Lipo Vs Tummy Tuck. Miami, FL

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I have booked my surgery with Dr Michael Salzhauer...

I have booked my surgery with Dr Michael Salzhauer I originally wanted a Lipo and BBL and breast reduction/Breast Implants
but now I have a changed of heart and would like a tummy tuck because I want to remove the stretchmark on my stomach (below belly button).
I would like to achieve a body like the pictures on top.


Can someone please give me some tips for losing weight, I need to lose 15kg before my surgery but it seems I am just gaining weight. I have Thyroids and I think that has a lot to do with my weight gain. I need to seriously lose the weight so my BMI is perfect for when I go for my surgery.

I search pics and see what i want from each female, they are all gorgeous :)

Weight loss update :)

I have lost 6kg and still counting. I have cut sugar and bread out of my diet. I have also cut oil from my cooking. I have stopped drinking alcohol and I run and walk 2hours a week. I was told my BMI had to be 30 for surgery its currently 30.9 and i am hoping to get my BMI to a healthy 22.
I heard you will want to lose weight before surgery for a better result. I started to journey at 86kg and i am now 80kg, hoping to be 60kg before my surgery.


These are the results i am hoping for.

I wish my result would look something like this.

I am still on my 500 calories a day diet, i would like to loose as much weight as possible so i can get closer to my goal weight and my result can look much better :)

wishing for similar result

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