing for information like what are you doing to get your butt like that ...is it squats smh!  I do the Beyonce -smile and nod ,when people fish. Oh and dont let me be at the gym with tight clothes...OMG ....even my brazillian doctor (My waxing lady) asked me did you get your boobs done too... I was like I told you its only my tummy and butt... Im already dealing with the lactating so my boobs are full....I have a couple friends that will have a comment every now and then... " you were already getting attention now whats that going to look like" ...did you do your hips no...its more apparent now ...so now Im fake all over!!!!! . ladies stay humble and strong. Its easy to curse people out when the hate is there, but its stronger when you remain who you are and dont let it phase you... I laugh it off , have a drink and put on my heels.... Im gonna be me regardless and I love ME.

Update: more pics of stomach and butt

Fourth Month Update

Hello Beauties and Barbies,

The fourth month is upon us lol...well Im a few days early but who cares lol.I've been working on myself. I've been hitting the gym hard, trying to lessen the fat on my back literally. Like I said before I gained weight, it wasnt much but my fat has settled.  Crazy thing is the more I lose the bigger my butt looks lol smh!!!!! I figure its my waist. I guess we will have to see what it looks like after 15lbs . Anyhoo, my sides and stomach still get tender . It has gotten better, but I still have days when I can go hours without the compression and other days I cant do more than two hours...those spasms shoot right in the skin lol butt too....so Im still healing :) Enjoy the pics!

One more pic to add

Just a front view...to add to the collection!

4 month video body results

Stomach is firm underneath barely any fat left. Butt is full and soft. My stretch marks Im satisfied with, Im a few pounds from my goal. Ive been toning and lifting weights :)

5 Month Update Divas

Soooooo where do I begin. The verdict is in I received 720 ccs in my left and right butt cheeks. Im amazed !!! As big as my butt is I thought I would've been in the 1,000's..... I was in denial with how big my butt truly is. Hasan told me I had a butt, he just needed to add to the top...and boy oh boy did it give me projection. I had to name her, she looks like a stripper booty Im calling her Diamond lol... Anyhoo... I fell in love with my original garment again. The seamstress redid the stitching, now it fits perfectly and I can tell how much my body liked it. It snapped back and it lessen my swelling. On another note I have to go back and get it taken in...the cotton mesh over my butt tore, so I had to cut the butt parts out and that made my waist area slightly loose. Back to my routine,  At night I take my garment off and wear my waist cincher.  Swelling has gone down considerable, but I still have it. Lower back and upper abs is where I feel it the most. With my workouts, I just now started running more because I dont feel the weight in my butt like I use too. Im taking it one workout at a time, I can't wait to go all in with cardio... diamond can stand too lose a few inches.  I can't take her no where, she acts out in public ..causing commotion....sometimes I put her in time out yall  ..cover her up with a jacket. Its bad when you stop traffic smh!!#

6 & 7 month updates

Hey beauties,
 I have not forgotten you, I have my settings set to send me messages if anyone inboxes me etc. I do my best to catch all your questions. On to updates. Im feeling great, I can finally sleep without my garment. I still wear my waist trainer mainly at night for bedtime. Now I started sleeping without it. I still feel tender on my sides and back after a long day without my waist trainer.  Overall Im content with the results, however there are areas I would like to address. I have an uneven portion over my hip. You can see if I point to it. Its major but not major ......in the near future I would like to look at coolsculpting or freezing to take care of that area. Either way, Overall Im very satisfied.  Diamond aka juicy booty takes all my weight anything I gain goes to her . My butt doesnt need to be bigger#. So Ive been doing lots of cardio lol...to help with this problem. Anyhoo till next time loviess$s.

8 month Update

Hey dolls, Update on the body. Everything is going well. I've gained weight ....most of it went to my butt uggh! I don't want my butt any bigger. I need to do better with my dieting...but I still exercise -which doesn't do much unless I do better. I've attached pics of my stomach so you can see improvements of my stretch marks.  I also started my kenalog injections for the raised scars (keloid) from my incision spots. Not all sites scarred only a few.  It was quick a slight sting..... Ill keep you guys up to date on that transformation. For now enjoy the pics till later.

1 year Anniversary

Hey Dolls ,
Miss you guys. I wanted to give you guys an update ....how do I feel ? I feel great . I do have one small spot near my hip that drives me crazy, slightly uneven, it still feels like a slight numbing sensation,but not noticeable to the common eye. I toggle back and forth on whether I should touch up ......but thinking about the changes you have to go through...Im good lol....I gained about 15lbs - all of it went to my butt,breast and thighs lol. Im heading back to the gym and routine again. I still feel it was the best decision for me I do feel sexy.....people still look at you crazy when in public, women get jealous, men drool ...whatever...... if you guys need me or have a question just inbox me....Ill get it that way. I wont be on rs as much and I took down my pics. You will have to read the comments to get your mental picture lol.... I did open an instagram same name but after a while Ill be shutting that down too. Ill check in periodically ...kisses dolls
Miami Physician

He is straight forward, professional and is skilled. He takes his reputation seriously and it is evident by the precautions taken to ensure the health of his clients first. Its not about the money for him. I felt comfortable from start to finish and very pleased with Vanitys efforts in improving customer service. I had a few slight hiccups but not major to deflect on their overall service.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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