Lost my Body :( - Miami, FL

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Ok so I have been looking for a place for months,...

Ok so I have been looking for a place for months, I've read the review and I found browards cosmetics. I contacted them to get a quote in December, but with Xmas coming up I was only looking for a quote. My coordinator at the time quoted me 3800 and I was fine with that. I told her to give me a few because it is Christmas, I need to make this holiday memorial for my child. She understood android me that she will get in contact. She did call I'm January and being a waitress I work every single day and by the time I get a chance the office is closed. So I finally contacted them, the same day that my coordinator contacted me and I was transferred to someone else. She claimed that my coordinator no longer works there and that it was a special and now the price is 4000........... I can spend the extra 5 on a flight or a recovery house

April 22nd macadoll

Pretty excited, a little scared. This was one of those spur of the moment decisions. I thought I had more time lol. I want curves I don't really care for a big big butt, I have a little butt, not a lot od projection but it does the job. I do however, have a boy shape, it pisses me off smh

My wish pic

I just want hipsssssss

Here in miami

It is beautiful. So bitter sweet. Labs done, balance paid excited ????

Today is the day


Finally happened

My Saturday smh

My surgery was at 830. There where two other ladies scheduled for the same time as myself, I thought nothing of it, the First Lady got sent home bc her lab (provided by vanity) were not complete, so I knew that I was almost up. Or so I thought. There were two girls before me getting surgery smh . I was still hopeful ( mind u I didn't eat yet smh) so I waited, and waited, it was 11, then 2 pm, so I got upset tears in my eyes I grab my things and wanted to leave. The lady in front reassured me I was next. So I waited. Then 4 o'clock. The doc finally came in I knew it was time. ( I was wrong) I fell asleep waiting for him again. He came in and woke me up went to the room and marked me up took some pics. Chris (the anesthesiologist came in and connected a needle to the iv in my hand. He shot the needle in my arms and it burned. When I woke up it was freezing cold. The took me to recovery but by how busy they were I knew they wanted me out. I left st 9:30 pm smfhgggg.. Everyone pains differently, I was ok mostly sore,I used my insurance for everything thank god, it came out to 20$ the pills are expensive. Macadoo was awesome Overal I'm happy, I would not do it again.

Day 1

He gave me exactly what I was looking for, exactly. I woke up today and I feel sore but so amazing and happy. It feels like one of those gym days

In need of a massage bad

I'm in New York, I actually flew back home the next day I need a massage place bad if anyone knows of one drop a number

I drained myself

So I removed my drain bc it was no longer draining anything and I had a lot of fluid, to the point where my back glistened. I was sure I would develop a saroma. I went to work last night for the first time and left in tears. My boyfriend went to cvs and bout a couple of needles I popped two Percocets and he drained my entire back out. I woke up with blisters bc of how bad the skin stretched but thank god for him. Fluid build up is no damn joke and a massage was not going to cut it bc my incisions have all heeled. Hope this helps

5 weeks post

Alright, I love my butt, my stomach not so much. It is hot as hell and I cannot stand my faja. I bought a roll of plastic bags and wrapped a towel around it and that is what I have been sitting on, I bought a boppie (dont waste your time on it) Mac did his thing

I guesss

Happy 3 months

I guess I get to keep everything
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