Long Awaited Tiny Waist and Juicy Booty!!! - Miami, FL

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Hello ladies, after many hours spent reading...

Hello ladies, after many hours spent reading reviews and standing in front of the mirror, MY BBL IS ON THE WAY!!! I am super excited, and looking forward, to being past the anxious waiting game and on the way to recovering and healing with my new amazing figure. I am scheduled with Dr. Orlando Llorente in Miami for June 11, 2016. I originally was interested in Dr. Ortega, althought, once I sent in my pics, Lisbeth, my coordinator recommended Dr. Llorente because he is better with patients that have a lower BMI. Also his price was cheaper starting at 4100 for 12 areas compared to Dr Ortega's starting price being 5200. I'm planning on adding my inner thighs and also the backs of my arms to try to harvest as much fat as possible to be transferred to my booty. I want to be sure there is a visible and definite result in the end for what I'm about to endure. Each additional area is $600 to Lipo. I am a hairstylist and I am hoping I will be able to go back to work quickly after I get home since there is no sitting with my job. Would love to hear what the ladies who have already been through this procedure may think about how quickly I will be able to return to work when I get home. My husband will be going with me to take care of me. We will be flying in from Houston, Tx. The plane tickets are bought and our hotel is booked. We will be staying at the Hilton Miami airport from Thursday through Tuesday night, flying out Wednesday. 6 nights for 600.00. We're still debating on renting a car or using uber once we get there, any advise? Now I'm just working on gathering supplies needed to pack and take along with me. I am 5'8 and was 165 lbs. when I scheduled the surgery on 4-18-16, but am currently 170 lbs. since the Dr. Said to try to gain weight, between 5-10 lbs before surgery, to have extra fat to transfer. I am 37yrs old. I'm not looking to gain a tremendous Kardashian booty, I just want it shaped lifted and fuller, with my main focus being the Lipo of my waist, stomach and back. I have always been high waisted with a wide flat hip area. This is hereditary, my dad is tall and my mom's side has a very flat butt naturally, and tends to carry weight through their midsection which I have inherited also, not complaining tho, it's easy to hide weight gain with clothes. My coordinator at Spectrum Esthetics is Lisbeth. So far she has been very nice and helpful. She has been prompt in replying to my phone calls and emails, and very informative on telling me how the steps go on planning and preparing for the procedure, although brief. Flying back after the surgery worries me. I'm concerned about sitting comfortably without damaging my newly transferred fat. The flight is 2hrs 20mins direct. I plan to take along a butt pillow, the Dr Miami super booty buddy to sit on. And to be up and walking as much as possible. Any help with tips from you ladies will be greatly appreciated. I've been taking vitamin C 1,000 mg and iron pills for the last week. I will be having my blood work done about a months before my surgery and I want to make sure my iron level is high enough. Now just need to plan my massages and again any help with advise is welcomed and continue to hurry up and wait !!!

Dr. Change

Hey there ladies ... I am officially one month out and was notified last week that Dr. Llorente is no longer with Spectrum. They parted ways with him due to his cancelling/ not showing up for surgeries. I felt like I had a premonition this was going to happen, and I feel at peace with it. I definitely want a surgeon who is focused on me as his patient and the job he is performing, if Dr. Llorente is distracted them it is best to go with another Dr. So Dr. Alvarez will be doing my BBL on June 10, 2016. I am almost finished gathering supplies and have started packing for the trip. Still anxious to have my new booty and excited for the reaults.

Cleared for surgery with Dr Alvarez

Did my bloodwork last Monday and recieved an email saying I am cleared for surgery !!! This was a huge relief !!! One step closer to doing the do !
My supplies are gathered and my bags are packed ... Now just hurry up and wait ! I have gained about 12 lbs in the last three- four weeks and feel crazy about the extra jiggle, can't wait to be on the after side healing, so I can get back to my fitness routine! Work and all of the constant preparation is totally stressing me out !!! Just wondering how difficult healing will be and hoping I will be able to go back to work and make it through, probably sooner than I should, but with no other option. I'm a hairstylist, so only standing on my feet at work just not knowing what I will be able to endure :/ any help from the vets on this would be appreciated !!!

Two Weeks Post Op and Loving My Results

OK Ladies, here's the deal...
I am two weeks post op today and I feel like I am recovering well. There has definitely been some ups and downs, but I have rolled with it.
Dr. Alvarez was AMAZING ! Very personable and attentive, caring and a real sweetheart. But most of all a truly talented surgeon. I am amazed and beyond pleased with his work.
My experience with Specteum was ok, yes they were unorganized, just expect there to be changes if you go with them, but nothing too crazy, I guess if you don't count the change in Drs... And change in surgery day from Friday June 10th to Saturday June 11th....Lol . But hey, like I said before, I had faith that God was with me and still is through this journey.
I am 37 yrs old ... 5'8"
165 lbs but gained 24 lbs. for surgery so I weighed 189 at pre op.
Pre Op measurements were:
165 lbs
Bust -45
Under bust -36
Waist high- 34
Belly button 39 1/2
Butt (middle of glute) 41 1/2

Two weeks Post Op:
Bust -43
Under bust -36
Waist High -33
Belly Button -35 1/2 -4"
Butt - 45 1/2 +3"

Dr. Alvarez injected 1500 cc's into each cheek...3,000 total. My goal was mainly a tiny waist (for my height) and curves! I didn't want a huge butt, just more curvy shape! And he definitely delivered.
My hemo was at 14 two weeks before the surgery and I was cleared and in good health according to my labs. I ate as clean as possible while still trying to gain weight the two mos. prior to surgery.( super difficult !!! To gain and eat clean while doing it) I began taking pur absorb liquid iron (bought at Walgreens) every morning on an empty stomach 30days prior to surgery and a women's multi from gnc, and began bromalain tablets and Papaya chewable pills (from gnc) one week prior and arnica tablets two days prior. I flew in from Houston, Texas Thursday June 9th. It's a 2hr 17min direct flight. My husband went with me to be my caretaker. I managed to pack our clothes and my supplies in two carry on bags and two personal item bags so we didn't have to Check luggage. (Use space bags) I will post my supply list for you out of towners. The flight back was interesting, I sat on a foam pillow I constructed out of a four pack of memory foam that I found in the quilting/craft section at a Walmart in Miami that I left in the plastic and covered w a Chux pad that I taped on. I originally bought it to put between my knees to sleep, but it also worked perfect to sit on in the car and on the plane, bc I quickly found out it was impossible to not sit during these times. Also, I recommend a dr Miami butt buddy pillow ( the pillow part was perfect behind my lower back, (kinda like a smaller version of a boppy) the thigh part was not helpful, too hard and too small to be comfortable for more than 5 mins. Honestly, the best for pillow comfort while sitting is memory foam pillows. I have three at home and a serta memory foam bed that I didn't realize how much I loved until this adventure!!! We rented a Nissan Juke, and he had to help me get in and out every time! The position of bending and getting In and out was killer on my sides and back and stomach, these areas hurt way worse than my butt, it was just numb n bruised feeling. We stayed at the Hilton Miami Airport very nice and 10 mins from spectrum. We're Hilton honors members so it was 711.00 for 5 days for two double beds, a balcony and a 30.00 breakfast buffet...lol whatever to keep hubby happy and taking care of me lol. I only had one week off from work to do the surgery and recover, not really enough, but I did it. Spectrum called and changed my surgery the week of the surgery from Friday to Saturday morning :( I was kinda bummed because that cut my recovery time down and caused me to have to change the massages I had scheduled from three to one, bc of the time of our return flight being so early and because they're closed on Sunday. Soooo...... All I knew was to do the best that I could do. Miriam w miami medical massage will get another review all her own. While I was in surgery they gave my husband my prescriptions to fill, Percocet and an antibiotic. Which you will definitely need asap when you wake up in recovery. I took mine about 20mins after waking up... As soon as we walked into the hotel room and I was definitely at a 10 or 11 on the 1-10 pain scale by that time. I've had two kids, (vaginal births) and a breast augmentation, and this pain was like none other. I rode in the back seat on my knees and my sides were on fire where my faja was digging into them!!!!
Worst pain of the whole ordeal !!! He pulled in the valet and got me a wheelchair at the hotel concierge desk and helped me out of the car and I put my purse in the wheelchair and pushed it to the elevator and up to our room, it was a lifesaver... I would recommend a walker (definitely a yes), but no way I could get it on and off the plane easily. The Percocet really wasnt as much of a pain reliever as it was a sleep aid. It would make me drowsy and sleepy but I would still be in pain. Actually extra strength Tylenol did more for the pain. I took some hydrocodone that I had brought that I had at home, and it helped the pain be manageable. Day three is the turning point on recovery. It gets better every day after that. Dr Alvarez said I could work out two weeks following the surgery!!! I was shocked and excited at this, because it was the first real glempse I had at how long it would take me to recover!!! I flew home on day three and returned to work on day six. I stood and cut hair for an 8 hour shift, I thought I would be so sore the next morning, but surprisingly, I felt like it loosened my body up more than if I would've just layed around. I still wear my faja every day and night. I try to switch it up in my position of the ab boards and Lipo foams and lower back triangle. The foams leave lines so when I get home I take it all off for 30-45 mins to give myself a break and let my skin go back to normal, then put it back on to sleep and definitely wear it to work in. The swelling was pretty bad days 5-8 at work (I could feel the tightness in my butt) then the bruising was horrible in my lower stomach/ pelvic bone area I'm sure bc I was only able to do one massage with Miriam. I didn't have drains, just dissolvable stitches. The pee-eze saved my life as well as the grabber I bought from Amazon that folds and I could put in my purse. I definitely could not bend down for anything (not even to pull my panties up after peeing or to put my shoes on or pick something up until day 7 or 8. I was extremely constipated from the medicine and anthesthia until I got home on day 3 and 4 and could take a plexus bioclense pill w magnesium to help as well as a probiotic and papaya enzyme to help get things moving again. Gonna get detailed here... To poop, it felt the best for me to take two BathTowels and fold them lengthwise and sit them on the toilet seat (like you do with toilet paper if you have to sit on a public toilet) and then sit down facing the back of the toilet. This is the only way I could sit to poop without it being unbearably painful on my butt n thighs. Eating is crucial. I had a couple meltdowns on my husband when I got home bc I would be hungry but not have the strength to fix my bowl of food even, and he wouldn't know to help me. I cooked brown rice and chicken breasts strips (grilled) and added cilantro for flavor and pineapple juice. (worked for me) but make fur your caretaker knows how important it is to feed you and fix your meals. Getting out of bed was tough, I had to roll to my sides then push up w my arm opposite to the bed, after a day or two my triceps were sore from it. That's all I can think of for now.
Here are a few pics of before n after and my progress...

After / Before pics

2 Months Post Op BBL

Healing Nicely... !

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