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Hello ladies. I’m pleased to announce I will be G...

Hello ladies. I’m pleased to announce I will be Ghuranified on 11/29/16!
After so much research I decided that I wanted to do my bbl in Miami. I narrowed it down to McAdoo, Alvarez and Ghurani. Even though Alvarez had the best price out of all 3, I decided to go with Ghurani cus all he had was positive reviews and results and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with all the drama associated with Vanity if I went with McAdoo.
I made a $500 deposit to lock my date and price at Spectrum. My best friend is coming with me so we will be staying at an Airbnb.
I’m currently 5’4” at 186 lbs but I have to be 180 in order for Ghurani to the the bbl so I’m trying to lose 10 lbs just to be on the safe side. I’m so excited nervous and scared all at the same time lol. In the meantime I’ve just been trying to buy all my supplies and began taking iron and vitamin c pills. If anyone has any suggestions or advice about prep and post op please let me know.

1 Week Post-Op Update

So I ended up going to Miami with my mom which was a blessing because she's a surgical RN so she knew what to do and how to prepare with all the supplies. I got to Miami on the 11/28 and went in for my pro op. There I was able to pay the rest of my balance, take the before pics, sign papers and talk more about post op instructions and what to expect.
I stayed in an airbnb which was much more cheaper but I made sure to buy a large plastic table cover to protect the bedding because there was so much bleeding.
They told me to come in 6am the next morning for surgery but i didn't get to actually go in until 10:30. While I was waiting they gave me a pregnancy test, the anesthesiologist came in and put in my IV, I met and talked with Ghurani about the procedure and post of expectations, and he took his own before pics. He was nice but honest and realistic about my situation. I didn't bother showing him any wish pics because I knew he knew just what to do with my ass and I knew with the way my dents were set up I wasn't going to transform to Miracle Watts overnight lol. He did mention that I may need a tummy tuck since my stomach was big but said since I'm young I may be able to snap back just fine.
So I went in around 10:30am and didn't wake up until around 4pm. When I woke up I was in pain and was shivering for like 20 mins straight. Lying on my stomach was the hardest part after taking out 4 L of fat. For my prescriptions I got the percocet and the antibiotics.. i didn't need the nausea medication. It was so painful and i just felt so weak like all my insides were scraped out. The next couple of days the pain was manageable with the help of extra strength tylenol, arnica pills, and percocets at night to help me sleep. I felt a little weak/dizzy from time to time but nothing crazy and threw up in the middle of night once because i ate with my foams and board and went to sleep right after.
The next day I went in for my post of appointment where Ghurani took the post op pics and answered more of our questions. He was impressed with how my stomach looked and felt that my age might be an advantage to a possibly speedy recovery for me. I was also able to get in two massages with Yazna who was amazing. Although my body was so sore and tender from all the lipo she still made me feel comfortable and I was able to drain a little bit, even with the drain in.
On my flight back home I was able to sit for the duration of the flight with the bbl bum booster pillow. Since then I haven't sat and just keep alternating between laying on my stomach, kneeling, standing and walking around which gets really tiring. Ghurani doesn't use drains anymore due to complications of finding someone to take it out but my mom convinced him to put it in since she knew how to do it herself. I'm glad she did because even with the drains in I was a bloody mess the first 4 days but now the fluid is basically drying up and my mom is gonna remove it either tonight or tomorrow.
A week later my ass is still bruised and feels tight but some parts of it are beginning to soften up a bit. I take walks everyday to try to get my body adjusted because right now I walk extremely slow and waddle around. The pain is pretty manageable to me but the hardest part of it all is having to lay on your stomach all night because I always wake up feeling numb, stiff, and burning all at the same time. My but is not crazy big but it is definitely HUGE IMPROVEMENT from where I started out and I'm grateful for that. It looks full and perky now and even though I'm expecting to go down with the swelling I hope I don't loose too much volume, especially with these hips he gave me.
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