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He was not only a Doctor to me he was a friend! He...

He was not only a Doctor to me he was a friend! He checked on me after surgery , he gave me exactly what A** I wanted (lol)..he listened to EVERY and ANYTHIng I had to say. I started thinking he had no life but all he wanted was to make sure I was Happy after surgery... My family left me to suffer in Miami ... They wouldn't pick up my prescriptions, the laughed while I was in so much pain i even felt like dying at times but once I called Dr.Perry he left his office and came to me and dropped the prescription off...OMG I was in the best hands and would never trade him for any other procedure ....he is also funny Sooooo if you get nervous ....He Got you!!!! :) He also have this awesome lady name Mariam 954-971-4330 ( lymphatic massages) who does a amazing job at taking out the fluids... She is a genius ! After surgery I felt like pure sh** . I couldn't eat nor drink.... And if I did my body rejected everything. She made me some fresh soup before my massage to relax and rejuvenate my body and brain so I could start feeling like a real human again..I went everyday I had my surgery jan25-13 and left that Monday back to Orlando because of family being so rude, and so freaking MEAN to me ....I paid for everything all I ask for a little help at picking up my meds and they didn't want to do that ... I was so hungry but me ordering fatty food was just against my religion and I was toooooo weak to eat a salad but Mariam made sure she feed me before every massage and made me drink ALOT of water because it really do helps... To be honest ... The only family I had down there was Perry and Miriam ... Mind you, I came down there withe a 5 year old and 5 months old baby.... Amagin the pain and having to take care of 2 and weak as HELL... My older sister would only give my daughter water to drink while she drunk juice .... As soon as Dr.perry said go home but you have to drive down here for your check ups .... I did not care I wanted to get home to my hubby... He wasn't able to make it cause he had to work but I wanted the surgery so bad I still went with out him but he paid for everything from surgery , massage, rental, my supplies geeez everything ... So I wasn't upset ..... But now I'm home and he is taking care of me and the kids now :)

My booty looking finer by the day lol, ok I'm...

My booty looking finer by the day lol, ok I'm trying to eat right and listen but everyone in my house love RICe with everything and also fast food but what they don't know there is gonna be a transition around here cause Perry booty will continue to stay like this.....beside everything I'm loving my results my stomach has gotten so flat and all I have been wearing is the garment and the foam DR. P GAVE ME and I roll a basketball on my belly lol I mean flat stomach cause BABBBBBBBYYYYYY no more belly over here but back to my story . I roll a basketball on my belly which helps me leak more, I go around and up and down about 50 times each ..... I go pack to DR.P next week to see about my stitches on my belly button , you see I had an OUTEY and and he fix it to make my stomach look perfect ... I have been self conscious about it since I was 4years old and he finally ended it ''''I will take pictures of it later because my phone is not turning on for some reason but right now nothing hurts I'm healing great but I can't bend down though or sit but its all good cause Its all worth it lady's.

I went to sleep with a huge headache because I...

I went to sleep with a huge headache because I didn't eat uggghhhhh and woke up in the middle of the night using the rest room twice ... Yes I still have a little fluid but but is getting so soft and jiggly all ready ... I have not sat on my butt but I ordered the Cane chair so I can sit... I look weird laying down everywhere so I don't go anywhere and sometime it would feel good if I can vest but geez im not gonna waist this 6800 NO SITTING For me lol my waist getting smaller I also post pictures ... You guys eat a lot of watermelon he helps me build water to drain and I also drink water

My prenatal pills are working so well and that's...

My prenatal pills are working so well and that's all I'm using and trying to eat right lol trying very hard... When I went down to Miami all I had was Ensure , pregresso soup, anti soap, cocoa butter, benedryl itching gel (amazing) I'm itching while I speak right now and I hate it .... I went to Ross and bought a 7 of 2x sweats pant with Hanes x large boy shorts, and shirts from home

Just got off the phone with perry to go for my 2...

Just got off the phone with perry to go for my 2 week check up.... 1 thing I can say about this Doctor he will be with you and he got your back every step of the way ...... I called him and I mean literally he called me back ASAP ... Of course if he didn't I would also understand because he always make he responds to texts, v/m, or calls and for him to give a Patient his cell phone number is awesome.....if you have any problem he will try and resolve them.... I didn't tell you guys this but I thought I lost my prescription glasses at his office on his day off and he went to the office to search around , even after the nurse said she but it in my bag but she was right they were in my friends car..... Lol shame on me .... I'm been busy you guys but I will be posting pictures soon.... But to tell you the truth size has not changed from the previous pictures ... But love you guys and drink lots of water:)


BOOOOOOOOTY JIGGLE JIGGLE JIGGLE ROCKING EVERYWHERE .... I was at the MALL AND All I heard them saying was dammmmmm her azz looks nice even women .... But looking nicer every day ... I drink water with every meal an I haven't wore the garment today but my stomach is still tight and sore but healing very good also I just added a pic... Love u guys I'm back to cooking lol

Heyyyyyyyyyyy love ones .... A** so nice and big...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy love ones .... A** so nice and big extra large tights with a small shirt wow ... I went from a large shirt to a small ... I've been feeling so good ... I sit now .. I'm also back to work sitting and booty hasn't went anywhere ... Coco butter palmers my skin has been healing do well .... But my leg swelled up but that was because on me always on my knees but when I called perry he was so concerned .... I'm so happy to be dealing with him and Fine A** Mrs.Norma .... Dr.perry was worth that drive I tell you but after I spoke to perry about my swelling he advised me to keep my leg up while i was sitting and boy did it work .... The man is what's up Sorrry no round 2 for me cause he completed me with 1 surgery my new name is Kim k but new pictures coming soon ... After I get off work ... Chow 6800 was well spent I can tell you that


If ANY ONE HAVE ISSUES CALLING PERRY AT@T had technical issues but they fixed the problem his office back up ...... This doctor is amazing and I just want my bbl besties to not miss out on a great opportunity with great results try again you guys ,..... Love yaP.S loving my new body , booooty and new self esteem


Does anyone know how to get in contact with Dr.Cabral?


If anyone is trying to cancel for Duran

Let me know ????

Cabral march 7-2017

Can someone tell me if you can take the money out the bank in DR?

International calling

I'm with Att and they charge you for everything. What service do you guys use when you get to DR to make calls and use internet?


Can someone please tell me where I can find a faja? Also, what size is the faja stage 1 and 2?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Wendell was amazing in all sorts of way..... He even calls me to check up to make sure everything is going well..Mariam made sure after Perry did his thing that she remove all fluids and sculpture your body to the max ... I promise you will need both of them so please add Lymatic massage it may hurt like hell but the end results and getting your body to Perfection which perry did :) Miriam will be the one that basically Polish your results

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