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I've been lurking on the real self now for a...

i've been lurking on the real self now for a couple of months and I finally decided to create a profile. I had previously done full abdomen Lipo with Dr. Thomas Baker of American Lipocenters in Dallas but he did a not so good job so I'm looking towards Dr. Ortega for my second procedure. I didn't really do my research on Dr. Baker because if I had I would've realized that he was not really good on bigger larger scale women and black women for that matter. Waste of my $3500 Not to say he's a bad doctor but I just would prefer somebody who has more experience with full size and black women. He's nurse Debbie was a sweet little ole lady tho.
Anyways I'm looking at Dr. Ortega for either my full body and inner thighs or BBL. i'm really scared about a Brazilian butt lift because I've I kind a have a regular shaped ass and having a BBL he's going to make it huge and I do not want everybody in my family looking at me like "what that behind you".
I've also been looking at Jonathan Fisher from Vanity and my coordinator Shirley is great!!! The only reason I'm not really pressed on going with them is because of the price. Both doctors would be my dream team on surgery lol. Fisher would Lipo me flat and Ortega would give me that perky booty!!! Lmao
Just like everyone else Spectrum customer service is shitty. It's took me two weeks to finally get in contact with somebody. The phone will ring ring ring and nobody will answer or when somebody does and would transfer me to a coordinator without telling me the persons name or what if the person was even available at that moment. Then midway towards the transfer the phone would disconnect, I would call back and same thing. When I called again and the the front desk and wanted to transfer me again to another random mofo that wouldn't have answered, baby I went off on them I told them to assign me to a coordinator and give me her name and make sure she was in there before they transferred me over. They finally took down my information and assigned me to Emily. The next problem was getting her to answer the phone or call me back. It's took me a total of a week and a half to finally get in contact with my coordinator Emily and so far she's only emailed me once and that was just to ask me to send up to send pictures of my body. I have tried reaching her I've called the mainline I've called the direct number I have text her have emailed her back and I still haven't heard from her. I think it's really fucked up that someone has to wait for weeks to a month just to get to talk to somebody. I'm thinking of spending my money there so I mean shouldn't you guys be willing to at least contavt me.
I'm hoping to schedule my surgery for April so hopefully I can get some advise from you guys before then, lawd knows I'm gone need it lol. I think my only question is is Dr. Ortega worth it,? Because I mean you see pictures that they post on Instagram but obviously they pick and chose which ones they want post. Because there are times when they only post like one picture per day but I'm pretty sure they do more than just one surgery per day so I would like to see you like more real self reviews because I also read and heard from somewhere that some of these reviews were done by the girls at the office. Anyways my mind is kind of made up on Ortega or if any ladies have any suggestions about other doctors who are really good and reasonable have reasonable prices. Like I said I'm also looking at Fisher with vanity.
Like I stated I want a perky ass, not the big ghetto ones like the one for you can stand a drink on LOL
Anyway see you guys follow me on my journey and hopefully I can talk to Emily my coordinators soon to get the ball running.
Please feel free to as me any questions

Spectrum vs Cosmetics Miami

Hey beautiful dolls, so I finally got to talk to my Cordinator from Spectrum yesterday and I was told Ortega does not have any openings for April or May so the earliest they will be June which sucks because I wanted something for April. Also Emily said the total was going to be for the BBL was going to be 5100 but on their website it says it's 4100 for the special they have running right now and on Dr. Ortega's real self profile it says he's currently doing a special for 4499 which one is it?! Also I felt kind of rushed off the phone yesterday I literally talk to her for two minutes and 32 seconds which is crazy if u ask me but whatever!!!
Yesterday I also talked so my Cordinator from Cosmetics Miami, Shirley and she told me Fisher was not going to be available either and he's next available appointment was in June but she can get me in with Mcadoo, well the problem is I looked at some of Mcadoo and I'm not really impressed so if any of you beautiful doll have worked with him before please comment or inbox me so I can see some of your pictures to see if he's somebody that will do a good job with me. For Mcadoo I will be paying $4500 for BBL on 12 areas including thighs. My only problem is I'm really not feeling him. This morning Shirley lowkey pissed me off, when I first asked her about Fisher on Monday she told me was going to be 4500 including my thigh and today when I talk to her she's like no it's actually going to be 6000 and I'm sitting you're like dude you told me on Monday that it was going to be 4500 but watevs!! Please someone respond, I'm going crazy because I can't really talk to ANYONE around me.

Decisions, Decisions

Hey guys, i've been lurking (LOL) at some of the McAdoo dolls that have been popping out their shells and i must say i am IMPRESSED!!! Most of his really good work has been on petite women which is why i am scared because i am on the heavier side. LOL
Anyways i hadn't heard back from Shirley about some dates i had asked her, however when asked about Hasan she was quick to respond and tell me he won't be there till May. I called her for a whole day and she didn't respond or call me back, honestly feeling like at this point she isn't helping me. So i accidentally hit the wrong extension number my 8th time calling her for the last two days and i was re-routed to Jenny. Let me tell ya'll real quick how she gather my life
I explained to her why i was calling, which was to see if Hasan would be available and his cost. I also wanted to know if it was possible to maybe get some photos of McAdoo's work. And to see if Fisher has any available dates. Although I want to be do my surgery ASAP i'm not going to just go to anybody. Well she explained to me that Hasan has been gone for the last two months and they honestly don't know if it's for personal reason or whatever else. She went on to tell me that although the other coordinators have been scheduling him for March and April, she won't advise me to that because he really might not be there by then. I then again expressed my concern of McAdoo and also slipped in there that i would LOVEEE Fisher. She said, she would definitely talk to Fisher's assistant and see if anyone has cancelled. She would also talk to Hasan's PA and see whats going on with him and get back to me. I liked that she took charge after i told her who/what i wanted and made it her business to work with me. I'm sick and tired of all these coordinators who try to force u to go with other doctors just so they can get commission.
Thats all for now, till i talk to Jenny again!!! :-)

Finally confided in someone

Forgot to add that I also talked to my best friends, and although one told me she would gladly work out with me so i could get me figure they other was down and even suggested to go with me. Overall both of them are excited for me and i'm very happy that i could confide in them about something so personal without being judged!! This journey is difficult on its on, and the last thing we need is close family and friends being judgmental. Outside of my real self sisters, they're the only ones who know my intention.

Also been filling up my amazon cart with some essential items. Going out tomorrow to get some basic supplies from walmart, dollar store, ross etc....

Jonathan Fisher it is!!!!!

Finally after too much back and forth i decided to go with Fisher. Talked to my coordinator today and after looking at my pictures we decided to go with Fisher. She caught him right before he left for an evaluation of my photos and he said I was perfect!! Lol yea right ????????????
He said not to lose or gain any weight or else there won't be enough fat. Well idk about the gaining part, but I was thinking about losing about 10-15 lbs. I'm currently at 210, if I could get to the 190's I'd love it!!!
I'm scheduled for June 30th but we(Jenny&I) are keeping an eye out for cancellations!! Hopefully someone cancels the weekend of the May 17th LOL. Anyways I'm happy, I'm officially about to be a fisherdoll!!! My quote is $5500, kind of steep but I'll figure it out!!
Will be purchasing my first couple of items from Amazon tonight!
I attached some before and wish of my body. I used the plastic surgery stimulator app


Hey dolls!! Just doing a quick update on my journey here. So like i stated, i'm still with Fisher for June 30th and hoping something opens up before then. In the mean time i have been purchasing some of the basic items.
My BBL List below;
Black 2XL Faja
Nude XL Faja
Medipore Tape
Chux Pad
Baby Wipes
Ab Board
Triple Antibiotics Oitment
Antibacterial band-aid
Cocoa butter formula oil with Vit E
Hydrocortisone with Aloe Vera
Vit C
Vit B-12
Bromelain(i start taking it in 2 weeks)
Iron Supplements

Items I Still Need
Arnica gel
Melatonin (sleep aid)
Mag07 or Mag Citrate (for bowel movements)
Boppy Pillow

As far as clothing is concerned, i decided not to purchase any new items for the surgery because they might get stained. I already several tank top, sport bras, sweat pants and dresses that i will be using when i get to Miami. Trying to cut my cost and save as much as i can. I also started buying this far ahead, because for me to wait and buy everything at once will be a little to steep for me. But buying a couple of items here and there makes it easier for me not the feel it. LOL

Ladies please feel free to let me know what necessary items i am missing. :-)


I recently created an Instagram page and will be updating there as well. @fisherdoll2k16 is the name. Follow, comment and suggest!!! :-)

Date switch!!!

Please if anyone is thinking about switching their date in the month of April and May for a July date contact me. Ready to switch today!!!
Thanks Dolls!!! :-)

Alvarez doll!!

So after going back and forth with doctors I decided to go with Dr Sergio Alvarez. Not only do I have an early date but his price is at spectrum is affordable and most especially I like his asses. Lol
I follow several of his dolls on Instagram and judging from their befores and afters I fell in love. Anyways I'm schedule for May 5th with him and I'm excited. :-)

Made it to the flat side!!

Will post a full update as soon as I'm strong enough!!!


Before,1-day post op and 2-day post opp
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Don't know how to change the name but it was Sergio Alvarez

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