im 7 months 2 week post now and i'm loving my new butty hips and wast thank you Dr. Anthony Hasan!

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Hi ladies! .... I finally book my BBL for 6/16/15 ...

Hi ladies! .... I finally book my BBL for 6/16/15 ...omg i'm so excited l've been looking to do this for a long time now . I put my deposit down of 2,150 my BBL is 4,300 with Dr. Hansen. i cant wait to meet him .i am 45 years old with 3 BIG kids lol . I'm 138P and 53 FT. slim . i did a TT in 2010 but was not happy there was something missing. A slimmer waist some hips and booty definitely booty omg i have no booty ....if Dr Hansen could give me this i'll b the happiest woman in the whole wide world...i cant wait

would love to get this look omg

me no booty no hips :(((((((

would love to look like this omg

more pic of my fat waist no hips and ugly booty i hope i have enough fat to get the results i'm looking for....big booty small w

.my I wish bootys

wish pic

more wish pic

i gain 5 Pound i was 138

so i gain 5 pounds. i was 138 p 4 weeks ago now i'm 143 .i want to go up to at lease 150 . i just want to get good result after putting my body through all that drama i want to come home with big size booty a small waist and nice hips

just more pic of what i would love to look like after surgery

looking to my be get some work don on my face .i'm 45 years old my be

i gain 6 pounds

I just hope I have enough fat to get the results Im looking for… .my wait went from138 to 146 p… bra 38DD waist 37 hips 41 .I'm looking for a smaller waist wider hips and a big booty… ..

my after surgery pics from 6/16/15

13 days and still in pain why

i would like to know why am i still in pain .i had a BBL don june 16, 2015 in miami i was there for 7 days then was sent home back to new york .from the frist day of my procedure i was in a lot of pain today is june 27 and im still in pain .still drinking pain killers . from 1 to 10 my pain is a 6 and i still have alot of fluids on my back and my belly i could see it and feel it when i shower....the one thing i did notice that my doctor never put a drainer for my fluids to drain out so all the fluid was draining all over my faja and legs .i think my pain is from the fluid i still have in side me ..i just want to know how long dos it take for recovery when getting an aggressive lipo bbl and is it normal to have this fluid in side me for this long. and is this fluid causing my pain please some one help me what should i do??????? :(((((((

11 days after surgery

I'm loving my new butty ..thank you Dr Hassan you gave me exactly what I wanted you are the monster when it comes to booty and hips and waist loving it I'm so so happy

im 2 months and 1 week post. here are some new pics

I'm still in the process of heeling lol... still have a little pain here and there but otherwise I'm fine .I'm guessing because of maybe my age I'm 45 and I did get aggressive lipo so yea .....I love my new butty and my small wast .I'm still wearing my second stage faja .I started seating when I hit two month ..I'm not going to lie I was scared to sit .I've been sleeping on my stomach for 2 months now. not on the sides on my stomach yes it has been a journey

beach chair cut a hoe thow it to put your butty thow it

I'm 7 months 2 weeks post

It's bine 7 month 2 weeks post and I'm loving my new bbl and hips and my waits omg I m loveing it . I am so happy ???????????? thank you Dr. Anthony Hasan ????????????

7month 2weeks post

Had my surgery done June 16, 2015

1year and 8 month post of my bbl


Miami Physician

Dr. Anthony Hasan . HI you probably don't remember me i was one of your patients on june 16, 2015 maria soto well i juat wanted to say thank you so much ..i love my new look i am so happy with my bbl !!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES FOR YOU... YOU DID AND AMAZING JOB thanks again !!!

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