All done!!! Salama babe - Miami, FL

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Finally made the decision to get this done. But...

Finally made the decision to get this done. But from who? Dr Jimerson or Salama? I need to make a choice because I want it done by July!!! Help!?!?!? Also I do plan on having kids later in life, should I be worried? Lol oh and are do you use the bathroom once the surgery is done?! I will be uploading more pics but I'm a little shy :)

Never took pics of myself ...

Didn't think I looked this bad...sheesh hurt my soul lol

if it ain't about the money...

So listen...I make pretty good money but how and the heck are y'all paying for this?! I've chosen Dr. Salama and I might be paying 10 Gs lol? What's the best why to get the funds? Care Credit or Bank loan?

Signed...sealed...waiting waiting waiting...

Yo I scheduled my BBL!!!! GO ME!!! Now I just gotta lose 15 pounds (gonna shoot for 20) and figure out how to pay for this thing $$$ lol


Dr. Salama is my doctor... How long should I take off? 10-15 days?

Went out...and so did my tummy!

My mindset doesn't fit my body!

Sex? ????????????????

So listen I'm not a freak or nothing (lol) but how long to you have to wait to have relations? Just want to be careful.

What do I need?

Yo yo yo!!! Lol y'all what do I need before I go????

well I lost 10 pounds but...

I feel like I lost some weight but it don't look like it. I need to lose 15 to have the surgery so not to bad but I wanted at least 30!! Lol well 25 at least.

just met the man of my dreams!

Scared to tell him but don't want to run him off... And I don't want to wait to long and he moves on...what to do????

Not summer ready... :(

fatty McFatty :(

Yalllllllll looka here looka here! Man I'm 210 pounds and I need to be at least 200 before going in! I started out at 221 March I did pretty well but I can't seem to lose any more :( y'all please help a sista out...and Herbalife is disgusting so I know I won't be doing that

Almost done paying!!!

Sheesh I had to pay for this out of pocket! I'm almost done (thank the heavens). Do you know how many shoes I could've gotten??? Lol but glad that stress is almost over and I'm just waiting :)

Iron pills???

I can't find any iron pills that are 325mg

Nobody loves me :(


What should I take that I may need?????

T-shirts & Robe?

OK do I need fitted t-shirts or can they be tank tops? Oh and do I need a robe that zips or any robe? Can the robe be silk (like a nighty coverup) or those thick plush ones?

Visitors to recovery house????

Sooooo I hear we can't have visitors which is no problem for me but they said ppl can come pick you up and take you to get coffee or something...did anyone do this? I have my bestie coming to see me and I want to be sure I know everything!

18 more days!!!!

Listen this shit came QUICK!!! My ass ain't ready!! I'm blessed to be available to have a job that was more concerned of me using vacation days versus short term disability...STD only pays you 60% so you know how that shit go lol...but I was able to take off 3 weeks and only use 10 vaca days!!! Booyahhhh lol I know how to work the system.

The process so far: The bad

Ok so I know I curse a lot on here the workplace I'm very professional (in my proper vc). They have been professional in the office but I would have liked more customer contact. I think they should have someone calling each customer once a month just to check on things and keep them updated. That person could also give helpful tips on weight loss and gain...and make sure you are taking the right meds. I have been making all the calls (to make payments of obviously) and they contacted me about 2 1/2 weeks ago to help me "prepare." I have this constant fear that I've missed something and that once I get there there's going to be a problem. OK next when I got the paperwork, it looked as though they were running out of ink or something lol (OK I'm be petty for this but...) Hahaha....last thing is that it's a rid bit bad if they can't give exact dates of when things are I work for billion dollar but we only handle a few thousand dollars....they have tens of thousands...soooo how you gonna say it's due "3 weeks before surgery." Not due June 3rd or whatever...then the same with the recovery house...they were like "oh just count 10 days after your surgery" I mean can I get some dates??? I know I'm being super petty because I'm sure the staff is awesome but... Lol

The process so far: The Good

OK so real quick....I have seen sooooo many positive things about my doctor and his bed side manners! That's super important because I want to be able to talk to him and tell him want I want....I have complete faith in his skills and I would like for him to consider us all his canvass... I'm totally glad I picked him...

Not ready!

Lord I need so much shit and so little time to do it! I feel like I need so much but Elite has provided me with majority of what I need. Just got my meds, thank god. I want more than I need so I won't be without.

It's all y'all fault!!!!

When I found this site back in February, I had no intentions on getting it for real...I always thought about it...but you guys made it happen!

Don't know how to feel????

I see a lot of folks nervous and my family keeps asking if I'm scared....but I'm not! I'm more excited than anything. I'm really just ready for it to be over lol....

8 mores days!!!

A lot of my friends have reached the age of 30 and they're freaking loving it!!! I'm ready for a new me, a new beginning! I want to walk by a mirror and say DAMN BITCH WHERE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!? Lol I'm excited and ready...


So glad my cycle came on early because this ish is killing me and I could only deal with one thing at a time lol thank ya jesus,

When you see me...Say HI!!!

If there's any ladies having sx or staying in the recovery house next week, I'm Cora! I wish you guys the best BUTT ever hahahha. #muah

Day Before SX: BIG ISSUE!!!!

Soooooo I made to Miami today (Yay)...and I have my Pre-op...little upset that I didn't get to see the doctor but whatever (rolls eyes)...So the ladies were very nice and explained everything and gave me addressed to the recovery house (which is awesome...don't look like much on the outside but awesome on the inside)...So I leave and here comes to BIG ISSUE...they call me and says that my blood work wasn't up to date!?!?!? WTF....I was soooooo confused and my stupid doctor approved my blood work without retaking my you may think I'm crazy but I asked HIS ASS are you sure this is going to be okay and he was like there was no need to retake them...Then....THEN it took the day before my sx for the team to catch it...what really grinds my gears is that I have called EVERY month when I made a payment if everything was in order and the answer was always I understand the confusion because the lady was like she wouldn't think a doctor would sign off on old labs...ughhhh I get it but damn when I'm the consumer and I'm doing everything right, it gets frustrating...So they got me in to do some lab work and hopefully everything will be my surgery got pushed back to 11...(thanks for listening to my vent session)

Met some cool ppl!!!!

I met some pretty cool chicks today! The ladies coming to get their massages (one chick was badddddddd AF #jelly) and I met some girls at the recovery house when I dropped my stuff off. Speaking of stuff...get a YOGA MAT...

Before Tomorrow...

If all goes well...I'll be a new person tomorrow... weight: 205 height: 5'5

Bout to go in!!!!

Oh lord ...please watch over me throughout this procedure...

Before sx :)

He was super nice

A little something something...

Recovery....dun dun dunnnnn

Girl Bye! This shit is the worst pain I've ever felt! Day by day it gets easier but don't expect to be tip top in a few days. Oh and DO SOME FUCKING PUSHUPS before you get here lol cuz trust when I tell ya...dem arms is all you got!

Recovery house...

Don't listen to yo friends and they say they gonna take care of you...bihhhhhh you need round the clock care. I don't see how in the HELL girls stayed in hotels. For the girls who on here and talk trash about recovery house, y'all the F'ing problem! You treat ppl how you want to be treated! Love LOVE love Grace (caregiver). STAY HERE! "insert smiley face"

Some pics :)

Recovery is a bitch! I see way ppl don't post a lot after sx.

Massage yesterday... Work Today...2weeks post tomorrow

Ok guys my massage therapist is a GOD!!! I used to work with him so he's giving me a special discount. Plus he's a fine ass white guy! Lol it didn't hurt which makes me feel some type of way about the massages at Elite (dem bitches make you rethink life). My back and sides are still numb which hurts to me...can't wait to get my feeling back! Today was my first day back to work and let's just say I MADE IT! lol it was good to be out the house and have shit to do. I almost cried because all of my reps missed me and wanted to know everything. I missed them so much (lots of booty songs). Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and everyday is better and better. I will be sending the doctor pics because I feel like one cheek is really pointed and I hate it...not sure if it will correct itself... Here's a pic of me with all the shit they make you wear andy work clothes :)

Vets...Is this normal???

I'm concerned about my back and sides. It's two weeks in and I still have no feeling in my back. It's a numb feeling and I'm praying the feeling comes this normal???

Not sure what to think

Looking at a few girls who have had their sx within the past month...their butts are nice and round...I feel like mine isn't....well at least one cheek...its larger than the I'm calling him today....idk what to feel because it does look better than my ass before but....shrugs...see of you can see what I see...

Love my hips...#boyshorts

He did his thank on these hips tho....just wish my pouch was gone...

Time is flying :) still sore :(

When does the soreness ends ughhhhh!!! Lol it's not bad's been 3 weeks today!!! Yay!!! Nawl but for real my back and sides are the absolute WORST!!! I want my feeling back!!! Oh and does the snitches dissolve??? OK ttyl

My back tho....

I have to gently massage my cone shaped cheek...I hate it so much but it's getting less pointed... Overall I love my new body (stomach gotta go but whatever)....where he was more aggressive with the lipo is still numb...I think my back is the worst part of the healing...I'm just praying the soreness goes away soon because I have a lot of work events coming you guys and happy healing


Garment with no foam...I haven't driven yet because my family still wanna take care of me lol...I love them so much...they make sure I have everything I need!

Before and Afters...4 weeks post

Sooooo I look wayyyy better....but one cheek is bigger than the hoping it will correct tummy looks good in clothes but it needs work...if exercise don't fix it...I may get a TT for my 31st bday lol...the left pics were taken after I lost 18 a month b4 the sx...right pic is NOW (4 weeks post op)

#GymFlow ;)

Did 20 mins of walking and some arm work. It felt good to get back in there. Plus it gives me some place to go. Current weight is 210. I gained like five pounds post op. I want to lose ten pounds though. Wondering if it will effect my results.

When can I lay on my back?

Lord I just wanna sleep....

New garment???

Lord u only have 19 more days that I have to wear this garment and it's getting to big! I secretly don't want to buy another because I don't have long to wear it...and that shit is $120 smh...then I don't know how long it takes to get here....any suggestions???? Help!

6 weeks baby!!!

Ok sooooo I know you've heard my sob story about my cone shaped cheek...well it's still there! It's not noticeable from the back but definitely from the side. I'm going to contact them this week. But I am happy! I think that I chose the right doctor even with my concerns. Listen yo bitch bad nah...don't get it twisted! Got about 15 more days left in the faja! I paid $20 to get it taken in and that was the best decision EVER!!! I do wish I had the TT (look at me getting addicted) lol....but I love you guys for encouraging me to go through this! My bday is Oct 11th and I'll update you dolls then! Best of luck and safety to you all #muah

What is the fluff???? #7weekspostbaby!

That point hasn't went any where (insert sad face) but my family loves my booty!!! Lol it's weird because they want to touch it... I started sitting on soft surfaces but mostly still my pillow. But guess what y'all????? I started driving today!!! It's been 7 weeks! Lol OK on a serious note...what the hell is the fluff? And how do I know it's happening???

8 weeks!!!

Sheesh it's been a longggggg 8 weeks! That damn garment was the worst and the new one is to small lol. Listen this recovery has been long. I'm still sore on my butt.

Hipsssss #8weeks

No butt pic

Almost 9 weeks!

I have to get another waist trainer because the one they gave me hurts my underarms. I really REALLY hate my pointed cheek and it is clear that one cheek is bigger than the other BUT I still look great! Hopefully Next year he could fix it. Here's some updates.

Booty rockin everywhere :)

Here's a update! That scar has been there lol.

My birthday was Sunday!!! #She30

So I spent the week before my bday in Memphis and Miami!! I had the time of my life and I looked amazing!!! I'm so glad I did this!!! I had sex for the first time since the surgery (TMI LOL)..but I'm so glad I waited! I totally think if you've ever thought about having this sx than DO IT! I can't believe how bad I looked before lol... I look natural and that's the best part!,I didn't want the big ol booty but that's just me...I haven't been compressing at all so I'm buy a waist trainer next week (the one they gave me, hurt like a bihhh)'s a few pics from my bday week (I'm still celebrating so I'll post more Sunday)

Ok I'm a idiot lol here's the rest

All my cute pics was on my other phone :) officially 30!!!

13 weeks?!

Time is flying!!!

4 Months: Video Vixen lol

So my sister said I look like a video vixen! Lol

Oh lord looka here


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A little over 4 months :)

Soooo where do I is great! I'm enjoying my new body. The weight loss I did to have the sx, I've gained back :( but back to get back on this diet. So while I love my bootay, it's still got a odd shape in one of my cheeks. I'm kinda torn because I don't want to go through that pain again with the hopes of it getting fixed...I would rather get some money towards a TT or a little cash back. I still think Salama is the best tho! I purchased some waist trainers from Kaotic and will do some reviews. Good luck on your journey!

Has anyone had anything fixed before???

Ok so I'll probably contact the office tomorrow about my imperfections but I'm a bit nervous at haven't to go through the pain again. I'm not sure of the cost involved either. Part of me wants to just it but I hate the shape of this one side. Helpppppp

Gotta lose 30 pounds ughhh

My current weight is 215...I want to be's sooooo hard...but all my weight is going to the booty can barely see my dent but its definitely coned shaped


It's been a YEAR!!!!

What an amazing ride I've had! I'm enjoying my new body and extremely happy I chose Salama! I don't have new pics but I will say that it is life changing!!!
Dr. Salama

I can honestly say that this experience has been different for me. The doctor was nice and straight to the point. I wish I got to see him more. You only see him day of surgery but the nurses took care of business. I appreciate everything!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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