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My procedure was scheduled for this Tuesday with...

My procedure was scheduled for this Tuesday with Dr. Mel Ortega of Spectrum Aesthetics, however I received a call just yesterday advising that he had been hospitalized and Dr. Orlando Llorento could do the procedure on Wednesday instead. I felt like I was put on the spot because I have been following Dr. Ortega's work for weeks and really have not seen much of Dr. Llorente's work. My husband has already taken time off work, hotel has been booked and we've already made so many arrangements so I have decided to proceed with Dr. Llorente, however am a little nervous. Has anyone else scheduled for this week with Dr, Orgeta had the same this happen? Or has anyone had a BBL by Dr. Llorente?

pre op pic

as you all can see my butt is virtually nonexistent, Hopefully I have enough fat to transfer

Need feedback on diabetics having done fat transfer!

I was scheduled for surgery tomorrow with Dr. Llorente who is covering for Dr. Mel Ortega who's in the hospital. When they called me to switch doctors, I must say that at first I was upset but later on after research was OK with it. Well we get to Miami today for my consultation only to find out that Dr. Llorente does not perform fat transfers on diabetics. I mean this information was in my file! However Dr. LLorente advised that he would not be doing the surgery tomorrow however did not want me to give up and offered to introduce me to another doctor in the office who might perform the surgery. If you have diabetes and had fat transfer done what was your A1C and who performed the surgery. I'm looking for a doctor in South Florida. What was your outcome? Did you have complications?

what a roller coaster!

It turns out I will be having surgery today after all with Dr. Omulepu in an hour!

4 days post op Dr. Omulepu

This photo was taken yesterday during massage. Feeling very sore and my face is still swollen

6 days post op Dr. Omulepu

well I'm 6 days post op. Still very sore but almost no bruising which I'm grateful for. I do have some bruising between my breasts my head and my back but its starting to fade away. Sleeping on my stomach has literally been torture my face is swollen every morning

Lymphatic Drainage

I'm 7 days post op today. During my first massage I had very little drainage and during my second massage I had no drainage at all. Has this happen to any one of you?

3 weeks post op

I'm three weeks post op. For me personally the first two weeks were very difficult. I experienced swelling in my feet, face, and hands. After the second week I started to feel better once i could sleep on my back. I'm using my booty buddy because I'm trying not to put direct pressure on my butt and when I sleep I take turns sleeping on my sides and back. I started at 41" and three weeks later am at 40" but I'm still happy with the results. Hopefully I will not lose much more. What's the most you've lost in inches on your butt after a lift? Just curious.

how long did you use your triangle after bbl

I was never told how long to use the triangle on your back after bbl. Any suggestions?

8 weeks post op

I had my bbl with Dr. Osak 8 weeks ago, and although I'm fine and love my results, had I known prior to surgery all this stuff about his injuring four patients within a period of three days last May, I would have gone with someone else. Thank God everything went well for me. But I can't understand why some women are bummed out about having to change doctors. I would be so grateful.

Lost 5" on butt due to weight loss

My BBL was in January and I was very pleased. The first picture is before and after. In September I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and lost a lot of weight during my recovery. I lost 5" off my butt! The second picture was taken today. Has this happened to anyone and have you regained the fat lost on your butt. Due to health reasons, I can not go for round 2 and am very upset. :(

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