Limbo Dancer - Miami, FL

I am seriously considering a BBL with Dr. W....

I am seriously considering a BBL with Dr. W. Perry, Miami. I have read a lot of his reviews and view his videos. I don't want to travel to DR because of the 2 flights of sitting and up n down for the distance. I would like to hear from ladies that have had their BBL with Dr. Perry, please. Help me to feel comfortable before I schedule and prep. Awaiting your responses. Thanks

Help is needed!

Awaiting a response from Dr. Perry on some changes I don't want before I commit.

My Heart is with Dr. Fisher

Received price from Dr.Fisher, trying to decide when I will go in New Year 2016.

October 2016 Updated pictures

Preparing for Well Deserved BBL and waist snatched. Sent to Dr. Hassan, Miami.

Dr. Hassan's Black Rose

Deposit paid and preparing for January 27th, 2017.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Going to Dr. Hassan.

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