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Started my researching journey a while ago and now...

Started my researching journey a while ago and now I'm finally ready to reshape this body. I have been so blessed to have found some many wonderful sisters on this site. It has helped me soooo much in my search for the right doctor. All I can say is "MY SISTERS THANK YOU!!!!!" Like many of you I had trouble deciding between Dr. Hasan or Fisher. I believe both of these doctors have done some amazing work but I finally chose FIsher!!!! I did not want to base my choice on money alone but on who I believe could give me the results I want. So far my experience with VC has not been so good. I have been through 3 coordinators but I was already prepared for them to be unorganized & pushy for me to hurry up & lock a date down. Needless to say I was not in a hurry about giving them my money I didn't care how many time the called (at least 3 times a day). After reading some many post (and I do mean many...Lol) I was already prepared. I hope the coordinator I have now (Selena) will work out. I had Alexandra which I liked but she works in a different department now. I won't hold that against Dr. Fisher. I hope and pray my surgery day go a heck "Hell" of a lot better. This app is starting to work my nerves (first one deleted some how) so I will update later with some post op pictures and measurements.

Wish Pic's

Looking to see what type is projection I would like to have so I decided to upload some pictures. Hopefully Dr. Fisher can work his magic and get me pretty close. I am 5'9 weigh 168, my waist is a 33 & hips 41. I have hips already but nooo projection in the butt.


type of....


So far I have told a couple of my close girl friends at work and they are soooo supportive. My sister will be coming with me for support and to help me through this transformation and possibly my cousin. I probably will not tell my mom until I return because I don't want her to worry. Ever since I completely made up
my mind to get this surgery it seems like
everything (well almost) have been falling into place which just reaffirms
me that this is meant to be, and that
everything will be fine God willing.


So I don't really have much to update to my post so that's why I haven't posted in a while if u guys were wondering. Just working alot. I have been gradually getting my supplies and so far the only thing left for me to buy is my faja which the first one I will be buying from vanity to make sure it is the right fit. The second one I will buy from the place next door to vanity (that everyone keeps referring too in their post) on my follow-up appt. I have a bodymagic vendetta that I purchased years ago from Adryss that I will be wearing as well. This is one of the best garments ever, very sturdy!! Everything else I pretty much have bought! Flight was booked for 260.00 which included luggage as well as 60.00 for a big comfy chair on the flight home. Also, I will receive a fifty dollar rebate. I will not be buying any dresses I will just where the ones I wear around the house unless I go out. I will save that money to buy new cloths for my new booty because I am sure I probably won't be able to fit any of my pants or dresses that I have now. Hotel has not been booked yet waiting to see if my other sister will be able to come so I can benefit from her new job.Lol.... She works for a hotel part time much bigger discount if she can. I have also been looking on airbnb just in case. Rental car has been booked and vacation has been scheduled. So far I have been making out pretty good on my planning. I had been using Hotwire for a while for my flight to nab the best deal that I think suits my budget and priceline for my rental car. Oh and I will need to purchase my sister flight as well. So until we meet again, goodnight ladies have to get up extra early for overtime $$$$$$!!!!


Well my surgery date is fast approaching and I'm no longer as excited just ready to be in recovery stages. I have been taking a spoon of organic Apple cider Vinegar & raw honey every day (a lot of health benefits just google). Mega whole Foods Iron pills and vitamins , Vitamin Code (raw vitamin c) and occasionally garlic pills. I try to take the vitamins with less fillers. Scheduled my lab work with my pc (trying to stay close to surgery date) I have been getting my shopping list together of supplys I will buy once I land in Miami water, pineapple juice, crackers, spinach, etc. I have been reading a lot of reviews about purchasing the vendetta 929 just unsure if I want to take a chance. Soon as I figure out how to blur my face out I will be posting pre op pictures from my first post till now. I haven't really been trying to gain weight but from my last weight post I have gained like 5 pounds about 172/3 now. I want Dr Fisher to just use the weight that I have because I've read of people weighing more after surgery! I still haven't decided on hotel stay yet. It's between Fairfield Inn, Marriott or a place I've been researching on airbnb. It seems like my support is multiplying to about 4 + people now. I think everyone just want to go on a mini vacation. Right now I am a little under the weather hopefully I haven't gotten this cold like symptoms out of the way. I feel terrible but unlike us super women I still have to work, cook, clean, and take care family and the house. Thank god for my super supportive fiancee but unfortunately no one can do these like I can but I give him an A for effort, he's pretty close except cooking! So to all u beautiful ladies who surgery is coming sooner I will be following your journey!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!


Well, what can I say....I have 19 more days to go and boy am I ready!! I still haven't decided where I will be staying and my lab work is scheduled for the 27th. I am praying that everything comes out good god willing! I know I said in my earlier post that I wouldn't be buying any dresses, but I couldn't resist all the cute sundresses were on sale!! Like $10...$15.....so in all I picked up about 5.....I have really been on this site way tooooo much. I can't even get my work done, researching....researching....researching..I must say though I have really been impressed with my coordinator Selena every question that I have asked so far she has answered!!! Koodles to her!!!!!! I know its kinda of early but me and my daughter have already put the Christmas tree up just trying to get the holiday season started so I won't have to do much when I return on the 19th..... I have not figured out how to cover my face in my pictures so if anyone knows please inbox me. Also, I have been taking Multi Vitamins, Blood Builders, and Vitamin C's daily how soon should I stop taking them? I think I read somewhere a week before surgery (except iron). Once I have my surgery I will try to update u ladies a little bit more often. So until my next post I will talk to my beautiful sisters later!!!!


So today I went and had my lab work done and everything looked good!! I also had my PC do an EKG because I don't want any surprises when I arrive. Vanity will do one as well which is included in the lab work that they perform. My weight has went down to 168 don't know how that happened because i feel like a pig. Hopefully he can make magic out of what I have. 2 more weeks and I will be Fisherfied. I want to give a shout out to hotgirl2b If you have not taken up on her offer for the pre & post instruction she offered to share with us ladies you are definitely missing some good info. Thank you again hotgirl2b!!! I really am thinking about switching my hotel from the airport to the beach area. I was wondering if u ladies could share with me how was the drive. I have massages every day with Marian so I was wondering if it is worth the travel of going back and forth! I love the beach though!!! Well im waiting to get my hair done and my phone is about to die so let me push send before I loose this post. Until then be blessed ladies!!!


SO I JUST TEXT A WHOLE DAMN LONG A.. POST AND GUESS WHAT..... LOST IT!!!! So I guess this one will be kind of short. I have 4 more days until I'm in Miami and 5 days till surgery. I googled pre and post surgery healthy food (I know a little late right) but I want to get my body a little healthier. So I went and purchase new blender (blendtec) so that they could juice. I love it!!! It is awesome, It really breaks down vegetables and fruits nicely! It makes smoothies and soups really well! I think this was a great investment for the long run. Normally I wouldn't be buying anything pricey 5 days out but I came across a little blessing (hit the lottery a little bit and I don't even really play!!!!!) Let's just say GOD must knew I needed a little extra cash. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!! So I decided to stay 7 days near the airport and 4 days on South beach! I went on price line but in a bid of $70 for a 4 star hotel and the Riveria Suites picked it upped. The reviews seem pretty good but we will see. I have stayed at Eden Roc and that's really nice and comfortable so I hope it's very close to that. Well here are some pre op before my transformation. I hope and pray that I have enough fat and that I don't loose anymore weight. As always ladies until we meet/read again stay blessed!!!!


Please excuse the typo's and errors "upped" really!!!!!

Hope pictures upload!!!!!


Now these are the realistic wish picks of the projection I hope to receive!!!!!!


So I am just about 2 days out until I'm in Miami and I hope and pray everything runs smoothly!! So I was reading "Cuddles" post and she said they made her pay for the bra line even though it was included in her price. I had them confirm my areas (with bra line included) my first, 2nd and last payment so I hope I don't have any problems. WHEN I arrive I will have all the paper work with me (I printed out everything and saved every email). Man..... lately it seems like I have been praying more about this place than I pray about my job! On a more positive note I will just like to throw this out into the universe (as my man would say, LMBO,) For all the beautiful ladies with up coming procedures.
Loving Father, I entrust myself to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your name and grant that every cause of illness be removed. I pray that I may be restored to perfect health and live in perfect harmony with you and those around me. I pray that every person reading this will be blessed and protected by your holy spirit! AMEN!!!!!!! NOW LET'S GO GET WHAT OUR HEART AND MIND DESIRE THE PERFECT BUTT!!!!


My surgery was a success!!!!! Thank God!!!! All I can say right now is as u all have reported Dr. Fisher is amazing!!!! I had a consultation with him on the 8th had had my schedule surgery on the 9th. All I can say right now is Vanity, Vanity, Vanity sooooo sad.......(I really believe it is just one very very young looking unorganized person) but I will filll u guys in later, just want to relax right now!! But what I can say in NOT A LOT PAIN RIGHT NOW just feel very tight and stiff!!!!!


Sooo let's just say as I said before I print out and document EVERYTHING from hearing about everyone's bad experience with vanity. So on Saturday 2 days before my flight to Miami I get a called from Yisel (their admin) saying that did I know I was on a waiting list and that Fisher might not be able to fit me in so do I want to switch to another Doc......before she could finish I stop her right in her tracks and said I don't think so. Under NO circumstances will I be booked with another doctor or change my date. I said I paid my money way back in beginning of September 1st, when I booked that day was fully open. I had wrote down around the time that every girl that posted something for that day when they said they locked in there date. So I told her I know for a fact that the girls that were scheduled on the same day as me did not lock there dates in before me and there was no way in hell that I would book a flight, hotel, massages etc. on the notion that I was on a waiting list. She asked my how did I know that, I just restated my statement and said because I know from the time I booked that date was open as well as I had them send me several confirmation like about 8 to 9 emails confirming my surgery date and none of them said anything about a waiting list. Needless to say she put me and then came back and said let me see if I can fit you in and I will call u back. So by 2 after not hearing anything from her I called her back and just as I thought the girl said she had left for the day. I was like really ok, well please make sure Yisel look in my file there is a letter that I had faxed and have confirmation of receipt regarding Vanity last minute changes that stated that and changes to my surgery date time etc that causes me out of pocket expenses will be reinversed by VCS and any cancellation due to the fact of vanity amendments I would be reinversed a full refund within 48 hrs. So with that said I just hung up the phone. Arrive on Monday went over my lab work they said I needed a EKG pulled out my copy that I sent them that was normal. Next met with little miss Yisel and she said we have an opening for Wednesday I said that will not work because of my caretaker schedule (my sister was leaving wednesday morning and my other sister wasn't coming till Thursday afternoon. Tried to moved my first payment back showed her the credit card payments that they had just gave me that contradicted what she just said and pulled out my copy. Liar Liar pants on fire!!!!!!!! She left out and came back with 5:30 surgery time....even though I requested first I just said ok as long as it was for the day I booked. Stress level was already at 10 and climbing..........so I filled out a million papers and then a nurse came in and said I could have a consultation with Fisher in 15 min. Fisher came in and was very present answered all my question and I was off... phone dieing finish after charge..

Post Op.....

So I arrived around 5:30 went back around 7:00 filled out some more paper work and was laying on the table around 8ish.....do I was extremely nervous at this point asking doctor Fisher are u sure your not to tired?? He just started joking around like no way, I always save the be see t for last..Then it put on some Donnie Hathaway stared talking about Jazz artist and next thing I know I was waking up.. sooo here are some pics!

Follow-up Appt. Post Op pic.

Lost of swelling still, stomach really sagging abdominal board a must for me!

Pain level......

So the first night I was soooo drug up that the pain wasn't so bad just very stiff and hungry because my surgery was so late.....Second day at times a 7/8 but not to unbearable. I tried to go for my follow-up appt. at 11:00 but I got to the elevator and almost fainted so I came back and laid down. I finally got their around 2:30..... Day 3 right now pain is at 8/9. It is really my stomach muscles that's 9 not my butt!!! Getting out of bed is the worst!!! Ladies PLEASE try do everything around when your meds kick in. I haven't really been feeling like eating just nibbling a little. Don't really have an appetite! Getting tired so I'll talk to u beautiful ladies later.



This women is amazing............my massage didn't hurt until she got around to the front to flush the fluid out.....burning sensation was crazy but overall she did a great job can't wait till today! Pain is still bearable. I haven't used the bathroom yet (#2) and would like to get this drain out ASAP irritating is an understatement! Yesterday when I was leaving the massage place a young lady was there very sick I felt so bad for her. I hope and pray that she feels better soon!!!! So far I have not had any sickness and still nibbling a little on food. I would like to try and make it to the mall today if I'm up for it. Soooo .......congradulations again to all the beautiful ladies who went to have surgery this week let's stay strong and support one another! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

Day 4.........

Today wasn't as good as day 3....Massage was a little unbearable today and was a little nausea this morning from not really eating breakfast. Stomach muscles still hurt but walking is getting better. Stopped by the Cuban restaurant to get some of that delicious soup everyone keeps talking about Marian wrote it down for me so I could make sure it I was getting the write thing. She highly recommended it as well!!!!! Very tasty just wanted to add some salt but I refrained because of the swelling it could cause. Stay away from salt ladies!!!! Hopefully tomorrow I feel up to going to the mall. Monday, I will be switching to a different hotel in south beach hope I'm up for that too! Until later stay blessed Ladies!!!!!!


So I am 1 month post op and still trying to monitor the goods but not get to obsessed with it! Trying to wait for the fluffing to happen because I think is a little bit to conservative right now.Don't get me wrong I see a difference in the waistline which is the main thing for me but.......I want a little more projection! Ok so I have this nasty lipo burn that I need some vets to help me with. I'm am putting Arnica gel, Neosporin, and it doesn't look good at all! I have an appt. with my doctor today to get it checked out. Did anyone get burned and how did u handle it...did u do anything different. Also, I am looking for somewhere to go to get a lymphatic massage here in Michigan does anyone know of a place they can recommend?

Before and after pics..........

Verdict is in!!!!!!

So I left the doctors office and I have to go see a wound/burn treatment center! Man.... I really wish this wouldn't of happened and I hope and pray it can heal without surgery and that this is my only set back! Lord touch my body in the name of Jesus and put your healing harms around me Amen!!!!!!


So I left the wound clinic and they prescribe me Santyl. He said it wasn't infected but he needed to remove some dead tissue that was preventing it from healing properly. I have to go back within a week so I will keep u ladies posted on the outcome. It seems like Fisher has been burning alot of his patience lately. Not quite sure what's going on there. Read another RS girl post today that was hurned as well. Don't get me wrong I still love my results just without the burn. Just be careful ladies look at your skin at follow-up. That way it you notice you have very dark marks right after surgery it is not a garment burn (it's a lipo burn) and they can prescribe you something before u leave. Well that's it for now. Happy healing to the one's recovering and best wishes to those on there way!!!!

Getting Better........

I had my follow-up appt. and doctor said everything looks good just healing slowly. I have read several post and ladies have gotten burned by Fisher, Salama, and Salzhauer so it's not just one particular doctor. And I have noticed some amazing work done by all of these doctors so it's a risk we all take and I'm still happy I did it and it was worth every penny. Just patiently waiting for the fluffing to happen and for me to get dressed up so I can see how I look in my dresses now! It's really funny how I thought it wasn't that noticeable but I guess I was wrong. People at work keep asking me if I lost weight lately I just say yeah and I'm waist training!!! LMAO...... some genuinely good friends at work know but for the most part most of them just being noisy. I catch them looking alot too funny. The funny thing is a haven't even told my really close friends yet! I'm trying to surprise them but I might break down and send them a pictures because they live out of state. Well I have to go back to work so peace out ladies so here is some recent pics of my progress!!!!


Miami Plastic Surgeon

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